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Getting Revenge on my Ex

2020.12.02 06:29 Spruce-Chan Getting Revenge on my Ex

Getting Revenge on my HELLO!!! Ok first things first, I haven’t been on here in over a year but that’s only bc I’ve been busy with work, graduated a year early, and some how got big depressed bc of this COVID stuff... But I highly doubt anyone really cares I just wanted to say hello I am back and let’s get in to this xD
So there is this guy, let’s call him EB. Let’s give you guys some info about him.. We dated for almost a year or what ever last year. I really liked him and I think once loved him. He’s 20 right now and when I dated him he was 18 going on 19. He’s been a dad since he was 16 but barely sees his daughter at ALL and she’s now 3 or 4 years old?
I don’t remember but anyway I tried to do anything for him and get everything he wanted. He had no job (he did for like a couple of months) and he was a year or two late to graduate but the only reason why he graduated this year was bc I did his homework, again I did what ever to keep him happy..
I also bought him flowers, wrote a lot of little letters and put them all in a jar about how much I loved him with some candy with it. His family even loved me and said that I was the only girl that made him smile and laugh when ever I was around.
His mom mostly loved me, one time I hung out with her for 3 hours one day all because he got called I in to work. I mean I loved hanging out with his mom! It was my choice to stay and get to know the family more learn more about him!
His mom kept on saying how good of a father he was to his daughter, took care of her and how the mother wasn’t much involved till she moved away but her mom and dad now take care of the little one now.
All she ever did was hide in EB’s room and came out to play with her for like every other hour, take some pictures of and with her and then went back in to the room for the rest of the day. While I was with his mom she told me all about how much I made him happy and glad that I was in his life.
It made me think that he was the one for me because he made me happy as well and his family excepted me in to their family till things got kinda out of hand. We broke up about three or two times since I’ve been seeing him, the first time we broke up was because of these two snobs, let’s call them R and C.
They broke us up all bc I was still sending money to my ex in jail (Him and I were done and the time and knew I was in a new relationship but I was still helping him out by sending him money was because he literally had no one else and we were still good friends) yes I know that sounds bad and I know you guys are probably now Saying that isn’t ok but I was about to stop all of it till he broke up with me.
a month later he slept with the two girls that broke us up and told him more lies. three months later we got back together bc of my best friend, let’s call her BFF!! She helped me threw everything and still is! I love her with all I am and trust her with all I am!
Also tbh i don’t really remember how we broke up the other two times but I’m gonna guess it’s because how “clingy” I was or started to call him out for lying and cheating on me with a 15/14 year old and flirting with other girls. He put me threw hell, he took my things, he used me, and led me on for sooo long.
I still kinda do miss him still but I don’t ever want him back. Now he is “engaged” and about to have another kid... (to remind you it hasn’t even been a full year since we stopped seeing each other) they only been together for about 6-7 months?
They don’t have their own place yet, he just now got a new job, and still barely sees his first daughter but now his “ fiancé” is 24 weeks pregnant. She is in the hospital right now because her water broke with out her realizing.
The babies head is now shaped like a foot ball, the baby may or may not even make it and I know that’s sad to say but what’s even worse is that EB isn’t even in the hospital with her. He is two hours away from her at home flirting with other girls behind her back while she deals with the stress of might losing her first child.
I know he is cheating on her bc he ask my best friend if she was dtf (wanted to sleep together) and he sent my best friend a D pic.. I have it all on video and have the WHOLE conversation but idk when I should tell his “ fiancé” this, I will probably tell her once the baby is born.
Yes this is my revenge but the baby is more important, If I tell her now the baby might die of stress even faster but I do think she deserves to know. plus if I tell her now and the baby dies I will feel like it will pretty much be my fault for putting more stress on her.
Everyone does deserve to know eventually even if they don’t like you and I know his “ fiancé” doesn’t like me very much but I also never really talked to her.
Once again I’ll tell her once she is home and safe and the baby is safe! I know either way EB will probably get kicked out and have no where to live and will be looked at like the WORSE person in the world and I want to make him feel like a crappy person that he is.
I know this story isn’t that great or anything but I just wanted to get it off my chest and sorry for not much detail. I will be updating once she knows the news and the tea has been spilt.
(Yes I know they might have a chance to see this post but I kinda highly doubt it but if they see it they see it. I just kinda think it’s funny because karma kinda just gave me the wheel and told me to go for it so I Took the opportunity!)
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2020.12.02 06:28 crumbloolays [Aether][LFM][sHC][W1-Prog][Static] LF DPS for New Static - Week 1 5.4 Savage, Ultimates, Etc

