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What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

2020.11.21 19:05 FaithHemp What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)3

Watch it Here >>>>>>>>>> 🔴►🔴► Play
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2020.11.20 21:34 Alcotter What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1
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2020.11.14 14:26 Unhappy_Balance1897 Girlfriend cheated and lied years ago. Trying to let go but details keep bugging me and don’t make sense

Hello readers,
I am a 25M and my gf is a 25F we have been together almost 10 years now. When we were 21 I thought my relationship was amazing with my gf. I gave myself to the relationship 150%. I thought she was the one but certain things made me suspicious of her. She was trying to build her portfolio to try to become a “model” On Instagram . So she was always talking to photographers and going to photo shoots with her friends. She changed her passwords to literally “(insert my name)-sucks”. So I went digging. The next few time she would say she’s going to hang out with her new friends I knew she was up to no good. I would call and get no answer and no text back till hours later. Not to mention her new friends lived about an hour from where we did. So I asked to meet her new friend. She didn’t want me too obviously, which made her even more suspicious. So on morning I was at her house and the phone rang with the name as a single letter. I hear another mans voice on the phone at about 7am as she runs to the bathroom to talk. The next day while she was sleeping I went through her Apple Watch to find out who that was. I see messages about when they are gonna to have sex again among other things.
I confronted her and she tries to lie but my evidence is to strong. So I left. She begged me to be with her again and told me how sorry she was and she wanted to be with me and would immediately delete everything and give me her passwords. I didn’t want to have to have her info and stop her life though. So I simply wanted to know why.
I also want to mention that before I got a chance to finish going through the messages she deleted everything off of her phone and got rid of the watch.
She told me that she was insecure because I liked other girls pictures of Instagram and that she didn’t think I wanted her. I couldn’t get over that so I kept asking over the years but every time I asked some small details changed like she now claimed she was being blackmailed by the guy.
Months later it kept bothering me I kept digging and found out that she was:
sending nude pictures
Sending him money with messages like “make sure you eat something
Went on birthday dates with him to the same place she took me for my birthday
Went to his house multiple times when she told me she was home sleeping
But claims they never had sex
She lied straight to my face multiple times and I had to kept digging to find more and more truth until it came to the point that she deleted everything that had to do with the situation and all evidence to disprove her story even more was gone.
Now years later this still bothers me not so much that she cheated but she kept lying and I had to keep finding things out my self for about 3 years.
I also found out at the time that this was going on she had been seeing home for about 2 years and we had been together for only 4 years at that point.
She claims I’m being ridiculous because I can’t get over it and saying that I’m not trying to cope but I feel that I can’t cope because I don’t trust what she says and it been so long.
I’m just don’t know how to move on from this it bugs the hell out of me feeling like she still isn’t being honest. Why should I believe she was blackmailed with everything that I found and how can I believe anything she says to me without second guessing. I just feel confused. I love her so much but it hurts just to see her because I always end up thinking about it. I even texted the guy pretending to be her he said he wanted to have a family with her and he is sorry he wasn’t a good boyfriend. Then I told him it was me and he says he never blackmailed her. I don’t know what to believe. I feel cheated out of healing and I don’t know what to do. I don’t trust her and it shows because I always second guess what she tells me.
Jokingly she would always say I’ll take a lie detector test and she will do whatever she can but when I really asked her to take the test she got mad and started talking about the mistake that I made after the situation when I was out and sad because my gf went to a weekend in Miami “with the girls” and an old friend of mine was there for me. I ended up cheating on my girlfriend. I told her what happened and she was devastated. I felt so bad for what I did so I tried to be the best I could be for her after that.
Am I being ridiculous? Does her excuses sound believable? Should I make her take the test? Should I believe she was being blackmailed and that’s she didn’t have and intentional relationship with the guys years ago? Even though everything I’ve found makes me think otherwise. I want to move on so badly but it just always on my mind.
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2020.11.11 21:17 EquivalentTomato7619 An actual comment I read on r/AskReddit about a man’s eclectic masturbation routine

I've always had this fetish for women in crewneck sweatshirts. A few years ago I discovered sites like Etsy, where I could save photos of models wearing that type of clothing. I saved photos in a giant folder initially, then I started categorizing them, like if they said "Ohio State" on them i would put them in a sub folder called "Ohio State" or some other sports team, etc.
Then I discovered Instagram; I did the same sort of thing, but also followed some models or just girls that I thought were really hot. THEN I started grouping photos of a model, like say if they were a fan of a certain team or went to a certain college I would save all their photos under one of those subfolders.
Following so far?
Somehow I got the idea to write erotica stories on word documents that I would tie to that girl in that folder. It could be some really extreme femdom or some sort of vanilla romantic thing. I basically chose my favorite sweatshirts from one subfolder (for instance, the best of the "U Miami" folder) and line them up in five rows of five, a total of 25 photos. Then for each photo, it would be like a different chapter of story, so basically 25 bullets a word document. So for whatever line I was on, I would open the corresponding photo of that sweatshirt and go through all the photos of a girl while I was masturbating, like I was imagining her wearing that, but also getting off to photos of her half naked in other photos.
Not weird enough?
I ALSO have a playlist on youtube with sexual music, and I use a song from that playlist for each line. So if the song in the playlist is number 32 on the playlist... that's what I title the photo, so I know to go listen to that while I masturbate to that "chapter".
How do I decide which folder to pick for my solo session? I use a random number generator from google and let that algorithm decide.
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2020.11.06 15:43 EB_Baby The Spice Girls released their third studio album, Forever, on this day 20 years ago


The best-selling girl group of all time, the Spice Girls (Geri Halliwell-turned-Horner, Melanie Chisolm, Melanie Brown, Victoria Adams-turned-Beckham and Emma Bunton) were formed in 1994. Between then and 2000, they dropped two different managent teams and self-managed twice, sought out producers with whom they created music that reached stratospheric success from the albums Spice (1996) and Spiceworld (1997). They became teen idols, toured the world extensively, endorsed a boatload of brands, had their own movie, became symbols of 90s Cool Britannia, met the British Royal Family and Nelson Mandela, and took a break after Halliwell's sudden departure in the middle of the Spiceworld Tour, as well as and Beckham and Brown's simultaneous pregnancies.

Background of the era

Originally the third Spice Girls album was meant to showcase solo songs, duets, and cover songs featuring all five members, who would then come together as one group. Halliwell's depature caused this plan and the material they had already written to be scrapped (NOOOO!!! DAMN!!! I WANT THAT ALBUM!!!).
After the break, the group returned to the studio to write and record with in the UK with longtime producers Biff Stannard, Matt Rowe and Eliot Kennedy in August 1998, and American producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, and Rodney and Fred Jerkins III (Darkchild and Uncle Freddie) in August and September. The latter two were very impressed with the group and spoke very highly of them. They also worked with Mel B on her debut solo album, crafting two well-received top five hits together, and expressed interest in working with Bunton for her solo work both at the time and in 2018. Bunton reciprocated the praise both then and in recent years, expressing joy that they really believed in her and the group's abilities. Darkchild said they would've liked to experiment with a rockier sound with the Spice Girls, but that never happened. He also said he wanted to do songs with the group that would play well live. When they were writing "Oxygen", Jam & Lewis asked the girls to write their respective verses giving their views on love at the time.
They then reunited for an eight-show tour in the UK in late 1999, Christmas in Spiceworld Tour, where they premiered three new songs from their forthcoming album, including the original pop version of "Right Back at Ya". The well-received track "W.O.M.A.N" did not make the cut in the end, which disappointed its producer, Stannard. To quote him:
I thought that song was really interesting lyrically, because it was making the progression from girls to women, which was something Matt and I thought it was time for them to do. They needed something to suggest that they were still the same group of friends, but they were gaining more maturity
In March 2000, they performed at the Brit Awards, causing mass hysteria and therefore huge hype. The same night, they were awarded the Brit Award for Outstanding Contribution to British Music, and thanked Geri (who was in the audience and performed her single "Bag It Up" at the ceremony) in their acceptance speech.
Recording sessions resumed in April 2000, with the girls deciding to scrap the material they made with their old producers. The final recording session took place on 17 July 2000. The result was a full project that expanded upon and focused on the mix of pop, R&B and soul that they had previously showcased on a few tracks each on their previous two albums.
Studio time dates:
2nd August 1999 - Abbey Road Studios - Stannard/Rowe "Woman" / "Treasure" / "Go, Go, Go" / "Overnight" / "Too Hot"
16th August 1999 - Steelworks Studios - Kennedy/Tim Lever (formerly of Dead or Alive) "Right Back At Ya" / "A Day In Your Life" / "Give You What You Want" (aka "If It's Lovin' On Your Mind") / "Pain Proof"
25th August 1999 - Whitfield Street Studios - Rodney/Fred Jerkins "Holler" / "Let Love Lead The Way" / "Weekend Love"
21st September 1999 - Whitfield Street Studios - Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis "Oxygen" / "If You Wanna Have Some Fun"
10th April 2000 - Miami - Rodney/Fred Jerkins "Tell Me Why" / "Get Down With Me" / "Time Goes By"
17th July 2000 - Whitfield Street Studios - Fred Jerkins "Wasting My Time" / "Right Back At Ya" was re-worked with new vocals and production, which original producer Kennedy felt wasn't as good as his
An online poll was conducted for listeners to guess what the album title was going to be. Most guessed incorrectly, with the fake title Third Time Around being picked by 45% of voters, while the real title was picked by 30% of them.

Release and reception

Although promotion for Forever was abysmal and lasted for, like, less than a month, it still performed well commercially, while not being a jauggernaut like its predecessors. Critical reception towards it was mixed, with reviewers praising it for "ooz[ing] with timely funk beats and the kind of well-crafted songs that No. 1 hits are made of", but criticizing the focus on pop&B as they felt it was ill-fitting for the group and mischaracterized it as a genre switch.
To promote the album, the members divided to cover more territory at the same time. Bunton and Beckham went to the US, where, baffingly, they went to the Daily Show (not the best place to promote a pop album!) and Easy V just wasn't into John Stewart's vibe... Most memorably, the duo attended the VH1 Vogue Fashion Awards and footage of them there was used in the film Zoolander (2001). Brown promoted Forever and her solo album Hot in the UK and Japan (and even told people to buy Forever instead of her solo album!), while Melanie C had to cancel some promotional appearances because of mental health issues she was suffering from at the time.
All four members appeared together in interviews and performed together to promote Forever in the UK on shows such as Top of the Pops and TFI Friday. Their very last performance before their break up as at the 2000 MTV Europe Music Awards (the same night Sacha Baron Cohen made his career debut!)
Melanie C wanted "Time Goes By" to be a single, while Bunton has stated "Oxygen" is the Spice Girls deep cut she loves best. In her first autobiography, Catch a Fire, Brown stated she and Bunton wanted to continue promoting the album, but Beckham had her solo album record sessions scheduled and wanted to get on with them, while Chisolm wished to resume her solo tour.

A single (double A-side) was taken from the album

1 A) "Holler": Co-written by the Spice Girls with the Jerkinses and LaShawn Daniels and produced by Darkchild, this is a sexy R&B and dance pop song that was deemed to be one of the best songs on the album and a pleasant surprise from the group. It performed well commercially, topping the charts in seventeen territories, as well as the UK Singles Chart and the UK R&B Chart. The music video was directed by Jake Nava (Adele's "Someone Like You"), filmed at at Elstree Studios on 27–28 July 2000 and premiered on MuchMusic on 12 September. In it, the girls dance in a glass pryramid and each of them represents one of the elements, who then come together: Mel B is fire, Mel C is earth, Emma is water and Victoria is fire. Horner sang Beckham's lines on the 2019 tour. It's comedian Keith Lemon's go-to Spice Girls song, too
1 B) "Let Love Lead the Way": Written by the Spice Girls with the Jerkinses and Harvey Mason Jr., it was produced by the last two. The song is a pop and R&B ballad and presents the group singing words of wisdom to a girl. Critical response towards it was lukewarm, with some calling it a "gorgeous ballad" and others criticising it for not being catchy enough. Personally, I love it. "Let Love Lead the Way" was another chart success, topping the UK Singles Chart and peaking in the top ten in twelve countries. Its music video was shot on 17 July 2000, and plays with the theme of the four elements again, but in a more ethereal way. Mel B and Emma switch elements, as do Victoria and Mel B. Here's a performance of the song from 2000; I love how the audience gets all hyped anticipating Emma's key change!
Additionally, a video montage for "If You Wanna Have Some Fun" was released as a "special bonus feature" and was played on some European music channels, but the song was never a single nor did it ever receive any promotion.

Personal musings

When I first dicovered Forever, I thought it was the best Spice Girls album. Now, I've changed my mind (Spiceworld forever!) and think of it is as still spicy and fun, but it would work best as an EP with the songs "Holler", "Tell Me Why", "Let Love Lead the Way", "If You Wanna Have Some Fun", "Oxygen" and "Goodbye". I used to think it there were too many cooks in the kitchen (even if Darkchild is the most prominent producer here), which the Spice Girls werent used to since they only worked with a few producers before and felt that made everything smoother. Now, I think the larger number of people on the project isn't a big deal. I think finding a healthy mix between the UK producers sessions and the US ones to keep their trademark sonic variety and, as critics called it "very British sense of mischief", while taking their previous experimentations with a specific genre further, would've been a good way to go. Nevertheless, there is a lot to enjoy in Forever as it is: really good songs worthy of being part of the Spice phenomenon.
If they had done a real album campaign with heavy promotion and great singles like they had in the past, they would've easily had another jaggernaut. The singles should've been: "Holler" > "Let Love Lead the Way" > a radio edit of "If You Wanna Have Some Fun" with a cool music video set in a nightclub (with flirting or a hen night... Or both!) > "Tell Me Why" with a music video with the girls telling off guys > "Oxygen" with a music video set in a romantic location and the girls in killer white outfits (I can picture a beautiful Mel B with her short, natural hair, light make-up and a long white gown...)

Where are the Spice Girls now?

Before going their separate ways, the Spice Girls had discussed options for their future as a group and were positive towards the possibility of touring together again someday. That became a reality in 2007 with The Return of the Spice Girls Tour (2007–08), which was promoted with a TV documentary, Giving You Everything, and the release of a greatest hits compilation, which included two new songs, one of them being the single "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)". They reunited again in 2012 to perform at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony, which received great response from critics and audiences and became the most tweeted moment of the entire Olympics. Another reunion happened in the form of the well-received and commercially successful Spice World – 2019 Tour. In 2012, an unsuccessful jukebox musical that used the group's music, Viva Forever, premiered on the West End. Currently, the five members are working on an animated film project, for which they might record new material.
Solo, they have all released music to varying degrees of success. Most recently: Melanie C released an album this October; Emma released an album and a Christmas single last year, and her debut album became available to stream globally a last week, Geri released a single in honor of her late friend George Michael in 2017; and Mel B released a banger of a single in 2012. Outside of music: Victoria is a successful fashion designer and she and her husband, footballer-turned-team-owner David Beckham, have inked a Netflix deal; Emma has hosted shows on Heart radio since 2009, occasionally acts on TV, and co-founded the eco-friendly childcare brand Kit & Kin; Mel B has become a popular television competition judge and occasionally acts; Melanie C works as a fitness model and has acted on stage, too; and Geri is an Ambassador for the Royal Commonwealth Society, has written a successful series of children's books (Ugenia Lavander) and has announced a new project called Rainbow Woman.

