Do not dos kalma

Kalma is one of the pillars in islam, its mandatory for every muslim to read, understand and believe on the kalmas of islam. Kalma is the very first thing which differenciate the muslim from others, because the beliver of kalma must know that who create him, who created this world, and form whom this world is created, and Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is the last messanger of Allah who own all the ... Six Kalima with English translation Rad-e-Kufar. Translation:O Allah (SW) I seek refuge in you from that I associate partner with you in anything and I know it.I seek forgiveness for that I do not know it. I repent from it (ignorance) and I reject disbelief and polytheism and the falsehood and the back-biting and the innovation in religion and the tell-tales and bad deeds and the blame and the ... Do not take Kalma for longer than your doctor has directed. In general, benzodiazepines such as alprazolam are taken for short periods only (for example 2 to 4 weeks). Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's pick for running mate in the 2020 presidential election. She's the first Black woman and first Asian American to run for vice president, so it's a BFD. Kamala took the ... Do not attempt to take a double dose to make up for any missed dose if you forget taking your Kalms tablets. Also, if you are unsure about this medication, consult your doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner for advice. Kalms Day tablets ingredients. The active substance per coated tablet is: 45mg of Hop Strobiles (Humulus lupulus L.) “This is the same thing they did to Barack,” she said in her “Breakfast Club” interview. “This is not new to us, and so I think that we know what they are trying to do. Xanax (alprazolam) and Valium (diazepam) benzodiazepines used to treat anxiety and panic attacks. Valium is also used for the treatment of agitation, tremors, delirium, seizures, and hallucinations resulting from alcohol withdrawal. Learn more about side effects and dosage. Lemon argued that all Harris had to say is that she is Black, not African-American. (…) “So she could indeed be African-American mixed with others, but she is a Black woman,” she said. “Jamaica is not America,” Lemon said, interrupting her again. “Jamaica did not come out of Jim Crow. I’m just saying.” “She was born here in ... Do not give this medicine to a child unless advised by the child’s doctor. The safety and effectiveness of Kalma in children have not been established. Do not take this medicine after the expiry date printed on the pack or if the packaging is torn or shows signs of tampering. Where do the 6 kalima's come from? The Six Kalimas are mostl y taken from hadiths, not from the Qur’an. The Six Kalimahs (from Arabic كلمة‎ kalimah “word”) in Islam in South Asia are ...

Reviews of the Wizarding World. Part V: The Fantastic Beasts movies.

2020.10.16 07:10 darrylthedudeWayne Reviews of the Wizarding World. Part V: The Fantastic Beasts movies.

Sigh....Hello, welcome to the Wizarding World reviews, a Mini-series where I review each Harry Potter movies (including the films I named on the title) during my marathon, & then at the end I rank them. & today is the last part of my reviews, which will be the Fantastic Beasts movies....Which are considered the Wizarding World equivalent of the Star Wars Prequels, Or if your one of those people whom see the prequels as Masterpieces, then they are the wizarding world equivalent of the Star Wars Sequels. But what do I think? well let's take a look, starting with...
  1. Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them: Personally I thought this film was Good, not great, but good, Or at the very least okay. There where things I liked & things that I didn't like. I'll start with the things I did like. For one I love how this film has one other great things the previous Harry Potter films had, Lore & Worldbuilding. getting to see all the unique, interesting, & different creatures that newt keeps in his briefcase is awe streaking, & it's nice to see a different part of the Wizarding World in the form of the United States, which makes sense. It's called the Wizarding World, so surely there be more to it then just in the UK, Plus the US part of the Wizarding World is very unique to the UK one. The characters I also found to be very likeable, Especially Jacob who's probably my favorite character in the whole movie, He is a Muggleborn thrown into a huge adventure & is there for the ride, awesome. & Newt is a pretty interesting fellow whom also seems like a pretty good protagonist for this type of film, I also love how like Harry, he is not a straight up Gary Stew. The visuals & set pieces are also really great as always. & it's just overall a treat to revisit this wonderful world of Witchcraft & wizardry yet again. However I do have problems with the movie, which is where we get into the things I didn't like. The pacing can be really off at times, while not as bad as the next movie, there are a good handful of jarring tonal shifts, I also didn't really care about the subplot with Credence & Mr. Graves, Nor did I really like the twist of Mr. Graves being Grindelwald in disguise (though I do like how it basically states that newt is simply a smaller part of a larger & bigger story). But despite these problems, Fantastic Beasts is still a movie I enjoy, Not a great movie, but a very good movie none the less. Plain, & simple. 7/10. Not great but good. Oh & I forgot to mention, Queenie is pretty awesome too.
  2. The Crimes of Grindelwald: Argh, Now we get to.....Sigh, the Crimes of Grindelwald. This is where I officially stopped caring, yep, only two movies into the Fantastic Beasts in, & I no longer care. Though I am not surprised since like I said, along side Order of the Phoenix, this is the other one I was absolutely dreaded revisiting. Why? Well, I think the only way to do that is to explain the plot of this thing, I know that sounds bizarre, but I am sorry, that is the only way I can properly explain how Stupid, Uninspired, Inconsistent, Hollow, Dull, Stale, Formulaic, Convoluted, Continuity Breaking & Unbelievably (Excuse my Language) Retarded this Plot & Script is.
So basically the plot of the movie is that 3 Months after the events of the first movie Grindelwald escapes prison in what I will admit is actually a not to bad action sequence, Newt meets with the Ministry of Magic in Britain about lifting his travel ban, oh, & while there he meets his old flame Leta Lestrange, & his brother, Theseus Scamander, which is weird because Newt as far as I know never mentioned having a brother in the last movie but whatever, maybe it's something personal he doesn't share, I'll let it slide. Anyways, he meets with them & says that they will lift his travel ban if he becomes a Auror along side his brother to help them locate Credence, who somehow survived exploding even though that makes no sense, Newt declines because he doesn't really want to be involved in the conflict, not to mention he doesn't want to work with some bounty hunter named Gunnar Grimmson, but then afterwards Newt & Dumbledore meet & they not only retcon the first movie by implying that Dumbledore sent Newt to New York, which ruins the idea he went there on his own terms but whatever, but also Young Dumbledore also wants him to get the Credence kid or something.
Even though Newt just wants to be with his animals, & shouldn't have to be in the conflict, my head hurts, Queenie & Jacob visit Newt with the news that they are getting married, & now they turn Queenie crazy because she put a spell on him, also Jacob now remembers everything, because the memory wipe spell only took away the bad memories or something stupid like that. However Newt also finds out that fake news went out about him & Leta getting married & that Tina is not happy about it, also Queenie breaks up from Jacob, now Newt & Jacob have to go to Paris win the two sisters back, while also finding the Credence kid, or maybe it's the other way around, I can't remember the specific details, & yes that's how forgettable this film is, Also meanwhile Grindelwald raids this Muggle house & just takes it as his hideout, Credence escapes a circus with Nagini, who is a shpeshifter now, not just a really violent & vicious snake/Horecrux for Voldermort, & there just hanging out most of the time while also trying to find out Credence's lineage. Meanwhile Leta is trying to find out who Credence could be, or whatever, & Tina is trying to find Credence & teams up with this Kalma guy, Queenie is just roaming around Paris, My brain hurts, I'm tired & I want to go to bed, & then skipping to the end because I don't have all night, everyone meets at the entrance of Grindelwald's Wizard Clan rally, & we find out that...Surprise, Credence is related to both Kalma & Leta (also Kalma & Leta are related) because Credence's real name is Corvus Lestrange the V, the son of Corvus Lestrange the IV, & that Leta & Kalma are related to him, because Corvus IV used a spell to steal Kalma's mom for himself, & then he remarried & had Corvus V, & loved him more then his actual child, but then nope, apperently on the way to the US, Leta switch babies & the actual Corvus V drowned.
Anayways they end up attended Grindelwald's Monster Mash, & it's revealed that he saw visions of World War 2, & wants to stop it from happening, which means either he's lying about that being his motivation (I.E wanting to stop World War 2 from happening) or we are now routing for are characters to stop a guy who wants to stop the second World War which is kindof messed up, also his motivations are now inconsistent with what we saw in the first movie, anyways Leta dies, Queenie & Credence join Grindelwald, Newt & whoever is left fight off the Blue fire dragon.
Then they teleport to Hogwarts (which is something I don't think you can do but whatever, I don't care at this point) & give Dumbledore this Blood Pay thing (oh yeah, forgot to mention Dumbledore can't kill Grindelwald because of a pact he made with him long ago, & now Newt needs to get him there Blood Pay key chain so they can kill him or something), & we get one last screw you to the audience, when Credence is revealed that is real name, You ready, (Insert Drum roll here), Credence real name is Aurelius Dumbledore, Albus's long lost brother, which means either Grindelwald is lying or the entire Dumbledore lineage is now Inconsistent & Incoherent. As well as the entire Harry Potter lore.....Yep that's the plot...Do I even need to explain what's wrong with this. Aside other things, like the Visuals being Dull & Lame, the script feeling rushed & overbloaded, The Extended Cut having pointless filler moments, or the fact that the new characters are bland, dull, unlikeable, & forgettable, even kind sweet hearted Queenie is made into an unlikeable villain with somewhat of a Moral Compass just to have an extra conflict, & the fact that is breaks Harry Potter lore so much!! That is probably exposes how much J.K Rowling has ruined her own franchise!!!!! It does have some moments, like Jude Law as Young Dumbledore, revisiting the old Hogwarts castle again, Newt & Jacob still being a blast to watch (& Tina still being likeable thankfully), the introduction of more new creatures & Fantastic Beasts, & the music, Set Design, & Special Effects aren't that bad, but for the most part it fails to prove to me not only why it should be a series & not a one & done film, but also fails to continue the Fantastic Beasts series in a meaningful way. Period. What's worst, Is that not only do we have 3 more movies to go of a series I lost interest in literally after only TWO MOVIES!!! But also, this will probably be the last Wizarding World movie I ever watch (until the inevitable Cursed Child movie), which is sad, because I love the Harry Potter series, & I don't want the last film I watch in it to be the worst one. But it had to be, & it's even sadder when you take into account that the Fantastic Beasts movies actually could've worked as a series if done right. 2/10. So sad this marathon ended in a wimper, rather then a bang.
EDIT: Okay so I looked at the comment section this morning and quick update on Grindelwald's motivation, apperently the actual idea behind it is that Grindelwald is using it to justify his reason for wanting to rule over the muggles. Which, okay yeah that makes a little more sense, espeically when you take into account that some wizards had to fight in world war 1 and would probably rather NOT fight in it again. So yeah that does sound a little more fitting and consistent to his character. I still find it weird that they want us to route for a guy who basically wants to stop World War 2, but then again its possible if he wins he'll to do is own version of something akin to what Hitler did but on a larger scale, it makes sense to want to stop him in that regard. But yeah credit to u/Puzzlehead-ad-159 for helping me understand it better.
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2020.10.10 10:47 Urban-Planner The birth, life, and death of the Lahore Parking Company

