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BSNL to revisit 5G trial partners amid India-China standoff

2020.09.21 20:46 SiliconKumarSharma BSNL to revisit 5G trial partners amid India-China standoff

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2020.07.04 11:17 APEX_360 Is anyone getting 100mbps over wifi? I am getting 100+ mbps through ethernet but the wifi speed caps out at 40-50 range.

I am in kerala and bsnl has partnered with KeralaVision for the FTTH. They gave me a Syrotech modem router.
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2020.06.26 09:17 vij12345 Why the locations near MIHAN are the most prominent places to live in?

Why the locations near MIHAN are the most prominent places to live in?
Often known as the winter capital of Maharashtra, Nagpur city has a population of 46,53,570. Nagpur is also the cleanest city of India and the second greenest city. In addition to being the seat of Maharashtra state assembly's annual winter session "Vidhan Sabha" Nagpur is also a major commercial and political hub of Maharashtra's Vidarbha district.
Nagpur is also known as "Orange City" throughout the country for being a major trading centre of oranges, cultivated in the area. Nagpur city was established in the first half of the 18th century by the prince of the Gond tribe "Bhakt Buland." Nagpur lies precisely at the centre of India, with the "Zero Mile Marker" indicating India's geographical centre. The city constitutes of 14 Talukas and 12 Assembly Segment Constituencies. Nagpur, the second capital of Maharashtra, has a strategic central location in India. It is the largest city in Central India and the 3rd largest city in Maharashtra after Mumbai and Pune. Nagpur is also at the centre of International aviation routes.
MIHAN was established in Nagpur region to attract investment from companies in India and all over the globe. It was established to flourish the Vidarbha region with more jobs and more opportunities to improve its infrastructure and services compared to the other areas of Maharashtra. Hence, the government developed MIHAN - 'Multi-Model International Passenger and Cargo Hub Airport at Nagpur'. Accordingly, Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd (MADC) and Airport Authority of India (AAI) appointed MIHAN India Ltd comprising as equity partners with 51 per cent and 49 per cent equity respectively. The MIHAN India Ltd.(MIL), registered in 2009 and, in August 2009, the Airport Authority of India handed over the Nagpur airport to MIL.
The Nagpur airport has since been owned and maintained by MIL. MIL has also taken steps to prepare this airport's revised detailed master plan, as well as RFQ and RFP files to appoint a contractor to establish this airport on the commercial transport and cargo hub basis. The land allocated to the MIHAN Project comprises of 15 villages, 7 of which come from the urban area and 8 from the rural area.
The project will consist of expanding Nagpur's current domestic airport as an international airport for passengers and cargo hub, along with an enormous Special Economic Zone (SEZ) that crosses the airport boundary. SEZ includes areas of over 2,000 hectares which should accommodate numerous export-oriented sectors. They are electronic goods, pharmaceuticals, food processing, I.T Industries, gems and jewelry, clothing, and chemical industries, etc. A large road terminal with parking facilities for nearly 900 trucks at a time, massive warehouse, open stockyard, cold storage, etc. are proposed. So MIHAN is an airport, road terminal, rail terminal, SEZ, and numerous other related facilities such as accommodation, townships, housing societies, health infrastructures such as AIIMS, international schools, and many more.
Buying 3 bhk flats in Nagpur for sale is beneficial, keeping in mind the current investment and much more in the future. It will have a network of 6 and 4 lane roads. Nagpur metro will connect MIHAN to the airport, railways, and all the corners of Nagpur city. It will also have a state-of-art telecommunication network with BSNL technologies, dual water (domestic and non-domestic) supply system with a capacity of 100 MLD. It will also feature a sewage and storm water drainage system to forget the woes of water pools during heavy rains and a 246MW power plant with 25MW diesel backup with the latest entertainment facilities – Multiplex, Golf course, Flying club, malls etc. The SEZ will offer new jobs to millions of people and hence residential facilities for employees working in the MIHAN complex.
As the new emerging IT and Tech hub, MIHAN will have convention and Exhibition Centre, a value-added commercial services complex. The expected project investment is Rs. 2,581 Crores and by the next 5 years, the total investment will be about Rs. 20,000 Crores.
Employment generated in MIHAN Project estimates direct jobs of 1,20,000 in MIHAN area. Indirect employment generated will be between 2,40,000 to 3,60,000 over the next 10 years. A new power plant project has been started with a joint venture by AMNEPL. The distribution license is soon to be approved to provide low-cost electricity to the industries and the housing complexes. The plant is spread across 2865 hectors and with an investment of Rs. 1400 Crores on the commissioning and planning of the Power Plant for MIHAN Project.
MIHAN is a new, attractive emerging area to buy 2 BHK flats in Nagpur. The sector will experience a boom in the coming ten years, and then the real estate prices will be sky-high. The best time to buy a real estate is when the market is low and reap the profits when the market is booming. It is advised not to miss this golden opportunity and invest today in MIHAN.
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Its 00.03 AM [16-05-2020] I guess day 51 of lockdown πŸ˜… [which pretty sure has deprived people of their Dopamine , Serotonin 0and Endorphin releases - HAPPINESS].