Retrospectives, reviews and more

Spice Girls’ ‘Forever’ Turns 20 Anniversary Retrospective
Forever: Spice Girls’ Final Album Brought A Barrage Of Brilliant Memories
WITH ALL DUE RESPECT: Revisiting The Spice Girls’ Dynamic Group & Solo Discographies
Billboard review
Rolling Stone review
2000 EMAs Press Room
Forever promo CD
Spice Girls: Live At Wembley Stadium (Argentine DVD)
Photoshoot extract from the era
Esquire photoshoot extract
Forever CD Unboxing Video (I don't understand the popularity of these things, but I'll put it in here in case someone's interested)

You can listen to Forever here

Previous Spice Girls anniversary posts
Melanie B – Hot (20th Anniversary; 9 October 2020)
Melanie C – Northern Star (20th Anniversary; 18 October 2019)
Geri Halliwell – Schizö-phonic (20th Anniversary; 7 June 2019)
The vinyl version of Forever will be released for the first time this year on November 20th.
Y'all are welcome to join spicegirls
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2020.10.22 14:23 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 22nd, 2020

"When “Housewives” collide.
“Real Housewives of New York” star Barbara Kavovit and the “Real Housewives of Orange County’s” Braunwyn Windham-Burke spent time palling around together in the Hamptons this week.
Windham-Burke, 42, stayed at Kavovit’s home on Tuesday, after celebrating a friend’s birthday in the city on Monday and participating in the Women’s March in Washington, DC on Saturday, per the mom-of-seven’s social media accounts.
An insider told Page Six on Wednesday that Windham-Burke arrived via Blade helicopter.
The insider said that the women — who met at BravoCon in November 2019 — spent time lounging by Kavovit’s pool.
They also filmed Windham-Burke’s “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” segment that will air Wednesday.
It seems they also enjoyed the local scenery, as Windham-Burke shared a snap surrounded by pumpkins.
The women went out to Zero Bond in Manhattan for mocktails to celebrate as well. As “RHOC” fans know, Windham-Burke came out as an alcoholic during the Season 15 premiere.
Unfortunately, their fun time couldn’t continue forever, as Kavovit and Windham-Burke drove back into the city on Tuesday.
The two have remained friends, with Kavovit even attending Windham-Burke’s birthday party in her native Orange County."
"In the video , the mom of three shows off her generously sized kitchen island. "It's really nice for me and the kids because a lot of times they just sit up at the barstools and we cook together a lot," she says. "When you cook with kids, you definitely need space to do it. So that is a great feature of this house." She adds: "I also have a lot of storage, which is really good. For it being not such a large home, it actually was designed really well."
Gina also shows the living room, which has multiple purposes. "We kind of made it a half living room, half office," she says. Along with an L-shaped desk where she and Travis catch up on work, the room has a huge, "really comfortable" couch where the whole gang can lounge and relax.
Upstairs, the six kiddos sleep in two rooms, which each have bunk beds that can sleep three. (The kids even got to pick out their own bedding.) In the bedroom that Gina and Travis share, there's decor that the couple picked out together. "I think we actually make a really good team," Gina says. "We tried to make it comfortable. And I obviously wanted it to be cute and stylish, but I didn't want it to be ultra feminine. So, I tried to balance the feminine and masculinity and throw Trav a bone there."
The house also looks directly onto the school where Gina's kids go. "I can actually be in my bedroom and I can look out and see my kids running around on the field at recess at the school, and I can hear, also, the school bells," she says. "I really do love it here so much. It's a great home, great area, I have great neighbors."
"The Real's Garcelle Beauvais is adding "author" to her list of current jobs. The actress, model, podcast host, reality star, and talk show host is set to write a memoir called Finding My G-Spot, according to Publishers' Marketplace.
The industry database described the book as "a memoir about falling back in love with yourself, with never-before-heard stories and advice on relationships, parenting, and career."
No news yet on a release date, but the book has been acquired by HarperCollins' Amistad Press."
"Following the roundtable discussion on race relations in the country today, Race in America: A Movement Not a Moment, in August, Bravo will be continuing the conversation with the upcoming special Race in America: Our Vote Counts airing Sunday, November 1 at 10/9c.
In this 90-minute special, which will also be simulcast on E!, 10 celebs from across the NBC broadcast and cable entertainment networks will come together to discuss the power of the Black vote on both a local and national level. Host Nina Parker will return to the roundtable, which will feature panelists Gizelle Bryant from The Real Housewives of Potomac, Dr. Britten Cole from Married to Medicine Los Angeles, Zuri Hall from Access Hollywood, Dr. Heavenly Kimes from Married to Medicine, Dr. Damon Kimes from Married to Medicine, Tamica Lee from Southern Charm New Orleans, Jon Moody from Southern Charm New Orleans, Wendy Osefo from RHOP, Barry Smith from Southern Charm New Orleans, and Justin Sylvester from E! News.
With the election of a lifetime just weeks away, the roundtable will have an open dialogue on the importance of voting, the changes a new generation can make with their vote, and the effect the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic could have on people going to the polls. The special will also feature an emotional conversation on Black people's voting experience and how it has affected them more than any other race in the country.
The special is produced for Bravo by Lauren Grace Media with Leslie D. Farrell and Dorothy Toran serving as executive producers. Kandi Burruss is also an executive producer."
"Now it can always be “Turtle Time” for Bravo fans.
Bravo teamed up with Nocking Point Wines to launch their first-ever line of wine in conjunction with their newest series, “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.”
“The Real Housewives Wines” includes white wine, red wine and a rosé option, and are available to purchase online.
“We are excited to partner with Nocking Point for this special limited edition collaboration that will allow Bravo superfans to immerse themselves in the Bravo universe, engaging with us both on-screen and off,” Maria Laino DeLuca, the senior vice president of consumer and social marketing for Bravo, said in a press release on Wednesday.
“This pairing celebrates the series and offers an escape in a year when we may not be able to engage with each other face-to-face,” she added."
"Larsa Pippen is the latest celebrity victim of a burglary.
The former “Real Housewives of Miami” star, 46, revealed on her Instagram Story Tuesday that not only was her Los Angeles home hit by thieves Monday night but she’s also dealing with an alleged stalker.
“Could 2020 get any crazier? A stalker in L.A. forced me to go to Miami only then to find out my house in L.A. got robbed. Let’s pray for 2021,” she wrote.
The thieves made off with “many personal and high-valued items,” according to The Blast. They allegedly bypassed her house’s alarm system by disabling the electricity “to the whole street.”
No one was home at the time of the burglary, and Pippen, who is NBA legend Scottie Pippen’s ex, remains in Florida.
Neither the LAPD nor a rep for Pippen immediately returned Page Six’s request for comment."
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2020.10.22 07:20 Langston1113 Double-header recruiting (pt 1): Autumn

Double-header recruiting (pt 1): Autumn
On 10/21/20, I had two girls back-to-back as part of my effort to recruit and groom a new ultra-GFE for the roster. Here's the first one. It's long. Not sorry.
This is part of a return to my rookie season form: using (EB), contacting small-time secretaries or booking agents for Latina escorts, and grooming them into ultra-GFE regulars. This was, therefore, a recruiting effort. Jessica still sits at the top of my roster. I’m experimenting to get someone else like her.
After the pleasant run-in with Maria-Louisa, I was in my truck in the parking lot outside her door contacting other secretaries and ads on EB. I didn’t get halfway down the first page before landing 3 or 4 responsive escorts, which I instinctively assumed were booking agents. But there was one that caught my eye as having great potential.
It was for 2 reasons. She guaranteed her pics were real or you could leave. There were some short but promising user comments on her ad.
“Got daaayum!” “Holy fucking shit you’re hot!” “What a fucking incredible body!” “Fuck!!!”
I was saying that throughout the entire session. Looking at the pics below, wouldn’t you be shouting obscenities too? Her ad pics were absolutely, positively real. She’s between 5’-8” and 5’-10”. Thick juicy thighs, wide hips, big beautiful breasts, pretty face, and a flat tummy and tiny waist. Oh, and Jeezus fucking God that ASS! She’s Dominican - of course!
The first “holy fucking shit” was just as I walked into her room. I came in wearing a face covering. She had left the door cracked ajar so I didn’t have to knock and as I walked in she stared at me and was moving slowly (more on why later). As she closed the door, I noticed this vixen in lingerie and couldn’t hold it in.
Someone asked me why I don’t book so-called “Instagram models.” Well, in short, it’s because you can get girls that look like Autumn. She happens to be a stripper from Miami (more on that later as well). I’m gonna spread these pics out or else you’ll stop reading here to go FAP somewhere and won’t finish reading the whole post.
Autumn is not an import. She’s from Miami and dances there and in Vegas. I noticed that she replaced “stripper” with “dancing.” She said that due to the pandemic, she shifted to doing this. She also didn’t want to utter terms like “sex work” or “escorting” when referring to what she does. She is the consummate professional and she handles her business in an organized and orderly fashion. In this, she reminded of Natasha. As women who have their shit together, they both have a stern and grounded personality. She is not bossy, but is a boss - no trace of an import’s mentality to exploit here.
Because of this, I asked permission for each and every little thing because she’s essentially non-GFE. In the text, she said "light" GFE. In person when I asked what she meant by "light GFE," she demonstrated it as light kisses on the cheek. Hahaha.
  • A hater who almost fucked it up for everyone. The reason why she answered the door so cautiously was she thought I was hotel staff since they were the only ones wearing masks. And the reason why she was expecting hotel staff is because someone earlier that night had called the front desk on her. It was a client. He traveled all the way the hotel only to go to the front desk and report her. She attributed his jerk behavior to his nationality; it wasn't a derogatory term but I won't print it here. She complained, "Those people are smart in a lot of things, but when it comes to sex they are very, very [weird]."
  • She mentioned her "business." It wasn't to boast; it was in passing to explain how this was her first time working in NYC.
  • She doesn’t like New York. She said she's come by a few times to vacation here but not to work. She was uncomfortable and had an uneasy feeling about the people; they were very different from those in Florida.
  • Talking about my “girlfriend” Jessica. A recurring theme both in this encounter and the second part of the double-header was Jessica, my #1 on my roster. We talked about her a lot. I brought it up more to make her feel comfortable by explaining that I have a long-time regular who is also Dominicana. It helped. But although I made it clear that she's an escort, Autumn kept referring to her as my "girlfriend."
Here's an interesting detail. There was still some underlying tension in the very beginning due to the fact that this was our first encounter, it was her first night in that location, and also due to that hater from before. I did my best to create a comfortable atmosphere. She's tidy, neat, and professional. While I was laying in the bed, she started by wiping me down before she started the blowjob. Maybe it was because the wipes were cool to the touch. Maybe her long nails nicked me.
For whatever reason, I winced and moved her hand away. In a split second, she reacted by pinching my hand and giving me a look. Haha. Noted. I responded by folding my hands behind my head, closing my eyes, and smiling. It was a sign that she was the boss and she had nothing to worry about. I yielded, and it worked wonders.
When she started the CBJ, she paused after a few a second to get her phone and start the timer. When she turned around I got a full glimpse of that ass again, and I couldn't help myself. Another obscenity-filled compliment escaped my mouth. I lunged for her ass with both hands and started munching on it. I said, "Your ass is like food to me." She enjoyed the compliment. We were very comfortable with each other now.
As she sucked me off, I was again taken by the sight of her ass and arched back. So I asked, "May I?" She obliged. I began rubbing her ass and smacked it as she continued sucking. What a view! She liked it that I loved her body, so she started twerking for me while sucking my dick.
I asked again, "May I? Fingers?" She obliged again and reached down and moved her panties out of the way. But before starting to finger her, I had us both move to the center of the bed. I fingered her as she worked. Little by little, we were crossing some GFE boundaries.
Then came this request: "I want to TASTE you, baby." She raised herself, paused for a second and said, "For a $50 tip, yes." Perfect.
I made a comment that she reacted to. I said, "Sure, I'm not poor." She responded, "It's not about you being rich or poor. I usually don't allow it so it's extra, that's all." I felt like that could've turned into something but it was avoided. Good.
A fucking Perfect. Pussy. Period. If I talk about this and how not every woman's pussy is this great, this post will be even longer. But get this, though...
Girls are putting artificial flavor in their pussies, now??? What da fuck!?! Nah, joking.
When I say this girl's pussy is sweet, it's not meant figuratively. She LITERALLY had a sweet pussy, like sugary, raspberries flavored, diabetes causing sweet. There's a simple reason behind this. I learned this early on with London Jennifer. Autumn uses flavored condoms, like Jennifer did as well, and that flavor stays on her pussy.
"Ahh! Papi, don't bite... please!" LOL. I started getting aggressive, and her hands were running through my hair as she began to feel the sensation rising, which led to the next very memorable line. She said...
Don't gotta tell me that twice. Shiiiiiiiiiit. Those words and the way she said it made go wild. I take it it was my reward for doing a good job snacking on her pussy. I lifted up and she opened those juicy thighs for me to enter her. She then did something interesting. She grabbed me with both hands by the neck and pulled me in. The reason this was interesting is that while it felt like something passionate, it was actually a way of her controlling the distance of our faces. She doesn’t kiss. But she likes to tease.
Get this, she was staring into eyes as I was drilling her and she stuck her tongue out and motioned as if she was going to French kiss me. But with her hands holding my head, she would stop me when our tongues almost touched. Fuck!!! This girl.
Eventually, I moved past this “guard” - or should I say, she let me get past it - and went to nibbling on her neck. I kissed her on the forehead a few times as I was pounding. She returned the gesture by sucking on my left nipple. Then she pinched it for a bit. We got close but I didn’t cross her boundaries.
These things were what kept me in it because the thick condom she put on me prevented me from feeling much. But as always (always), when I turned up the speed and started jackhammering her, she tightened up and I definitely felt that.
Holy fuck fucking Jeezus fuck! FUCK!!! All it means is I love the female body and I love casual sex. Thank the heavens for the variety that hobbying affords.
When she got in her stance, and she’s a big girl, I think a single tear left the corner of my eye.
I grabbed two giant handfuls of her well-fed Dominicana ass and spread it out for a better view of that pussy. No hands needed to guide me into her. When I entered, it was the sensation of her giant, soft ass pressed against me that I immediately savored. She shocked me by starting to fuck me - HARD. As great as it was, I’m vanilla, maybe even Puritan, so I insisted on taking over. I grabbed her tiny waist and applied force to stop her. This was different from her little pinch of my hand at the beginning. She didn’t protest but just stopped and waited. It’s a tiny detail but it meant something to me.
I went further. I adjusted her stance by forcefully pulling her back to me, raising her a tad bit, and spreading her out even wider. I even pulled her shoulders up and got her into an even deeper arch. And then the fun really began for me.
With the perfect position, perfect thrust, and perfect sounds, that ass bounced off of me JUST right. Thick condom or not, fucking Autumn in doggystyle was a treat. Maybe the thick condom helped because I got to go at it for a tad bit longer. Still, I came in no time. After the climax, I stayed in her a bit, rocking back and forth, running my fingers up and down her back and played with her tattoo.
Two hundred and ten dollars even. That was the price to get on this amazing ride. I might report this expenditure to my accountant for my taxes because it was an investment. (Sorry, I’m getting carried away here!)
She had set a timer for our session, which thankfully had begun at the sex not when I first walked in. It went off long after the fucking had ended, sometime after I came back from the bathroom and started to get dressed. She had “stolen” one of my socks after mistaking it for hers. Again, she complimented my attire.
Our second conversation went on without any concern for the clock, and once again it was interesting.
  • “Like you and your girlfriend, I have clients that I’m very close to.” She’s the one who would call Jessica my girlfriend. She mentioned that with some of her close regulars, it’s no longer a sexual arrangement. She said, “I consider them as more than friends. They are family. I call them when I need help. It’s not money either.” She went on to share that some people have given her professional advice, gotten her benefits due to their field, and did favors for her family.
  • Recruiting for overnighters. I talked about how Jessica and I meet for overnighters and that I was essentially looking for more escorts like that. I told her that I pay Jessica $500 for it. She had a take on the whole overnighter thing, and it had nothing to do with my price being too low.
  • Autumn explained a bit more about her limits even with trusted clients. It let me know what my prospects were for recruiting her. “I prefer clients coming to me, not me going to them to their place. I like it when I meet men at my club so get to interact with a few times. Then MAYBE I will [do an outcall] to them for a short time like an hour. But to stay for many hours? No, I’m not comfortable with that. I’d have to really, really be comfortable with someone. But even then, I’m not sure if I could do that.”
  • It will take a lot for her to agree to overnighters. She said she doesn’t do it even with her close regulars. First of all, it’s a matter of personal space. I gathered that she likes to sleep alone. Secondly, it’s a matter of trust. She said she once had a regular for a long time who. “If you’re at their place, you can’t guarantee your safety and who knows what they’ll do to you.” But the good thing is she ended by saying she will think an overnighter with me, after we’ve gotten to know each other better.
  • She asked me what I did for a living. When I told her, she gasped and said, “You mean like the [non-derogatory reference to a certain nationality]???” I laughed.
She had remained completely naked since we finished fucking, even making the bed that way. And I continued admiring her body, interrupting the conversation with more obscenities. When she was bent over to make the bed, I walked over to rub on her ass, rub her pussy, and bury my face underneath for another quick lick. She didn’t mind one bit and just kept talking.
When it was time for me to leave, I gave her naked body a great big bear hug and grabbed another massive handful of her ass. She walked me to the door, still completely naked and still talking. It was then that she grabbed and pinched MY ass. I said, “Why is it that you Latinas always pinch or smack ME in the ass!?! Her response was, “It’s a cultural thing, Papi. It shows that we like you and are comfortable around you. It’s a good thing.”
Well, like Hispanic culture, I gave her a cheek kiss and walked out the door.
No doubt about it, Autumn is a great find. As stated in the opening, this is all about grooming new ultra-GFE regulars. Autumn and I texted briefly after I left and we’ve texted some more this evening, just some light chit chat about where she’s going next and me working my way up to getting an overnighter with her.
Earlier I told myself that it would take too long to groom her into an ultra-GFE. Hell, I’m not even sure it’s possible. We’ll see what happens. Regardless, it’s great to have met her. What a great find on Escortbabylon. She should be charging 3 times as much. Repeating: no screening, no prepayment.
In spite of all this, I was NOT satisfied. I missed out on BBBJ and BBFS. So, when I got back to my car, I resumed texting the 3 other options I had waiting in the wings.
One of those happened to be just across the street at the next hotel. And she ended up being an instant ultra-GFE find. Jackpot!