Lahore’s parking infrastructure is in shambles, and the LePark has not helped make things any better. But will wrapping it up do anything?
For anyone that has had the pleasure of living in Lahore, the greatest displeasure the city has to offer (besides the winter smog) is the atrocious state of traffic congestion and parking availability. While the car density and traffic jams may be greater in Karachi, Lahore has it pretty bad as well.
One only has to look at the example of Main Market in Gulberg. A posh area full of large mediterranean style houses before it was mostly commercialised, the Main Market with its famous Jalal Sons outlet was at one point a local market for area residents. One where shopkeepers knew you by name and you went more than a couple of times a week.
Today, after the construction of a signal free corridor from Jail Road to Main Boulevard and all the way up to Kalma Chowk, Main Market has become a central point right in the middle of this corridor, and a parking mess. The corridor was built in 2010, during Shehbaz Sharif’s first post-exile and second overall tenure as Chief Minister of Punjab. This was a time when traffic infrastructure construction was at an all time high in Lahore. The reason? More cars than ever before, and naturally, fewer parking spaces.
Which is why in 2012, the then Chief Minister decided that it would be wise to set up an independent company to manage and renovate the existing parking infrastructure in the city, and make plans to create new parking spaces, as well as integrate innovative strategies such as rotating parking spaces. The Lahore Parking Company, which operates under the LePark moniker, was thus formed, and their beige clad parking operators have been managing the city’s dismal parking situation ever since.
Now, LePark is on the verge of being closed down, a process that has been in the works for many years. The Lahore Parking Company had come into being after many trials and tribulations, including development hell, inquiries and cases by the National Accountability Bureau, and the squeezing of funds. What was this company supposed to do when it was formed nearly a decade ago? And more importantly, why did it fail? Profit looks back at the iconic LePark.
Why LePark?
When the Lahore Parking Company was first formed, it was an emergency measure. The situation was bad enough that the Punjab government needed someone to take over the management of its existing parking infrastructure and simply handle it better and more efficiently. However, as part of a more long term plan, the government had grander ambitions for the company.
The company aimed to rehabilitate the existing parking sites in the city and it had a vision to plan and design new parking sites as per international practices by considering the local conditions. The company’s core objective was to develop modern parking sites in the city equipped with automatic ticketing machines, barriers, hand-held terminals, and cameras.
To this end, LePark was supposed to install a modern system that would have been intelligent, time efficient and automatic. The main objective of the company was creating public convenience and this would have been ensured by Automatic Parking Management System, Proper Pavement Marking, Signage, Adequate Pedestrian Pathways, Lighting, etc.
However, other than managing parking, the company could have been a unique and dynamic force in the management of the City, particularly for security purposes. Since the biggest concern of vehicle owners while parking is safety, the company had ambitious plans to ensure a modern surveillance and enforcement system to cater the threat of safety and security in parking sites. Automatic ticketing machines, latest high definition cameras, barcode scanners, etc would be installed to ensure security of vehicles.
There were the top priorities. Then there would be other factors, such as assisting the traffic police and going on campaigns for public awareness regarding parking rules and regulations. The company was to ensure that public awareness was carried out regarding the Automatic Parking Management System and its efficient use via electronic and print media, and seminars at different forums.
Another important use that the government got out of the company was that since they had handheld ticket machines and experience, they were given the responsibility of handling the ticketing of Lahore’s Metro Bus project, both at the stations and in the buses.
But perhaps the most important and ambitious project that LePark had was making large rotating automatic parkings at a familiar site in Lahore. To this end, six rotary parking machines have been installed at Lahore High Court, Old PND, Services Hospital, Mayo Hospital, DC office and Ichhra Site and other places. Also, the LePARK has successfully launched e-ticketing at Liberty D Parking Site, PCBL Site and Ittefaq Hospital Site.
But the idea never really spread, and according to LePark General Manager, Rehan Waheed, there are 5.8 million vehicles in the Lahore city alone. Of them, 4.3 million are motorcyclists and remaining are three-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles. “This is what registered vehicles are. If we count unregistered vehicles too, the number may cross seven million,” he says. “The company proposed four parking plazas in different parts of the city to cater to traffic woes and so far there has been no development on them.”
He says the company started working by regulating the parking lots, which were earlier being run by private contractors. Those contractors would work as mafia and would exploit the vehicle owners. They would overcharge and often occupied any vacant space along roads.
Death knells
So then what went wrong? The Lahore Parking Company was supposed to be a brilliant experiment that not only fixed the City’s rampant parking problems, but also acted as an extra government force to promote security and law and order.
“The government, in fact, has decided to wind it up, and it was only a matter of time,” says the Punjab Government’s Steering Committee, headed by former finance minister Salman Shah. “ They never gave revenue to the government,” he explains.
According to details, back in 2013, the company started working with 195 parking stands. Later on, the company made an assessment of potential sites, and found 438 sites suitable for parking lots. Of them, at a later stage, 235 sites were finalized.
Despite all these measures, the traffic woes coming from the traffic parking never went away. Now, the Punjab government’s steering committee has decided to close down the Lahore Parking Company. According to officials, the public steering committee had to take the decision because of the poor performance of the company and its failure to achieve the stated objectives.
Documents show that the steering committee in its Sept 17 meeting, presided over by Dr Salman Shah, adviser to the chief minister, reviewed performance of the LPC. But the talk about the performance of the company and its closure has been going on since 2016, back when Shehbaz Sharif was still running the show in Lahore.
When Shehbaz Sharif was the chief minister, the government would often express displeasure over the poor performance of the company. According to a document, “The chief minister in a progress review meeting on July 15, 2016 and December 27, 2016 expressed his displeasure with regards to poor performance of the company and its CEO, observing that the company failed to achieve its objective of solving parking problems, automating the parking sites and establishing new parking plazas/automated parking systems even after four years from its establishment.”
“The Chief Minister directed for immediate action. During meetings the CM sought disbanding of the company. The committee raised serious concerns over the lack of technical competency, professional dedication and commitment towards achievement of the objectives. The committee proposed to hand over the administrative control of the company to the administrative department which is Municipal Corporation of Lahore being owner of the company.”
Essentially, the story of the Lahore Parking Company is one of gross incompetence. Through the different committees that have tried to decide its fate over the years, it is obvious that the company was unable to present any concrete measures to address the challenges faced by the company and to establish modern parking systems. Even after multiple warnings, the Company has failed to bring any substantial revenue enhancement proposal.
Now, the hour has arrived in which the government has started working on initiating a summary for seeking approval of the chief minister for winding-up of the company and assigning the function of public
The MCL is expected to devise a comprehensive business plan outlined in a professional manner which may include, IT systems, automated/mechanized ticketing system, lane marking, installation of CCTV cameras for real time monitoring linked with the central dashboard to ensure transparency, GIS mapping of the parking sites, issuance of e-tickets through handheld android-based devices and shall conduct a study to realize actual potential of the parking from the Metropolitan City of Lahore.
The Lahore Parking Company was supposed to have been doing all of these things, but their failure to collect revenue meant that they were always so cash strapped they could never really think about doing anything other than surviving. Now, the expectations are real and the MCL actions must ensure that parking operations are not high-jacked by the mafia to mint recovery from the helpless citizens.
But tensions are brewing in the wake of the closure of the company. Employees are calling the decision malafide. “LPC is a jewel destroyed by the bureaucracy,” deplores an official who wished not to be quoted.
He said the company, established in August, 2012 with an intention to eliminate the ‘Thekedar Mafia’ which was conniving with the local administration staff to rob the general public in the name of parking fee, is now being winded up to allegedly to facilitate the mafia and not the people. “The company is managing more than 200 parking sites spread all across Lahore in different locations.”
“Around 800 workers are deployed there who have played a great role in minimizing the public complaints related to overcharging, misbehave, theft etc,” he claimed.
He further claimed that the company, to date has paid around 230 million in cash and in addition provided the free parking services to the general public worth more than Rs260 Million averaging to approximately Rs70 Million per year over the course of the last 7 years. He demanded that the government must withdraw its decision in order to facilitate the people.
However, it is unlikely that LePark will live to see much more. What can be said for sure is that whosoever runs the show after this, they will have to establish a centralized control room for the surveillance of the operational activities and parking fee collection systems if they are to avoid the same fate.
OCTOBER 5, 2020 Hassan Naqvi
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2020.10.09 17:02 autotldr WFP fights hunger in food-deprived places, crises, war zones

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The World Food Program won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its efforts to combat hunger amid the coronavirus pandemic, recognition that shines light on vulnerable communities across the Middle East and Africa that the U.N. agency seeks to help, those starving and living in war zones that may rarely get the world's attention.
Last year, WFP partially suspended its operations in the rebel-held capital over accusations that the Houthis were stealing the food aid.
Now widespread flooding has displaced well over a half-million people, further complicating the efforts of WFP and aid partners in reaching hard-hit areas with assistance as food prices rise amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
WFP said three crew members were wounded and another was missing and likely dead. SUDAN. In Sudan, where inflation has soared to 166% amid the coronavirus pandemic, an unprecedented 9.6 million people are facing potentially life-threatening levels of food insecurity.
"We have been counting on WFP for decades," said Yousef, director of the Kalma displacement camp in South Darfur, noting that the agency's food aid has most recently helped fend off malnutrition for those in camps suffering from the fallout of virus-induced lockdowns, severe floods and bouts of ethnic violence.
During truces, the World Food Program occasionally managed to take limited amounts of food into besieged towns, where dozens have died of malnutrition and hunger-related illnesses.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Food#1 WFP#2 World#3 aid#4 million#5
Post found in /worldnews and /CertifiedNews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2020.09.23 21:07 Ungoliant0 The ultimate RL settings guide for the competitively oriented player

Disclaimers & Mentality

Video Settings

TL;DR: Use competitive settings.
Even if your monitor is only 60Hz, [240FPS] is not wasted. Enable Steam FPS counter and make sure you get stable 240FPS (without drops). If your PC can't handle that, just cap FPS as high as possible, while still stable.
  • Disable VSync (adds input lag) and all graphics effects except transparent goalposts.
  • Put everything on highest performance except render quality.
  • Play on fullscreen as otherwise, the desktop's VSync might apply, and that adds input lag.
This video by Rocket Science shows 240 FPS cap is the most consistent. 120 should also be mentioned as being consistent. But unless you can only get maximum 130FPS stable (then you want to consider 120FPS cap), you should just set the cap as high as possible, with 240 being the sweet spot.