P.S: This is my first blog ever , it's definitely pretty long [But please don't leave it half read since ive devoted about 6 hours recalling the memories and writing this .. I love Real and General quizzing so much so I wanted you all to see how It is] and Kindly ignore grammatical errors [don't be grammar nozzys] , Quizzers accept phonetically right answers and Please do tell me your comments! And I was in a hurry so Didn't proofread !!


ALSO WONDER WHY A SUDDEN THRUST? SAW A COUPLE OF FELLOW QUIZZERS (SCHOOL BOYS) GET INTO A FIGHT FOR THE SECOND PLACE IN AN ONLINE BUSINESS QUIZ !πŸ™ƒ That isn't how Quizzing works (One Guy started flexing about working with Stanford professor and all .. and the Other Called him *Inferior being* without having any kindness πŸ˜”)
  • Here I'm Waiting for the answers of the last Tie-Breaker question of the last quiz of "LOCKDOWN PE QUIZ" by Chai Pe Quiz . Wish lockdown could extend for these amazing quizzes sake .
  • LOL πŸ˜‚ Also I'm Reading about a Conspiracy theory on WIND OF CHANGE by SCORPIONS'
  • Also Listening To a Rock Version of SUBRAHMANYENA RAKSHITOHAM [ Suddha Dhanyasi Ragam , ADI talam & Written by Muthuswamy Dhikshitar] I know these things are weird combos but still my personal stuff 😊
\The podcast about the Album/