Looking for members to create a new late-night weekday Pacific Time static, or otherwise just join a small end-game focused community. Initial goal will be day 1/week 1 prog of the Eden's Promise. Preference towards fun and easy-going players looking for a long-term home.
Primarily looking for a DPS, but will consider a strong regen healer.
Who you are:
What we're doing:
Who we plan to be:
If interested at all, message me on Discord [Crumsy#2129] to chat.
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2020.12.02 06:28 miinaroo It Burns

That’s what the homeless man said. “It burns.” That’s all he ever said to me, actually.
I only met him the one time, when I was walking to the train station from university one stark, cold winter afternoon. I don’t remember how long ago it was, I… No. I don’t remember. I suppose dates don’t mean much to anyone anymore.
He was lying on the ground, facing a brick wall, curled up in numerous layers of filthy clothes. I was walking by when he gave a low, pained groan. Then a whimper. “It… burns.”
I slowed to a halt, looking back at him uncertainly. What burned? Was this man in pain? I decided to check on him. “Uh… hello? Are you okay… sir?” I was bent awkwardly over his prone body, trying to catch any glimpse of a pained expression through the mane of stringy black hair. His head rolled back, a dejected, exhausted motion. I couldn’t see his face much better, but I was pretty sure he was crying.
“It- burns- !” He choked out, eyes unfocused and half-lidded. He must’ve been in some sort of pain, I thought. I glanced over his clothes. No blood spots, as far as I could tell, only black mud and dust and dirt. Maybe an internal injury?
“O-okay, sir, what burns? Do you need help? Should I call-!”
I was shocked into silence when he sprang up without warning and, fumbling a little, grabbed my sleeve. He fully yanked me down to his level, a strained, stuttering giggle escaping his lips.
Christ, what the-!” I met his eyes.
I expected them to be bloodshot, but they weren’t. No, they were perfectly clear. Wide. Staring, into me. So, so green. Too green. Too close, they were too close to my face. I felt his stale, mildly rancid breath on my face as he cried out. “It burns!” I could tell then that his voice was strangled not with pain, but with just. Pure, abject fear. Yet this time, it was also laced with a tone that I can only describe as… jovial. And that unsettled me more than anything else.
I jerked away as soon as a clear thought could enter my head, straightening up and preparing to stride away in fear and not a small amount of disgust.
That was when I heard that first, distant boom. It wasn’t close, but god, was it powerful. I felt my eardrums quiver, the ground shake and a low blast of hot wind whip my hair around my face. I looked in the direction it came from, to my right. Then up. There was a large hole in the white clouds, and a thick column of dark smoke streamed down from it towards the ground, framed by a number of skyscrapers about a mile away. Something had landed there. I couldn’t see what, some low-lying buildings were obscuring my view. For a good moment, it was just that black column, silhouetted against the bare white sky.
Then, without warning, one skyscraper went up in flames. And I don’t mean it caught fire, not in the usual sense, I mean the entire thing, the entire length of the fifty-floor building was, in a split second, entirely. Engulfed. In fire. Like if you stuck a match to a stick doused in gasoline. Then the next one went up. And the next. And the next. It made no sense, and it was terrifying.
A lot of people were screaming. I-I think I might have been too. I still hadn’t moved from my spot, I was too horrorstruck. Numbly, I turned my head to look at the homeless man. He looked more terrified than ever before, tears brimming in those green, green eyes of his, but a small, mad smile trembled on his lips.
One last time.
“It. Burns.”
And the world started to burn.
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2020.12.02 06:25 sweetemotionnn AITA for hiding something from my boyfriend that could ruin his older friendship?