TL;DR: Disable camera shake. Use [100, -4, 270, 0.4].
Some 2020 camera statistics. Disable camera shake. The vast majority of pros use FOV [110]. The meta used to be height/angle [110/-3], but these days there's a shift to all combinations of height [90-110] and angle [(-5)-(-3)]. Distance is usually [260-280], with [270] being the most used. Stiffness [0.4-0.55]. Swivel speed at [4-6] and transition speed at [1-1.3].

High stiffness

Although, somewhat of a niche in pro play, there is still something to be said for high stiffness, as a setting that is completely different than the meta. Some pros are using high stiffness (flakes, Yukeo, Kuxir97). If you're interested, research this further on your own, as it is not common enough for me to say whether this is a good idea or not (although, it is certainly viable). If you find a dynamic camera (lower stiffness) confusing on quick turns or just in high-speed situations, consider trying high stiffness.


  • DS4: [0.05-0.08] ([0.05] is the most popular).
  • XBONE: usually higher values: [0.06-0.1].
  • Dodge deadzone: [0.5-0.75].
Some 2020 deadzone Statistics.
A nice animation that explains how deadzone works, using HalfwayDead's utility. The deadzone is the yellow area around the axes, and the red area around the origin. Values inside the yellow area are interpreted as on the axes, and values inside the red around are interpreted as (0,0). The larger the deadzone, the easier it is to perform straight-line movements - forwards, backward, sideways. The lower it is, the more responsive your controls are, which is especially important for mechanics that require micro-adjustments, like dribbling, etc.
The general rule of thumb is: have it as low as you can without getting stick drift (car steering while not touching the controller) and feeling like you can't make straight-line movements.
Dodge deadzone you should at least increase until you stop getting accidental backflips. It should also be high enough for a decent fast aerial. But not too high so it makes speedflips harder (if you're too quick on the cancel). Set it to around [0.5-0.75]. Don't get used to a lower dodge deadzone, as it has not much effect on anything else important, but will slow your fast aerial if not high enough, as it won't allow for enough tilt during your fast aerial.

Sensitivity and Input Shape

TL;DR: Use the default input shape (cross and what I call circle, mean the same thing) with [1.1-1.6] sensitivity (both aerial and steering).


Sensitivity is a linear multiplication of your input. For example, if you have [sensitivity: 2] and your stick is at (0.2, 0.3) it is interpreted as (0.4, 0.6) (for the sake of simplicity, I'm ignoring deadzones here of course).
Sensitivity is used for two things:
  1. Reaching values faster - it takes time to move the stick. Higher sensitivity means you have to make smaller physical movements to get the same effect. This is a trade-off between high and low sensitivity: being able to reach high values faster but having more room for error; vs. ease of being more accurate.
  2. Reaching the full range of motion - due to the controller's stick housing being round (a circle), it physically limits the stick from reaching the full range of motion (a square). Think of a circle of diameter 1 inside a square with edges of the same length. This means some movements close to the diagonals. This issue is minor compared to 1, as it might not even be necessary to reach the entire range of motion, as using pure diagonals can be rare. Some players would prefer to take the hit of being unable to reach 100% on the diagonal, for the benefit of increased accuracy. Also, having airroll left/right completely nullifies this issue.
Some 2020 sensitivity Statistics. The meta is shifting towards higher sensitivity values it seems, with mechanically gifted players such as jstn. and AztraL using [~1.8-2.0]. Other pros choose lower sensitivities, like Flakes' [1.0], JKnaps's [1.1] and Fairy Peak!'s [1.2]. And most others with values between [1.1-1.6]. First, try low values [1.0-1.2] for a while, then try high values [1.4-1.7] for a while. See what worked better, and then make changes in small increments towards 1.3. Eventually, see what feels best. Try to make changes to sensitivity if you feel like you're hitting a slump. If you feel slow/rigid try to increase it. If you feel it's too difficult to make controlled movements, decrease it. As this is dependant on your controller, and every controller is different, the sensitivity value does not tell the entire story. You need to try for yourself what values suit you. Keep in mind though that what might be currently comfortable, does not necessarily mean it is the best setting for you. Keep an open mind and experiment, but eventually settle on something and start building that muscle memory.

Input Shape - [Circle] (default) vs. [Square]

TL;DR: Don't use [square]. Including this for the sake of completeness. I would not recommend using it these days as we have better options. Unless you're already used to it, and even then I would recommend you try without it.
As can be seen in the list of deadzone settings for notable players, about 6% are using [square] input shape nowadays (listed as deadzone shape, which is a somewhat misleading term. Also instead of circle input shape, they call it cross deadzone, which is something else entirely, and is used by everyone without option to change it, and nor should they). Therefore, according to the meta, it is somewhat obsolete/niche, for several possible reasons that range from being less intuitive/natural/linear (is skewed around the diagonals) to practical reasons for pro players (less relevant to us regular folks) such as requiring 3rd party applications to enable. [Square] input shape is another way to reach the full range of motion, by altering your input shape from a circle to a [square]. More precisely, (again, simplifying) by linearly mapping your values to a shape of a [square]. This method used to be popular in the early days of RL, before we had in-game sensitivity settings.
While overall, arguably, not a good setting to use, it does have some benefits, such as easier halfflips. But that is due to [square] altering the input the game receives and the way RL treats flip cancels. Easier halfflips can be achieved using airroll left/right.
How to enable: it's preferable to disable steam controller configurations as using it can add input lag (in a later video, Rocket Science shows even more input lag than the 1ms mentioned in the deadzone video). This is a possible issue with any 3rd party program, even ones that are currently tested to not add any input lag could always become worse down the line. I would personally avoid using any 3rd party programs. If you want to use [square] input shape, you should use DS4Windows or Durazno2 rather than enabling Steam controller config.

Controller Controls/Keybinds

TL;DR: All default except:
  • L1 - Airroll + Powerslide.
  • R1 - Boost.
  • Square - Ballcam toggle.
  • Triangle/Circle - Airroll Left/Right.
  • Disable vibration.
  • This preset works for airroll left/right as well (more on that soon).
  • If you want to use both airroll left/right (and not just one of them), and can fat-finger using your thumb, the same preset with ballcam and airroll left swapped, is decent as well.

Airroll-Centric Controller

These are just one possibility. The important part is that you should not be hindered by your controls. Certain mechanics require being able to use all or some combination of boost, jump, powerslide airroll, oand airroll left/right. Bad controls will prohibit these movements. Viable controls will allow them. There are RLCS winners that use claw-grip, many pros use default settings, Rizzo uses his left stick to drive forward/backward, there are pros that use the keyboard (Yukeo, Fruity, Torsos). Find what works out best for you, making sure you can easily reach boost/jump/powerslide/airroll/airroll-LR simultaneously and don't be afraid of experimenting (but eventually settle on something).
Move boost from the right thumb to a designated finger. It makes sense, conceptually, having boost near drive-forward. Having Airroll/Powerslide with a designated finger, together, also works well, as they are mostly mutually exclusive (one is used in the air, the other is not), and represent similar concepts. The most used action of those that are left is ballcam toggle, so move that to somewhere accessible. Air roll right/left could be less accessible, since they are only needed for tornado spins, and perhaps half flips if you can't do these using air roll.

Airroll-Left/Right-Centric Controller

Airroll vs. Airroll Left/Right.
Lately, we've seen a shift in the meta, with more and more players starting to include airroll left or right or both. Is this viable? The answer is yes, and in some scenarios can be superior - from allowing certain mechanics that are impossible without them (tornado spins, and the somewhat niche stalls, and certain niche flicks); to allowing fastemore precise aerial maneuvers and takeoff. Aztral, an example of a notable mechanically gifted player heavily using Left/Right.
Learn to use both airroll and airroll left/right. There are uses for both. Airroll mostly for fine micro-adjustments like airroll shots, recoveries, etc. Airroll left/right is great for coarse quick movements like quicker fast aerial and aerial maneuvers, while allowing for free movement of your left stick.
If you want to start including air roll left/right in your gameplay, you'd have to find a way of making them more accessible than in the airroll-centric suggested preset, while still having jump and powerslide accessible. This is a more difficult task, as you've just added another button needed, or two if you want to use both.
Using a controller with paddles (like the expansive Scuf, XBOX elite, or the (cheaper) new DS4 back attachment) is a possible solution. If you do use paddles, just use the Airroll-Centric keybinds, and set airroll-left/right to the paddles.
Otherwise, with a regular controller, you would have to use claw-grip or fat-finger using your thumb. Fat-fingering goes against the principles mentioned earlier of having a designated finger for each action, but we only have so many fingers. Claw-grip is also not ideal and might take some time getting used to, though it is a decent solution that allows to, relatively easily, reach every button.
With claw-grip you could use the Airroll-Centric keybinds, or if you want to emphasize Left/Right even further, a possible preset is Aztral's controls (all default except [L1/R1] with [Airroll Left/Right]).
Another fat-finger possiblity, in case you want to be able to use both airroll left/right (many pros only use one) is the same preset suggested before, but swapping ballcam and airroll left buttons. So:
All default except: * L1 - Airroll + Powerslide. * R1 - Boost. * Triangle - Ballcam toggle. * Square/Circle - Airroll Left/Right.
The reason for that is that it might be easier to use your thumb simultaneously on either the red or blue zone. It would be difficult to use the thumb on square/circle simultaneously, which is why airroll left/right are assigned to it in this preset, as you never actually need to press both.

KBM Keybinds

Yukeo's keybinds. These controls maintain the principles previously mentioned. Every important action has a designated finger. Note how even using KBM, Yukeo still finds a use for separate airroll left/right keybinds.
Set [Keyboard Input Acceleration Time] to 0 and [Aerial/Steering Sensitivity] to 2.
Another possibility is using the keyboard without a mouse, especially if you don't have a gaming mouse with many buttons. Make a preset maintaining the principles mentioned before. Have a designated finger for every important action.


This part is of course assuming the recommendations are financially possible. I'm not telling anyone to get a 240Hz monitor instead of buying food. This is of course for you to decide. Some pros played on console, some used an old 60Hz laptop. Remember we're aiming towards optimality here.


Get a [144-240Hz] monitor. Preferably [240Hz], [1080p], [1ms response time / GtG] (usually these are [TN] monitors, but these days we also have [Fast/Nano IPS] with [1ms]). You don't have to use [G/Free-Sync] as they do add minimal input lag, and you don't notice tearings at these FPS levels anyway. Keep in mind such a monitor (240Hz) is specialized for RL, as you would probably not get close to 240FPS on AAA titles for example (unless you have a beast PC). Make sure the monitor is set to a 240Hz refresh rate in windows.