My Love with quizzing began in primary school . I participated in a Intrabatch GK quiz in 1st standard .. I tried the prelims in 3rd , 4th standards .. still no chances .
Finally in 5th standard I qualified again (this time it was a real and fun quiz) Me and My BestFriend were the team .. [Even "JODI SUPEREHH" Song was played for some other dance practice but we interpreted it was for us πŸ˜›] . We went on to win the QUIZ .
Also I had found that Science was my home and always craved for More and More knowledge Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― Which still continues since there's no end.
Then me and my friend used to be constant partners in attempting the TIME AQUA REGIA QUIZ every year and get qualified for the inter-school rounds .. we never made into the stage but the amount of science knowledge and facts gained were completely amazing [Just imagine knowing about Manhattan project and ROBERT OPPENHEIMER in 6th grade]
I remember a challenge on finding information about NAPOLEON BONAPARTE and telling the facts to my friend in 6th standard.
I started attending Interschool quizzes .. from The ones conducted by The State government as a part of Art and Literary Fest , By Private colleges and Science Forum .... To Youngworld , Times of India ,Etc.
Yeah you read that right! *We participated* Never won any big quiz during the early years πŸ˜„.
Intra-school quizzes were real fun , with the motive being going there cool .. Showing your monopoly dominance and winning! The best quiz was By the Son of our biology teacher , who has now represented his school , college in TCS IT WIZ , TATA CRUCIBLE National finals and studying in IITM currently]
6th and 7th Standard Was Full of Participation only ! Also our school didn't have a quiz club !
An Interesting event- 7th Standard!! Quarterly Holidays .. A high school Economics Teacher had called my dad and informed I had to report to school the next morning! I was kinda terrified and also eager to know πŸ˜‚ // This was an initial stage where I felt Dopaminergic surges when She told me I was selected to represent our school in the Art and Literary competition. I had to Study for the whole day with two Amazing seniors from 10th standard ! With huge load if books from library.. including current affairs stuff like Competition Success and all .. It was definitely a Hectic day !
The quiz was conducted in our school ... but we didn't do well πŸ™ƒ! "Happens at times" .
8th Standard Was a Booster to my Quizzing experience!
We made upto Divisional level in a Science quiz, The Day when Aniruddha (he was in 10th lol) met the Stranger πŸ˜‚ / I Hope you read this and also remember that girl / They lost the district round but he didn't bother.. He was feeling butterflies πŸ¦‹!
Me and Dinu won 2nd place in the Science quiz at KPR! Two days of fun and enjoyment .
From 6th to 12th I've participated in almost all the Intraschool quizzes and Finished in the podium in almost all !
I also started reading newspapers since I was in 5th or 6th !
Then Entering into 9th standard also the beautiful years of Teenage and School life , came responsibilities and Duties! [2015-2016]
We tried creating a quiz club and Used to discuss interesting stuff from the Newspaper and all ! But it was like searching for a pin lost in the sea 🏝
I'll πŸ’―% agree with the Fact that 9th standard was the Epitome of my School quizzing career! We did lose many quizzes .. but found where we did lag and Started enjoying the funda and gaining knowledge from Finals of quizzes !
Its the year when I met amazing people from coimbatore .. many Senior quizzers from CQC ! Got contacts with amazing Bro's Who still help me with so many things.
We got to know about the meetings after a quiz at CMS . Damn that were good and standard quizzes one for college and another for school.
In the first Meeting I did good in the beginners and learnt a lot in the main quiz , from Metallica beetle to Akira Kurosowa and Rashomon.
Best part about informal meetings is that you'll really enjoy without any kind of pressure , But I regret a quiz which was full of "PUT FUNDA" .... Imagine attending 25 dries [as a team of 8-10 people ; yeah you get to know them better , like how they connect things , read stuff and all] with most of em having just putfunda .. ParleG girl and all was there !
I also started participating actively in Quizzing groups on FB like Otto Von besmirch , K- Circle ... Grasping the funda from the high level questions was a challenge (is a) but that gave huge levels of satisfaction and Happy hormones in the Brain !!
Talking About 9th standard .. The Last week of January always has been The Most promising week thereafter .. {feeling really sad writing this line πŸ˜•but Okayys!}
Aniruddha , Basu & Rahul were the constants!
The year seriously started off with a good Quiz .. Me and Ani Finishing 5th [Lol yeah we made it onto the stage with seriously brilliant and Hardcore Quizzers as other teams]
I still there was a Picture of a young age Atalji and Ani helped me with movie kostins!
That was of the typical SREC Quiz Club quiz ... the first of few that I attended.
I had huge amounts of Endorphins released when I first saw our team's name in the List.
Next a Sad one , but with a good lesson . It was during quarterly holidays and The FOREST COLLEGE would conduct their annual fest for school students , Me and Aniruddha being deputed for quiz team and Basu for Drawing ( Im acknowledging your skills 😊) . The university campus is in Cowley Brown Road in RS PURAM , but what the legend Ani did was he went to the campus in Mettupalayam
The organisers were so strict about having a team ! I tried asking Basu to join me.. but he went for drawing!
I had to sit in the audience seat for the whole quiz which I could've won as a LoneWolf ! I had read books on Animals and Birds by the NATIONAL BOOK TRUST , Went through stuff related to national parks , sanctuaries and stuff..
Me , Basu and Kaushik Went to Art and literary fest quiz at Vasavi Vidyalaya . It was an amazing quiz by Rangarajan sir and we finished 3rd . I learnt about Apollo 11 and stuff from Siva Dharshan anna's Lighting answer {Standard Sugar patient da Naanu Dialogue applies}
I took TCS IT WIZ seriously at those days and started preparing daily just to realize I wasn't really interested in Computer or Tech . Me and Dinu/Rahul made 2-3 points close to the cutoff everytime!
Also The Battle of Brains experience made me more attracted towards quizzing! Attending MEGAWHATTS/Magister by KQA became a part of the Religion! .. We scored 10/100 .. still a Decent score!
I used [many of us] to be a fan of Sumanth Raman sir's BSNL Sports quiz on every sunday Night 9-10 PM .. Damnn I seriously miss those days! Me and Rahul were fond of travelling to places. Usual teenager thrills only . Also being in 9th standard we were offered so much freedom .. So we would give names for any contest/ fest and Enjoyed them to the core . The school never asked why we never won any prizes . They definitely encouraged participation and understood that it was the most essential!
YoungWorld Quiz 2016
  • Then it was January πŸ¦‹πŸ¦‹ , The day after Republic day .. we had worked our Arses off for the past month for the "BEST QUIZ EVER " of Our life . Worth the 200 we paid for registration!
  • Also That day had a huge Adrenaline Rush "Literally rush".
  • We managed to find Many answers [12\20] in the prelims including KRYPTON ❀ And were really Anxious af about getting into the prelims.
  • We were the last team to get drafted into the stage .. But it wasn't so smooth.
ME & Dinu : Dei canteen la snacks theendhuduchu , pasikuthu , veliya poi saptutu varalaam!
* Sneaks out without even noting the time and roams around, finds no shops nearby in the Nava India Road .. Wish Akshayam was there at that time πŸ˜‹ except a small potti kadai*
Me: Kurkure thaan iruku paravaala vaangikalam.
Dinu: [to shopkeeper] Anna ithellam fresh uh? expiry date eppo?
Shopkeeper: Nee vaanagve venam thambi , Edatha gaali pannu!
Me: Pacifies them and Returns , Kina quick because it was kinda late!
ENTERS THE SNR AUDITORIUM BLOCK .. Dinu: Dei avasara velaiya mudichutu polaam!
Me: *with half a packet of kurkure in hand* Illa da nee poitu va , Time aachu !
* Literally a hell lot of anxiety and Norepi burst off *
Runs faster covering the whole length and gets onto stage
RAHUL: Enga da poi tholancheenga , naan bayanthe poiten.
Me: Kurkure saapada ponom , Padhi packet iruku Aprom Saapadalaam πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
We finished Third , in the first huge quiz of my life [450 teams of 2 people each from 5-8 districts] and with Huge Outbursts of Dopamine , Serotonin and Norepi , I just felt the Oxytocin connect towards quizzing!
Return Home Journey was awesome with Sakkarai pongal from school temple [It was in a huge vessel] and Fun Talks with Palani Baba in the Winger van ! He is a man of amazing human qualities and Kindness .. He always smiles and makes jokes to keep us happy and entertained . Hearing to his teenage life story while he's driving was always our favourite passtime during travels. I've travelled so many days and times with him! I MISS THOSE DAYS.
My kinda sundays were always about quizzing , Attending CQC meets at PSGIM and Eating CHOCOCREME BUN & TULASI TEA at the Bakery πŸ’–
Met People Like Praneeth πŸ˜†
Then we entered 10th standard , we got serious in studying [I did my whole schooling under the Tamilnadu stateboard , but seriously our highschool PCMB books were really awesome πŸ’₯]
I missed the INDIA Quiz at KCT due to a Exam at PSGTECH .. But that was a risk worth taking! Since it had amazing question on science and GK I ended up loving the paper and Scoring the Top score in Coimbatore district [Being at a decent rank while competing against CBSE schools like Bodhi is definitely good!]
We went to quizzes , limited ones but never missed the important ones like BoB , TCS IT WIZ , MKQ [Put in a lot of efforts since COIMBATORE never failed to fascinate me , Lost the stage due to few silly mistakes .. Heartbroken because Kovai quotient never returned]
One good quiz to mention is The one By SRPC ! Prelims was bad with math , science and social science [ Team of 4 . Arunachalam and Mukesh helped us !]
Finals was only for 2 people .. Me and Rahul went , Did well .. ENDED UP AT 3RD PLACE AND WITH A SUM OF 3K [This is the only real cash prize i've ever received at a quiz]
Also during the holidays I attended The AQC [Asia Quizzing Championship] in June at Brookfields Banquet Hall .. Ended up with about 18/100 but I cracked IGOR KURCHATOV .. The name kurchatovium(Russians) was put forth as a name for Atomic.NO:104 Currently Rutherfordium(Americans) Which was kinda unique answer and I had known good amounts of science and conspiracies 😎 .. Mahnn that moment felt seriously happy with lots of Hormones secreting and Butterflies in stomach {Yeah SCIENCE has been my only Love since my childhood I'm pretty sure that it'll remain the same}
I had my friend shouting at me for not joining him for a movie at The Cinemas :/
