Guide to Losing Your Virginity 🍑🔥❤️

2020.11.27 15:42 trippyfroozer Guide to Losing Your Virginity 🍑🔥❤️

First of all, your virginity is not the problem, It's your mental attitude towards social interactions. Let me get this straight, you are not a virgin because you're ugly, unpopular, awkward, or anything else. You're a virgin because you have not developed your social skills beyond a certain stage. I'll try to help you get past this stage. It's okay to not be perfect, what's not okay is refusing to work on it.
I make some assumptions about you, the reader...
Rethinking shyness First of all, you need to rethink what shyness, confidence, and being introverted means. Let's use an analogy. Let's say you've never operated a chainsaw and your first time is today. You won't be as confident in your skill as this other dude with his red-checkered logger shirt. You are unconfident with your skill to operate this chainsaw, but so was this other dude when he cut his first log. Actually, he is you, just 100 logs later. He learned the skill, he became confident with using chainsaws to cut trees. Being shy is just a word created for people that have not yet developed their social skills. But it is just the same as with the logger, you've not yet developed the skill, and that's why you are not sure how to tackle the problem at hand. Social skills are not something you either have or don't, it's something you have learned or not. It's just like any other skill, you read theory, at first the fundamentals then the advanced stuff. You apply these bits and pieces of theory whenever you have the opportunity. You don't need a lot of friends to learn the fundamentals. I will give you a roadmap with the things you need to learn on this path. Consider skipping steps if you are already past a certain stage.
Introverts are not what you think But first I try to give you some additional information about being extroverted or introverted. A lot of people on here believe that being introverted means being a loner. NO! Being introverted means that you get your energy from being alone, extroverts on the other hand get their energy from being with people. Introverts get exhausted if they spend the whole week with people and never have a minute off while extroverts get exhausted when they spend too much time alone. Introverted doesn't mean that you are naturally inclined to be a loner, all it means is that you need some time off every couple of days. If you spent the last week with your family on holidays you likely will enjoy a day reading books on your own while the extrovert doesn't like it when he's on holiday with his family and all they do is reading books while lying on the beach. Stop taking being introverted (you're likely not) as an excuse to put off developing your social skills.
If you made it this far and expect the rest of the post to contain the same quality consider upvoting this post. While I like the karma in return for the 5+ hours I spent on this piece, this is not the reason you should upvote. Upvotes help other people see this post, while I'm responsible for the content, you are responsible for other people to read it. Also, bookmark this post so that you can come back to it when you applied the first things.
Mindsets about Learning Social Skills
The Basics of the Basics
The Basics
I'm sure that you've got already laid if you apply everything from above.
The Intermediate
I hope I was able to help you! If you have any questions or feedback post it below. And please don't forget to upvote this post, it will help others learn what you just had learned.
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2020.10.08 19:37 elcartmano About escalating

I keep reading everywhere that you when you meet a girl for a date you have to make sure to escalate things quickly otherwise she will lose interest, some coaches even say that if by date 3 you still didn't had sex it's game over she will lose interest and they recommend to have sex on first date.
The thing is I am a really shy guy, it takes me so long to be able to feel safe to have sex with someone, mainly because I need to trust the girl and also because I'm scared of it to be too awkward.
But it makes me so sad because from experience this seems true, if you don't move things forward fast she will quickly find a guy that will. It happened to me twice. For example I was seeing this girl for like 2 months and for logistic reason and also me being shy we never had sex (but we kissed). At first she was all over me and of course she lost interest and she went to have sex on probably the first date with some dude of a dating app.
It made me feel like less than a man because I was anxiously struggling to try to make thing move and she lost patience and when back on a dating app to get f*****. Worst part of it is that she was not even the kind of girl that you would suspect to do that, she was extremely shy and submissive I can't imagine how bad it would be with girls that are more extraverted.
I crushed me because I was in love with the girl and I wanted to build and emotional connection before anything else and she laterally had no empathy and rejected me with absolutely no respect.
After all this time it still hurts so much and I feel like because I am more on the shy and emotional side I will never be able to satisfy a girl and I will always confuse or frustrate girls and end up being hurt.
When I read articles on some websites like girlschase I end up even more depressed and I feel so inadequate like I'm not even a man that deserve a girl respect because I'm not sexual enough.
I would like to tell me what do you think about this article for example :

I would love for that to be false, but it seems like the guys that I know that have girlfriends and success are the more direct and the guys like me stay struggling forever.
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2020.09.05 01:58 fzprof Being scared by female beauty?! (hopefully last post you'll need)