You also need a decent enough PC to support 240+ FPS on competitive video settings, while not overheating, though that shouldn't be too difficult, as RL is a relatively light game. Enable steam FPS counter, and make sure you're getting stable FPS.


If you use a controller, use a USB cable and NOT Bluetooth as it is more consistent. Even if you've heard the polling rate is better (more on that soon). The USB should be connected to the back of the PC (right into the motherboard's panel), rather than the front USB panel, as in many cases, the front USB hub can add input lag. The most popular options for controllers are the [DS4] and the [XONE] controllers. More, less cheaper, options are [SCUF], [XBOX elite], [Thrustmaster eswap pro]. The [DS4] controller is by far the most used options, both for legacy reasons (RL's prequel was a DS3 exclusive) and good reasons like a decent price, good durability, great polling rate out of the box, and benefit most from overclocking. I would recommend you give it a try. If you don't like the DS layout, use an [XONE] controller. Don't use older controllers like the DS3 and X360.

Polling Rate

Overclock your controller to a polling rate of 1000Hz (like any proper gaming keyboard or mouse) to reduce input lag. Test whether it worked here (currently only works on Firefox). A more accurate tool. 1) open the program 2) press f2 to start logging and spin the analog stick in a circle fast 3) F2 to stop 4) enter 65536 in the cpi field 5) click plot 6) change plot type to frequency or interval to see the polling rate.
If you want to use KBM, make sure you have proper gaming KBM with a 1000Hz polling rate.


Never use WIFI. Use an ethernet connection.
Follow all of the steps on this guide (obviously according to your platform). Make sure you don't skip any of these, as each one can be critical (especially the ones at the end, regarding firewall, settings, port forwarding, etc).

Gameplay Settings

  • Text Chat: if you find yourself getting tilted you can disable this. If you still want to be able to communicate during kickoff, BakkesMod has a nice feature called kickoff only chat.
  • Voice Chat: disable.
  • Input buffer: good connections should use STS, less ideal connections use CSTS.
The rest of the settings are not interesting (perhaps just set all those rates & limits to high).

Interface Settings

  • Nameplate scale: just play with this and see how it works for you. I've seen most use [120-140%].
  • Nameplate mode: [always visible].
  • Colourblind mode: gives a high contrast borders to nameplates.

Audio Settings

Some people can be distracted by non-relevant sounds. Gameplay volume is the only sound that can contribute to your gameplay, so have everything else off (unless of course, you get enjoyment and immersion out of the other settings). Some people play with sound entirely off. This comes with a cost, as they can't hear players jumping/boosting behind them, which can be invaluable information.

Advanced Customisation

TAINPUT File Editting

Read about it here and here. This allows setting different deadzones for triggers, separate for the left, right stick (this is especially good if your deadzone is too low for right stick and causes the camera to drift), the X and Y axes (can be useful for stalls), setting multiple buttons to the same action and more.


Use it to enhance your training. In my experience, even with quite a strong PC, it can cause FPS drops in matches. So I personally prefer to use it only for training, and closing it when I queue for matches. If you notice FPS drops in the steam FPS counter with BakkesMod, you can try without it and see if it's better.

Other 3rd Party Programs

I would advise against it. As said disable steam controller configurations anyway.
Both DS4Windows and Durazno2 were tested by Rocket Science to not add input lag, but I would still rather not use anything I don't have to (RL has native controller support). They both allow advanced controller customization if you must.


Bind everything to "Savage!", "Okay.", "What a save!" and "Take the shot!".
Hopefully, this was helpful. Good luck!
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2020.08.19 10:18 tahaiam Shia azaan and kalma

Assalamualaikum. I wanted to ask that why do Shias have a different azaan and kalma? Isn't that considered to be bidah? Forgive me if I sound disrespectful as that is not my intention. I am genuinely confused.
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2020.06.05 08:37 midstnostalgia Oo na,oo na. Kailangan na ng mass testing.

🤡Oo na, 😔😔😔oo na. Kailangan na ng mass💆‍♂️💆‍♀️ testing. 👩‍🔬👨‍🔬Oo, ☑️wala 🚫🙅‍♂️ring silbi ang dalawang2️⃣✌️ buwang ECQ o 🤡lockdown🔑🔒🛅 dahil walang mass testing. O, tapos? 🤔 COVID-19😷🤢🤒 😤Screening costs 💸💹💲 P3,500 to P4,000 💵💰💲💱per person 👩👥👤sa mga😞💰 private labs/institutions🏫🏦/COVID Swabbing CenteCOVID 😝Testing🤡 Centers🏬. Philippines' population is 109,581,078. 👥👥Hindi pa kasama logistics📈📉📊, cold ❄️🌨️storage 🗃️🗄️facility 🏬na dapat may -20C° to -70C°🌡️🌡️ temperature🌡️🌡️ to preserve 🤡the specimen🌨️🌨️❄️(in reality, ❄️❄️❄️🌨️naka-ice box lang ito❄️❄️🌨️ habang🤡 trina-transport🚖🚗🚘 tapos pipila pa👥👤👥👤👥, so, napapanis 😞at nagkakaroon ng pseudo-negative ➖🙅‍♂️🚫result), etc. 🤡Now, you do the math. 2️⃣➕➖➗♾♾ Take note📜📝, hindi ito🙅‍♂️😞🚫 yung rapid test📝🗒️ kit 💉💉💉o rapid testing na madalas may🤡 pseudo-negative😞🚫🙅‍♂️ o psuedo-positive➕✔️✅ results 📄📋📎at hindi naman confirmatory test🗒️📝📜. I am referring to nose 👃👃👃👃and throat swab test. 👅👅👅 Okay, ✔️✅mass testing 👥👤📝📜is done. Ilang bilyon nagastos? 💰💲💵Then what's next? ⏭️Flex mo lang, ganern? 👅💦💪More community quarantine 😞🙅‍♂️, more SAP,💵💲 for stats purposes📊📈📉📊? Yes, tama ka👉✔️: WALA.🚫🙅‍♂️ Dahil wala pang gamot💊 o bakuna💉 para rito. Supportive 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦Therapy 👩‍⚕️🧘‍♀️lang ang nagagawa sa sakit na ito.💉👩‍⚕️🧘‍♀️ Oo, ✔️👅💦binuksan ulit unti-unti 🌇🏘️🏢ang mga establishimiento🏨🏦🏥🏣 dahil 🧘‍♀️bumabagsak na o pabagsak ⏬⬇️👇👎na ang ekonomiya💵🏦💱💲😭 May 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦mass testing💉📜📝 ka nga, 😭😭😭 bagsak naman ekonomiya mo, 😭💲💱👎👇ano ipambibili mo ng gamot💊 o bakuna💉 kapag nagkaroon na nito? 🤷‍♂️May 📄📋statistics ka nga, 📈📊gutom naman kayo/tayo. 👅💦If you are tested💉📝📜, isolated,😞 and quarantined,👤 what ❓will you 👤do after the economy💲💱 that provides 💵for you is sicker🤢🤧🤮 than you? Ipinasa ✔️✅☑️sa private sector 🌇🏗️🏬ang mass testing? 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦💉💊Why not? Employer 🤡sila,👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 kailangan nilang gawin yan sa mga empleyado 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦nila, 👌📋📄responsibility🚻🔞⛑️ nila yan. Bukod dun, stonks📈 pa sila. Oo, 🏛️government 🏛️workers are tested too, kalma.😌 Life goes on, 🌱🌵this is the "new normal" 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦✔️✅☑️hangga't walang gamot 💊at bakuna💉. We should👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 live with the virus🤢🤧 but we shouldn't acquire it, 💪and practice extreme precautions.🤢🤮 🤡🤡Katagalan, 🤮magkakaroon rin naman ng immunity🤧🤢😞👨‍👨‍👧‍👦(natural immunity) 💪🤧💪ang mga tao riyan,👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 medyo matagal nga lang. Hehe.🤢👨‍👨‍👧‍👦 For now,☑️✔️ satisfy the hunger.🤢 😭Pabor rin naman ito bilang cleansing🚿⚪ ng mga BnK. Mehehe.🤡🤡🤡🤡 Hindi 🙅‍♂️🚫🙅ako 🤡🤡🤡DDS 🤡🤡🤡o nagiging🤡🤡🤡 DDS 🤡🤡🤡ha. Mamaya mai-post na naman ako sa 🤡🤡🤡DDS 🤡🤡🤡💯🔥Confessions🗣️ at i-report 💯✔️na naman ako ng mga bobong 😇👼anti-DDS😇👼 na galit😠 kuno sa kabobohan ➡️e sila rin naman ang bobo. 😞🙅‍♂️I resent them too. 🤔😔Pero isipin mo, may mga utak 🧠🤯 rin naman ang mga nasa 🤡🤡🤡gobyerno🤡🤡🤡, malamang, 💯✔️🤡they're 10 steps 🤡ahead when it comes to planning.🤡 They're probably saving the 💵💱💲💰money 💰💰💰by focusing on the💵🏢🏗️ economy and treating the symptomatic patients 😞😞😞and the what nots, 🙅at saka gagastos nang lubos sa gamot 💊💉at bakuna💉💉 kapag mayroon na nito. 👍👌🆗Oo, mas matalino 🤡🤡🤡sila🤡🤡🤡 sa tumbong mong mala-clitoris na galit na galit sa🤡🤡🤡 pulis.🤡🤡🤡 Think about it. 🤔Huwag puro damdamin, 🚫simpatya 🤡🤡 at ideals ang paganahin. 🤡🤡If may nalimutan 🤯ako or lapses,🤡 please, feel free to educate me.🤡🤡🤡
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2020.06.03 21:00 Geckat Guide to Rën Poetry

The poetry of Rën has evolved a lot since I began writing in it years ago, so I've completely reworked the section in its grammar regarding it. (It has the same jun-cebak poem, though, sorry! It's just such a good poem to illustrate the form's potential weirdnesses.)
I'll post everything in Roman characters here for your interest, but if you like what you see, I definitely recommend looking at the grammar itself (located here), as the poetry is very visual, and the shape of the lines and their orientation on the page is crucial to most forms. I'm going to try once again to format for Reddit, so wish me luck!
The final chapter in this edition discusses poetic formats in Rën. Poetry is an important form of expression in many languages, and there is a great variety around the globe in styles, formats, and topics. Certain kinds of poetry are frequently outlawed throughout history due to the impact it is believed to have on the human psyche.
In Rën, poetry is written more often than it is spoken, so the appearance of the poem on paper, or whatever medium it is printed on, is as important, if not more, than the sound. Its poetic formats are developed with a visual aesthetic rather than an auditory aesthetic in mind.
These formats should be viewed in terms of different techniques, however, as opposed to set meters or poetic templates. At the time of writing, there is no equivalent, for example to the Shakespearean sonnet, in which a poem consists specifically of three quatrains and a concluding couplet. Poetry in Rën can however still make use of rhyming patterns, alliteration, concrete forms, and moraic timing, which may be combined or excluded to create the desired aesthetic of the poem’s message. Rën poetry, then, might be compared to the musical concept of jazz, in which more emphasis is placed upon the writer’s ability to improvise, reinterpret, and at times intentionally break their own rules to formulate the subtleties of their art.
While the building blocks of Rën poetry will likely be easily recognized by those familiar with different poetic traditions, their presentation on paper, and their use, naturally has subtleties to it that are unique to the language itself, therefore necessitating this chapter.