Continued in (Part 2)
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2020.10.20 22:33 DigitalMarketer_ Alizee Paradis - New Generation Model

Alizee Paradis - New Generation Model
Alizee Paradis From Quebec Canada A New Generation Model, Youtuber And A Retired Tennis Player.With A Audience Of US, Canada, Italy. Having A Degree Of ‘Masters In Finance’ And Lives Between Miami And Italy.

Career In Short

She Is A Growing New Generation Model Having Followers And Audience From Canada, Usa, Spain, Italy And Many More Places. Born In Quebec CanadaAn Ex-tennis Player With Finance Degree.(About Schooling And Education) After Having The Information I Will Write That Here.

Her Philosophy

Alizee Paradise Is A Open Minded And Full Positive Vibe Person. Her First Priority Is To Live The Life To The Fullest.She Prefer Enjoying Today’s Moments Happily Instead Of Feeling Sad For The Past.Always Try To Learn New Things And New Experiences Because Experiences Make You Wise.


1. Love music
2. Modeling
3. Travelling
4. Fashion style
Being A New Generation Model She Has Some Goals And Dreams. Believe In Learning And Don’t Go A Second Without Music. She Live For The Music, Prefer Festivals In Remote Places And Having A Calm Nature Which Always Pushes Her To Stay Positive.

Fashion style:-

Her Fashion Style Is So Different As She Believe In Originality That’s Why Her Fashion Style Is Original As Well As Eclectic And She Is A New Generation Model So It’s Important For Her To Have Some Uniqueness In Her Style.Owns A Youtube Channel Named Electricalizee For Her Fashion Styling. You Can Also Find Her On Instagram (electricalizee).
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2020.09.24 02:36 likemikesike Best Instagram Modeling Class in NYC, NJ, Miami, LA La Creme School

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2020.09.23 17:08 serigraphtea MNET CAP-TEEN - Complete 40-Second-Self-Introductions and Family Auditions

In case you missed the announcements so far
CAP-TEEN is like KPOP STAR but only for contestants between 11-19.
The winning contestant (or contestants, groups are allowed to compete) will win a debut song and choreography. I assume they'll be either directly signed to CJ E&M or to one of their subsidiaries.
Jessi and Lee Seungchul will be judges.
Official Profile Highlights Part 1
Official Profile Highlights Part 2
Full Profiles Can be found here:

Name Age more information 40 Second Self Introduction Audition with Family
Hwang Boeung 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / 2NE1 - Come Back Home)
Hanbyul 16 Contestant On KPOP STAR 6, Ex-YG Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Nicki Minaj - Feeling Myself)
Francisca 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Shakira - Try Everything)
Lee Hanjun 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TXT - 9 3/4)
ROBIN 18 Contestant On TO BE WORLDKLASS Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TXT - 9 3/4)
Choi Jongeun 14 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Mims - Like This)
Choi Yeeun 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / J Balvin - Machika)
Choi Minseo 17 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Self Written - Heed My)
Joo Yejin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jessi J - Mama Knows Best )
Jo Eunbyeol 15 JB DANCE MUSIC Student Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BoA - Moto)
Cho Ahyeoung 19 Contestant On PRODUCE 48, Ex-FNC, Upvote Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Dance + Vocal + Rap / Red Velvet - Peek-A-Boo)
Jo Sebin 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Nonstop)
Jo Seungho 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / NCT127 - Kick It)
Jo Minsoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Lady Bee - 10 Bands)
Jung Hyebin 17 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / TWICE - More & More)
Jeong Seonah 16 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jung Jungil - Hug Me)
Jeong Dain 17 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Bungee (Falling In Love))
Jeong Jongin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Car, The Garden - Tree)
Lee Hyesung 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Britney Spears - Oops... I Did It Again)
Lee Junhyuk 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Crush - Wooah)
Lee Jaeeun 12 KID-DOL under LITTLE MUSE, Musical Actress Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Kim Nahee - Carbonara)
Lee Yubin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Heize - &July)
Lee Seoeun 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Bol4 - Galaxy)
Lee Seobin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Kim Gunmo - Moon of Seoul)
Lee Dahyun 16 Pre-Debut Member of 05Klass, Youtuber Self Introduction Audition (Violin / Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal)
Yoon Jiwoo 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Anne-Marie - 2002)
Yoon Minseo 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Andra Day - Rise Up)
Yoo Jiny 18 Contestant On KPOP STAR 6, WORLDSTAR ENTERTAINMENT TRAINEE Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Sia - Alive)
Yoo Ayeon 15 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Enrique Iglesias - Move To Miami)
Yoo Sua 17 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Baek Yerin - Square)
Yoo Minha 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Cardi B - Like It)
U-Min 18 Dancer, Youtuber, Actress Self Introduction Audition (Dance / J. Balvin - Mi Gente)
Yoo Dawon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - Breathe)
Kang Damin 17 Contestant on PRODUCE 48 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do)
Nam Yoojoo 14 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Blackpink - Don't Know What To Do)
Oh Junhee 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BTS - Boy In Luv)
Oh Sohyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Oh My Girl - Dolphin)
Song Suwoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - Holo)
Song Hyerin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Taeyeon - All Night Long)
Bae Yujin 19 Model, appeared on Oh My Part, You Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Yoon Mirae - Always)
Bang Taehoon 19 CLIMIX Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Dance / The Boyz - Reveal)
Park Hyerim 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Tinashe - Superlove)
Park Hyewon 19 Self Introduction Audition (Keyboard + Vocal / Oh My Girl - Dolphin)
Park Jeongmin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jeong Sangkeun - Love Is)
Park Soyoon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Jackson 5 - Want You Back)
Park Seoyoon 16 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Lee Hi - No One)
Park Gyeonghyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Taeyeon - All About You)
Lee Chaerin 18 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / ITZY - WANNABE)
Lee Yerin 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / ITZY - WANNABE)
Bang Minjeong 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Jeong Minseon 12 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Jung Siwoo 12 Idol Trainee, SHINE Dance & Vocal Student, 2019 Hip Hop Dance Championship Contestant, Ex-Choir Member (Waggle Waggle Choir), had choir performance with GFRIEND in 2015 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Kang Minju 13 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / BLACKPINK - BOOMBAYAH)
Roh Hyeonji 16 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Ciara - Freak Me)
Kang Himchan 19 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Youngtak - A Glass of Makgeolli)
Kim Hyungshin 19 Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Destiny's Child - Nasty Girl)
Kim Hyunwoo 17 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Agust D - Dwaechita)
Kim Hanbyeol 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing)
Kim Hangyeom 18 Student at FUZE PRACTICAL MUSIC - Rock Singer Self Introduction Audition (Guitar + Vocal / Ariana Grande - Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart)
Kim Chaeyeong 19 DREAM VOCAL & DANCE Student, possibly Kakao M Trainee Self Introduction Audition (PRODUCE 48 - Rumor)
Kim Junsu 19 THINK ABOUT Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Untitled Dance)
Kim Jeongyeon 18 Self Introduction Audition (Vocal / Melomance - Gift)
Kim Yechan 15 Self Introduction Audition (Rap / Self Written)
Kim Seonyu 13 JB DANCE MUSIC Student, Youtuber Self Introduction Audition (Dance / Hexstatic - Auto)
Kim Dohyeon 15 Traditional PANSORI Singer Self Introduction Audition (Traditional Pansori / 춘향가中이별가대목, DANCE / Jax Jones - Introduction)
Kim Nayoung 19 DEF DANCE SCHOOL Student, possible WM Entertainment Trainee Self Introduction Audition (Untitled Dance)
Kwon Yeonwoo 18 Self Introduction Audition (Keyboard + Vocal / Abir - Tango)
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2020.09.23 06:08 chronoplaid [watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with "the Onion" treatment

[watch humor] The Balance Cock Bugle: Watch news... with
Courtesy of

Balance Cock Bugle

Husband with Selective Taste Begs Wife, “Please, Please Don’t Buy Me Another Watch”

SOUTH ORANGE, NEW JERSEY – Mark Mueller, 42, stared at the face of his Fossil-brand timepiece, “…actually it doesn’t have a model name. I suppose it doesn’t need one.” He bit down on his quivering lip and furrowed his brow before closing his eyes, “and it’s quartz so I don’t need to worry about winding it.”
Incidentally, Mueller hadn’t procured the watch himself. It was a gift from his wife (one watch of many actually) that wouldn’t have been his first choice… or second or third… if it were ever up to him. Over the years he’d amassed several dozen, all of which were incredible mark-downs from their original MSRP costs that were “too good to pass up.”
Mueller tried to explain the persisting phenomenon, “She says gift giving is her love language…” He removed the Fossil and placed it with the others in his repurposed cookie tin box “…whatever that means.” He shook the tin from side to side as if panning for gold before picking up another, “This DKNY one was originally $399 but she found it at Macy’s for less than seventy if you can believe it. She’s got a real nose for this kind of stuff.”
When pressed about the origins of his interest, Mueller sheepishly confided, “Actually my dad had a Rolex when I was a kid. It was the only thing I’d ever seen him wear. He used to let me shake it back and forth and I could feel the rotor spin through the case. It was almost cathartic.” His eyes distilled toward a wandering haze, “I made the mistake of telling Sandra that story and birthdays haven’t really ever been the same since… or promotions… or Hanukah.”
In his closing remarks, Mueller clarified, “Not ‘mistake’,” rocking his head side to side, “perhaps ‘overshared.’ I mean why own one or two Rolexes when you could have several dozen-” His voice trailed off before reaching back in the box, “…Kenneth Cole Reactions.”

Mark Zuckerberg Purchases Rolex Brand… Just Because.

In an unexpected turn of events, billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, 36, ignited global controversy with his decision to purchase Rolex SA—quite possibly the only other corporate identity capable of challenging the brand awareness of Facebook’s social empire.
In response to the shaken investors as to why, he simply shrugged, “Because I could.”
It was a move of unprecedented spontaneity for the watch world… most of all for Jean-Frederic Dufour, Rolex’s CEO who, upon hearing the news of the backdoor deal, muttered in disbelief, “He can’t actually do this, can he? What the hell just happened…?”
Choosing to forgo a press conference, Zuckerberg had this to say: “While boredom should be reason enough, I guess there’s just something intrinsically special to this particular brand’s mastery of exclusivity… the concept of unobtainability is one I’ve always sought to patent and apply toward all business dealings… whether it’s intellectual property or anything else one might hold dear.” Zuckerberg let out a chuckle, “Like that one time I bought half of Kauai just to fence it off and piss off the locals.” He shook his head, “Sure was worth it to see their faces though.”
Watch collectors have already begun to posture their savings accounts for the trials that lie ahead, polling Instagram users with annoying requests to highlight their preferences for the non-Rolex “sell pile.” In the meantime, Zuckerberg’s latest Tweet only furthered the panic, “That new blueberry Submariner kind of reminds me of our Facebook logo,” he remarked. “I think I’ll keep that one. All of that one. The ‘smurf’ too.”
While community opposition has begun to mount against Zuckerberg’s further restriction of product flow, he remains cryptic, “The future exists in China, which is exactly why we’ll relocate our headquarters for operations in Beijing where we’ll quadruple production. This is not to say they’ll become more widely available… we don’t even know what Rolex is yet. How big it can get, how far it can go. A million Submariners isn’t cool, you know what’s cool? A billion Submariners.”
Upon saying this, Zuckerberg paused a beat and gazed at his Timex, “Perhaps I’ll keep all of those too.”

Balance Cock Bugle

IWC Stoked That COVID and BLM Have Eclipsed the Toxic Male Investigations Led by #MeToo.

LOS ANGELES, CA—For many, 2019’s cultural shift could best be remembered as the wake up call America needed to acknowledge the victimization caused by sexual abuse. To some, it was simply “a good start.” Regardless, the media carried its message loud and clear; no person or entity would be spared the investigative scrutiny driven by the #MeToo movement. While reports are inconclusive, it’s estimated that those impacted were at least 90 percent women.
The ensuing audit of our culture for trace amounts of testosterone was thorough enough to impress the most stringent of gestapo—there was little IWC could do to bypass the attention, lest they remove all the, “absolutely no girls allowed signs” duct taped to their exhibition case displays.

Balance Cock Bugle
It wouldn’t be long before 2020’s coronavirus and civil unrest would pivot the nation’s focus. Chad Richards, IWC’s head of U.S. marketing, was counting his blessings.
“F**k me, bro,” he began. “They had us by the balls for sure. I didn’t know if we’d ever be able shake the bad press haunting us from those earlier ads.”
Richards took a beat to adjust his belt buckle, further adding, “I mean, it was like… we stepped in a s**t… which was actually the baited trigger of a bear trap… one of those big, old rustic ones that would look badass on your office wall, you know? Only… on the side, instead of “made in America” it read, ‘How do you like me now, bitch?’ He motioned his hips, figuratively thrusting upward, ‘F**k you, f**k you, f**k you,'” and eventually concluded, “Literally, it required several acts of God to pry off their lockjaw.”
When questioned if IWC had anything to add regarding BLM or the pandemic, he replied, “Yes, absolutely. God bless BLM, God bless COVID, God bless the troops, and God bless America. Stay safe, you guys. It’s all kinds of nuts out there.”
Editor’s Note: The TBWS crew wants to clarify that these are real IWC ads and they’ve not been manipulated in any way.

Balance Cock Bugle

Top Reddit Watch Seller Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

OSLO, NORWAY — Pat Ramachandran, noted Reddit watch seller with a transaction bling score over 25,000, was today nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize. Berit Reiss-Andersen, chairperson of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, was effusive in her praise of Ramachandran: “In the past year, despite a global pandemic, social unrest, and economic catastrophe, [Ramachandran] successfully found homes for thousands of neglected watches.”
“Our committee took the time to read through every impassioned Reddit post, noting that every single piece, despite being in ‘like new’ condition with ‘only a few faint marks’, had been suffering from painful yet preventable conditions such as insufficient wrist time and lengthy captivity within watch boxes. By helping to send these to good homes, Pat showed true selflessness and extreme care for these deprived timepieces. What ultimately led to our decision, however, were Direct Messages that explained Ramachandran was taking a hit on every transaction.”
The fact that Ramachandran’s nomination was announced publicly came as a shock, as the Nobel regulations stipulate that nominees’ names be sealed for fifty years before release. However, the Committee chose to allow this nomination to be made publicly in order to bolster Ramachandran’s chances to win the world’s top humanitarian achievement, a guest spot on Talking Watches.