Done well with 10th standard and 11th was meant to be "FUN" since our school used to take the whole syllabus and leave us free .. but the govt came up with a plan for public egjam!
Plans kinda shattered but little I did know about The goodness it'll do to my Life !
Life was kinda heavily packed 8-5 school [MON-SAT] and Evening classes at Aakash on sat and again 8-5 on Sunday at Aakash ! *If you guys find this blog good i'll keep writing about other stuff like highschool life also !*
I attended Very few Quizzes , TCS IT WIZ moved out of Coimbatore , No MKQ , No time to attend quizzes on Sundays - Life definitely had a hard turn.
In 11th standard we managed to get into the state level of a Science quiz [We ended up as 3rd] , That was a pretty bad quiz finals because we neither had buzzers nor Pounce!?
Also a quiz in SREC .. We finished 4th , also bragging vouchers for the creative team name - JILLUNU KAATHU JANNALA SAATHU . Me and Rahul were just making fun of the name in the morning at school🀣 . And also as per certain good traditions quizzes attended with rahul without him getting scoldings from principal sir never ended well .. We got em before YWQ , Science quiz and Srec quizzes!
I started attending Open quizzes whenever I found time . 12th standard also same story! Worse news was that Quiz was Scrapped from Art and Literary fest by the Government 😐.
Passed 12th . Had entrances .. so couldn't attend any quiz until June 1st weekend!
Started downloading KQA old quizzes to quench the thirst for Quizzing.. That time period is a Dry-time for open quizzes . Started following many quizclub pages on instagram and Felt really happy after reading the fundae...
I also attended the Cricket quiz with Basu , The day I met the AGR vro in real life! The guy who was with us in YWQ had made into the quiz [Lol that guy's a Cricket Buff ! I seriously felt happy that we did'nt have the tiebreaker with that team at YWQ .. Which was about the First Century for INDIA in ODI
Also I was invited as a Volunteer for the GRM Memorial quiz by Siva Anna and really ahd fun on the day by helping them conduct the quiz smoothly and also having nostalgic memories about how was I as a school quizzer and Realizing how i've entered the General quizzing world [Open quizzes are for everyone .. Anyone from any age group can participate]
[Logged off by 01AM 17/05.. Back at 22.30 ! PALINCHU KAMAKSHI By MANDOLIN.U.SRINIVAS in the background]
Then shifted to chennai for college life , I had a month full of foundation course which never had any academic activites so I was free to roam around the city on weekends.
The first quiz here at Chennai was QFI Open [I partnered with a Dad and a 6th std son Duo] And I did enjoy the prelims and we had a decent score of about 8/25 . It was definitely a quiz for the elite quizzers , but All open quizzes are Open to the Audience to Enjoy the quiz and Cherish happy moments answering them [That's what we quiz for πŸ˜‡] . It was a 2 day quiz fest but since I had some work and also not so good at sports , entertainment I attended only the Final General Quiz!
Answering Halloween and Jack-O-Lantern , Vikram lander were all fun! I did get a chance to witness how fast and knowledegble were the Elites from Various parts of the country . Mind=Blown πŸ‘..
Then I started attending Fortnightly informal quizzing sessions by QFI .. Their Signature QF1 and a Special quiz of the day . I would attend only one quiz per month owing to tight schedules for IA and stuff .. Also I had to travel 10Kms Up and Down ! They were really refreshing for the mind after a whole week full of Tiring lectures . I used to score 13-15/30 . Also since you'd get drafted into the teams randomly so you'll meet new people every single time!
They asked for a team from our batch , I signed up with two non-quizzers since my friend was reluctant thinking it would be some academic quiz ! Conducted for CMCHIS at the Omandurar Estate .. I seriously regret for not taking my friend with me 😭 .. Mahnn we could've done better! But teams from our college performed well and won a Prize ! The quiz was hosted by the Crown prince of Nawab of Arcot .. with a live music round ! Performed by two amazing singers.
September and Oktober were really Awesome ! Me and My new Fraand Dhinesh attended a Quiz at a Gaming centre cum Bistro and made into the finals ! Not to mention the Poor white creme pasta we bought for redeeming the 200 rupee entry fee ! The environment was really different .. Groups cutting cakes for birthdays at one side , while you're thinking whether to Pounce or Not!
And we Made another awesome trip Shankara Nethralaya .. Ofc Getting OD . It was a quiz by famous QM DR.Sumanth Raman sir . After an amazing Plate of snacks .. Dhokla , Kaala Jamun and Samosa πŸ’š πŸ’£ ...
Co-Ordinator {An aged Man} Guys eat well
[We all were smiling , and wondering why he was telling that specifically to Us [MEDICOS] while many college students were there]
Sir: You all are gonna save people in the future , It's true so don't laugh ..
I felt happy and Kinda Shy/ embarrassed.
We scored 6.5 in prelims , Knew few answers like Tea was declared as the National drink of India and all .. But missed by a Point! Bad times do exist!! I was pretty exicted because it was the first time I saw Sir in real life , after years of seeing on TV and Missing him badly over the past months because he was removed from the quiz πŸ˜”
There was a question about "GERONTOPHOBIA" and we were sitting thinking what could be the answer .. and QM was like "What's this Ra .. Medicos should definitely know! .. Don't disappoint me saying you don't know "... We managed to guess the Fear of Becoming old / Old age.
The finals were really interesting and we did answer sitting in as the Audience! 2 teams from our college did really well.
Months passed .. With very few/ no quizzes attended . But I did'nt stop the Instagram quizzes , which used to be daily questions and weekly quizzes by few college quiz clubs .
I missed a quiz at a Medical college due to some IA on the next day , That was held with the help of QFI!!
Then it was December an Winter Vacation {Should aptly call Cold and Rainy} at Coimbatore .. There was Mr.Avinash Mudaliar one of the best QM's and quizzers in the country all the way from Mumbai to witness the Great Solar Eclipse with his Family . He planned to conduct a quiz on the day of Christmas . I attended it with AGR vro {It had rained heavily from vadavalli to brookfields ... and hence the coat was drenched} and accidentally my old Other school friend also joined us.
It was teams of 4 .. I seriously enjoyed a standard quiz at my hometown after being away ! We answered questions from Ajith acting in a Hawai chappal advertisement to Viscera {The noun meaning the internal organs in the main cavities of the body, especially those in the abdomen, e.g. the intestines. But could'nt get GUTTED , the QM quickly understood I was a Medico πŸ˜‚}
After the quiz Had time to Talk to AGR vro .. after crossing the water logged Kikani Underpass all the way to DelhiwalaπŸ’› .. We had argued about getting a Parcel Bhel last week from Agarwal πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ ,. Ate stomach full of Shahi Paneer , Aloo matar ,Naan and Basundhi πŸ’₯ and He was generous enough to drop me in his RE!
Then came Pongal holidays and Saarang at IITM.. Me , dhinesh and his old friend attended the India Quiz conducted by two Vadaks in Kurtha Pyjama! We knew we wouldn't get selected for finals so decided to roam around . Literally from 11-3 PM After Dozing off Taco I [atleast he] had to chose between a Standup By Rahul Subramaniam or The Iconic Lonewolf Quiz prelims [40 written kostins]
We went to the Quiz prelims .. In the dilemma of wheter to stay for the overnight Finals in thr OAT after the Proshows or Go home . I was struck .. Also I had plans of meeting few college friends who were there for the proshow .. But I had to leave since I had very little energy and Money left . My college friends had amazing plans , spending time with their school fraands who are now in IITM at the proshow and then leave for Hometown ..
For others SAARANG was for Roaming with friends and enjoying by partying .. But as Quizzers ours was to Attend Quizzes and Enjoy from the Knowledge we get .. I still remember The "THEY HAD US IN THE FIRST HALF , NOT GONNA LIE" question was there . Since the quiz was set by 4-5 students It was really amazing with huge diversity! I also met my old Quizzer friends from coimbatore.
Then came Lockdown starting my STAYHOME on 16th March .. Its been 2 months and It has given me so much happiness wrt to Quizzing and knowledge , New Online quizzes Popped up and I'm seriously enjoying with atleast A single Full-fledged quiz and so many QOTD format quizzes on Various topics rangine from General,sports,entertainment,India,Gaming,Comics,Science,Medicine,Business,MELAS,SPENT,etc..
I also got an amazing opportunity to my first and my all time dream quiz .. A general quiz with some science flavor .. this time it was medicine flavor πŸ˜€ There were about 40 participants amd definitely everyone enjoyed it!
The link for my quiz!
Quizzing has taken a whole new form involving whatsapp groups for discussions , Apps like ZOOM , CISCO WEBEX , Even DISCORD {Used for gaming} and Kahoot!
Various College quiz clubs , school quiz clubs , Quizzers , Companies created for organising quizzes and Quizzing enthusiasts are keeping this lockdown interesting for us!
A special mention to a particular college quiz club who have been conducting weekly quizzes on various topics including a Madras quiz ! No matter how many quizzes I [we] attend we all are gonna find new questions in the Board and are gonna take wild Guesses .. It's never about winning , It's about learning everyday !
One guy actually suggested them to collect entry fee and give prizes. We all just reminded him that we quiz since its our passion and favorite passtime and it's not business as how few people perceive it!
Quizzers do Binge reading from internet for hours , From wikipedia , from articles , from old quizzes uploaded in Slideshare ... But real ones a humble and kind enough , unlike few people who have huge head-weights and Flexx a lot at quizzes!
Organisers of quizzes are kind enough and take good care of the audience with good audience questions .
Also being a medico the Near-Exclusive med questions brings even more fun and Happy hormones ..
I knew It was Tragus the moment I read the question .. BOOM A huge burst of Happy hoemones , And only 3 spectators and 2/18 teams with top-level quizzers got it right [EVEN MORE HAPPINESS]
And you can't define how a question could be .. anything from a song , a movie scene , a meme ,a tweet , a logo , a food item ,a map , a historical event and countless possible stuff even Adult [pure 18+] stuff will be there .SO NEW QUIZZERS BRACE YOURSELF TO ATTEND THE UNEXPECTED .
I don't know how to end it , I guess an apt one would be a question and a answer .