Poetic styles in Rën are called “wings”, with jun mufta translating as “free wing”, and it refers to the tendency of Rën poetry to contain the same number of words in each line. Nearly every poem in Rën will follow this jun as a rule, so it is more significant when it is broken than when it is followed. Because of the general lack of crucial particles in the language, this means that each line will be weighted similarly in the amount of semantic information it carries. Even those lines that do contain a particle usually do so in the form of a complementizer, or the word Rën, which act as an indicator to the reader to pause and connect, or to reflect and meditate upon that specific line, respectively. In the following example, we will see how word count is used to create consonance and dissonance, as well as the literary use of inflectional grammar:
Rënau uwau fahleth amauncaki jahih.
Manihlez tihjidh erdiaz tëzihdh salihm.
Tëzihdh tëzihd asauna asauna fausadh.
Janau Rënahz sawau e wand kunih omez.
Jaw e modh ganz ihelnez.
[Rën.1 love.1 leave.2.DEC INV-kill.1-CAUS life.3 home.3-OBL find.3 floor-OBL speak_Rën.3.DEC wise.3 speak.3.DEC speak.3 INV-listen.1 INV-listen.1 perish.3.DEC leave.3 Rën.2-OBL ask.1 C where blood-3 body-OBL answer C dead-DEC time-OBL arrive-VN-OBL]
“Rën left those who love him to end a life.
In its home, he found that life upon the floor, speaking Rën wisely.
He spoke and spoke, and they listened and listened, and perished.
They left to their friends, was asked — where is his blood on the body?
They replied: it was dead at the time.”
The first thing to notice about this poem is that it is (mostly) centered. This is called the poem’s kal, or throat, and refers to its alignment upon the page, which draws the reader’s attention to certain aspects of the poem. In the case of a centered alignment (kal mufta), it means that we are meant to notice that the centered lines have an equal number of words. Just like the alignment itself, this mufta implies a sense of centering and liberation. The significance of the single uncentered line, then, might be inferred, and is fitting, since it is spoken by the protagonist’s murderous contemporaries.
The standard number of words per line in this poem is 5, and in mufta lines, the only particle in this case is the initial word Rën. Note that it is a common practice in poetry to include the word Rën once or twice within the poem, and very often to begin or to end it. However, in this piece, it is used twice, and in fact, the rimufta line contains not one, but two particles; if these particles were omitted, then it too would be a mufta line, which tells the reader that it this rule is intentionally broken in this line. Here, even the arguable antagonist of the poem is referred to as Rën.
Regarding the grammar, there are two aspects to draw your attention to: The first is the use of the declarative mood. As you should recall, the declarative indicates not only that something happened, but that its happening, and its reason for unhappening, are unquestionable. In this poem, it relates to the predetermined nature of enlightenment, and tells us that the protagonist was always intended to metaphorically die in the home of their slated victim. Once again, notice that the only line without the definitive mood is the fourth, rimufta line.
The second significant piece of grammar is the use of the variable syllable, the language’s method of indexing. Notice that all three parties are indexed — the protagonist, their contemporaries, and their victim — and that indexing occurs in every line except for the last. It is not that the final line contains inanimate referents, but rather, that the referents have ceased to matter at the end of the poem.
These two grammatical pieces are strong examples of aspects of Rën poetry (and Zëw Rën in general) that simply cannot be translated well into any other language, and they reflect well the reason the language is both potentially difficult to learn, but also a useful tool in developing new methods of thought.


Zomzila is alliteration, and means “alike sounds”. While in Modern English, alliteration is typically used as a very freely used method of placing emphasis upon a line or phrase, in Zëw Rën it is a much more common method of organizing a poem and giving it the flow that, in English, we might instead use rhyme or meter.
Like mufta, there is a visual cue to look for when a poem is organizing itself through zomzila, and that is the gelmat eh , especially in places that it would not normally be, such as in the middle of a word without a vowel. This is to indicate the syllable that is to be stressed. This syllable is not always the one that would normally be stressed in a word without a variable syllable (ie the final syllable), and may still be on that syllable that would normally carry the variable syllable. Like every other rule in Rën poetry, it can be broken, misused, or emphasized for effect.
Kalah asahw e haumah redahwi
Kaloh tohd e kiz redahmi
Lired e sewki
Salihr e saleht hen
Silhnhe lishnez asaliht Rën
Sihliur jaghnaior e ragihba
Salihr e saleht sab
Rikush ridush risehm rishgad
Sehba sehti jash sehmaz
Risehwki red Rën
[throat.1 INV-ask C ego.1 satisfy.1-OPT throat.2 say.2 C cause-OBL satisfy.1-EN NEG-prove C ask-CAUS
pray.1-COND C pray happen sensation-VN-DEF tongue-OBL hope.1 Rën rise.1-COND awaken-COND C desire.1
pray.1-COND pray_for nothing NEG-pleasure NEG-purpose NEG-smell NEG-scent sun snow ice sky-OBL NEG-ask-CAUS prove Rën]
“One throat asked that its self be satisfied
Another throat said, then it must be satisfied
(But) it was not satisfied, for being asked
When I pray, what I pray for happens
This taste on my tongue is what I asked for, Rën!
When I rise in the morning, that is my desire
When I pray, I pray for nothing
No pleasure, no purpose, no smell or scent
Sun or snow or sleet in the sky
For not being asked, it is satisfied, O Rën”
Like the previous poem, there are some lines that are mufta, and some that are not, and this discrepancy is significant, as is the identification of the protagonist Rënih from the other two indexed referents.
The kal of alliterative zomzila is the presence of the gelmat, however, and we can see that after the dissonant first stanza, that each line has a certain number of them: Two in the first line, and three in every other (barring the final, to be brought up later). These indicate the stressed syllables, and so those which alliterate. This particular poem makes use of a method called silsil, or “chaining”, in which not only does each line contain an alliteration, but the following line also has its first stressed syllable alliterate with the previous alliteration. Without silsil, there need only be two gelmat per line. Note that, needless to say, variable syllables that do not use gelmat (ie diphthongs) are not well-suited to zomzila poetry.
A final thing to notice is the last line in the poem, which stands out in being the fourth line of a stanza in a poem in which there are otherwise three lines per stanza, and also in breaking mufta but without being aligned otherwise. This line is called zompajen, or a heartbeat, and is meant to be a poignant, sometimes ironic closer to a poem. The zompajen may or may not alliterate (in this case, it does according to silsil), but otherwise presents as a shorter, final line to a poem, as an addendum or afterthought. While it is especially used in poems using zomzila, it can be applied to similar effect in most poetic forms.


Jun atma means “final wing” and is the term used for poetry that is right-aligned. Poetry that is arranged this way will rhyme. Rhyming in Rën is just as with most other languages, including English: the stressed syllable must contain the same vowel, and those following it, if any, must be identical.
Rën subez jagihki muhihci
Biha madh ‘raz cuhihci
Mihncaci wa cikihrci
Adihrci wa bahihrci
Sansenhe sansen atmaci
Kelsur iihnhaci
[Rën morning-OBL awake.1-CAUS prepare.1-POT 1000 method.DEC mind-OBL die.1-POT kill.1-POT or prey_upon.1-POT inside.1-POT or outside.1-POT breathe-VN-DEF breathe-VN final-POT every-breath ending-POT SNEG-INV-half-climb-POT]
“Rën, in the morning, as I awaken I may make ready
A thousand methods in my mind by which to die
I may be murdered, or else I may become prey
Maybe indoors, or maybe instead outside
This breath could be the final breath
Every breath could well be the end
I may never even climb half-way”
This poem appears at a glance to have a single rhyme throughout, but is actually in couplets, that are foiled in the final two lines (arguably three), which do not actually rhyme, but contain the same uncertain mood ending.


Jun tehëj may be seen as a development upon jun mufta. It means “crowned wing” and while it is usually centered like jun mufta, and necessarily contains the same number of syllables, it is highly recognizable regardless of its alignment, due to its method and its kal: Not only does every line contain the same number of words, but also the same number of written blocks, meaning every line has precisely the same length. To draw attention to this, its kal is to surround each line with tëj, lending to its name. For this example, I have chosen a humorous poem that shows the jun being broken, but typically, these poems have a flow like a mantra that induces a sense of rigidity or piety.
Rën wi kinti rijowzemi Rifikmi e elsir so Mu rinakzeci e kuhir Gam lu nufbir cuhen Ricer bir e wi kalma
[Rën 4 number NEG-defile-EN NEG-think-EN C amount 5 6 NEG-nose-OBL-POT C breathe-COND blink 9 half-instance die-VN NEG-write another C 4 word]
“Rën, fourth is a number which must not be defiled Do not even think of amounts of five Six while we breathe may not enter our noses To blink nine half-times is death Never will I write another word than four”
Notice the breaking of the last line is by a single word — an easily omitted particle — which again draws attention to its purposefulness.


Jun cebak, or “cross wing”, is a highly visual form of Rën poetry, and especially unique to the language. It makes use of the nature of Rën open-class words, in that each word is technically a complete sentence on its own, and does not require arguments or grammar in order to complete it. Therefore, the language has the nature of polysynthetic languages, in which words are theoretically their own island, while still being highly isolating, in which words may be entirely uninflected without being agrammatical. The result is that one word may be used in several different ways, in several different sentences at once, leading to the natural conclusion of poetry that may be read in more than one direction.
Jun cebak poems have two different readings: the first is peri sena, or “listened line”, and is read as normal, from left to right, then top to bottom. The second is peri suk, “contemplated line”, which is read in opposite order: top to bottom, then right to left, in columns.
Jun cebak poetry’s kal is quite distinctive in that the lines are written with spacing that allows for the columns to be clearly seen, for the second reading. The lines are usually, but not always, composed of the same number of words, and indeed there may be lines that are spaced out in a particular way so that words are read in one column/suk line rather than another. The example I have chosen exemplifies this.