I could go on and on about how looks aren't that important in attraction with women. How looks can be very subjective between people based on our preferences and our own faces,genes and experiences with women. We usually put these women that wear makeup with intentional adjustments to the their appearance as above us when we put numbers to rate them. We feel as though even if beauty can be subjective, I still feel don't feel good looking enough for her . Truth is, you will always think like this unless you go out and gain experience from talking to 100s of cute to gorgeous women, from mass approaching and maybe screening game. I hope I can help you get more motivated with this post though, but it is ultimately up to you to push through somehow, maybe with some new mantras and thought processes/beliefs
You remember when some women just had a great voice, walk or something else, and you felt very attracted to her? Men are attracted to similar things too, but women place a larger emphasis on these characteristics to judge the man's masculine traits. In terms of pliable looks, you still need to fix your hair, use nice clothes and maybe work out to fix your posture and appeal to more women that love big muscles( some types of women place more importance here, some like different types).
Women feel scared of men they are attracted to, usually more than men, as they generally have a more fragile ego. Rejecting them, especially impolitely, can lead them to hate you forever . The key word here is attraction, just subjective preferences on the face just aren't a big deal for women other than to admire a picture of a man on the screen and give a pass/fail grade for men. Of course it's all they can judge a man's picture on. Looks on tinder are very important, as that is all they can judge you on. My average look female friend gets so many swipes but she never used tinder. Hot women usually don't actually use tinder. Usually, it's only the ok looking girls who go there to have sex with some gorgeous looking dudes. If you fix your fundamentals and game though, these girls can instantly get a huge attraction boost to you in the physical world. That's why some actors like cole sprouse get this love from women. They are decent looking people, but they're characters appeal to so many women out there. They are badass, but still vulnerable. They have great walks, body posture, facial expressions, essentially swag. Not all women will be attracted to this whole package like crazy, but he appeals to many women of this type. His fame does help him, but if fame was the actually thst important then Steve buschemi would be hotter than most of us.
You need to use this to your advantage to get you in the door with more women and get more receptive opens. Girlschase is a great website for these fundamentals and they go crazy on what the fundies can help you with.
On an end note, you can transform into the guy that doesn't care that much about women's looks. You can just be the guy that still looks out for pretty girls, but also values some chemistry in the form of hookup material or relationship material. Don't fall into the victim mentality and get out of the negative cycle that puts up excuses everyday. These excuses breed weakness and you can see this in many parts of your life. some examples you may relate to: don't study just procrastinate, don't exercise , don't make new friends , masturbate to porn a couple times today etc. Get out of your comfort zone and you will laugh at your old self for ever thinking that looks and all these stupid and lame asf excuses ever really mattered. You can just about insert looks, wealth, race and other stuff into this discussion about pussy excuses that prevent you becoming an assertive and goal driven man. I hope that some people that read this proceed to stop worshipping pussy. I've met the most beautiful women in my life that I've seen and they have been glowing (my type), but still have loads of insecurities. Women are all over instagram and websites and men follow these girls desperately to masturbate to. My theory on why? I think it's mostly cause men are visual creatures that generally place much more emphasis on physical beauty so they can spread their sperm. Women are sexual too , but they need men with masculine traits for sex. That's why many women say they'll never date a guy just based on looks. They are telling the truth in this scenario. It is mosty just a pass/fail grade system. They aren't as super simple as men, otherwise we'd see many , many more hot men selling nudes on instagram and women ( of any looks range) chasing after guys on omegle.
In terms of rejection. Don't feel bad for the fact the woman rejected your game and was picky (women are considered more picky, based on evolution theory). Or that you opened like a creep(laugh it off and fix it, treat it like a warm up), or she had a boyfriend, or she was just busy, in a bad mood, or was startled somehow and auto rejected (lol ive done this to women myself).
Edit: I could probably make a much bigger post here to explain how complex women are. E.g. most of them don't like dating/fucking men they know is much younger even if the guy is very good looking.
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2020.08.25 15:35 NightmareInaLine The horrible dating advice guy

So Readytoglare does videos on this terrible dating advice guy and I would like to hear your take on it, I can’t find his thing but maybe you can? Just found it Nvm here is the link to the article: Would love to hear your take on it
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2020.07.24 20:51 throwaway_enterprise Create meaningful relationships for a change!

Ever felt that you can get laid but girls don't call you back after? Or in general ever felt that your interactions were too superficial and it's hard to get emotionally close to those girls you date?
Ever wondered if there is a "technique" to making people want to see you again?
YES. There is. Read more if you want to know about the magic pill that will make people like you.

Now this is interesting because if you understand this it means you know that being needy and people-pleaser in the traditional way is not what makes people like you.
If you understand this shhtuff I'm about to tell you, you will truly understand what makes people like you and you won't ever again have to resort to the classic "nice guy ways".
Because being a nice guy doesn't work. Now I'm sure you know that. But what works then? What makes people enjoy your presence and feel good about being around you? Read further.
Also, while there are a lot of specifics at play there, this is ONE big thing that you can start doing right now to solve A LOT of issues if you can't get girls to emotionally invest in you.