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2020.05.15 07:54 Printtradeindia promotional canopy tent in india

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Print trade also makes canopy and canopies, demo tent For India Biggest Brands Ex. Lic (Life Insurance Corporation of India), Sbi (State Bank of India), lic agent requirement canopy tent Indian Post, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Hero, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Aprilia, BMW, Royal Enfield, Jio, Maruti Suzuki, IMC, etc. We Make Best Quality Canopy For Best impression. printtrade India best manufacturers of canopies and canopy tent we also sell in wholesale and retail. canopy tent mostly uses for roadside marketing and brand promotion. printtrade canopy tent sale in India. best idea for lic agent marketing tent and lic canopy tent Printtrade make LIC marketing tents and advertising products LIC marketing umbrellas, LIC marketing demo tents, LIC advertising for LIC agent , auto advertising with your phone number for LIC agents. get more clients and policy's with our advertising.
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We Professional in canopy and outdoor branding. canopy tent is very good idea for outdoor promotion & Product marketing. we also delas canopy tent in all over india. we Professional in makes printed and plain demo tent and canopy tent. we also work for lic (life Insurance of india), jio, bsnl, Airtel, Indian Post, Insurance, Fastag, and any type brand promotions.
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2019.10.17 17:30 venuangamaly Indian Financial Sector