Rën era zemanz ganlen jagna
Sut fusla jagnamë era
Hiz afaz birez cen
Iahdir ëmlen ëliruk megarenz
Hezurez rihnhanz mihenata zemanz
[Rën mind time-OBL moment-DIST awake sleep whisper awaken-SEN mind day-OBL INV-birth another-OBL know fly.1 year-DIST SNEG-stop path-DEF-OBL nest-OBL NEG-ending-OBL toil time-OBL]
Rën, one’s mind, by time, is at every moment awake
One sleeps, and it whispers (that) the mind must awaken!
By day, it gives birth to another day, it knows
A flying creature, every year, it never stops on this trajectory
For the nest, without ending, it toils through time.


Rën era sut hiz iedir hezurez
Zemanz fusla afaz ëmlen rihnhanz
Ganlen jagnamë birez ëliruk mihenata Jagna era cen megarenz zemanz mukid
[Rën mind sleep day-OBL fly.1 nest-OBL time-OBL whisper INV-birth year-DIST NEG-ending moment-DIST awaken-SEN another-OBL SNEG-stop toil awake mind know path-DEF-OBL time-OBL certain]
Rën, the mind sleeps through the day, like a flying creature in a nest
Through time, that whispers, and births each year without ending
At every moment, one must awaken, never stopping, toiling
The awake mind knows that the trajectory of time is certain.
Reading these poems is nearly as much of an art as writing them, at times, but in general, if a word is “hanging”, like the final word mukid in the pero sena reading, then it is typically ignored. Also note that these poems largely lack indexing/variable syllables, and in general have a sense of ambiguity, with interpretation left strongly up to the reader — the abstract art of Rën poetry.
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2020.05.21 07:18 VividLIama Blacked out for 36 hours and ate 41 kalmas (2mg xans) not joke it you don’t believe it that fine- looking for real advice please. Do I have a problem? Still getting mad head spins and definitely feel barred

I had two shots of bourbon and smoked weed also.
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2020.05.19 11:04 removalbot 05-19 09:04 - 'Great Britain? What about Greater Britain!?' (self.unitedkingdom) by /u/kanisgreven removed from /r/unitedkingdom within 633-643min

So you might have heard about the massive Scandinavian movement crying out for a [Kalmar Reunion]1 as a majestic Scandinavian alternative to the EU, which we all know is a huge shite-fest. If they were any lazier in Brussels, their skeletons would fall out of their bungholes.
Seeing as the great Britons have already made the first steps toward greatness by leaving the EU, I think it is time for the North and their coastal peoples to expand our ambitions in the world, a goal that is more easily achieved together. Now wait, do not remonstrate yet! please, I beg of you, hear me out!
Our monarch has a great admiration for yours, and they [get along swimmingly]2 . The difference in our political values are already virtually [non existent]3 . Culturally, [we]4 already have a [great]5 deal in [common]6 , we are of similar of [mind]7 and [courage]8 , and like our monarchs, we admire each other greatly. I, myself, hoist mine own pants to the point of rupture, at the mere mention of the physical layout of either your parliament or Blackrod, so much so that I have been forced to supplant mine corduroy breeches with a more [flexible alternative]9 .
Politically, we would the be envy of the world: We would be in full control of the arctic, a region that is becoming more and more [important]10 , a predicament we would be able to exploit fully, as we already are [masters]11 of [trade]12 . We would have the numbers to become an enlightened and formidable force of reason globally, functioning as a counterweight to the escalating tensions between chiner and the united stayturds, a template in truth for every other nation aspiring to the greatness of peace, prosperity and piping hot tea.
Yes, the Kalmar Union would be great, but a Greater Britainavia would be even greater! And I'm sure by now, you are convinced of my disposition.
Only a singular point of contention remains, the design of the Greater Britainavian Flag, a point of contention I shall make no attempt to address at this point, as I predict the longest and hardest of negotations.
What say you, Anglo-Saxons Anglo-Saxon-Gaels?
Great Britain? What about Greater Britain!?
Go1dfish undelete link
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Author: kanisgreven
1: old*r**dit.*om*Kalma*Re**ion/ 2: be**i*g*k*.bmcdn*dk/me***/***he/resolve/*al*er*_imag*/image/69/69578*/4***852-.jpg 3: w*w**helocal.*k/202**1**/brexit-why-de*mark-*s*l*sing-an***-b*g-**other***th-uk-exit 4: en.wi*ipe**a.or**w**i/*iking_activit**in**he_Briti**_Isles 5: en*wik*p*di*.*rg*wiki/Co*e*hagen*zat*on 6: e*.*ikip*dia*org/wik**Danish_Ba**n 7: e*.w*kipedi**org/w*ki*List*of_N*bel*lau*e**es*by_co*nt*y#Sum*ary 8: b*o***g**book*?id=sNF*DwAAQ**J&*mp*pg=PA9&*mp;lpg=PA*&a*p;*q*bactman+*ordenskjo**&*mp*sou*c*=*l*amp;ots=ufg*UMFEaN*am*;s**=AC**3**i7IuYFB*u*S0xIR*IBqLu7N9FmA*amp;hl=**&sa=*&*mp;***=2****Ew*j*q*nq*7pAhUQ9*QKH*l4AeMQ6AEwBHoECBUQA*#v=onep****amp;q=ba*t**n***tordensk*ol*&*m**f=false 9: *s**ts.a*i**m*ges/w_*85*h*38*,*_au*o*q_a*to*sens*ti*e,fl_*oss*/e4***96f49*c4a4*bb69a*29011a37**_93*6/fir*bir*-trac*-top.jpg 10: *w**bloombe*g.c*m/grap*i*s/2**7-arcti*/the-poli*ic**-a*ctic* 11: bul**aulglobal.***/ 12: www.m**rsk.c**/
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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2020.05.08 12:43 Casual_Wedditor Are all bar type pills xans?

Some dude posted some white bars on his story that he's selling. They're the kind with four bits (idk what the word is but you prolly get my drift, like they break into four pieces).
They look like this on one side: "[ ][A][L][ ]"
And this on the flip side: "[ ][G][2][ ]"
idk shit about pills, but I assume these are xans. Can anyone ID them? If not, do y'all know if other shit comes in bars besides xans? Do all alprazolam bars actually say "XANAX" on em?
Sorry I don't got a photo, I just know that'd be super sus if i ss his story lol
Edit: thanks for the advice everyone, I found out they're kalmas, which are basically Aussie xans
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2020.05.03 11:02 InsideYogurtcloset3 Convertion - Ismailism to Islam

Assalam u Alaikum Dear Brothers/Sisters
I am a MUSLIM, no sectarianism in Islam. However, born in the labelled SUNNI community. I am in a relationship with an Ismaili Afghan lady. We are sincere with each other and genuinely want to settle down with each other.
However, the You Tube videos and socialmedia articles make me think 100 times at least before I tie my knots with this lady and her family. I want Ismailis and ex-Ismailis, on this app, to please enlighten me by proving that whether Ismailis are genuine MUSLIMS or not and if NOTthen what made you guys changed your beliefs and you converted from Ismailism to Islam.
I want to know Genuine Ismailism History. Whats their Kalma, belief about Allah and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and Holy Quran. Do they perform 5 prayers, Roza, Zakkat, Sadqah, Hajj and Umrah?
What is a Jammaat Khana? What happens inside a Jammaat Khana? What is a Ginan/Qasidah, Dasond/Dosand, Khush Khaali and Nawroz/Nuroz? Why do Ismailis dance on Bollywood/Hollywood - cult music as a tribute to their Imams and perform rituals like Dandia from Hindu-Gujrati Culture? Why are people from other Islamic sects and religions are not allowed to visit Jamaat Khana strictly and why do Imam Agha Khan instructs his followers to take it easy with Islamic Rules and Regulations with regards to the fast paced world we are living in? Why do Ismailis offer 2/3 Duas instead of 5 prayers? Why Ismailis women and men are not obliged/instructed to do Pardah- Islamic dressing/attire for both Men and Women?
Please answer asap Also contact at [email protected]
Jazah Allah 🙏🏻🙂
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2020.04.28 03:01 autotldr It remains unclear if Kim Jong Un is alive or dead, but North Korea state media using thank-you note supposedly written by supreme leader to prove former. "Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone."

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 43%. (I'm a bot)
It remains unclear if Kim Jong Un is alive or dead, but North Korea state media is using a thank-you note supposedly written by their supreme leader to prove the former, according to a South Korean press agency.
North Korean state media reported Monday that the note was recently sent to the builders of a tourist zone near where Kim's personal train was reportedly seen in recent days, according to the South Korea-based Yonhap News Agency.
"Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone," the Rodong Sinmun, the North's main newspaper, said, echoing reporting from the Korean Central Broadcasting Station.
North Korean state media have recently put out reports of Kim sending diplomatic letters and gifts, but there have been no reports on the leader's "Field guidance" trips or photos of his public activities for more than two weeks, according to Yonhap News.
A North Korean monitoring project, 38 North, has also said a recent report that Kim's personal train was parked at a "Leadership station" in Wonsan on April 21 and April 23.
"The train's presence does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health, but it does lend weight to reports that Kim is staying at an elite area on the country's eastern coast," North Korean state media reported, according to Yonhap News.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Kim#1 North#2 report#3 Korean#4 state#5
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2020.04.27 09:01 autotldr N.K. leader sends gratitude to workers at tourist zone amid health rumors Yonhap News Agency

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 67%. (I'm a bot)
SEOUL, April 27 - North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude to workers building a tourist zone in the east coast region of Wonsan, state media said Monday, amid reports his special train is parked at the area amid persisting speculation about his health.
"Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone," the Rodong Sinmun, the North's main newspaper, said.
The report came amid lingering speculation that something might be wrong with Kim's health since he missed an important annual ceremony on April 15 commemorating the birthday of late state founder and his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.
"The train's presence does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health, but it does lend weight to reports that Kim is staying at an elite area on the country's eastern coast," it added.
The Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone is one of Kim's key pet construction projects.
Kim, who sent a similar thank-you message to the workers in February, has sought to develop the North's tourism in an effort to beef up an economy faltering under international sanctions.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Kim#1 North#2 report#3 Korean#4 health#5
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2020.04.27 05:03 autotldr Kim Jong-un ‘expressed his gratitude’ to workers building tourist zone, N.K. state media said Monday, amid persisting speculation about his health.

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 55%. (I'm a bot)
SEOUL, April 27 - North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his gratitude to workers building a tourist zone in the east coast region of Wonsan, state media said Monday, amid reports his special train is parked at the area amid persisting speculation about his health.
"Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has sent his appreciation to the workers who devoted themselves to building the Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone," the Rodong Sinmun, the North's main newspaper, said.
The report came amid lingering speculation that something might be wrong with Kim's health since he missed an important annual ceremony on April 15 commemorating the birthday of late state founder and his grandfather, Kim Il-sung.
"The train's presence does not prove the whereabouts of the North Korean leader or indicate anything about his health, but it does lend weight to reports that Kim is staying at an elite area on the country's eastern coast," it added.
The Wonsan-Kalma tourist zone is one of Kim's key pet construction projects.
Kim, who sent a similar thank-you message to the workers in February, has sought to develop the North's tourism in an effort to beef up an economy faltering under international sanctions.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Kim#1 report#2 North#3 media#4 state#5
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2020.01.29 13:13 Suavely-Contagious I had a dream i saw the Angel Of Death and was dying, i'm really freaked out. I had a similar dream a couple of months ago too.