Balance Cock Bugle

Man Tears Rotator Cuff Trying To Get Rolex Into Frame On Video Call

WANTAGH, NEW YORK — “Look, part of my job is knowing what I’m talking about. How the hell am I supposed to be taken seriously during Zoom calls if these f**king plebs can’t see my Rolex?”
Brandon Jung officially filed for worker’s compensation after purportedly injuring himself during the regular course of his employment as a Digital Marketing Project Manager for ReadySetMarketing, a reputation management business located in Wantagh, NY.
When asked why his Rolex needed to be in the Zoom frame, Mr, Jung replied, “Are you serious right now, man? We need to show our clients that we’re on the bleeding edge of what digital marketing has become and what it’s going to be. These people expect us to represent ourselves to the highest possible standards because Manhattan eats digital marketing agencies alive. A Rolex tells everyone in the room that you mean f*cking business and should be taken seriously.”
When corrected that his current employment location of Wantagh, NY was in fact over 40 miles away from Manhattan, Mr, Jung looked down at my Timex MKI, back at me, and refused to respond.
We reached out to Brandon’s supervisor Bob Spatz, ReadySetMarketing’s CMO, for comment. “What? CMO? I mean, I guess, but – listen we’re a small group here. There’s 5 of us including Brandon. We mainly deal with reputation management. You know, writing positive Yelp reviews for local restaurants, creating NAP data, and managing people’s ‘Google My Business’ accounts. I wouldn’t classify what we do as ‘digital marketing’.”
We asked about Mr. Jung’s title of “Digital Marketing Project Manager” to which Mr. Spatz responded “says here he’s a ‘Reputation Associate'” he explains, reading off Brandon’s hard copy employee file. “We’re not too strict with titles around here.”
We asked Mr. Jung about his CMO’s comments regarding his actual title of ‘Reputation Associate.’
“Of course he lied to you, you’re wearing a f*cking Daniel Wellington.”
ReadySetMarketing is contesting Mr. Jung’s filing of worker’s compensation, stating that his Rolex isn’t an essential tool for his day to day duties and that no one else in the video call had their camera on except him.

Balance Cock Bugle

YouTube Watch Reviewer Confused That He Can’t Pay Rent with Freebies

LOS ANGELES, CA — “I showed her the quality of the logo on the box.” Blaine Reed, the YouTube watch reviewer, explained as he raised a box for us to see the embossed lettered. “See? That’s pressed into the box – not printed. Quality! And these – look,” Mr. Reed then showed us that the watch brand’s logo was also on the extra straps they included. “Attention to detail – boom. But she didn’t care. She was all like ‘Sir, we can’t accept your watches as a rent payment’.”
Late on Thursday September 3rd, the popular YouTube watch reviewer was reported as banging loudly on the glass doors of the Rockvale Grotto Apartment Rental leasing office. When informed that it was after office hours, Blaine insisted the doors be open because he pays their salaries.
Upon being granted entry, Susan Tisdale, the leasing associate running the office that day, reported that Mr. Reed appeared exhausted and out of breath as he hauled a black construction trash bag behind him. Mr. Reed than began to empty the contents of the bag onto the leasing office floor, revealing a purported 63 different watches.
After inquiring as to the meaning of Mr. Reed’s actions, Ms. Tisdale shared with authorities that Mr. Reed then began to section off the watch boxes into 3 categories: “classy minimalist,” “baller sporty,” and “fly.”
“Listen, this is just insane,” Mr. Reed continued to our crew. “The retail value of these watches alone could pay for 3 years of my rent.” We asked Mr. Reed how he acquired the watches. “These brands are all about fair pricing, top quality, and cutting out the middleman, you know? They come to me to help spread the word on what they do. So they send me a watch to review.” We asked why Mr. Reed kept all the watches and didn’t return them or share them with his audience. “That’s rude, man – why would you turn down a gift?”
After Mr. Reed asked how much he’d receive as an appearance fee for being covered in this piece, we inquired as to whether taking free watches as payments for reviews compromises his biased or unbiased position as a reviewer people can trust. Mr. Reed replied that he didn’t understand the question. But he did inform us that we could use the code BLAINEDAWG10 to receive 10% off our next purchase.

Balance Cock Bugle

Adult Diaper Purchases Spike in Anticipation of Collectors Sh**ting Themselves over Latest Rolex Reveal

PALO ALTO, CA — In the wake of COVID-19 preparation, America’s populace learned a valuable lesson in emergency preparedness; purchase all the toilet paper you can. What can’t be purchased, steal. Silicon Valley’s aspiring tech moguls won’t be fooled twice and have applied the same logic toward adult diaper hoarding, well-aware of the news that Rolex has been leaking updates for their latest releases. Enthusiasts everywhere are primed for soiling themselves.
“As an entrepreneur, anticipating unexpected needs has been my biggest disruption to competitive markets,” says Andrew Chang, CEO to several start-ups he describes as “the Uber of crypto-currency and general pivoting.” “There’s a new rat race on the horizon,” he continues. “Everybody will be pre-occupied with acquiring the latest Rolex but nobody’s factoring the secondary effects here—rampant involuntary control of bowels at the next Redbar watch meet-up. Sure, you’ll try to play it cool when somebody finally drops the latest Blueberry Sub in front of your next watch pile… but good luck trying to hide the explosive excrement running down the pant leg of your chinos.”
Andrew is currently developing an application that will allow users to trade diaper stock quantity, while values are expected to fluctuate based on trending Rolex-related SEO data. “Posturing ourselves to be proactive through diversification has been the foundation of our success. Times change, but monetizing Rolex hysteria is ever-present.”
When questioned how this could impact local hospice needs or convalescent care for seniors, he’s continued to dismiss the concern. “You mean the generation responsible for carbon emissions, global warming, and systemic prejudices? You can’t be serious…”

Balance Cock Bugle

Bahamian Vacationer Drowns Due To Bezel Play

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Randal Baker drowned early Sunday morning while on vacation with his family in the Bahamas. The event occurred just after an incident between the 32-year old accountant and the tour guide for Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tours.
“I don’t understand. I told Mr. Baker that it was time to surface,” Ramon, their tour guide explained “But he just kept looking at his watch and saying something about ISO standards and asking me if my Apple Watch was ISO COSC.” Ramon paused and then added in confusion “I wasn’t wearing an Apple Watch. I don’t know why he thought I was.”
Mr. Baker’s wife recalled how much her husband was looking forward to this vacation.
“I would wake up some nights and he’d be next to me on his phone, looking up different diver watches and reading reviews. ‘I need to make sure I can find something that will hold up to our dive.’
‘Honey,’ I’d tell him, ‘the Sunny Fun Day Underwater Tour website says it’s only 15 ft, won’t your Oris be fine?’
‘The Diver 65?! Are you crazy – it’s only 10 ATM!’ Eventually he bought a [redacted], calling it his ‘adventure’ watch'”
However, while readjusting his chest mounted GoPro underwater, experts determined that the bezel had just enough play to cost Randal his life.
The Sunny Dive Tour team was monitoring their dive time on a cellphone from the boat and keeping in radio contact with each other. But Mr. Baker had been monitoring the dive time on his newly acquired ‘Adventure Watch’ – the [redacted]. After the bezel play had occurred, there was a one to two minute discrepancy between the two monitored dive times.
Despite pleas and protests to resurface from the 15ft shallow dive, his last recorded words were to the effect that COSC ISO and the Watchfam wouldn’t let him down.

Balance Cock Bugle

Watch Collector Optimistic with Latest Acquisition’s Potential to Raise His Sex Appeal

SEATTLE, WA—Having come across a flattering photo of Ryan Reynolds in a Google search for “celebrity watch brands,” Melvin Greenberg, 41, was convinced, “This is the one. This is the one that will finally get me laid.”
Before Piaget, Melvin had trialed several different watch companies with mixed celebrity endorsements, none of which had proven fruitful. He was convinced that the Tag Heuer Carrera, backed by the star power of Tom Brady and actor Brad Pitt, would have been a little overkill… but that, too, appeared faulty in effect. Sure enough, politics have a tendency to make their way into sponsorships which could have muddied the waters—alliances are frequently broken and re-established. Pitt, for example, had been swapped out by Tag for Leonardo DiCaprio.
Melvin believes, “It’s possible women were confused by the switch because now Brad Pitt’s an ambassador for Breitling. I can barely keep up with this, myself.” Against his better judgement, Melvin had purchased a Breitling Chronomat (just to be sure), even though he knew there was no mistaking him for a pilot.
With Reynolds’ Deadpool 2 having earned $786 million at the box office, a new record was set for the highest grossing rated R-film of all time. Reynolds’ persona had become synonymous with Deadpool’s—a relationship that would surely become tantamount for Piaget in return—and indistinguishably linked to how Melvin would be perceived.
For Melvin, it was the final touch to his innuendo-heavy profession of mattress sales, where he knew women would subliminally associate him with, “comfort and dreamscapes,” among “other forms of horizontal refreshment.”
Main Photo Credit: Mr Guy Aroch (

Balance Cock Bugle

Ebay Seller Lists, “Used/Superb Leather Hodinkee Straps – in USED, Honest Condition, See Comments. No Returns.”

MIAMI, FLORIDA — “Super discount! These aren’t just any leather watch straps… these are extremely high quality Hodinkee-brand straps,” says WatchHead1775, “not your cheap Amazon ones.”
Included in the lot are three pairs at fifty percent off retail for a BuyItNow price of $528 + $75 shipping—a bargain to any enthusiast who’s been coveting a watch strap bearing the website’s stamp.
Among the conditions noted the seller assures, “At least forty percent more life left in them (give or take). All have a couple extra holes made (sometimes on hot, muggy days my wrists expand but not enough to go into the next hole so I had to make some custom adjustments). Typical wrist smell and salt-sweat marks on the inside are to be expected. Discoloration where it’s been bent against the tang buckle is normal. Minor fraying along thread but this is also normal—a shoe repair guy can fix for nothing. The two crocodile straps were originally glossy but now they’ve got a matte texture (matte ones actually cost more on their website).”
While WatchHead1775 has done their due diligence to “scrape off most of the wrist cheese” they wish to highlight, “What you see is what you get. No low-balling. No returns! Looking to save up for some new ones because I’m not a huge fan of the distressed look.”
At the time of this post, no serious offers have been considered.
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2020.09.17 03:04 Leather_Term TOM LEONARD asks was Nadia Marcinkova abused... or an abuser? 16 September 2020
The model who flew into the abyss: They look so innocent, but behind these new pictures from Jeffrey Epstein's 'paedophile island' lie dark claims about the beautiful pilot said to be his accomplice. So, asks TOM LEONARD, was she abused... or an abuser?
A hike through the woods and a pair of friends sitting at a table in the Caribbean sun.
It all seems perfectly innocent, although the only man in the photos – surrounded as ever by attractive young women – is Jeffrey Epstein. And, as we now know, nothing to do with Epstein was ever innocent.
For the towering blonde in these newly unearthed pictures is Slovak former ‘model’ Nadia Marcinkova, now a glamorous jet pilot with her own aviation company, but once allegedly one of the billionaire paedophile’s most depraved acolytes.
Often, the teenage girls who ministered to the twisted needs of Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion found they weren’t always alone with him. Sometimes, they told police, they were joined by an Eastern European they believed to be his girlfriend. Epstein would allegedly pay the girls to have sex with Marcinkova while he watched and took photos that he later displayed around the house.
At other times, they said, Marcinkova – then aged around 19 – would pressure them to have sex with her and the billionaire paedophile, sometimes in orgies. British accuser Sarah Ransome said she once had sex with Marcinkova and Alan Dershowitz, Epstein’s high-powered lawyer, in New York, although he vehemently denies it. Epstein reportedly told some of his victims Marcinkova was his ‘sex-slave’ after he had bought her, aged 14, from her parents in Eastern Europe.
She certainly showed a slavish devotion when she visited him 67 times during the year he spent behind bars in Florida in 2008 for procuring a minor for prostitution.
Marcinkova, now 34-year-old pilot calling herself ‘Global Girl’ on social media, has once more been dragged into the Epstein scandal after the new photographs taken on his private island were revealed.
Also in the spotlight is Sarah Kellen, another of Epstein’s young female acolytes and the alleged ‘deputy’ to Ghislaine Maxwell, currently remanded in custody in a New York jail accused of recruiting girls as young as 14 for him.
Kellen and Marcinkova – both of whom have changed their names since the scandal broke – are assumed to be among the next targets of New York prosecutors who have been assured by dozens of Epstein victims that he certainly didn’t act alone in his sex crimes. US Attorney General William Barr has warned his alleged accomplices they ‘should not rest easy’.
Marcinkova long ago established herself as one of Epstein’s most devoted female followers.
‘They’re very close,’ an Epstein insider told a local newspaper when Marcinkova bombarded him with visits in his Florida prison 12 years ago. ‘She went mostly on weekends ... I guess you can call her his “squeeze”.’ Prison officials said the visits were monitored and there was ‘no alone time’.
Marcinkova was certainly close to Epstein according to a witness who was there when the newly uncovered, undated photos were taken. They show Marcinkova hiking with Epstein and sitting beside him as, draped in a dressing gown, he conducts business at his estate on Little St James in the US Virgin Islands.
The insider said: ‘Nadia and Jeffrey seemed to really love each other. It was as if they had a romantic relationship.
‘They were affectionate to each other, often holding hands.’
Not merely because she towered over all the others – including the under-sized Epstein – Marcinkova always stood out as the most fascinating, and disturbing, of the financier’s alleged female accomplices, except perhaps Maxwell herself.
For if the claims are true about how she came into his perverted orbit, they bear out allegations that Epstein was involved in an international sex trafficking ring which brought young girls from poor countries to the US under the guise of recruiting them as models.
Marcinkova, who has changed her name to Marcinko, has steadfastly refused to comment on Epstein or the claims against him.
However she insists she was a ‘victim’ of Epstein and her lawyers yesterday told the Mail: ‘Nadia wishes to express her compassion and support for her fellow survivors who also fell prey to Jeffrey Epstein’s predatory abusive behaviour.’
Any claim by her to have been a complete innocent is contradicted by many, not least US prosecutors. They named her, Kellen and two other young female Epstein associates as ‘potential co-conspirators’ who were granted immunity from prosecution for past crimes under a controversial 2007 deal that saw Epstein serve just a year in prison.
In 2010, Marcinkova and Kellen cited their Fifth Amendment right to avoid incriminating themselves when quizzed under oath by lawyers for alleged victims of Epstein, who killed himself in jail last year.
When asked, ‘Have you ever been made to perform sexually on Prince Andrew?’, Marcinkova replied: ‘Fifth.’ (The prince strenuously denies any wrongdoing.)
How did the girl born in the former Czechoslovakia end up as a key figure in the Epstein scandal? Although her father has reportedly rejected claims that he and his wife ever ‘sold’ her to Epstein, records show she came to the US in 2000 when she would have been 14 or 15.
It is claimed that she reached New York through a model agency, MC2, that Epstein had helped set up in New York and Miami.
The agency’s bookkeeper insisted Marcinkova never actually did any modelling but was one of various girls – some as young as 13 – who lived in flats controlled by Epstein close to his home in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
Virginia Roberts Giuffre, Prince Andrew’s accuser, claimed in 2014 court papers the arrangement was a cover for sex trafficking as most of the girls came from poor countries and were lured to the US by the false promise of making good money as models.
Marcinkova became a full-time member of the Epstein household, although her official function wasn’t clear. What the she certainly did do, however, was fly with Epstein – a lot.
The multi-millionaire kept a fleet of planes, the flagship being the notorious ‘Lolita Express’, a luxuriously customised Boeing 727.
One Palm Beach girl told police she was 16 when she made the first of hundreds of trips to Epstein’s mansion, breaking down in tears as she described how she often had sex with Marcinkova. Epstein would allegedly watch and ‘choreograph’ her activities. In the past decade or so, Marcinkova has disappeared from public view.
Since the 2008 case, she has obtained a pilot’s licence and she now boasts an impressive social media following under the Instagram handle ‘Fly Global Girl’.
In 2015, it was revealed that Marcinkova and Kellen were running companies from a Manhattan property owned by Epstein’s brother Mark.
It was at this 66th Street address that Marcinkova set up an aviation company, Aviloop. She says she is licensed to fly multi-engined aircraft and Gulfstream business jets as well as being an ‘aerobatic pilot’ and flight instructor.
Light-heartedly, her website claims she switched from modelling to flying because she was ‘ready for longer runways’.
Marcinkova may soon be coming down to Earth with a bump if she becomes the next Epstein associate to face her day in court.
submitted by Leather_Term to Epstein [link] [comments]

2020.09.16 21:49 HaulA17Sepl Complete Se-xTa-pe in HD New

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2020.09.11 22:12 cincbus Introducing: The Swedish Royal Family