Investors can find no better place in the world than India that has a democracy loving and capitalist respecting environment, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said.
-Economic Times
The regulator, auditor and management should be held responsible for fraud in Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative Bank or other banks, Minister of State for Finance Anurag Thakur said.
-Economic Times
Former PM Manmohan Singh today appealed to PM Modi, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to look into the Punjab and Maharashtra Co-operative (PMC) Bank matter and resolve the grievances of the "affected 16 lakh people."
-Economic Times
Kerala-based South Indian Bank registered a 20% growth in net profit at β‚Ή84.48 crore in Q2 against β‚Ή70.13 crore in the corresponding period of the previous fiscal.
-Business Line
SBI today said its joint venture partner IAG will sell entire 26% stake in its subsidiary SBI General Insurance to Napean Opportunities and WP Honey Wheat lnvestment Ltd for an undisclosed amount.
-Economic Times
The Tea Board of India has roped in ICICI Bank to extend credit facility in the form of corporate credit card to the buyers registered on its auction platform. According to Arun Kumar Ray, Deputy Chairman, Tea Board, the move would help facilitate smooth remittance of auction proceeds.
-Business Line
Home Credit India, the local arm of the international consumer finance provider, has tied up with Karur Vysya Bank for a joint lending initiative in the unsecured lending space. Under this first of its kind agreement, Home Credit and KVB will disburse the loan as a single amount to the customer. The uniqueness of this partnership is in the end-to-end automated processing by which the customer gets real time approval and disbursement.
-Business Line
The RBI has imposed a monetary penalty of β‚Ή3 crore on SBM Bank (India) for non-compliance by SBM Bank (Mauritius) with certain provisions of its directions on β€˜time-bound implementation and strengthening of SWIFT-related operational controls’ and cyber security framework in banks.
-Business Line
A Delhi court today reserved the order on the Enforcement Directorate’s plea seeking 14-day custodial interrogation of former finance minister P Chidambaram in the INX Media money laundering case. Special judge is scheduled to pronounce the order shortly.
-Business Line
Nirav Modi, the key accused in the over Rs 14,000 crore Punjab National Bank fraud and money laundering case, was remanded to prison until November 11. Nirav Modi appeared via video link from his London jail for a regular remand hearing on October 17.
Joy Thomas, former MD OF PMC Bank has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days. Economic Offenses Wing has also been granted the police custody of Surjeet Singh Arora, one of the directors of PMC Bank till October 22.
-Business Line
Former PM Manmohan Singh today said the Government should have worked out credible solutions for the economy in the last 5 years instead of blaming the previous Government. He said the current government is obsessed with fixing the blame on the Opposition.
-Business Line
Existence of BSNL is in strategic interest of the nation and the government is looking to resolve issues plaguing it, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said.
World Bank President David Malpass said today's that he would travel to India and Pakistan later this month. "India is a good example of a country that's been able to grow fast" by improving its system and having more flexibility within the markets of this system, Malpass told reporters here. There's more progress that can be made, he added.
-Economic Times
Karnataka has emerged the top innovative major State in India while Sikkim and Delhi bagged top slots among the north-eastern and hill States as well Union Territories and city States respectively. The ranking was released by the NITI Aayog today. The subsequent positions among the major States were bagged by Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Telangana in a study which examined the innovation ecosystem of the States and Union Territories.
-Business Line
USD/INR 71.17
Sensex 39,052.06(+453.07)
Nifty 11,586.35(+122.35)
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2019.10.04 15:11 electricvision12 BSNL Partners Paytm to Offer Smart Wi-Fi Onboarding Feature Across India