I'm very young, Alhumdulillah i pray on a daily consistent basis though i'll admit for the past few months i'm missing the Fajr and Tahajjud prayer. I don't know if we're supposed to share our bad dreams with anyone but i don't know who else to ask so there's no other option. I try to be as good as i can and do my best at it but as humans we tend to fudge up.

Last night i had a really scary dream and it like felt really real, i thought it was real for a second. I was sleeping on my bed on my right side and from this position i could clearly see my cupboard. In my dream i was in that exact same position and staring in the cupboards direction but i saw a black dark shadow, idk what happened but for some reason "i knew it was the angel of death", i knew i was about to die and i was so scared and i was forcing my self to recite the kalma which i did halfway at first but then i was again so scared cuz i thought it was true so i started questioning reality for a second.
You know when we see the angel of death in a scary form, it's obvious you aren't going to die a good death and i pray for a good death every day and at that moment i felt so bad and was asking Allah that even though i did my best at life but i still got to see the angel of death in a bad form. I was like why me Allah, you know i did best and then that figure started moving towards me and i got a bit brave and recited the Kalma completely and i don't know what happened next it was all blank and peaceful.

I had a similar sort of dream last year but it was good and i knew it was good. i was dreaming and i suddenly i saw this really bright light and i was so calm and happy for some reason and something told me that i'm about to die and i should recite the Kalma, i did it and felt so happy and when i woke up the next day i knew it was a good dream and i had a good death in it.

Now back when i had the good dream i was making an extra effort towards praying Tahajjud and the Qur'an but when i had this dream today, i know i'm not at the peak of iman i used to be at that time but i still try to be as good as i can.

I'm really scared, can somebody please tell me what this might be, i know bad dreams are from Shaytan but dreams could still have some meaning. I'm 18 and i try to be the best person i can everyday and i'm always repenting for the tiniest of things but this is really bugging me out.
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2020.01.04 20:54 rahul722j A stand against pro-CAA bigotry - A heated debate

A stand against pro-CAA bigotry - A heated debate
Below is an argument I had with a pro-CAA bigot presented to you in a quote-unquote form. Please note that this was in text, and all quotes here are literal, 'as-is' of what I received from them without any tampering. The unquoted ones are mine.

Cleansing your mind from rumours and understand the correct interpretation of the CAA----
It's very distressing that people conclude the wrong interpretation of the Citizenship Act 2019 (CAA) , first understand the ground related with this Act.
Nehru--Liaquat Pact 1950, that mentioned both the countries give assurance that the religious minorities of their respective countries will be taken care of and their rights will be protected on the premises of “Critical Hostage Theory” that means religious minorities in both the countries shall act as hostages for the short of ensurance that their religious minorities would be protected but now the condition has been changed because of loosing the credibility of this Act and there is religious persecution of the minorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh (earlier east Pakistan) and also in Afghanistan in the same line on the basis of their Islamic constitution.
And for that, the purpose of CAA came into existence to protect these minorities from the religious persecution in the hands of majority of these three countries while giving them Indian citizenship but it doesn't mean that it bar the entry of any muslim from other countries of the world, they can seek Indian citizenship under the Citizenship Act of 1955 and it is wrongly stupid argument that it will stripping the citizenship of Indian Muslims. It also doesn't mean that it would give citizenship of India to these persecuted minorities very smoothly, No never they can attain Indian citizenship only on the basis of the proper process of naturalisation, if they will failed in this process then they can't attain the Indian citizenship.
Don't interpreted the CAA with NRC because the CAA has nothing to do with NRC, the legal provisions of the NRC have been part of the Citizenship Act, 1955 since December 2004. Also there are specific statutory rules of 2003 to operationalise these legal provisions. They govern the process of registration of Indian citizens and issuance of national identity cards to them. These legal provisions have been on the statute book since last 15–16 years. The CAA has not altered them in any way whatsoever. Don't interpreted it like that illegal Hindus outside and inside India will be protected via the CAA and muslims will be discriminated, no not at all, both illegal Hindus and Muslims claim for Indian citizenship equally via the process of naturalisation, where CAA will not given blanket protect to Hindus.
Don't interpreted the CAA in the context of Ahmadiyas in Pakistan, hazaras in Afghanistan and illegal rohingyas in India because Ahmadiyas in Pakistan are in majority and they believe in the Pakistani version of Islam and not maintain the level of minority same as hazaras in Afghanistan stand in the internal context of their governance and rohingyas are hostile community at international level and they are the native of the neighbouring countries and they are illegally stable in India without the citizenship of India and they will be identified under the NRC for the purpose of deporting at their place.

The pretext of your answer assumes that since the countries mentioned in the CAA (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh) have failed to protect their minorities, and henceforth, failed to keep-up with the Nehru-Liaquat pact, and since these people might share ancestry with/were born in pre-1947 India, it’s the responsibility of the Indian State to protect them.
However, Afghanistan wasn’t a part of the partition, and nor of the Nehru-Liaquat Pact. Why have them under the same belt then?
In that case, if we’re opening our doors to religiously-persecuted minorities from other countries (which is a good thing), why not include Muslims and other non-Hindu minorities from Nepal (which was a Hindu Rashtra until as late as 2008), and non-Sinhalese people from Sri Lanka?
You also seem to contradict your statement when it comes to Rohingyas (who according to Amnesty International, are the most persecuted minority in the World), Hazaras or Ahmadiya Muslims (you exclude Ugyur Muslims too) citing that they are Muslims (and thus, constitute majority in their respective country). Please note that Ahmadiyas aren’t even considered Muslims in Pakistan, and CAA can, very flexibly, be extended to support them.
Why is it a factor for us that they belong to the majority?
Let me tell you - because, as of current version of CAA, it does NOT mention “religious persecution” at all. It just says that if you belong to , and were in India in b/w , you shall be offered Indian citizenship.
Now, if they’d include Muslims too, entire citizenry of Pakistan would have a free pass to Indian citizenship.
I’m all in for greater humanitarian interests of supporting refugees, but all of this evidence points out that this step from government is a petty tactic for winning the Bengal elections (by the support from Bangladeshi Hindus and other immigrants).

Irrelevant Argument related with the Violation of the Articles of the Constitution of India——
There is argument of the constitutional obligation on CAA then understand it broadly, there is no any provision of CAA has been violated any articles of the Constitution of India include Article 14 as well. Understand it---
Article 14 (Come under Part-3 of the Indian Constitution) doesn't deal with the part of citizenship that obliging towards the status of citizenship, the purpose of Article 14 check implied where equals are treated differently without any reasonable basis. But where equals and unequal are treated differently, the Article 14 does not mean that all laws must be general in character. It does not mean that the same laws should apply to all persons. It does not mean that every law must have universal application for, all person are not, by nature, attainment or circumstances in the same position.
Article 5 to 11 (under PART-2) are the only articles of the Constitution of India that deal with the context of Citizenship, where Article 11 state that it grant of citizenship shall be subject to any further law that the parliament may passed in this particular regards, its the only union parliament which have the power in this particular issue, it is not within the domain of states. In the context of Citizenship Article 5 to 11 of the Constitution of India shall read along with the Citizenship Act of 1955 coupled with the foreigners Act of 1946 that deal with the who is the foreigner of as far as India's concern.
It’s not that this bill is ‘literally’ targeting the constitution of India, but it’s hurting it’s principles of equality in the sense that the Indian Government is judging people (and I quote you) by “level of minority”, and that too, falsely. Religious discrimination faced against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, or the pain of Ugyurs in China is no-less than the plight of Hindu people in Pakistan.
Also, you comment that we shouldn’t tie up CAA with NRC. However, there are two main reasons that I can cite in favor of studying CAA in light of NRC:
  • Firstly, the Home Minister, at least in 7 of his recent speeches, has always spoken of them together.
  • Secondly, and more importantly, because, assuming the NRC pan India will be similar to assam, it will give extreme discretionary powers to local authorities, who have the power to claim ANYONE (not Muslims, not Hindus, not Christians, yes anyone) as "doubtful citizens". The basis of such a conclusion is vague, and hence extremely exploitative. It’s like giving them [the Registrar] a free pass to exploit the poor, or anyone/any community they hold grudges against. Don’t we already have enough of it? Not to forget, it can be used as a tool to suppress dissent - If you dare say anything against the government, they’d have the authority to strip you off of your citizenship. This pain might be less for non-Muslims because if they are rich, they can hope to claim citizenship under the CAA (cough bribe cough).
The sea of reasons mentioned here are enough for people to oppose a bill. The NRC is tangential to this discussion, but forms a very important base of the ongoing protests.
Also, these protests aren’t just against CAA, or the NRC, or NPR for that matter. It’s also against the brutality with which the police took action against the protestors. Among all other things, it is also to assert our right to dissent, and to assert the fact that people’s opinion has a rightful place in a democracy, which given the current government’s stance, they are crumbling. (Just today [Jan. 3. '20], Home Minister said that they wouldn’t move an inch backwards on CAA.)
Your protest not in a “Gandhian Version of protest” Multilingual graffiti on a wall at Delhi’s Jamia Islamic University says a lot about deception employed by Islamists to fool the ‘Kaafirs’
Hindi – सब एक हैं
English- Secular India
Arabic - “There is no God other than Allah-AllahOAkbar”
Btw, hardly any Hindu can read Arabic.
Your violent protest turned into communal symbols and go beyond from the main issue, there is no acceptance of freedom of speech and expression at the cost of violence from the communal fame to breach the condition of law & order, where “Rule of Law” frequently displaced. You have full right to protest and dissent, right of freedom of speech and expression, right to associate on the basis of non- violence that make democracy vibrant otherwise you misunderstood in your concept towards democracy and a living permanent document that is Constitution of India
These are the clarification of some irrelevant misinterpretation regarding CAA, understand it and avoid your pinned doubts then it is irrelevant and rehotric to protest violently against the CAA and disturb the tranquility and peace of the nation, it is distressing that media not helpful in clearing the classification of the CAA in between the people and also shocking that well literate people stand against it and termed that it is the fascist regime of the state. Enhance your knowledge and maintain the status of democracy of this nation.
“CAA is not in the context of stripping the Citizenship of any Indian Citizen and their fundamental rights”
You also wrongly quote the Arabic Kalma - “La Ilaha Illallah” sprayed on the wall in Jamia. It literally means “Ekam brahmasmi, dutiya nasti”, which if you’d be Hindu enough to read Brahma Sutra you’d know means, “There’s just one God. None other.” People might call it 'Brahma', 'Ishwara', 'Bhagwan', 'Allah', 'God', a tree, or whatever - but it’s ultimately one (An idea which is popular even in a religion such as Hinduism which is known for it’s many gods – Many Hindu school of thoughts subscribe to worshiping idols, but the belief across Sanatana Dharma (even in the Nastika philosophy) is to believe in the absolute - 'Brahmand').
Also, you talk about violence in the protests. I cannot speak for everywhere, but from the news reports, it seems that most (and the largest) gatherings against CAA-NRC-NPR are peaceful. Even if there was violence, the brutality with which the police is reacting doesn’t justify any of it. (Raping minors, killing people!!).
There have been reports of how people have been planted in the mob to instigate violence - you know who this would benefit - definitely, not the protestors.
In the end, I’d like to quote you:
Enhance your knowledge and maintain the status of democracy of this nation.
It’s the malicious intent of votes for which the current government is doing all of this. It’s not the humanitarian grounds on which it is trying to attract/steal/plead support for it.
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2019.10.29 06:02 autotldr Kim Jong Un and North Korea’s Reputations Take Hit After Mt. Kumgang Resort Decision