So I was reading this article on girlschase the other day about deep diving (check it out, girlschase has amazing blog posts) and I believe many men could use more of that when meeting women: diving deep.
When you think about it, what makes women call you back? A woman calling you back is often tied to how much she invested in you. There are many ways for a women to invest in you, maybe she paid for your drinks on an earlier date, maybe she traveled through the whole city to come to you, maybe she dropped her friends to spend a bit more time with you. In all those cases she had to invest some sort of currency on you, and if she is a regular human being it's most likely that she doesn't like to see no returns on her investments.
What's another big big currency that people do not like to waste?
If you get her to invest time in you she will want to spend more time with you.
What's another thing that people do not spend on everyone? Their emotional energy. It's very rare to find someone who will care to listen to however we feel, people are selfish and good listeners are always greatly appreciated. And you know how much girls like to talk about their feelings.

Now what happens if we mix those together? What happens if you get girls to invest time and emotion in you while they were already attracted to you? They get HOOKED HARD.

There are a few things you want to do and I go into more details in the video linked at the end of the post but for the record:
- Be non-judgemental. People won't talk to you if they feel you're gonna make fun of them or shame them for opening up.
- Do not cut them off. EVER. Whatever you have to say is less important than what she has to say. This is the numero uno mistake in stopping girls from investing in you. Shoutout to the old me who couldn't let girls invest in the conversation because I was talking and cutting them off all the fucking time out of nervousness. It really gives off a "I don't care what you have to say" vibe that's extra repulsive.
- Get her to talk about her emotions. Talking about feelings feels GOOD provided that there is an ear to listen. If women feel good around you, they will want to see you again (duh).
- In the same vein, be positive and lead the conversation away from negative topics, you don't want her to feel BAD around you.
- All in all, be an active listener. When you listen, you bond. Focus on what they want to talk about and dig deeper. Don't stay superficial, really pro actively dig deep on whatever personal info they give you as in "I'd like to understand your worldview". Don't go in police interrogation style though (hope I don't actually have to say that).

Okay that's all for now, keep building meaningful connections with dem hoes and live a happy life.

TL;DR Be a good listener, have women talk about their feelings and actively dig deeper to get them to invest and anchor in their mind that they feel good around you.
Check out the video link below if you want to learn more about it, in it I share a specific conversation pattern that you can start using right now if you're having trouble to get girls to open up and invest. Peace.
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2020.05.29 16:59 EscobapRablo FWB to LTR power change

I've read some PUA advice (link below), saying that if you never give explicit commitment after sex begins and remain FWB (plating etc), the girl will be nearly always be available to you, as the balance of power shifts to you, until you commit, as you are both "known and untamed". In your experiences plating and FWB, is this true? Or can girls get angry and forget you completely if never actually offer commitment (LTR)?
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2020.05.06 01:32 EliteMGTOW 5 best books on seduction

This your arsenal to become great at “Game”. Many titles deserve a place here but I chose these because they complete each other making a cohesive theme of seduction.

5: The social animal by Elliot Aronson
This a psychology book rather than a seduction book. So why is it her? Because it is a great blueprint to understand what makes us tick. The general motives and behavior mechanisms of the Homo sapiens. you'll love it guaranteed.

4: The 48 laws of power by Robert green
I prefer this book to the art of seduction. I do not think there are sirens, rakes, and what not. Women, regardless of their personas, respond to status and the 48 laws of power is the only book you need to learn how to radiate power. Most people already have the book but it’s a reminder for those who don’t.

3: How to make Girls Chase by chase Amante
This is an endorsement for the author in general rather than the book itself. Amante and his crew makes sound advice that is easy to comprehend and apply. The book is a shortcut for someone who has no time to read all blog articles.
Author blog

2: How to pitch anything by Oren Klaff
Also, not a seduction book. This is a book to learn how to negotiate. Communication and persuasion is a form of negotiation. How to win frame and overcome beta traps are crucial skills for anyone who want to master seduction.

1: The Last Game by ben Yareem
Worthy of its name. It is like 10 years of the manosphere summarized in one book. Easy to read and has all the essential themes of seduction written in a conversational style. No matter what you will read after it, you will find yourself just repeating the ideas within the book. If you need to read ONE single manual and go outside interacting with the real world. Get this book.

Honorable mentions: no more Mr. nice guy by Robert A. Glover. The system by todd (video course), the rationale male by rollo thomassi .
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2020.04.24 18:38 NotAHippo4 How fast should a man move with a woman if they are not comfortable sexually?

