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Parent company clients: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Salesforce and more

2019.03.29 16:12 Absoluteeconomy Parent company clients: Amazon, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Salesforce and more

Hi guys, I'm back again! This time with another great new project! Please see my previous post about LTO network on FEB. 3 2019. Yes, Febuary 3rd. I was one of the first people to talk about LTO, and I hope you took my advice last time! Because LTO went up well over 5x for an ATH from when I made that post!

Anyways, I have another absolute Diamond in the rough. This time, the name is not so catchy as LTO, but believe me, there is much BUIDLing happening, real world adoption, and one of the most professional teams I've ever talked to.

The name of the project is Birdchain. Yep, Birdchain. The admins in telegram said "Think of carrier pigeons sending messages". So, Birdchain is kind of like a new business venture for an established company called Vertex. See website Birdchain has released an app on Android devices and is currently working to get an IoS app approved by apple. Vertex's main services consist of an SMS sending platform.
SMS sending platform?
Quote taken from website
We use our own Vertex SMS sending platform. It has more features than you could possibly need to meet all of your mobile marketing demands.
We will help you to reach all your partners and clients with the latest news, useful information or other content.
Spread the news about your special offers. Share SMS coupons with your clients to accumulate more traffic and increase your turnover.

So picture logging into Google and they send a special code for you to log in. That's Vertex. Yes, it is actually Vertex. Google is a client for Vertex. I cannot find proof on this, but here is the proof that I asked the Birdchain Team member and he told me that google and Amazon are BOTH clients. the whitepaper even says that Facebook is also clients. they have already sent over 3 Billion SMS messages for clients. Please feel free to go into their telegram and ask them yourself. It is almost like they do not want to talk about it. Actually, they try not to hype at all. They are like, anti-hype, must buidl type of people it seems. The Vertex team is based in Lithuania, if you do not know where Lithuania is, it is in Europe and across the sea from Sweden, next to Poland and Germany.

The Vertex business group consists of a dating site, Flirtas with 1.1Million ACTIVE users in which they could easily integrate into app users eventually. Next, they are heavily invested in BeKrediito. This is like an online rent-a-center business where they ship appliances to you. Apparently, this is very popular in Lithuania (maybe they don't rob you like they do in the USA). Last, they also bought integrated optics. They make optical devices like lasers for different uses. they literally make the smallest lasers IN THE WORLD. It is important to note, that Vertex has received awards, grants, and funding over the years from governmental agencies and competitions and things like that. Their Turnover (profit? Sorry, don't know what turnover is) per year is 4-5M euros. They are about as legit as they come.

Now, back to Birdchain.

In conclusion, the market is huge for this. Companies needs advertising, and who knows what innovations the team will come up with next? I believe this project has a much broader, mass adoption appeal than something such as LTO or Fantom because they already have a set user base and clientele that use pretty much the same types of services or with the dating site, are online anyways. Companies pay big money to have targeted ads with a higher new client rate then just randomized ads. This is a team of experienced, tested and skilled developers and business people. They have gained an ISO/IEC 27001 certificate for all of their businesses and are currently working on one for Birdchain. This is it people, this is the big one. Buy this up and do not let go. I highly recommend not trying to swing trade as well. This is one of those projects that gets out of hand very, very quickly and you will not see a price like this for much longer. Apparently, it was shilled very hard on 4chan and fizzled out quick. They do not know a true, professional project when they see one, obviously. The massive list of Vertex's clients alone should be enough to get people interested in this, but there is much much more to Vertex and Birdchain than meets the eye. Take a look and decide for yourselves. I'm already invested, it was a real no-brainer for me.
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