Hi all! Starting a new series to try to introduce you all to the various royal families around the world. I'll do my best to put together a high level overview of each family, but please feel free to add in additional fun facts (or correct me if I got something wrong!), your favorite outfits/photos/videos, or really anything else you want to share.
Today's segment is an introduction to the current Swedish Royal Family. We'll get to some of their most interesting ancestors in the future, but for now let's meet the immediate family.
If you want to follow:
Royal Family Instagram
Prince Couple Instagram
Princess Madeleine Instagram
King Carl XVI Gustaf
King Carl Gustaf ascended the throne at age 27 (in 1973) on the death of his grandfather. His father, the heir to the throne, died in an airplane crash when Carl Gustaf was 9 months old. Due to the 1974 Instrument of Government, signed by his grandfather, he has no role in governmental affairs. He no longer appoints the prime ministers, does not sign off on legislation, and is not commander-in-chief of the military.
Queen Silvia of Sweden
Silvia was born in Germany to a German father and Brazilian Mother. She attended the Munich School of Interpreting, majoring in Spanish. She speaks German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, and English, as well as some Swedish Sign Language.
Crown Princess Victoria (b. 1977)
Born in 1977, Crown Princess Victoria is the eldest child of the King and the heir to the throne. She was displaced in the order of succession by her younger brother, Prince Carl Phillip, when he was born in 1979, however was replaced as the heir on 1/1/80 with the parliamentary change to absolute primogeniture. The Crown Princess speaks Swedish, English, French, and German.
Prince Carl Phillip, Duke of Varmland
Princess Madeleine, Duchess of Halsingland and Gastrikland (b. 1982)
Madeleine, born in 1982, is the third child of the King and Queen. She speaks English, German, and Swedish fluently, and has a Bachelors degree in art history, ethnology, and modern history.
Every year, members of the Swedish royal family gather for Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and banquet, honoring the 2019 Nobel laureates awarded the prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, and literature in Stockholm, Sweden. It’s one of the best tiara events of the year.
Removal of Royal Statuses in 2019
In 2019, King Carl XVI Gustaf removed the royal statuses of 5 his grandchildren – the children of Prince Carl Phillip/Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine/Christopher O’Neill. The children are no longer HRHs, however do retain their titles and place in the line of succession. They are not expected to perform official royal duties and will not received a taxpayer-funded annual sum. Swedish historian Dick Harrison said the decision was likely made to meet the modern needs of the family, explaining that the Royal House had grown larger than it had been in 100 years and that many thought there was no need to pay so many members or to have them available for official duties.
The Swedish royals have an incredible set of tiaras and jewels at their disposal and are never afraid to show them off. Though some tiaras are worn only by the Queen, this family is unique in that they often share the other tiaras amongst the other family members.
You can check out their collection of tiaras here:
You can watch (change the subtitles to English) a documentary released last year that features the Queen and Crown Princess discussing their most famous tiaras here:
Feel free to add your comments below. Cheers!
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2020.09.07 14:00 boinabbc 21 new New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Big Data Engineer TomTom Ghent Belgium Big Data
CHAPTER LEAD DATA ENGINEERING Harnham Amsterdam Netherlands Spark, SQL, Kafka
Wealth Management Reporting and Data Analyst UBS Singapore Singapore Data Analysis
Data Scientist Intern - Fall 2020 - Amrock Amrock Detroit United States Modeling, Python, Database
Senior Data Engineer Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC Phoenix United States SQL, Database, Modeling
Data Scientist, Product Analytics - Instagram Shopping Tab Facebook New York United States A/B Testing, Product Analytics, SAS
Sr. Data Engineer Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. San Diego United States Machine Learning
Machine Learning Engineer - Discovery Twitter New York United States Machine Learning, Modeling
Geospatial Data Scientist University of Alberta Edmonton Canada Machine Learning, Big Data
Data Scientist Bridg Los Angeles United States SQL, Machine Learning, Database
Python Developer - Machine Learning Ritchie Bros. Burnaby Canada Python, Machine Learning
Data Scientist- Senior BLUEHAWK, LLC Colorado Springs United States Python, Data Mining
Data Scientist- Expert BLUEHAWK, LLC Colorado Springs United States Python, Data Mining
IT Data Engineer UBS Opfikon Switzerland Modeling, ETL, Java
Senior Machine Learning Engineer – SoundBetter Spotify New York United States Machine Learning
Data Analyst (H/F) GROUPE BPCE Nantes (44) France
STAGE - Machine learning appliqué au traitement de données de neuroimaging (H/F) Dassault Systèmes Vélizy-Villacoublay (78) France Machine Learning
Director, Data Engineering -- REMOTE TTEC Boston Remote Big Data, Python, Spark
(Senior) Project Data Analyst Roche Kaiseraugst Switzerland Tableau
FCC Data Scientist BankUnited Miami Lakes United States Data Mining, SQL, Database
New Graduate - Data Scientist Expedia Seattle United States Scala, Pandas, Hadoop
Hi guys, here are new 21 exciting New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2020.09.07 14:00 boinabbc 23 new New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Big Data Engineer TomTom Ghent Belgium Big Data
CHAPTER LEAD DATA ENGINEERING Harnham Amsterdam Netherlands Spark, SQL, Kafka
Wealth Management Reporting and Data Analyst UBS Singapore Singapore Data Analysis
Data Scientist Intern - Fall 2020 - Amrock Amrock Detroit United States Modeling, Python, Database
Senior Data Engineer Sunstate Equipment Co., LLC Phoenix United States SQL, Database, Modeling
Data Scientist, Product Analytics - Instagram Shopping Tab Facebook New York United States A/B Testing, Product Analytics, SAS
Machine Learning Engineer - Discovery Twitter New York United States Machine Learning, Modeling
Sr. Data Engineer Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc. San Diego United States Machine Learning
Geospatial Data Scientist University of Alberta Edmonton Canada Machine Learning, Big Data
Data Scientist Bridg Los Angeles United States SQL, Machine Learning, Database
Python Developer - Machine Learning Ritchie Bros. Burnaby Canada Python, Machine Learning
Data Scientist- Senior BLUEHAWK, LLC Colorado Springs United States Python, Data Mining
Data Scientist- Expert BLUEHAWK, LLC Colorado Springs United States Python, Data Mining
IT Data Engineer UBS Opfikon Switzerland Modeling, ETL, Java
Senior Machine Learning Engineer – SoundBetter Spotify New York United States Machine Learning
Data Analyst (H/F) GROUPE BPCE Nantes (44) France
STAGE - Machine learning appliqué au traitement de données de neuroimaging (H/F) Dassault Systèmes Vélizy-Villacoublay (78) France Machine Learning
Director, Data Engineering -- REMOTE TTEC Boston Remote Big Data, Python, Spark
(Senior) Project Data Analyst Roche Kaiseraugst Switzerland Tableau
FCC Data Scientist BankUnited Miami Lakes United States Data Mining, SQL, Database
New Graduate - Data Scientist Expedia Seattle United States Scala, Pandas, Hadoop
Data Scientist ABS Houston United States SQL, Machine Learning, Database
Hadoop Data Engineer (Power BI/Tableau/Python) NTT DATA Services Irving United States Tableau, Power BI, Hadoop
Hi guys, here are new 23 exciting New Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2020.09.03 11:55 Scorpio828139250 Miami Police Officer Arresting Three Playboy Models In Viral Instagram Video

submitted by Scorpio828139250 to u/Scorpio828139250 [link] [comments]


Hello! I really did not know where to post this as there does not seem to be any sub that has to do specifically with stopping pedophilia. There is a bathing suit/clothing brand called Seduce Me Boutique (@seducemeboutique) on Instagram that sells a range of clothing items, but when you look at their account it is clear that their main interest is (not to sound like a total grandma) revealing bathing suits. Obviously on its own this is not a problem at all! The problem comes about when you look at who they are sponsoring and posting on their instagram account and stories. The majority of them are female models with at least a few thousand followers to their name. However, I have noticed and verified that a number of girls that they are sponsoring (by this I mean that they are supplying discount codes to these girls to give their followers and probably also giving them free clothing) are underage. Mostly 17 year olds and 16 year olds. They also cut it very close a lot of the time with girls that have JUST graduated high school (so they would be 18 or 19 max). If you would like some screenshots of some of the girls i am talking about PM me or let me know in the comments on this post. I feel like this is very problematic because the brand is inherently sexual and the photos that they are posting of these minors are sexualized- they are usually in very revealing clothing/bathing suits with emphasis on either their breasts or butts. This company is profiting off of the sexualization of minors. I have PMed them on my IG and a few of my friends have done the same, but they have mostly ignored us only responding to one of the messages. I am not trying to tear this business down, but I am trying to make them realize the problematic error of their ways so that they can start vetting the girls that they sponsor to make sure that they are consenting adults. I come here to ask for your awareness and your help. All I think needs to happen is for enough people to comment on their photos and to private message them talking about this issue and calling for their accountability. My next step is to take this to local news stations (they are located in Miami, Florida) and to youtube tea channels. If you know of any other subreddits that can help me spread awareness please let me know or otherwise crosspost this to the appropriate place.
TLDR: @seducemeboutique on instagram is profiting off of the sexualization of minors
submitted by PareidoIia to rant [link] [comments]

2020.07.24 16:28 PareidoIia Bringing Awareness to a Business Exploiting Minors

Hello! I really did not know where to post this as there does not seem to be any sub that has to do specifically with stopping pedophilia. There is a bathing suit/clothing brand called Seduce Me Boutique (@seducemeboutique) on Instagram that sells a range of clothing items, but when you look at their account it is clear that their main interest is (not to sound like a total grandma) revealing bathing suits. Obviously on its own this is not a problem at all! The problem comes about when you look at who they are sponsoring and posting on their instagram account and stories. The majority of them are female models with at least a few thousand followers to their name. However, I have noticed and verified that a number of girls that they are sponsoring (by this I mean that they are supplying discount codes to these girls to give their followers and probably also giving them free clothing) are underage. Mostly 17 year olds and 16 year olds. They also cut it very close a lot of the time with girls that have JUST graduated high school (so they would be 18 or 19 max). If you would like some screenshots of some of the girls i am talking about PM me or let me know in the comments on this post. I feel like this is very problematic because the brand is inherently sexual and the photos that they are posting of these minors are sexualized- they are usually in very revealing clothing/bathing suits with emphasis on either their breasts or butts. This company is profiting off of the sexualization of minors. I have PMed them on my IG and a few of my friends have done the same, but they have mostly ignored us only responding to one of the messages. I am not trying to tear this business down, but I am trying to make them realize the problematic error of their ways so that they can start vetting the girls that they sponsor to make sure that they are consenting adults. I come here to ask for your awareness and your help. All I think needs to happen is for enough people to comment on their photos and to private message them talking about this issue and calling for their accountability. My next step is to take this to local news stations (they are located in Miami, Florida) and to youtube tea channels. If you know of any other subreddits that can help me spread awareness please let me know or otherwise crosspost this to the appropriate place.
TLDR: @seducemeboutique on instagram is profiting off of the sexualization of minors
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2020.07.15 19:32 ProfProfessorberg Offseason Review Series: Day 1 - The Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals

Division: AFC North
Record: 2-14 (1-5 division) (last in AFC North)

Coaching Changes

The Bengals had minimal staff turnover from 2019. LB coach Tem Lukabu left to become the Defensive Coordinator for Boston College. He was replaced by Al Golden, who was fired after 4 seasons as the LB coach of the Detroit Lions. Considering the state of our LBs, Lukabu won’t necessarily be missed, but Golden also comes from a defense that has struggled in LB play. He will get the benefit of coaching a completely overhauled unit.
The team did not renew the contract of Defensive Backs Coach Daronte Jones, who wound up taking the same position with Minnesota. He was replaced by Steve Jackson, who has coached mainly safeties in his 15 year coaching career, except for one stint as Cornerbacks Coach under Jim Schwartz in 2013 with the Detroit Lions. Jackson spent his playing career as an in-the-box safety in the 1990s, and in early interviews will seek to make the Bengals revamped secondary (see more about that below) a better tackling unit, an area they struggled with in 2019. Troy Walters joins the team as assistant WR coach. He has been coaching in the college ranks since 2010, bouncing from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator. He most recently held both positions at the University of Nebraska from 2017-January 2020, after which he was quickly snatched up by the Bengals. This will be his first shot in the NFL.
ST Assistant Brayden Coombs left after seven seasons with the team to become the Detroit Lions Special Teams Coordinator. Coombs wore many hats during his time with the Bengals including offensive assistant and quality control for both the defense and the offense before moving to ST Assistant in 2019. He will be replaced by Colt Anderson, a young former safety who played most recently in 2017. This will be his first time coaching.
Additionally, longtime Special Teams Coordinator Darrin Simmons was promoted in the offseason to Assistant Head Coach, in addition to retaining his existing role. Simmons has been with the team for 18 years, and in that tenure has consistently produced above average units. This promotion is likely a nod to his time with the team and the wealth of experience he brings to a young coach like Zac Taylor. As far as actual responsibilities that will come with this promotion, nothing has been reported from the team or beat writers.

Free Agency

Players lost/cut
Player Position New Team Salary
Andrew Billings DT Cleveland Browns 1 yr, $3.5 million
Darqueze Dennard CB FA N/A
Tyler Eifert TE Jacksonville Jaguars 2 yr, $9.5 million
Clayton Fejedelem S Miami Dolphins 3 yr, $8.55 million
Nick Vigil LB LA Chargers 1 yr, $2.4 million
Cordy Glenn (released) OT FA N/A
Dre Kirkpatrick (released) CB FA N/A
John Miller (released) G Carolina Panthers 1 yr, $4 million
BW Webb (released) CB FA N/A
Most of the impact losses this offseason were on the defensive side. Nick Vigil might have been our best LB last year, but that isn’t saying much as the unit as a whole was among the worst in the league. Kirkpatrick and Dennard were 2 of our top 3 CBs. Kirk flashed at times, as he has throughout his career, but also continued to struggle with getting beat outside, penalties, and missed zone assignments. Dennard is a bigger loss, he was great in the slot but wants to play outside, which is the main reason he didn’t want to re-sign with us. Billings and Fejedelem were solid rotation pieces on the DL and S, respectively, but neither is a loss that can’t be replaced. Webb was flat out terrible.
On the offensive side, Tyler Eifert FINALLY was healthy all season last year, but had minimal impact. Partly due to our lack of use of the TE position, but also one could watch him play and see the multitude of injuries he’s had over the years have sapped him of the athleticism that made him such an effective TE in 2015. He will be missed as a fan favorite, but there was no justifying keeping him as the price he signed for with JAX.
Now we come to the offensive line where Cordy Glenn and John Miller are gone from last year. Now I’m sure everyone is familiar at this point with the struggles of Cincy’s OL. Miller started the majority of the season at RG, beating out the clear bust of Billy Price, but was never more than solid. He’s a fine backup OG.
Heading into 2019, Glenn was projected to kick inside to LG to make way for Jonah Williams at LT. However, William was knocked out for the year in training camp, so Glenn was set to be our LT once more, where he was likely the best of a bad bunch in 2018. Then he too was knocked out by a concussion in the preseason. That’s when things got….weird. Week after week Glenn would be ruled out by a concussion, taking (seemingly) much longer than most players to return to play. Now I’m not trying to downplay the seriousness of a concussion, and most fans understood and were more concerned for him than anything. Then reports started coming out that there was strife between Glenn and the FO behind the scenes. That the team thought he was ready but Glenn insisted he wasn’t. This culminated in the team suspending him in week 7 for “disciplinary reasons” related to the treatment of his concussion. The suspension was short, and he eventually returned to the field where he performed decently well, especially compared to Andre Smith and Bobby Hart (though that is the lowest possible bar to clear). However it was clear he would not be back this season after the breakdown in the relationship with the team.
Players signed
Player Position Old Team Salary
D.J. Reader DT Houston Texans 4 yr, $53 million
Trae Waynes CB Minnesota Vikings 3 yr, $42 million
Mackensie Alexander CB Minnesota Vikings 1 yr, $4 million
Xavier Su’a-Filo OG Dallas Cowboys 3 yr, $9 million
Josh Bynes LB Baltimore Ravens 1 yr, $1.6 million
Mike Thomas WR LA Rams 1 yr, $850k
Von Bell S New Orleans Saints 3 yr, $18 million
LeShaun Sims CB Tennessee Titans 1 yr, $1.7 million
Jacques Patrick RB Tampa Bay Vipers (XFL) 3 yr, $2.285 million
Austin Calitro (waiver claim) LB Jacksonville Jaguars 1 yr, $750k
Samaje Perine (waiver claim) RB Miami Dolphins 1 yr, $850k
Alex Redmond (UFA) G Re-Signed 1 yr, $2.133 million
Cethan Carter (UFA) TE Re-Signed 1 yr, $2.133 million
Josh Tupou (UFA) DT Re-Signed 1 yr, $2.133 million
Brandon Wilson (UFA) S Re-Signed 1 yr, $2.133 million
Greg Mabin (RFA) CB Re-Signed 1 yr, $825k
Torry McTyer (RFA) CB Re-Signed 1 yr, $875k
AJ Green (Franchise Tag) WR Re-Signed 1 yr, $17.865 million
The Cincinnati Bengals spent more in FA this year than, well, ever. After a quiet first couple of days, fans assumed this would be like every other year: Cincy would wait for the top tier FAs to get signed to big money deals, miss out on some middle tier FAs that would fill in some gaps, and settle for some low level guys that don’t make much impact. Boy were we wrong. First Cincy made DJ Reader one of the highest paid DTs in the league (at the time). He will help anchor the interior of the OL next to Geno Atkins and help solve our issues with stopping the run.
This was soon followed by bringing in Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander to bolster a secondary that was below average last season. Waynes will replace the disappointing Dre Kirkpatrick, who was later cut, as the teams #2 outside CB. Alexander will man the slot position after Darqueze Dennard opted to not re-sign with the team, indicating he wants the opportunity to move back outside. Dennard was among the league’s best in the slot, but struggled earlier in his career on the outside, so it was better for the team to move on and for Dennard to seek that opportunity elsewhere. As of this writing, both remain FAs.
But the Bengals weren’t done. Soon came announcements of more signings: OG Xavier Su’a-Filo from the Cowboys to compete at RG. LB Josh Bynes from Baltimore. And finally SS Von Bell, who became available after Malcolm Jenkins returned to the Saints. All told the Bengals committed some $150 million in contracts to FAs, mainly on the defensive side of the ball. It was a massive change in policy from how the Bengals have run since the dawn of Free Agency.
Among the players we re-signed, most were no more than backups or role players, with the notable exception of slapping the Franchise Tag on WR A.J. Green. Green has missed the last year and a half of football due to injuries, but reports are he’s healthy and ready to go. There wasn’t much traction on signing a new contract pre-Covid, and now it seems both sides are content to play 1 year on the tag and re-evaluate a longer contract after that.