Hey guys, recently I found this article talking about how men must go fast with women.
It seems to make sense but for me, there is one problem. I dont have any experience whatsoever with escalating things with women. I have flirted with them, but never got to anything physical because they were never interested in me. Also, being a virgin at 22 years old and being completely inexperienced in kissing, I don't feel comfortable or confident moving things quickly because, as is, I still don't feel super comfortable being around pretty women. I can fake confidence by improving my bpdy posture, voice tonality, and stuff on the fly, but I still get my blockages when talking or spit out verbal diarreah. I'm just afraid that my inexperience will show when trying to flirt or court a woman, and that it will cause me to get ultra nervous and make things super awkward in the end.
So is the information in that link helpful for someone like me?
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2020.04.12 10:23 Typical_Tea creative/emotional verbals

Is this legit or is it just more 'pua' nonsense
The idea that girls are attracted by emotions and you need to talk in a certain creative way to get her emotional juices flowing
When I read articles describing apparent approaches on 'girlschase', I cringe and I think they must be fake (theoretical) as people just don't talk like that lol
The younger party girls in particular would think you were a bit weird and nerdy/intellectual.
for example, when she asks what you do for a hobby and you happen to paint. Instead of just being like ''Yeah, I paint. It's really fun. I should show you some of my stuff. Are you artistic? bla bla'' you should instead respond with:
''"When I sit down to make a portrait, I am usually alone, and when i happen to be alone,I tend to feel slightly inside my own head, it is like an emprisonment of your own mind, that only the strongest souls can liberate themselves from. A darkness that light cannot escape. It is one of those situation Ida, where time just flies by... Now, used to be then, and then suddenly becomes now. An hour becomes a minute, a minute a second and each and every second turns into small pieces known as milliseconds...Completely focused on the things to come, and it's like that sensation of every bone in your body is working towards creating something big, something new, something beautiful, something that would just blow your mind away and make you search out the beauty that dwells within until it overwhelms everything else. Now with me, It's a struggle, but I love it"
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2020.04.05 21:58 Yolvan_Caerwyn [LFA] Morezur/Hikialani Half-orc Circle of the Stars Druid.

MorezuHikialani is a half-orc Circle of the Stars druid, just a couple of years into travelling with the privateer ship Aldebaran. He is acting navigator due to his fascination and knowledge with the celestial, its movements, and its effect on the world. Being part of a mercenary-cum-pirate crew he isn't a half-orc of the cleanest morals, but cruelty and sadism would be far away from him as a person.
The setting is one of an archipelago with myriad of islands, each one hiding its own secret, or not. A land where having a galleon makes you a considerable power, the gunpowder ready to explode, as is the rum. A land(sea?) of opportunity and maybe horrible death awaits.
Description: MorezuHikialani is a half-orc of a prodigious height, standing at 7 feet tall(2,13 metres), with wide shoulders, but more wiry than buff. He is sixteen in age(2 years older than when half-orcs reach adulthood. Yay for reduced lifespan.), but he looks to be in his late teens(18-19 in human years) to early twenties. His skin is grayish in colour, in the in-between human and clearly not human colour. He keeps his hair long, their colour dark black, and has a light beard (somewhat like the one in the link), his tusks not too big. (Possibly leaning a bit more on his human side for looks.). He looks a bit like half-Europea, half-Polynesian. Nose is normalish human. (Leaning more to his human ancestry.). His eyes a dark brown. From the left side of his neck, to his upper left chest and completely down his arm he has a tattoo depicting pictures drawn from the sky and the sea, such as waves or the moon(In Kakau style), blackin colour.
Also, due to being a Circle of the Stars druid he gets a Starry form along with Widlshape: Your body takes on a luminous, starlike quality; your joints glimmer like stars, and glowing lines connect them as on a star chart. This form sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet.
Up to the choice of any kind soul picking this up if drawing normal form, or Starry form.
Apparel and Equipment(Edited here, quite a bit different) : Hikialani is wearing a mix of clothing from his native culture and those made by the people of his employer. He wears a lavalava with floral pattern on it, bright blue in colour, and underneath it, a pair of light brown shorter pants(About a bit lower than knee length). A belt around his waist, with a number of pouches, one for the ammo for his sling. Said sling is worn around his right forearm, made of dark leather for the pouch, and hemp rope for the well...rope. The loop goes around the index finger when used(And maybe even when he has it around his forearm?). From his belt hangs a Leiomano, which is basically a shark tooth sword, but in this case on a longer piece of not too wide wood, somewhat resembling a scimitar. On his torso he wears leather armour made of sharkskin, with no sleeves, or a sleeveless vest to show off the tattoo. On his left hand he carries a crystal that acts as his druidic focus. Said crystal can act as a star map when light is shone through it, breaking apart into projections of the celestial bodies of the night sky.(No need to draw the projections.)
Background: Morezur's/Hikialani's existence came to be, when one stormy day, Kaiser, a ship of mercenaries and privateers, was forced to take refuge in a larger bay of a volcanic island. When the storm finally calmed the crew saw that the ship was damaged, and it would need repairs before being again seaworthy. Unbeknownst to the sailors the island is where a druidic community lived, said community coming forward after the storm to meet them in quite the numbers, to ascertain purpose. A few tense hours passed in negotiations and mutual investigations, before finally the islanders agreed to help the sailors, as well as treating them as guests, and throwing a celebration for them. During the celebrations a woman named Lani, and an orc named Morezur sneaked off into the night, as many others did.
The next day the preparations had been dealt with due to the abilities of the locals, and the Kaiser set sail, never returning to that island. But for Lani that night had more long term consequences, for the meeting with the orc had left her with child, one that she decided to raise. Very early the child started growing, and quickly got the name Hikialani, for his mind always seemed to be directed to the heavens, as was his personal connection to nature. Lani, with help from her kinfolk raised the fast growing child, teaching him in their ways, but letting him choose the path of the night sky when he joined the ranks of the druids in his coming of age.
When he had free time Hikialani sneaked off to the sea, though he was mostly being caught due to his unique looks and height, to look into the sea hoping to see the ships he had heard his father had come from, learn the kind of people living beyond the borders of the island.
Still his special connection with the skies persisted, that he learned to navigate his way through them, and their movements through the year.
Then, on his fourteenth year the unexpected happened, another ship needing protection against the weather moored in a bay, this time the Aldebaran, a galleon. The same song and danced happened, and a similar help offered, though this one being much lesser, letting the ship be ready to leave within the day.
During the time of repairs the captain learned of Hikialani's ability to read the stars, and to navigate and offered him a place on the ship. A offer that Hikialani took advantage of, as he hopped that he would find his father and finally meet him when if he left the island, as well as find supporting evidence on his theory that the second moon of the world is not actually a moon.
Edit: I realise this is probably complex with the tattoo and all, any part would be awesome, from bust(headshot?) to full.
Thank you very much for reading. And I hope I get lucky and this character draws an artist's interest.
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2020.02.27 12:43 atleast4ships What would you do if she rejects you for a kiss (pulls back/turns head) ? What are some good articles or videos on what to do in this moment? What are your options and what do you look for to help you make a decision? No golden rule I know, just trying to be less clueless