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2019.05.16 14:19 VNLIndiaNetwork VNL and BSNL partner at the India Mobile Congress 2017

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2018.12.26 12:17 veekm BSNL is NOT injecting the ads into our HTTP connections!! It's a CDN server called tinypass. Block them! They are deliberately maligning BSNL!

(Important Update: I do NOT KNOW who is injecting the ads. The current culprit looks to be BBC itself Because the HTTP request is sent unencrypted, any of the routers/ISPs between your house (and their partner CDNs/Airtel) and BBC (including BBC itself) could be doing this. I urge people to act cautiously in blaming a govt run Indian Company (BSNL) that creates jobs within India. It's quite possible the scumbags involved are aware that we are aware and are tampering with the 'evidence')


So anyone who has a BSNL network broadband connection is no doubt fed up of the constant adware redirects - yes? So I did some complaining on /indiaspeaks namely this thread:
Then I tried to figure out a solution, that's here:

However when I checked in detail to see how EXACTLY the injection was taking place, I discovered that BSNL IS UTTERLY BLAMELESS! All of you can confirm this very simply:
  1. Open Firefox-->'Inspector'-->Network
  2. Now, when the redirect occurs on observe your network activity and you will see a 117.254 BSNL IP being used thus making you want to stab BSNL.
  3. However IF YOU LOOK at the 'Inspector' source code (NOT the page source code) you will see in the

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2018.10.17 06:46 mobiletagme Nokia and telecom operator BSNL Partner to Create 5G Ecosystem in India

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2018.09.25 10:40 KellyfromLeedsUK 5G: State-run telco BSNL partners with Japan's SoftBank, NTT to roll out 5G, IoT services, Telecom News, ET Telecom