Round Pick Player Position School
1 1 Joe Burrow QB LSU
2 33 Tee Higgins WR Clemson
3 65 Logan Wilson MLB Wyoming
4 107 Akeem Davis-Gaither OLB Appalachian State
5 147 Kareem Khalid DE Notre Dame
6 180 Hakeem Adeniji OT Kansas
7 215 Markus Bailey MLB Purdue
I wrote the Defending the Draft for the Bengals HERE so if you’d like a little more in depth look at our draft check that out.
Round 1, Pick 1: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
No brainer. This pick was pretty much a lock since at least the CFB National Championship Game, though that didn’t stop analysts from throwing out a variety of scenarios in which Burrow didn’t end up a Bengal. Burrow is coming off the greatest season by a QB in CFB history, and fans are excited. There’s no such thing as a sure thing when it comes to drafting players, but Burrow shows on tape the accuracy, pocket awareness, and ability to make plays when things break down to be an elite QB in the NFL.
Round 2, Pick 33: Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson
The team had lots of options at 33. Most expected OT or LB, the team’s two weakest positions, to be addressed here. WR was also in play, but the name Tee Higgins rarely came up. In fact, Higgins was a little bit lost all offseason amongst the volume of talented WR available this year.
Higgins is a Bengals fan who models his game after AJ Green. He should start the season lining up outside across from Green, with Boyd manning the slot.
Round 3, Pick 65: Logan Wilson, MLB, Wyoming
The Bengals have taken lots of stabs in the middle rounds at fixing their LB problems, and thus far none have panned out. Wilson seems to be a much more complete backer than previous attempts however. A 4 year starter at MLB, he was an effective run stopper with over 400 career tackles, who also showed athleticism and good instincts against the pass. He has the potential to be the captain of the defense this team has been looking for.
Round 4, Pick 107: Akeem Davis-Gaither, OLB, Appalachian State
Many were surprised to see the team double dip at LB rather than addressing other holes. But if you watched the LB play last year, you wouldn’t second guess the decision. The team has struggled for YEARS at covering TEs and RBs. Enter Davis-Gaither. Among the best coverage LBs in this year’s draft, the hope is ADG can slot in as a nickel LB to help ease these woes.
Round 5, Pick 147: Khalid Kareem, DE, Notre Dame
He has the power to set the edge effectively and bring down big ball carriers. He likely does not have the athletic ability nor the pass rush repertoire to transition to a 4-3 starter, but should fit nicely into the rotation the Bengals deploy and help solve some of their woes against the rush.
Round 6, Pick 180: Hakeem Adeniji, OT, Kansas
Finally, OL is addressed! Waiting until the 6th to draft anyone to help out on the OL really drove home what the coaching staff said all offseason, they’re happy with the guys they have and expect growth and improvement from them. Still, you can never have too much depth and Adeniji should provide that. While he played OT through college, his size and athleticism show more of an OG at the NFL level. The hope is he can be a backup all along the line and a spot starter when needed.
Round 7, Pick 215: Markus Bailey, MLB, Purdue
A 3rd LB? That’s what happens when you try to completely reinvent a position over one offseason. Bailey has the resume of a much higher draft pick than the 7th round, but unfortunately back to back knee injuries pushed him down the board. He has all the IQ you want in a MLB, and his tape shows athleticism and instincts. If he recovers to full health he could be a draft steal, but as is should still make the team as a solid ST contributor.
Overall this was a solid draft. Burrow was an easy choice at #1, and the potential is sky high. It’s been a long time since anyone said that about a Bengals QB. The next three picks of Higgins, Wilson, and ADG are strong candidates to start as rookies. The main criticism of this draft is not addressing OL, especially when the team had multiple chances to do so in the mid rounds. However that is not enough to grade this draft badly, and I’d give it an A- as things stand.

Projected Roster

QB: (2) Joe Burrow, Ryan Finley
RB: (4) Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard, Trayveon Williams, Rodney Anderson
WR: (7) AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, John Ross, Auden Tate, Mike Thomas, Alex Erickson
TE: (3) Drew Sample, CJ Uzomah, Cethan Carter
OT: (3) Jonah Williams, Fred Johnson, Bobby Hart
OG: (5) Michael Jordan, Xavier Su’a-Filo, BIlly Price, Alex Redmond, Hakeem Adeniji
C: (1) Trey Hopkins
DE: (5) Carlos Dunlap, Sam Hubbard, Carl Lawson, Jordan Willis, Khalid Kareem
DT: (4) Geno Atkins, DJ Reader, Renell Wren, Josh Tupou
OLB: (3) Akeem Davis-Gaither, Germaine Pratt, Jordan Evans
MLB: (3) Logan Wilson, Josh Bynes, Markus Bailey
CB: (6) William Jackson III, Trae Waynes, Mackensie Alexander, Darius Phillips, Tony Brown, LeShaun Sims
SS: (2) Von Bell, Shawn Williams
FS: (2) Jesse Bates III, Brandon Wilson
K: (1) Randy Bullock
P: (1) Kevin Huber
LS: (1) Clark Harris
Position Group Strengths and Weaknesses
The Bengals had subpar play from QBs in 2019. Andy Dalton regressed to well below average, while Ryan Finley was downright putrid. Part of these struggles can be blamed on our turnstile OL, but beyond that it was clear the Bengals needed. a new answer at QB. Joe Burrow was drafted to start day 1, and the team will ride or die with him. His ability to move in and out of the pocket will be a huge asset if the line doesn’t improve from last year. He will also have a talented WR corps and stable of RBs to work with. However, he is still a rookie and there will be growing pains. No matter how dominant he looked in college one cannot expect him to step into the NFL, especially with a truncated offseason, and play to that level. The best one should be rooting for is that he continues to grow throughout the year and shows flashes of that elite play that rocketed him to the #1 pick. Something akin to Baker Mayfield or Andrew Luck’s rookie season should be the high end of expectations.
Joe Mixon leads the way with solid depth, especially if Rodney Anderson can stay healthy. Mixon is a top 10 dual threat RB, who will hopefully be used more in the passing game this year, an area he was underutilized in 2019. Part of this is because backup Gio Bernard is a top pass catcher, as well as a solid pass protector. When asked to shoulder the load, he has had many great games over the years. Trayveon Williams never even saw the field last year, but showed some talent in preseason. And the aforementioned Anderson has all the talent in the world, but injury after injury in college and then his rookie year have derailed his career. Still, there is hope he can at least carve out a contributing role. If Mixon goes down the team would most likely platoon Bernard and Williams, which would be a considerable downgrade given Mixon’s talent.
Right now this is the team’s biggest question mark. The unit ranked among the worst last season, if not the outright worst in the league. The team opted to not spend any high draft capital on the position group, though they did grab Hakeem Adeniji in the 6th. The only returning starter with confidence is C Trey Hopkins, and even he only ranked about average compared to his peers. Several sub-par starters from 2019 are currently projected to start again, including Bobby Hart and Michael Jordan. There are some reasons to be optimistic however. Jonah Williams will be back to anchor the LT spot after missing all of last season. If he can be the player he was drafted to be, that will instantly upgrade the unit. Further, the coaching staff has talked a lot about players they expect to take a leap, chiefly OG Michael Jordan and possible new RT Fred Johnson. If those players can lock down their spots and take the next step, this unit could end up middle of the pack in the league.
Pass catchers:
On paper this is a great unit. Green has played like a top 5 WR for most of his career. Boyd is reliable in the slot, among the best in the league. Higgins projects as a Baby Green, who gets to learn from the player he modeled his game after. And Ross can run past anybody in the league. But there’s still a lot of question marks that knock this unit down a few spots in the rankings. Green hasn’t played in 1.5 years due to injury. Can he return to his old form at 32? Higgins has concerns about separation that caused him to fall to the 2nd round, will he be able to win outside against NFL corners?
And Ross. Oh John Ross. The #9 pick from 2017 hasn’t remotely lived up to his drafting, struggling with injuries, drops, and quitting on routes. He will flash here and there, including getting off to a hot start last year, but is yet to put it all together. Going into the final year of his contract, he will most likely be the #4 WR on the team. Will that help him to better showcase his talent? Here’s hoping. But speaking as someone who hated the pick at the time, I’m not holding my breath.
At TE the unit features 2nd year Drew Sample and C.J Uzomah. Neither was particularly utilized nor effective last year. There's still a chance for Sample to become a contributor, after all he was drafted in the 2nd round and did miss time with injury last year. However thus far the Zac Taylor offense mainly utilizes TEs as blockers, and there is no reason to assume that shifts dramatically this year.
This is without a doubt the best unit on the team. The unit has a great pass rush anchored by Geno Atkins, who will benefit immensely from newcomer DJ Reader joining him in the middle and eating up. Reader is known more as a run stuffer than a pass rusher, but is not slouch when it comes to collapsing the pocket. At DE there’s a solid rotation of perennially underrated Carlos Dunlap, Sam Hubbard, and Carl Lawson. Hubbard improved immensely in his sophomore season, and Lawson played well coming off an ACL tear. If he can play like he did his rookie season now that he’s fully healthy, this unit could be top 10 in pass rushing.
Defending against the run was a weakness of this unit last season, but the addition of Reader in the middle and rookie Khalid Kareem in the rotation outside will help with that. Reader is a monster of a man at 6’3” and 347 lbs. Having him anchor the line should go a long way to preventing teams from gashing us down the middle again and again like last season. Rookie Khalid Kareem will work into our DE rotation and has great tape when it comes to setting the edge and defending against the run. While he may not offer much at this level when it comes to pass rush, he should still help elevate the unit.
Last year’s bottom of the barrel unit was almost completely revamped in the offseason. Returning 2nd year player Germaine Pratt will be joined by draft picks Logan Wilson, Akeem Davis-Gaither, and Markus Bailey, as well as FA signing Josh Bynes. The unit can’t be any worse than last year, and the newcomers offer a lot of reasons for hope. Wilson and ADG both showed great athleticism and coverage ability in college. Both should see extensive playing time as rookies, with Wilson aiming to be a 3 down LB while ADG should see plenty of play in nickel and dime packages.
Bynes was an above average player on the Ravens defense last year who now will have to step up to be the veteran in the room. While most are ecstatic about these new faces, it has to be said that a new LB coach with all new players, most of whom are rookies, will see some growing pains.
Next to the LB corps, this was the most overhauled unit on the team. Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander replace Dre Kirkpatrick and Darqueze Dennard, and Von Bell should move into the starting SS role over Shawn Williams. This unit had a fair amount of struggles last year, along with the rest of the defense. One area they should show significant improvement this year is in run support. New secondary coach Steve Jackson emphasizes tackling and physicality, and Waynes and Bell are both known for being sure tacklers.
In terms of pass protection Waynes is a slight upgrade to Kirkpatrick, especially if he can play more like he did 2 seasons ago. Alexander is a slight downgrade to Dennard’s coverage ability in the slot, but not enough to be a liability. Finally Bell is a definite upgrade to Williams, who has always struggled in coverage and is much more comfortable in the box as a S/LB hybrid.
For depth, CB Darius Phillips flashed last year so should see more snaps in dime packages, and FA acquisition Leshaun Sims will be an instant upgrade from BW Webb if nothing else.
Special Teams:
The Bengals have generally had above average to good units under Darrin Simmons. In fact, Football Outsiders ranked them the #1 unit in the league for 2019. Kicker Randy Bullock is closer to average, but is still fairly consistent at the position, if underwhelming at times. Kevin Huber has long been a quality punter, good at pinning teams inside the 20.
Alex Erickson has been the main punt/kick returner the last few years, however last year he ceded many kick returns to CB Darius Phillips. Going into this year it is assumed they will continue to split the load, though Erickson may not stick on the roster if the team goes a different way at returner as that has been his primary role in a crowded WR room.
Training Camp Battles to watch
Backup QB:
Ryan Finley was atrocious last year. In 3 starts he managed 474 yds on 47.4% completion, with only 2 TDs. Some fans want Jake Dolegala, who has stuck on the roster after some solid preseason performances, to take over as the primary backup. But considering the staff didn’t even give him a look despite Finley playing so terribly, it’s unlikely he unseats Finley for the #2 role. Perhaps the Bengals carry 3, but it seems more likely one of them ends up on the practice squad.
Projected Winner: Ryan Finley
RT: Fred Johnson vs Bobby Hart
Ahh Bobby Hart. Long known as one of the worst starting OTs in the league, he’s becoming more and more famous for his asinine Instagram posts. Hart played both RT and LT last season, as injuries to Jonah Williams, Cordy Glenn, and Andre Smith forced him to the left side of the line for a time. Fred Johnson was signed off the Steelers’ practice squad and ended up making 2 starts at LT towards the end of the season, performing admirably and showing possibly the best tape of any Bengals’ OT last season.
Heading into this season, with the healthy Jonah Williams expected to lock down LT, these two are poised to battle it out for RT. Hart has the edge in experience and has been repeatedly defended by the coaching staff despite fans’ frustration with his play. But don’t count out Johnson either. A complete surprise last season, he has earned rave reviews from OL coach Jim Turner. This one could go either way.
Projected Winner: Fred Johnson

Schedule Predictions

Week Opponent Home/Away Prediction
Prediction: 7-9
Assuming there is a 2020 season, the Bengals have nowhere to go but up after finishing 2-14 (unless they decide to become the 2017 Browns). And in looking at the schedule, combined with an on paper much improved roster, there’s much potential. Finishing last in the division gets us matchups against JAX, MIA, and LAC, who all project to be much easier matchups than their respective division rivals.
The Bengals also get to play the NFC East this year, which last season was one of the worst divisions in football. However, the Bengals also have to face the Ravens and Steelers twice, and despite the Browns underwhelming last year, they are stacked on both sides of the ball. If the new coaching staff can get more of Rookie Baker Mayfield rather than Year 2 Baker, they will be a dangerous team to contend with.
I think it’s reasonable to expect the Bengals to finish somewhere with 6-8 wins. They should show clear improvement from last year’s squad due to the offseason acquisitions, but will still be dealing with a rookie QB (who likely will get a limited to no offseason) and still play in one of the toughest divisions in football. Playoffs are a stretch to project this year, but Zac Taylor will be on the hot seat if he shows no improvement over last year with the new additions he’s been given. Most likely the team will be drafting in the 10-15 range.
Link to hub
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2020.07.10 07:13 KillerSpaceBunny Who Here Went To 2nd Nature in Utah or Oregon? Reviews Are of Course Terrible. Here Are Just A Few I Found On Yelp!