- Can kiss her neck (but if she pulls back from that even then we still need to answer this question)
- Chase Amante recommends the man handle kiss and then go back to normal convo I think? Slightly afraid of this one lol, sounds sketchy, maybe could do it if I was super horny -> it also doesn't answer the question of what to do if she pulls away from even that. But he says this is advanced ...and, well shit I'm not advanced so I kind of want to look at other options

" You grab a girl and manhandle her into kissing you… then just cool it for a minute. You grab a girl’s pants and yank them down, then cool it if she yanks them back up again, or spend a minute kissing her and fingering her when her pants are off before proceeding with sex. Give her a minute to accept the situation and agree with it before proceeding. "
" Remember, this is advanced – this is for the guys who know women inside and out. If you’re not there yet, spend a little time figuring out women’s reactions and only try this with women you are absolutely positive are extremely attracted to you and who are waiting for something to happen with you "

That is problematic. I have a very hard time reading a woman. The last girl I kissed, she was very platonic to me before that and I was not sure it would work out (it did though).

What do you feel are your options if she
a) pulls back when you try to kiss her
b) pulls back when you try to followup by kissing her neck or manhandling ?
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2019.12.19 17:37 FereallyRed How to Use Indirect Game to Get Girls

Chase Amante
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2019.12.08 17:36 ja8me Walking away is the best step. Might be difficult but its worth it. Came across an article that was eerily similar to a situation I faced. Thoughts??