5G: State-run telco BSNL partners with Japan's SoftBank, NTT to roll out 5G, IoT services, Telecom News, ET Telecom submitted by KellyfromLeedsUK to BreakingNews24hr [link] [comments]

2018.09.25 10:01 autotldr 5G: State-run telco BSNL partners with Japan's SoftBank, NTT to roll out 5G, IoT services, Telecom News, ET Telecom

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 48%. (I'm a bot)
NEW DELHI: State-run telecom firm BSNL has inked a pact with Japan's SoftBank and NTT Communications to roll out 5G and internet of things technology in India, a top official has said.
"We have signed agreement with SoftBank and NTT Communications to roll out 5G and IoT products and services in India. Under the agreement, we will look at solution specially for the smart cities," said Anupam Shrivastava, BSNL chairman and managing director.
OneWeb satellites: BSNL, Softbank in talks to unleash mega telecom disruption He said most of the BSNL competitors are still looking at monetising their 4G services and hence leading companies have started looking at the state-run firm for 5G services roll out.
Telecom minister Sinha has said that 5G service launch in India will happen at par with other leading nations.
Under the agreement with SoftBank, BSNL will look at collaborating with the Japanese firm for its satellite constellation which will have around 900 satellites to provide high speed internet services across the globe.
BSNL has signed agreement with Nokia and Cisco as well for developing 5G ecosystem.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: BSNL#1 India#2 service#3 agreement#4 SoftBank#5
Post found in /worldnews.
NOTICE: This thread is for discussing the submission topic. Please do not discuss the concept of the autotldr bot here.
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2018.08.18 11:09 Techz77 bsnl-launches-virtual-network-operator-services-india-2-partners

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2018.07.07 08:38 ROOMANTECHNOLOGIES1 Rooman Technology : Pioneer in the field of outsourcing, IT services and training.

Rooman technology is a pioneer in the field of outsourcing, IT services and training. It helped thousands of the professionals and students to update their knowledge.
Rooman Technologies would help to fulfil youth aspirations for good quality, better paid jobs and self-employment opportunities.
By the support of government Rooman Technologies is providing skill training in different industry verticals through authorized training centers across the country
Here are the milestones achieved by Rooman Technologies since decade
Β· Rooman Technologies was founded in 1999 with the intention of becoming the undisputed leader in the field of building skilled and employable India.
Β· First to launch the Security courses on Firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) in association with Checkpoint and continued with advanced Security courses in Ethical hacking and forensic program.
2003 to 2009
Β· Rooman undertook initiative to provide many training program, in domain of networking and security such as CCSP, CCIE, IPS, Nokia Firewall to name a few, beside IT consultancy and services (AMC and FMS)
Β· Rooman undertook network integration of more than 1,400 locations for Karnataka State Police.
Β· Also Rooman provided Remote Support Services to BSNL broadband customers
Β· Rooman provided Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) for CET counselling. First time in CET history video capture of all the counselling session has been done across the five location simultaneously
Β· Launched CHPs with technical accreditations in Information Security & Cyber Forensics
Β· Launched Telecom Programs with technical accreditations from Alcatel Lucent University & NASSCOM
Β· Received NSDC & NCVT affiliation
Β· Received award for - Best Practice Recognition for Learning Methods from NSDC
Β· Received Leading Skill Training Partner Award
Β· Received Education Excellence Award
Β· Received Global Education Excellence Award
Β· Received award for - Best Vocation Training Provider
Β· Rooman Technologies received award as Best Higher Vocation Institute for Skill Development.
Β· PMKK (Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra) Centres launched in 3 locations – Bangalore Rajaji Nagar, Electronic-City and Omarabad
Β· PMKK Centres operational in 25 Centres across the country in states of - Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu
Β· Rooman launches high-end courses in the area of Internet of Things and high –end certifications with Red hat and Microsoft.
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2018.06.13 14:11 prnewswireadmin iPass Partners with BSNL to Expand Wi-Fi Footprint in India

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2017.10.12 05:39 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Taxmann partners with BSNL tolaunch ASP/GSP service in T.N. The Hindu

[IN] - Taxmann partners with BSNL tolaunch ASP/GSP service in T.N. The Hindu submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2017.10.12 05:07 AutoNewsAdmin [IN] - Taxmann partners with BSNL tolaunch ASP/GSP service in T.N.

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2017.10.06 19:32 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - Taxmann partners with BSNL to help traders with GST compliance The Hindu

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2017.10.06 19:27 AutoNewsAdmin [IN] - Taxmann partners with BSNL to help traders with GST compliance

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2017.10.06 08:25 hetyj BSNL Partners Lava, Micromax to Bundle Offers With Low-Cost Handsets

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2017.09.21 17:54 AutoNewspaperAdmin [IN] - BSNL Kerala partners with Taxmann for GST The Hindu

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2017.09.21 17:38 AutoNewsAdmin [IN] - BSNL Kerala partners with Taxmann for GST

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