Second Nature
Christen V.
Northborough, MA
“Child abuse child abuse child abuse that's all this place is about I can't tell you how many counselors should be put in jail for child abuse this place is terrible children should never be kidnapped this place should be shut down Did you send your kids here they will be permanently traumatized for the rest of their lives and never trust you again I did have a first-hand experience.”
Allie F.
Bloomington, IN
Updated review
“I haven't been on Yelp in a long time and saw the response from Andrea. Well, there is another program called "Second Nature Entrada Wilderness Therapy Program" that is also located in Utah. These two organizations have the SAME logo. I'm certain they are affiliated.
Anyone considering attending this program should really do their research.
Here is a link that provides information about how shady these programs are. It also includes investigations completed by the Government Accountability Office.
I want to emphasize that wilderness therapy programs are COMPLETELY UNREGULATED. It has been shown that the "educational consultants" and "after-care" programs get kickbacks for referrals.
Again, please message me if you'd like to hear more about my experience. I will be checking my account.
I'm very fortunate that I'm healthy, have a loving family, and am educated. Many people who participate in this program are not as fortunate and are therefore less likely to talk about their experiences.
4/14/2016Previous review
I had a horrible experience in this program. The reason I decided to go is that I had gone through a traumatic experience and I started seeing a therapist who recommended it.
I was expecting to feel supported and get to know the staff and other people in the program. Instead I was treated like a criminal even though I've never done drugs or broken the law.
The staff you interact with on a daily basis are not trained therapists. They were often emotionally abusive. I was told that if I left the program early my parents wouldn't want me back. I have a very close relationship with my family and knew that was bull****. At the time I was on disability at my first job out of college and had moved back home.
We were often bullied and treated with disrespect. We hiked in over 100 degree weather most days . I was on a lot of anti anxieties bc I would get panic attacks which made me extremely tired. Sometimes when I needed a break from hiking (which btw i love hiking and used to do that most weekends before I was mentally I'll) I was told I was lazy and that I could not take a break.
During most of the program I was not allowed to talk to my parents. The therapist kept telling them I needed to stay longer. Btw they charge something like $5,000 per week which isn't cheap so they have a strong incentive to make you stay longer.
Finally in order to leave the program I would just flat out lie to the staff and say everything they wanted to hear. When I finally was allowed to go home my parents were very upset and I was very depressed for months. When I was finally able to communicate with my parents during the program I was terrified to tell them about what the program was like. The therapist was on the phone line and told me what I needed to tell my parents if I wanted to leave any time soon.
I'm happy to say that now I'm doing very well . I'm a full time grad student and work 20 hours a week at a university. If anyone wants to talk to me about my experience I welcome it and am more than happy to answer questions.
Of course this is only my experience and I know there are ppl who benefit from it. If your kid has serious behavioral problems or addicted to drugs they might benefit. If your kid is feeling depressed or anxious I wouldn't recommend it. It could make their problems worse.”
Kate B.
San Rafael, CA
“Parents: probably good to read some kids reviews as you'll have very little insight into the day-to-day at 2N...
I attended second nature from September-December 2007 when I was 15. Few things after reading some reviews: - I will always hold a very special place in my heart for some of the field staff there. Emily R, Erin, and I think his name was Dan. You don't build much of a connection with the therapist that comes out once a week, so you keep your fingers crossed you get good field staff. - I can verify that I was blindfolded when being transported from the mountains to the high desert when we relocated for winter weather. No big deal, they don't want us running away. - The food was terrible when I was there. I gained about 10 unnecessary pounds from eating all carbs and fat, with very scarce opportunities for animal protein. I remember we had "meat Friday's" which was a gallon freezer bag of mystery meatballs for us to share. We had oatmeal for breakfast every morning, tortillas and peanut butter for lunch, and the famous dehydrated beans and rice for dinner. - Society is different now. Kids don't play outside, they're on their phones. We were sent out on "solos" pretty soon after I arrived which I was NOT prepared for. You have a campsite alone in the woods, with absolutely no one else around. You have your notebook and any books your therapist gives you and that's it...for several days. This was before smart phones and Instagram and I was still uncomfortable beyond belief. I did not have the coping skills or self love to be able to be on my own without any distractions so soon into my stay, which made the experience fairly traumatic for me. - I hiked 11 miles in a snow storm carrying an ~80lb pack with two ingrown toenails that I ended up having to get surgically removed. Did this make me tough? Hell yeah it did. Did it make me stop breaking rules, lying to my parents, and manipulating my way through life? Nope. I did 2 years at boarding school after this which is where the real progress happened.
I'm almost 27 now and have been very successful in my life. 3 stars because second nature taught me to work hard, don't complain, and that things can ALWAYS be worse. Star deductions because it was pretty shitty at times, and if I was put in the position I would not send my child here to learn those lessons.”
Connor N.📷
“Don't buy into the positive reviews, this place is terrible. You are a monster if you go through with sending a child there. What this place does to people is comparable to rape or molestation in the shame and how it outcasts you permanently from ever really feeling back at home again. When you are out there, the staff have no problem letting you know this is a business and that they are using the willingness and trust of confused and frustrated parents with money, and feeding you into an expensive system where therapists and professionals convince the parents that their child needs expensive boarding school, or other "after-care" programs. I was there summer of 2010 Group4 and I wish this never happened to me. Never have your child kidnapped people. That's what mine did. That's what this program may have you do, many in my group did. They had two huge Richmond gangster African American men burst into my room at 4am and drag me out of my room, threatening to handcuff me if I resisted at all. Others in my group had been beaten bloody by their "escort service" for resisting. Do not listen to the positive reviews. Maybe for a few this might work, but this has made my life hell in unimaginable ways. I'll never forgive my parents for what they put me through with this, and I wish I could organize a joint lawsuit and get together with former "clients" and sue the hell out of this place for the damage they have caused us. You are a monster if you send your kid here. Don't buy into the recommendations of professionals. This is not how you should treat any sort of problem. You are sending your child to a marching internment camp where they could be eaten by a bear because someone else brought food in their pack to bed. Which there aren't tents here people. Just a boat tarp you string up with paracord, so rats run over you in the night, mosquitos swarm you in the hundreds, so loud their buzzing is what wakes you in the morning. Where if you don't make a fire with sticks successfully, you can't sit by the group fire or eat group food, forced to eat cold tuna envelopes while everyone else eats. Where they make you walk miles without water on "dehydration hikes". Where staff members taunt you that you aren't going home and that the therapist will convince your parents to send you to a boarding school. I was just a kid with depression who smoked some weed. A psychologist and his recommended "educational consultant" convinced my parents to have me kidnapped the day after I finished my school year and spend my 16th birthday and the next 3 months in the custodial care of this abomination of a program. Please. I beg of you. For your child's sake don't go down this road if you care anything about having any what of a normal relationship with your child. I can answer more questions if you'd like.”
Sim G.
New York, NY
“Worst place in the universe. The staff are almost abusive and the program is terrible. I would not recommend this for anyone. It s nothing more than a business, and the place should be shut down. The only reason I'm writing this review, is so no one else will make the same mistake I made, which was to go. I only hope the viewer of this will weigh their options heavily before even thinking about this place.”
Roxanne B.
Los Angeles, CA
“I highly doubt that anyone researching programs will look here.. on Yelp, but I would be remiss not to warn parents and families at every turn of this abusive program. Second Nature makes fantastical claims of it's success rates, safety, and the qualifications of its staff but a little intensive research yields the truth: Second Nature programs are no more effective, and absolutely no different than programs like Utah's now-closed North Star Expeditions/Challenger Foundation. In fact, wilderness programs and boot camp-style "tough love" treatments have zero peer-reviewed studies which show they are effective. I am 100% fo' serious (research it!). I am a former camper, and I ended up swept through the system, and away from home for a bit more than two years. Second Nature refused me my inhaler while hiking despite the fact that I have had documented athsma my entire life (claiming that although I take asthma medication, that I was "lying" about my condition). 2N also espouses isolation as a successful form of therapy (most campers will spend 6-7 days on "Solo," not a single person in sight, completely alone with no idea where staff is located). Please read any literature related to the recent Kelief Browder tragedy if you're curious about whether or not isolation/solitary confinement is an effect form of treatment. 2N Counselors (who hold no degrees, certification, and are often 20-somethings with sleeves or tattoos and no career aspirations) were often incredibly cruel, telling a sick campmate of mine that she was "disgusting," or calling young girls brats, fools, manipulative liars if they were sick, "idiots" and more. Worst of all, the program is recklessly-run and thus, dangerous. Our group was lost one afternoon with no water and no food, and 1 of my fellow campers fainted from dehydration.
  1. Any program that monitors, censors, or severely limits the contact you have with your child raises a big fat red flag. Your child should be able to have unmonitored contact with you, in the case that they are being mistreated or are in danger. 2N censors written letters written by campers, and phonecalls (which are a privilege granted before one leaves) are always in the presence of 1 or more staff member.
  2. A program that deals with frightened, sick, or abused children and teens as "manipulative, liars, entitled brats," and more is also a red flag. "Being immature," is not a reason to send a child to treatment (a child or teen, by definition, is "immature").
  3. Programs that do not require staffers to have advanced degrees, and years of experience in the field= red flag. Qualified individuals should be a first-priority of any program which conducts it's "treatment" in conditions as extreme as 2N's.
  4. Programs which ask you to waive your power of attorney over to their staff and ask that you not sue in the case of severe illness, major injury, or death= red flag.
Essentially, there are far too many horror stories but the bottom line here is: do your research. Now do more. The troubled teen industry is just that- an industry (not-so-fun-fact: supported by Romney's venture capitalist firm, Bain), and their first and foremost priority is to make money for themselves and their friends at therapeutic boarding schools, "escort services," and "educational consultants." Profiting off a family's vulnerability, confusion, fear, or even worse abusive and dysfunctional dynamic is morally reprehensible. Torturing teens doesn't make anything or anyone better, it makes things worse. In the best case scenario, you will be exorbitantly wealthy and able to send your child to a "therapeutic boarding school," a program which I can only describe as abuse-lite. Parents- you have options! Please, please, please arm yourself with facts/peer-reviewed and unbiased statistics and studies regarding troubled teen programs, and not sales propaganda. Best of luck to you!
Essential Reading:… (Questions to ask of any program a family is considering) ttp://\_7139316…"
Max G.
Miami, FL
“I was sent here 2 years back and I can openly say if you plan on sending your kids here there are so many better options. Don't even think about sending your kid away. If you don't want to deal with your child and send them elsewhere do be dealt with you don't truly love them or deserve to be their parent and this is how it will look to the child for the rest of their lives after. It's been two years and I can say I will never truly forgive my dad for sending me to Second Nature. It makes me hate that he's my dad. Yes I was struggling but I wasn't on the verge of death and therefore such intense measures shouldn't even be considered. The only beneficial skills I learned from second nature were survival skills and a general understanding of my emotions. But this doesn't matter whatsoever because the trauma from that experience has caused me more anxiety and depression than ever! I am not just an angry kid who was sent to Second Nature. I happened to enjoy my stay in many parts. But that's simply because I learned that I love the outdoors! but most children sent here are not so fond of their situation and in the end this program causes more problems than it solves. Everyone who was in my group has relapsed or gone back to old habits unless they DECIDED to change themselves. CHANGE DOESN'T WORK WHEN ITS FORCED.”
Zac H.
Asheville, NC
“You are hiking in rain, feet of snow if you are injured they tell you to suck it up. I am not anti-wilderness, as I think it is a great experience. But this place is truly not therapeutic, the schoolwork is very hard to get help with. This program often leaves you hungry at night and staff will get aggressive over small things such as exchanging phone numbers, whispering, etc. I got my wrists grabbed to the point of bruises after exchanging phone numbers, and I got no apology until he met my parents. Send your child to another wilderness program this is miserable for all parties. My therapist was nice but the staff does NOT CARE except for a select people. Just remember this is your child.”
Cooper S.
Laguna Beach, CA
“This review goes out for all parents thinking even for a second about sending their child here. It's not worth it. You think your child will learn and grow from this? Well then you are probably just as delusional as the people who run the place. You think, "oh wilderness therapy, sounds like a good way to get my child out of the scene of day to day life and have them step back and work on themselves." Yea if your child was Bear Grylls. Everyday is a grueling fight for survival. I was there in the winter of 2018-2019. I suffer from permanent nerve damage in my feet from the harsh cold and not enough warmth. The staff are harsh, cruel, selfish, and are solely focused on the objective of leaving the next week. The staff are all you have. the only connection to the outside world. Your solace and comfort in a time of stress. A kind staff, someone you could connect with was rare. Shout to the homie Corbin. One of the only real staff I met. Along with Ian, two of the nicest staff. The only way I made it through was because of them. I was in the G9/G3 group. I prayed every week to heaven or hell that I got these guys as staff. The therapist, Tracy, was nice. She was kind and counseling but only came out once a week. Making a true connection difficult. You can go to a therapist at home once a week, for an existential lower price. Shouldn't you be seeing a therapist more at a wilderness therapy program? My story is similar to any child sent her. Messed around, did some drugs. Nothing to harsh, nothing to severe. Diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I was truly struggling. All it would've taken was a shoulder to cry on and a pair of ears to listen. No one ever understood or tried to understand without anterior motives. My home life became so bad I resorted to living on the streets. Some time into living on the streets I was picked up by police as a juvenille runaway and taken to the hospital. After waiting hours for my parents to come and get me. I thought hey, maybe this is on me. Maybe i need to open up to my parents more. Im gonna try to change. Im gonna try to make things better. Finally my parents showed, with two very large goons. They told me i was going with the men to utah for a few days. In the car they forced me into the small seat in the back of an SUV. Being 6'4 this was extremely uncomfortable. I was stuck back there for 12 hours. After arriving at the program, being stripped and searched, they proceeded to do a series of medical tests as if i was joining the army. They large hiking boots, and put me in a truck. They drove me out to the middle of nowhere and dropped me off. I proceeded to go through hell. A living hell. Days of coldness. Forgetting warmth. Writing about warm things in life just to get a taste of what i knew was never to come for quite some time. I fought at first. refusing to do what they told me to do. Begging my parents to take me out. Begging them and pleading to show i had changed. All to no avail. All to find out i was stuck for 12 weeks. Maybe more. In a living hell. I learned to lie. You have to lie if you want to get out of there. I lied and got home. Im very successful at home now. Im sober, im happy, and healthier than ive ever been. I have a steady job and true friends who are good and are their for me. Can't say second nature is the right choice for anyone. Unless you truly just want your child to suffer. no one needs to go through this. parents i beg you if you are debating on sending your child here. Just try to listen to your child. forget trying to accomplish anything. just listen. i was forced to spend thanksgiving and christmas out there. In freezing temperatures. Im going to have to stop there because theres just so much more wrong with this program. If you have any questions about my story, experience, or views on second nature feel free to message me.”
Gerald B.
Los Angeles, CA
“If there were an option for zero stars, that would certainly be my choice. The following is stated exclusively from personal experience. Others may have had better or worse experiences, but the following is what I went through...It is my feeling that the entire operation should have been shut down years ago. I can confirm from personal experience that a significant amount of what other negative reviews had stated are true. For example, it is absolutely true to my experience as well that the 'counselors' required that children created a fire by themselves with sticks, string and a rock each day in order to eat anything cooked on a fire. Otherwise, we were forced to vile dehydrated beans and rice with a little bit of cold water, which I can tell you through personal experience does not re-hydrate them. They are practically inedible and still crunchy and tasteless. That was a daily occurrence. Also, being sent on 'solos' were a real thing - these counselors actually took children to remote places, where they were then left alone for days at a time (wouldn't know exactly for how long, as they had a rule that children were never allowed to know what time it was). We were left with nothing other than minimal food to get by, some water, and our blue tarp and strings to sleep under in a sleeping bag. Yes - that is the same type of blue tarp that would be laid over the back of a pick-up truck to cover up lawn equipment, for example. No insulation, and nothing close to a tent that one can enclose.
There were way too many activities that went on that are so unethical and so horrible to put children through. All children (and I say children because I am referring to the under-18 program, in which children are sent there involuntarily, compared to the adult version), were required to carry on their backs their incredibly heavy backpacks each day on long hikes in all weather conditions. These backpacks held tarp materials, clothing, a week's worth of food, a rock, fire making materials, notebooks, and other items. We were even forced to place heavy rocks in our packs as punishment to make them even heavier. They were very heavy, and not all kids are the same size. They all, however, carried the same backpacks - even the smaller kids. We would have to wake up each day, pack the contents of the bags, then go on long hikes for unknown amounts of time and unknown distances. Counselors refused to ever tell children how long hikes were, how much longer the hikes would be, or what time it was. As a kid, this caused incredible feelings of fear, powerlessness, and that of what a prisoner likely feels.
Upon arrival, children are blindfolded, taken to a remote place in the mountains, then isolated from the group for days until they finish writing their 'life story' with zero guidance or instruction. Then, once they present it they are first told that their life story needs to be one with full accountability or they were forced to be isolated for days more and re-write it. This also comes at a time when children are most fragile, scared, lonely, powerless, and terrified - when they FIRST arrive, typically at night, having no idea what is about to ensue. Imagine this as well - the entire time in the program, children are outdoors. Whether in a snowstorm, windstorm, rainstorm, or any other weather. We were outside 24/7 in the middle of winter, and slept in nothing other than a sleeping bag and a blue tarp over our heads, for which we were responsible figuring out each day how to find a location in the mountains and hang it properly in order to not wake up soaking wet. One pair of underwear for each week. Weekly "showers" consisted of taking a couple of old dirty coffee containers, filling them with water, then stripping in the middle of the woods in the freezing cold and pouring that water on oneself. Not a good time, and very hard to do.
The counselors, who spend days with the children, seemed to have no backgrounds in therapy, no credentials, no schooling or degrees for it. I cannot confirm this but can only speak to personal experience. On what planet should young, inexperienced, uncredentialled adults be physically and emotionally responsible for taking full care of sometimes very emotionally damaged, addicted children, some of whom had psychological disorders. These poor kids should be in the hands of incredibly qualified, trained psychologists and psychiatrists, not counselors looking to make a couple bucks.
I want to review their financials to see if there is an expense item for 'referral fees paid.' I would be very curious to see if they are paying people around the country to refer parents to send their children to this place, creating a bias and moral dilemma. I have spoken with many, very scholarly, successful and brilliant psychologists and psychiatrists, all of whom have said they cannot believe that some people actually send their children to this place. It is shameful. Much more to say but limited character space.”
Andrew C.
Scarsdale, NY
I went here in September of 2019, and it was one of the most traumatic experience of my life. The therapists there are not people you can sit and talk to about your feelings, they are sarcastic, rude, and insulting. If you don't behave the staff will restrain you by pulling your wrists down and it hurts like hell. If they think you will hurt yourself they will restrain you. If you are too close to the fire, they will restrain you (happened to me twice). If your child is going to grow up and become this very troubled criminal, maybe this place could be beneficial. But if your child is struggling with anger issues, anxiety, depression, skipping schools, etc. This place is just over all not helpful and is not what you need to be spending tens of thousands of dollars on. I have been home for about 4 months now because my parents pulled me out due to harsh staff and rude therapist that my mom was fed up with. I am doing much better now thanks to some medication and I am so grateful my parents decided to pull me out of there. (By the way, if Second Nature is reading this, my therapist was Steve Debois)
Persondude H.
Houston, TX
“I wrote a review that was once on the top of this list and then it was removed due to the age restricting policy. Well Im 18 now and I'm finally old enough to not get this taken down lol.
Don't send your kid here if you care about your relationship with them. Also don't trust educational consultants or aftercares. Since being a victim of this horrible business model I have seen kids mental well being deteriorate into oblivion. I attended second nature in the summer of 2017 and have never been in a worse mindset than I was put through at this place. I "as well as others" became extremely depressed and suicidal and lost complete respect and trust in our parents. Usually educational consultants will get a commission from sending you here, so when they tell you "Oh your Son/Daughter would really excel here." they are 90% of the time speaking out of their ass and just want that sweet sweet commission.
When I first came to second nature I was extremely mad at my parents and thought I would never forgive them for such a traumatic experience. "Being Gooned/Transported." And to tell you the truth I have not forgiven them. Afterr all of this time. I want to kill myself and have horrible trust in all adult figures because of this place. And I am not the only one.
I'm not really sure what Im trying to do by posting this review but I just want to warn parents that this can severely mess up your kids relationship with you. From what Ive witnessed this is just an expensive business scam directed towards desperate parents that have money to throw away. 99% of the time the therapists and educational consultants will recommend your kid go to aftercare and you will end up spending a-lot more money than you initially thought. All of the kids I knew faked their progress so that they could impress the staff and parents just so they could leave sooner. Please just use this as a last resort and really try hard to think about what you are doing and try to talk with your kid about it instead of just blindly violating human rights and traumatizing them by waking them up to transports. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep thinking about this and I feel so alone now.
I hope you as a parent can help your kids, but do it from a better approach instead of Gooning them and forcefully sending them to shit in a hole for 3 months.
Thanks, Former 2N student.”
Fred X.
Jacksonville, FL
“They took off my pictures like many other people here I got PTSD from going there along with acute intermittent porphyria. A 1:100 disease for life. I throw up blood regularly I go to the bathroom and see blood in the toilet im now on 10 pills just for anxiety and sleep and 15mg a day of oxy. This place gave me nightmares and health problems for the rest of my life. I moved out never spoke to my parents again. I had pictures that were taken down part of porphyria is you get sun blisters my face back and chest have scars from the sun sores that will never be healed or covered up. I experience pain everyday I've had seizures as a result of the PTSD my last seizure dislocated my shoulder and tore my rotatir cuff. I came out worse than I went in. They refused to bring me to the hospital and I was told if I didn't stop throwing up i couldn't go home. I was so sick there from the salmonella I was throwing up daily one night I was so dehydrated I passed out half way to my tent and passed myself. Sending your kid here could kill them my doctors told me im lucky to be alive and what I have (porphyria) could be passed onto my kids. It mutated my gene. Screw them if you send your kid they will hate you. Im not the only one who came out worse than when they went in. If I got sick I was supposed to carry extra weight while hiking to metaphorically reflect the weight the group had to carry from dragging me by my backpack while I was unconscious on hikes. Luckily the staff although they were told not to bring me to the hospital they atleast didn't force me to carry extra weight after they found me unconscious when I passed out and passed myself. They knew I want faking but the therapist believed I was. I was also mocked because I read the bible cause I knew I was dying. I debated hanging myself while there because I knew I was dying I wanted to go out on my own terms. I had my will written inside my boots telling my parents to get an u/autopsy done. I also told my friends in my group to tell my parents what REALLY happened to me and why I died. I HOPE THIS PLACE BURNS TO THE GROUND. Therapist lu vaughn was my therapist. The staff I had knew something was wrong but they were helpless because of her orders. I been to jail and jail was better than that place. Imagine sending ur child somewhere worse than jail they will never be the same. I don't trust anyone and cut off my entire family because of this place. Look at the other reviews more ppl left with PTSD I wouldn't wish PTSD on my worst enemy!”
“I attended Second Nature from September to December of 2017. I've thought a lot about writing this review because I didn't want others to think that I was writing this because I was pissed about what had happened. Second Nature did not help me what so ever. Before being sent to Second Nature I was in the middle of a depressive episode and my parents didn't know what to do. Someone recommended this place so off I went. As soon as I got there you are strip searched and examined. I was extremely uncomfortable being thrown into a new environment with no one that you know and being forced to do this. The staff members as a whole were very nice and caring and tried to do whatever they could to make Second Nature seem more enjoyable. However, the therapist that I was assigned did little to help me. She tried to stick so many disorders and diagnoses on me that weren't correct. (Since coming home, I see a therapist weekly and both my therapist and the psychologist I see strongly disagree with the treatment option that was made.) She told my parents that I shouldn't be brought home and that I wouldn't be able to last at home for a while without having another episode. She told my parents that I was unwilling to participate in therapy and that I needed more and more time in the Program. I was willing to participate, I just didn't agree with the diagnoses she was making. None of them made sense for me. While I was there, I had hurt my hip. The doctor on staff decided to provide me with a very strong pain killer that I easily could've been addicted to without checking with my parents first. Not only that, he diagnosed the wrong thing and I would up having to get knee surgery when I got home. I won't argue that Second Nature is not effective, because it is. But before you send your child there, see if that is really the right option for them. If it is the last resort, try it. But if there are other options, try those first. I proved the therapist wrong and I am thriving at home, two years later without being sent to another therapeutic program and have a great relationship with my family due to my current therapist.”
Kalep T.
Chicago, IL
“Second Nature helped me. How? I still do not know. However I struggle greatly with PTSD from being transported in the middle of the night. My first week I almost killed myself, not intentionally but just out of pure fear of being in the middle of nowhere. Not having contact with my family still haunts me, as now my communication skills are poor. I just wanted to get out of second nature. Once i got in the group i enjoyed it, along with the staff. I reached air phase and was able to go back home after 9 1/2 weeks. My motivation was simply to get home. When i got home no one seemed to understand the trauma i had just been through. I still struggle. All my close friends I made during a very hard time in my life all separated ways. Flashbacks are frequent and make me sad. Second Nature is a good program but my life was better off before going here. Just love your child and try to understand them. Do not send them to second nature. It will only do your child harm along with yourself. Just my opinion. If you are going to go with a wilderness therapy then I do recommend Second Nature.”
Max G.
Miami, FL
“I was sent here 2 years back and I can openly say if you plan on sending your kids here there are so many better options. Don't even think about sending your kid away. If you don't want to deal with your child and send them elsewhere do be dealt with you don't truly love them or deserve to be their parent and this is how it will look to the child for the rest of their lives after. It's been two years and I can say I will never truly forgive my dad for sending me to Second Nature. It makes me hate that he's my dad. Yes I was struggling but I wasn't on the verge of death and therefore such intense measures shouldn't even be considered. The only beneficial skills I learned from second nature were survival skills and a general understanding of my emotions. But this doesn't matter whatsoever because the trauma from that experience has caused me more anxiety and depression than ever! I am not just an angry kid who was sent to Second Nature. I happened to enjoy my stay in many parts. But that's simply because I learned that I love the outdoors! but most children sent here are not so fond of their situation and in the end this program causes more problems than it solves. Everyone who was in my group has relapsed or gone back to old habits unless they DECIDED to change themselves. CHANGE DOESN'T WORK WHEN ITS FORCED.”
Zac H.
Asheville, NC
“You are hiking in rain, feet of snow if you are injured they tell you to suck it up. I am not anti-wilderness, as I think it is a great experience. But this place is truly not therapeutic, the schoolwork is very hard to get help with. This program often leaves you hungry at night and staff will get aggressive over small things such as exchanging phone numbers, whispering, etc. I got my wrists grabbed to the point of bruises after exchanging phone numbers, and I got no apology until he met my parents. Send your child to another wilderness program this is miserable for all parties. My therapist was nice but the staff does NOT CARE except for a select people. Just remember this is your child.”
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2020.07.01 15:39 UAvi8tor Vine was a malignant cancer to the internet, and left behind a dystopian e-wasteland in it's wake (very long post)