I was reading an article and came across something that was similar to what happened to me in the past.
Basically a year back I became friends and made lot of AFC mistakes. The usual too much texting, trying to always qualify myself not disagreeing with her etc. Funnily enough when I made my move we hooked up but I made a mistake of verbalising that I liked her and set up our next date. Next steps are pretty easy to spot now. She saw me as a provider or someone she can fall back on no longer a challenge etc. Few days later I got the too valuable, dont want to spoil what we have and ljbf speech. Sure enough being AFC I said to say ok but being pissed off as fuck I started to outright ignore her. I did meetup with her when it was a group setting but soon after I started avoiding those too. Anyways that being the first thing I did correctly. She still tried contacting me but for a group setting. I was not having any of that. I ignored her hard but she still tried to keep me as an orbiter.
What are your thoughts? If youre actually a valuable friend why do they try to keep you as an orbiter before giving up or chasing you?
The article for anyone wondering
1) Having Become Too Valuable as a Friend
Women are smart when it comes to fitting men in their lives. Most women are not content to have just one man in their lives; one lover, perhaps, but not just one man. Unless she has a very solid, very secure guy as her guy, a woman is going to tend to want backups, and men fulfilling different functions in her life.
I used to think it was malarkey when I heard women object, “I don’t want to lose him as a friend!” as a reason for not proceeding with romantic involvement with a man. I figured it was just a girl’s way of saying, “Sorry, I’m not really interested, but I’d like to continue receiving the benefits of friendship from you.”
In fact, while that is the case sometimes, sometimes it really is as she says; sometimes, a man simply becomes too valuable a friend and companion to risk possibly losing if a woman attempts a relationship with him and it fails.
This one’s not too difficult to solve. First, recognize that if you find yourself in this situation, you’re not going to make any headway with a girl like this so long as she continues to think that the best way to keep you as her friend long-term is to avoid romance with you. Second, you need to make that clear to her.
The way I’ve traditionally phrased things in these kind of situations is, “Look, maybe I just got the wrong idea. I think we’re both looking for something different here… I think it’s probably best if we go our separate ways and go live our own lives.”
She will protest, after all – she’s attracted to you, and she wants you as a friend – badly enough to override her attraction, in fact. Now suddenly, you’re exiting stage right, and she no longer gets to keep you as a lover or a friend.
Women’s typical reactions after this happens are to chase you down and get a lot more serious about moving things forward romantically with you. Because of how you phrase it, they come to fully accept that you are interested in them (strangely, even if you’re making out with women and physically escalating on them and spending a lot of time with them and doing your best to get intimate with them, they still never completely realize and accept your interest, much of the time, until you tell them you liked them as you are walking away). And once they fully accept you’re interested in them, and fully recognize as well that they are losing both a man they value highly as a friend, and a man they value highly as a potential mate, they tend to get serious in a hurry.
Expect fast sex after this from a girl you’d been hitting walls with who was attracted to you but simply valued you too highly as a friend.
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2019.10.14 16:39 spodek Brad P, coaching, leadership, and the environment

I was Brad P's head coach in New York City for several years. I coached hundreds of guys (and a few women). Brad P. was named the #1 coach in the world several times.
I've mostly moved to professional leadership coaching and teaching, where the social and emotional relationship skills I learned in attraction and dating coaching apply.
I also apply them to a passion of mine -- environmental leadership -- especially my award-winning podcast, Leadership and the Environment.
I just posted two personal episodes
They're personal because they are my first time stating that I was a dating coach without an alias.
Brad is an incredible coach and person. We talk about our origins and inside stuff about developing, coaching, being coached, and various ups and downs.
The main goal of the podcast is to break down barriers for people to act on the environment, so there's plenty more too.
For those interested in the overlap of attraction and leadership/entrepreneurship/business coaching, I've also recorded with longtime friends Jordan Harbinger, Neil Strauss, and Chase Amante. Here are links with them:
I hope they help you and the people you care for. The skills I've learned in this area have improved my life as much as anything. I coach to help others improve as much.
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2019.09.12 01:31 AresLudovisi Curiosity and ego burden - Is there a way to admit guilt in LTR, without giving up at all to your frame?