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 73%. (I'm a bot)
North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un's recent remarks dismissing and promising to tear down a suspended inter-Korean tourist resort are drawing criticism from both citizens and government officials alike.
While Kim did not specifically name his predecessors, his comments have been interpreted by the public to mean Kim Jong Il, his father, and Kim Il Sung, his grandfather and the country's founder.
"The people are puzzled , saying that 'the predecessors' can only mean Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. We treat them like gods," a source from Sinuiju, North Pyongan province told RFA's Korean Service on October 24.
"Kim Jong Un's remarks on Mt. Kumgang have greatly dampened investor sentiment among Chinese businessmen who were considering investment in the Wonsan-Kalma and Samjiyon tourist areas of North Korea," the businessman said.
The businessman recalled how Chinese sentiment for investment in North Korea waned when issues arose with the Kaesong industrial complex, an inter-Korean manufacturing center near the DMZ. The continued operation of the industrial complex is highly dependent on inter-Korean relations, and the facility is currently frozen as the South has yet to reopen Kaesong after suspending operations in 2016 in response to a North Korean rocket launch.
"It's pretty likely that what Kim Jong Un said about Mt. Kumgang will have chilling effects on Chinese investment in North Korea again," he added.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: North#1 Kim#2 Korean#3 Korea#4 Jong#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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2019.10.19 19:01 autotldr US proposed helping North Korea build tourist area amid nuclear talks: report

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 0%. (I'm a bot)
By Marty Johnson - 10/19/19 09:33 AM EDT. The U.S. reportedly offered a long-term plan to help North Korea build a tourist area in its country as part of denuclearization talks in Stockholm earlier this month.
South Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo reported Saturday that the U.S. proposed plans for developing the Kalma area, though didn't say how the North Korean delegation responded to the proposal, according to Bloomberg.
Bloomberg noted that North Korean leader has been trying to get a resort project completed in the Wonsan-Kalma coastal area for some time.
ADVERTISEMENT. North Korean politician Pak Pong Ju reportedly visited the area in August to encourage workers to make the area "a scenic spot" on the east coast.
Talks between the U.S. and North Korea in Sweden ended this month with little progress.
Kim Myong Gil, North Korea's nuclear envoy, said at the time that the U.S. refused to "Give up their old viewpoint and attitude," which the State Department refuted.
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2019.07.05 12:40 khuzdar Ek Nukte Wich Gal Mukdi Ae Bulleh Shah

by Suman Kashyap
At this one point,all talk ends.
Hold tight to this point, forget your calculations, Leave the miserable state of unbelief, Do not torment yourself with the fear of death and hell, For these are imaginary fears. Only into such a house will the truth enter. At this one point, all talk ends.
For no reason you abrade your forehead on the ground, You display reverence at the mehraab, You recite the Kalma to entertain a listener. But knowledge does not enter your heart. Can the truth ever remain hidden? At this one point, all talk ends.
Many return from Mecca as hajjis, Blue shawls across their shoulders. They profit from the merit earned by haj. Who can admire such behavior? Can the truth ever remain hidden? At this one point, all talk ends.
Some withdraw to the forest, Eat a single grain a day. Bereft of understanding, they exhaust the body, And return home in bad shape, Their life sucked dry with useless fasting and prayer. At this one point, all talk ends
Hold fast to your murshid Become a devotee of all creation, Intoxicated, carefree, Without desire, indifferent to the world. Let your heart be fully clean. Bulla asks, can the truth then be stopped?
At this one point,all talk ends
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2019.07.01 14:56 FirmReception We keep relapsing because we are not scared of Allah

We call ourselves muslims because of what. We red the 1st kalma and we believe in Islam. Have you ever wondered why you went to pray? Was it because of your life for Islam or your devotion to get a better after life or just because you don't want to hear you're parents scold you for not going. I may not gonna lie the last one is me. The problem is we don't fear Allah swt. That is the sky, remembering him, currently on a 9 day streak how? Imagine that ecreeator of all, your creator watching you perform the acts he told you not to do. Let's be real we don't want our parents to know what fap. Why? Is it because we are ashamed. If so then why do we keep doing it. Is it because you'll get scolded then don't do it. The key is to fear Allah. Your God is watching you all the time. Next time you fap think about who's looking. Your parents aren't .
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2019.06.26 06:58 adminshirt Lion King Hakuna Matata shirt

Lion King Hakuna Matata shirt
They’re Roma gypsies. They’re not attempting to masquerade as Lion King Hakuna Matata shirt. They’re organised beggars who loiter the streets in packs. Walk from Oxford Street to Baker Street and you’ll see all these women begging. And what’s more, this implies that muslims couldn’t possibly be synonymous with begging. Most of the European Muslims do not know the word Kalma but they would have surely understood if you asked them to proclaim Shahadah. Even if they have been disguising as Muslims you should not humiliate them in this way my brother.
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2019.04.13 03:15 Serpentking5 The World of Grymtalon

The Origin of this world is a debated. Many claim that it was made by the gods, other's say that the gods and the world always exisited. In the End, it does not really matter, as all the denizens of the world are stuck on creation.
First among the races is the Orcs. The Orcs are the most well established of the humanoid races, occupying Mountain Reigons, deserts, and other places where life is difficult. Their Life Cycle is unique, as at first they begin life as Goblins. Small, Cheerfuly, and bright children, their creativity is what allowed the Orcs to be technologically advanced. As there are numerous Goblins per birth (2-10) many of them loose there lives early on in the early stages of the world. After establishing their civilization, Birth control and secured breeding was instated. After fifty years, they grow to become Ogres. They become tall, fatter, and very temperamental. At this stage in ancient times they were used to defend the tribes from predators. Then the Orcs, the 'adult' and last state of life. After a 20 year time spent as a Ogre, they shrink and become adults. Adults tend to be paiten and practical, allowing them to care for the goblins and to maintain their civilization. they will live for another 100 years.
Next where the elves, who latter divided into the True Born, the Forged, and the Arachane. Elves as a rule have low birth rates, but live to be 10,000 years. Most do not live to see that age however. Elves feel emotion stronger then any other race. They are ruled by their wrath, and belive themselves to be the true rulers of the world, and have attempted to destroy the 'usupers' of humans. The Numbers of the True born are low as a result.
The Forged are a civilization of Elves that retreated to the Burning Mountains. Their, using arcane magic, they discovered a way to inter souls in metal constructs. Their king, Derlnor, forged himself in a mythral Construct, and ordered his court to do the same. The Non-forged citizens must earn the right to be forged. Once Forged, they are not immortal, and will die if the shell is destroyed, releasing them to the after life.
The Arachane took to a different path, worshiping the Goddess of Truth and Deceit, Archane. To this end they worship spiders, particularly the large variety. Due to their belief many of the priest hood mutate, females grow spier limbs, begin to secret venom, and at their most powerful are able to become spiders. They place a good deal of being honest with one another, but never to outsiders... which, once you understand that, makes them the most trustworthy people in the world.
Humans are the newest race, but they have shown rapid advancement. They have already become the most widespread race. While each race has it's own subcultures and civilizations, only the humans can claim to have true empires. They are divided into several civilizations. The Kalma, a race of raiders and invaders (Seemingly) fromt he north, who's devotion too the gods often gift their warriors with Mutations. The People of Calen, a people who are known as artisans, and the People of Jual, Who are seemingly obsessed with courtly intrigue, who are the largest at this time. Humans posses the unique ability too interbreed with all the races... Most other races do not tend to see them as viable partners, and due to the Elven Wars... They tend to be rather distrustful of the other races.
The Lizard men are believed to be an offshoot of humanity, but are also theorized to be the spawn of Sauropods. Males tend to be smaller, more skilled in sorcery, while females are larger, more physically oriented. Their culture worships Tiamat, and their religion is based on becoming a dragon through conflict. Most seek to challenge themselves to prove worthy of ascension. They are often adventurers or mercenaries, and as they earn favor the less human liek they are, and the more they become reptiles. All are born with scales, a tail, and sharp teeth, as they mutate they grow more scales, they grow snouts, Raptor's feet... and wings should they be on the rode to true dragonhood. They are considered savage at worst, but to 'peaceful' relations they are seen as odd and unusual...
Dragons are not a true race, they cannot breed. They are the most powerful mortals on the planet. However, they are few in number, their lesser cousins in the lizard men and Sauropods. They take on many different aspects, and have the ability to polymorph… However, they are limited because they view themselves as RUling Kings... and "a king who sees in another his equal rules nothing" Following the wishes of their Mother, they spent most time fighting amongst themselves in order to prove their worth in the Dragon Mountains.
Tiamat: Goddess of Evolution and the Natural order. "Life is the proving ground of the soul"
Olfrey: God of Bloodshed and Healing. "Spill their blood, save your own."
Gong: God of Chaos and Order "All are born from chaos and shall return to it."
Kinelo: God of Death and Life. "You live because those before you have died."
Kalni: Goddes of Pain and Pleasure. "There are such sights to see, such sensations to experience..."
Junato: Goddes of Hope and Despair, associated with Magic. "The best and worst to come will always come..."
Panthes: God of Warfare and Peace. "No peace lasts forever."
Leonia: Goddess of the Sun "The morning always comes..."
Dinias: Goddess of the Moon "... As does the night"
Arachne: goddess of Truth and Deceit "Honest words hurt far more then lies."
Byrnn: God of Architecture and Siege. "What takes years to make can be destroyed in seconds."
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