Looking back on it now, the internet as a whole would be so much better if Vine never existed. We wouldn't have shallowness or vapidity that Vine brought, and hundreds or even thousands of kids and adults would still be alive because they didn't do that oh-so-#trendy-#challenge. Twitter would have more room to grow instead of losing mindshare (not market share) to Instagram. Instagram would have grown more sustainably, and would be a fun and wholesome place to post a picture of that memorable Christmas vacation with the family, and not a shallow, vapid place for models to post their mediocre asses photoshopped into oblivion on. We wouldn't have to worry about overdone filters and a highly inflated lifestyle as much, people wouldn't have to live up to these internet stars who make themselves out as living a highly lavish lifestyle. Our etiquette and language would vastly different, emojis and buzzwords would be much less common in our verbal language. Content on YouTube would be much more individual, or with no drama from Vine "stars" being brought in. Videos would be more bring more detail on less content, instead of stuffing as many trending topics into as little time as possible. Bringing up 'challenges' again, we have seen time and time again how incredibly dangerous these internet challenges can be, going all the way back to planking and the cinnamon challenge, which were pushed to the point of people dying from long falls, animal attacks, and choking to death due to cinnamon powder being hydrophobic and sticking to the lining of the esophagus and to the various mucus covered organelles of the lungs. Most recently a young woman posted a video licking a toilet seat on a plane traveling to Miami, Florida, and captioned it as the "Coronavirus Challenge". This is quite obviously a extremely risky and dumb challenge because of the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the fact that toilet seats are giant petri dishes for all sorts of nasty bacteria. Other needlessly dangerous challenges that spawned from Vine and similar app are the Kylie Jenner Challenge, resulting of hemorrhaging in the lips and mouth, the fire challenge, for up to third degree burns and possibly death or the amputation of a charred limb, the Tide Pod challenge, ingestion can lead to various severe complications, with 7,000 reports of ingestion, and 7 confirmed deaths. The Salt & Ice challenge, which causes severe frostbite and skin discoloration. The Bird Box challenge, in which the participant blindfolds themselves, is dangerous for the obvious risks of tripping, falling onto sharp ledges or metal is in a garage or outside, getting hit by a vehicle, and many other ways to die. Backpedaling to Vine's influence on Instagram, Instagram started out as photo-centric platform, where users posted 1:1 photos of all things SWF (Given the default account settings). It was launched in 2010, 3 years before Vine, and had significant growth in that time, hitting the top of the App Store by 2013. Vine launched it's 7-second video platform in January of that year, and it started out with a similar to Instagram's in 2010. As summer of 2013 came about, the platform exploded in popularity with millions flocking to see funny short clips and jokes. However, Vine became stagnant and shallow very quickly, and by summer 2014, it's most popular users had started leaking out and eating away at the diversity and originality of YouTube. Bots had started to upload tens of thousands of unoriginal, vapid, stolen 'vines' and other videos, flooding YouTube and tanking the relevancy of the creators who had built the platform, some of whom never recovered and were either forced to quit, or move to Instagram or Twitter via sponsorships (I know the rise of livestreaming and Twitch gave some of these folks a second chance, but livestreaming has become a whole other can of worms that I really can't be asked to analyze right now.) . As 2015 rolled in, YouTube found it's relevancy and viewership falling, and it's biggest creators forced off by a deluge of unfunny, overused memes and extremely dangerous challenges, and the viewers left were exclusively watching vine compilations. YouTube, both on the technical and corporate ends, took a stand against Vine starting in the middle of 2015, as thousands of accounts with subscriber counts ranging from 50,000-3,500,00 were suspended indefinitely or terminated, and millions of "Vine Compilations", many with copyrighted content, were taken down. Twitter and Instagram were slowly getting their identity and character slowly scorched as 'VineStars' branched out to them to spread their (IMO) *awful* content. Instagram saw as the new generation of 'influencers' started using Snapchat's filters to take, edit and then post photos there, so they developed their own, a horrifying mix of beautifying filters that deliberately altered the appearance of the user to make them look perfect, with filters that removed acne and changed how your jaw, eyes, torso, and *sigh*, butt looked. Kids and Teens were being exposed to hyperattractive supermodels who appeared to have more than perfect bodies and live lavish, rich lives, with no struggle or strife. From this, these kids would look in the mirror hating themselves and how they looked, only supplementing it by how they wished they look like they did online. By 2016, Vine, which had recently been acquired by Twitter, was a virtual nuclear wasteland with it's radiation giving real people the physiological cancers the likes of anorexia, bulimia, chronic depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, Histrionic Personality Disorder, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Impulse Control Disorder, Impostor Syndrome, Narcissistic personality Disorder, and many verbal language disorders (ex. Someone saying "hashtag" before every word, with an inability to stop). As the second half of 2016 rolled through, Vine prepared to shut the gates of internet hell again, leaving the key under the doormat for to pick up the next year. Twitter left Vine Camera, but it never made a comeback due to Vine's most popular "Creators" (Calling them creators is a huge insult to all the wonderful people across the other platform who make awesome content) , had fled to the likes of YouTube and Instagram, and trashing the formerly (mostly) respectful and original communities there, causing controversy by using racist language, making false accusations, stealing content, and notably showing a hanging corpse on camera. Today we are left with the smoldering, barely recognizable mess that is the World Wide Web (Only World Wide if you are famous enough...). Vine has had a severe and blanketing effect on our browsing experience, and even in our everyday lives. Our children, and their children, may grow up hating their bodies and minds because the bigger world, and the people they see on the internet are so fake and twisted from reality, a reality no human in their right mind could ever think of achieving.
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