Sorry for the long post, but the below is an internal conflict which I have from game, TRP and life experience and I'm just looking for an opinion, cause, at this point in my life, I'm still very excited about TRP, I started learning a lot, but I tend to have a very big ego and I'm also, somehow, tired of games. It's stuff I don't quite get, although I want to.
Disclaimer. The following has a 'rant' character. It's very big, it's pure madness, didn't edit any of them, are my thoughts, which represent a very big inner conflict I recently developed on The Red Pill.
If passionate about meta, please leave your input below. I'm looking for, encourage and appreciate it in advance. But beware. It is a lot of (abstract) thinking. Thanks!
I'm not drunk high, or even tired. I didn't take some time, but I had some time off recently and, based on some personal situations and what I know, it hit me.
. .
In a relationship. You do mistakes. You recover. Then you do some more similar mistakes in time. You're an idiot. And you know it. But not cause she implies it. Cause you feel it right after the moment you were mistaken. But you don't want to apologize.
You know she also did wrong to you (some disrespect), but you started shit. You know she has to apologize first, but she tends to do this when she's feeling you're alpha again i.e. safe.
When she's not submissive to you and wants or expects something from you... Is there a way to bypass all those games, without giving up to your wants, not even 1 percent?
Can you resolve what you did wrong with your girl, without apologizing, attracting bigger similar shit tests, repeating the situation or involving too much no contact and SMV raise, for frame loss? And without winning the lottery or other similar sudden soap opera transformations?
I looked into soft next, but I'm looking for something like authenticity, assume your failures, without changing the dynamic or giving the power away. More like giving the power without giving the power. Is it possible?
I did some soft next in the past, but it's like after she chased me like crazy, for me to leave her and chase her again (contact her, not chasing like crazy), feels odd. And I'm either desperate (showed up announced at her place, from where I gamed) or in doubts and she can feel both from me, of course.
And once a chick approached you, gamed you and you let her, then, with some input here and there, you had her in your palms, after doing some wrongs cause you're stupid sometimes, for me, to contact her without being chased feels like giving up to something and setting a rhythm which I don't like. Assuming it works, which can, if value still present or raised back, sure.
I read this post today about auto-rejection. It's the state girls tend to enter, when they actually are hurt by you. And this comes from expectations. Which come from you setting the frame from the start and not keeping it or, if you change it, you do it in a tiranic manner (no finesse, calibration). Shit happens.
But it's game stuff. TRP is more direct, in like go do you, invest yourself in you, do other chicks, detach etc. But what if you want to do this and also not wait for things to calm down or for you to recover? Isn't TRP a mindset and a strategy? What if I want inside TRP to behave in a way that is congruent to it, while still recovering almost instantly? When you take time after frame loss, it's like you don't allow yourself mistakes. Judging yourself. But the, again, you have to analyze yourself as well. Where is the fine line?
It's like.. I have this mindset I want to implement. I do good and I do bad. I do mistakes our of reaction (not my intent, not assuming them and doing them on purpose). Then, OUT OF REACTION TO MY STUPIDITY, I HAVE TO take time, recover, forget, invest elsewhere and in me. Isn't this still an action at the mercy of the context created by myself, put of reaction to a different context? Why do you have to go even lower (reaction to reaction) than before, just to recover? Can't you recover at that point you made the mistake? Like on the spot? Without apology or giving up to something, except to the mistake itself?
Isn't TRP actually making us needy in terms of holding frame? Like adversarial mode? It kind of made me see women, WHEN I FAIL SOME TESTS, in adversarial mode, not collaborative. Like if I fail, YOU HAVE TO HOLD FRAME. So it's needy, even though directed towards my own beliefs. But the girl senses she somehow affected you, cause you HAVE TO hold frame, thus you NEED TO hold frame. But if I apologize, it's weakness. And leaves room for more. To see what more she can get away with, in the future. But if you don't apologise and don't hold frame, you don't care. And you're not aware.
A thing I recently did was, when it happened to lose frame, to let her know it's as intended. Or even blame her for the lack of trust (cause it's intended) and reframe-ing as me testing her. But one thing I k know from women is, if it's something you do and it looks like you know what you're doing, they are buying it. Even beating them (to an extent, of course).
How come? If you take time away after frame loss, doesn't this show like you don't know what you did and you reflect? And, if you do you meanwhile and come back as nothing happened, doesn't this mean a lack of awareness? How can a powerful man hunt without being aware? If you don't treat the subject, unless she opens it, after soft next, then you treat it as a shit test or comfort test, doesn't this mean like you submit your lead to her, for a moment? Isn't a true leader aware and comforting? Even though a true leader is not DEERing, isn't he anticipating and diffusing a situation before it rises?
Isn't taking time after frame loss actually admitting guilt, therefore weakness? Like I need to recover? I'm not talking here about her testing you by acting bad, without you losing the frame, and you don't reward it with attention. I'm talking about the need to recover from frame loss. Why the need? What is to recover. From vulnerability?
Isn't suppressing vulnerability in front of women in a proactive manner, makes it come out at some point in a reactive manner? Isn't making us humans? Not the weaknesses, but the awareness and the work we put on them, for new heights. Isn't TRP.. Anti-antifragile (for connaisseurs)?
Am I looking for the Holy Grail of TRP? Like, if emergency, use this. Isn't this reacting?
A lot of guys, including myself, talk about dread. Like she says this or does this, do dread. Do you. But this is reaction. And the place it's coming from has her on a somehow pedestal.
Can't you do a constant dread, by actually being authentic with her and feeling and living the bad emotions of rejection, disrespect or failure with your SO? Doesn't this make you at a very deep level take the best decision, based on what you truly want? Why all the mental? Why all the strategy? If you truly want something, don't you develop your own strategy, inspired from others who had success?
If you have a big ego and want something from a place of ego... Isn't more helpful to expose yourself in situations where that ego is challenged and see if you still want it after your ego is crashed and there is no chance of achieving it? Yes, I'm still talking about LTR.
Cause I was that guy. To want something very bad, with big ego, but the desire is not authentic and it transformed into need. The need to serve the ego, that wants to either grow, either not get hurt again. And in LTRs, this was highlighted in very subtle but brutal manners and I didn't get it. Cause, somehow, I feel TRP is promoting a big ego idea. Ego is good, but keeps you in place or helps you recover, if you want to go up.
So I think the biggest question out of all my madness is... What if abundance mentality IS NOT healthy? Or... How can you have abundance, without getting into your own way? How can you become more powerful, how can you be without having to do? Are men valued by what they do (as per TRP) or are men actually valued by what they are AND THEY EXPRESS? By their courage TO BE THEMSELVES and act on their inner power towards outside? Is what you do valued or is what you are as a man, as well as a woman, but, cause you're masculine, your courage is a self expression in a more... Abrasive manner?
Isn't the starting point of TRP a reaction? Isn't the starting point of it putting men, from the beginning, lower than women (you have to work to get there, same level)? What if the pro-action is the expression of inner masculine, like re-action is the expression of inner feminine? What if, when you do mistakes and resort to dread, you are feminine (re-action)? But what if you apologize or admit and this is submissive, as a re-action to what you did out of fear or arrogance (ego)? Isn't David Deida talking about your dark side and you have to embrace it? How can you accept her dark side, if you haven't accepted yours? How can you fear something you accepted? How can you te-act to something you don't fear?
All this rambling rant leaves me to this final (and finally lol) question:
Thoughts? Help?
Thanks again.
. .
Inner conflict on TRP. Possible debate (if interest popping, if not, at least cleared my mind). Deep level misunderstandings. Meta frame and values alteration. Inner fuel and some loss of trust. Madness for most, possible reframe of TRP for the rest.
Too bad reddit TRP is under quarantine now.
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2019.08.31 19:49 Mr_Rob_1 What are the best pickup bootcamps out there?

I've taken an RSD bootcamp in the past which was "ok", my friend got a lot out of it but I didn't as much. Anyway I'm looking into doing another one with a different company I know The Natural Lifestyles, Art of Charm, and GirlsChase all have good programs from what I hear. I'd probably lean more towards Girlschase (as I really like 2 of their instructors) or TNL (as I've always liked their daygame approach).
Idk who would u guys go with? What other companies or instructors do you reccommend checking out?
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2019.08.20 03:33 acloudrift Insights into dating-mating culture wars, illustrated

Dating other women made Anna Akana understand men's perspective better Jul.18 1.5m views 3.7 min
top joke comment by Jianju69: "Two women on a date. Check arrives. (no moves to pickup) Stalemate.
7 Insights to Korean dating culture Nov.2015
What Everybody Ought to Know About Ukrainian Culture
3 Ways Men Compete for Women
Women as Game
18 Things Feminism Has Destroyed (index) 2016
7 Ways Feminism Is Destroying American Women 2012
Female vs Male Friendships: 10 Key Differences 2018
BravetheWorld feature: 50 REAL Differences Between Men & Women
BtW (channel)
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2019.08.05 09:15 M_Ronin [FR] "İ'm too tired"

Bruhs! I'm writing this here so you won't make the same mistake İ did! I punched walls for a good hour after I realized what I've done.
I approached this cute girl at the mall (she was working there). I've taken a part time job where I approach strangers for a survey. Gives me the perfect excuse to chat up some girls, and it gives me great social warm up for the day. Anyway, she was looking at my way curiously and I said "Not exactly my type but let's go!"
I quickly dropped the survey and flirted with her for good 30 minutes(mixed with light touching) She had to go back to work so I grabbed her number. Later, I flirted with or on text (she initiated the playful banter before I even could). Then met up with her. She was really beautiful, cute and even tolerated my clumsiness with a genuine smile on her face. She was a kitten basically.
We had eaten stuff, then I led her to shore where lovers and families hangout usually. She was receptive to all my advances. But, me being the inexperienced idiot İ am didn't really escalate much further. She kept saying she was tired, even though she actually wasn't. I was like wtf. Eventually much later on in the night, I fucked the thing up (it's too embarrassing to write for me here).
Some time later I've read in a girlschase article that "İ'm tired" means... It fucking means!... "I'm too exhausted anticipating, do something already". A real head banger that one. So here it is my bros. Don't make the same mistake that I did. Escalate further and further and further. Step by step and always calmly gauge her reaction. Some girls will not actively encourage you, but just stay there and be open.
Also, bonus takeaway: the girls you've approached and set up a date will be absolutely thrilled to go out with you! They will wear their best outfits(mine wore a real short shorts with a stylish black top), will wash their bodies right before to meet with you (her hair smelled so damn nice) and will be on their best behaviours. All the more reasons to approach!
If you see some "I guess she's kinda cute" type of girls who seem into you. Don't pass them up! They might come to the date and turn into the most attractive girls of the night! Just like we men can increase our attractiveness with our clothing, vibe; so can girls! They just need to be motivated sometimes.
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2019.07.29 04:45 bonbuncute [DOWNLOAD HERE] GirlsChase - One Date System

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2019.07.29 04:44 bonbuncute [DOWNLOAD HERE] GirlsChase - One Date System

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2019.07.29 04:17 davikichilitibi [DOWNLOAD HERE] GirlsChase - One Date System

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