so not too long ago, i (19f) heard from someone that my boyfriends (21m) old good friend had bought my boyfriends ex girlfriends onlyfans.
his ex girlfriend (22f) was extremely horrible to him and cheated on him multiple times within the years they were together but they met through said friend. so his ex and his friend were friends prior to them dating.
but i was shown proof from a friend of mine that the friend bought her onlyfans, to this day the friend and my boyfriend are always playing games together in their friend group and are always in discord calls together basically everyday and it breaks my heart to know what happened.
i want to tell my boyfriend, but i’m scared of what’s going to happen when i do. i don’t want to be the one to cause drama in a friend group that’s existed longer than our relationship. please help, i’ll take any advice or tips on how to tell my boyfriend.
i’m sure i ATA for hiding it, but it’s the simple fact that i cannot find the words to explain the situation to him. /:
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2020.12.02 06:25 Odd_Disk7544 Suspicious Suicide

A few months ago my mom had committed suicide. Or at least that’s what the autopsy report had ruled the manner of death as, but I’m kind of suspicious of the circumstances and I would love anyone’s opinion if you have one.
My mother and I had a very bad relationship, she was an alcoholic, very abusive and toxic and had mental health issues. I had not been talking to her for months leading up to her death but I had met the guy she was dating. He gave me a very bad feeling, i’m not sure what it was, but my brother and sister said they felt the same way. My mom and this guy had been dating for only a few months when they decided to get married. But they hadn’t told anyone till my brother figured out one day when visiting their house. My mom had previously told my brother that she did not love this guy but was lonely and needed someone to be with. Only around a month after they got married my mom was found with a ton of alcohol in her bloodstream (makes sense she’s an alcoholic) but also a shit ton of pills in her stomach, which I’ve never ever known her to even be capable enough to take when she is drunk like that. I know she had a past of mental issues and I’m not saying that it is impossible that it’s suicide, but I feel like the circumstances of her death were very odd, considering the things I know about her.
Any and all opinions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
Edit : I guess I should also mention that he took all of her valuable possessions after her death, including her very expensive rings. But refuses to tell us that he has them, only that he thinks the coroner has them from when they were doing the autopsy.
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2020.12.02 06:24 justmaybeee001 26 [F4M] Holidaaate

Supposed to download dating apps but I wanna be specific on what I’m looking for. Trying my luck here instead.
I just miss dating, it’s been almost a year since I went out with someone na with good intentions (yung di lang puro libog alam lol)
Take me out somewhere! Kahit roadtrip lang or even coffee dates. I just miss those.
About me: petite, kinda mestiza...
About you: (sorry for the standards) as equally attractive (preferably tall and fit), fun to be with AND most importantly, hindi sex lang hanap, please have pure intentions as well.
Message me if you’re also looking for one!
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2020.12.02 06:24 asocialDevice I don't care anymore

That's what if have sent him if i gave enough of a flying fuck to anymore. I just feel hallow...not sad hallow just...nothing.
I invited him over two weeks ago. No. I asked him if he wanted to drop by for food at thanksgiving he gave me a maybe... Which i took as a no. He message me two days later... At 2 in the morning. I didn't reoly till the nextday and he said he got sick. And i just thought... And thought
He doesn't want to be with. His whole i care about you i love you crap is just that crappy lies.
He messaged me Monday night at 2 two of his baby pictures. I weird till the morning to respond. And sent him one of mine. He talked about his pictures, stuff nothing about mine. then says he couldn't talk. He'd text me later. That never happened.
So I reinstalled tinder.
I haven't been on tinder in over a year. He's the last man i spoke to on there.
My tattoo artists had mentioned back in October shed seen him on there. And yeah... He is. I swiped left. Fuck it.Then bought the stupid premium to see if he'd swiped on me. No he didn't. Took a bath and cried. I just cried and begged god, I've never begged so hard. I just wanted to drown. I just want help. I begged god for help. If he stays with a full heart or want him out of my life. I just stayed there until i just felt done
I went to curl in bed and i looked again. This time hes showing up in my like pile. He swiped on me. Why i have no fucking clue
I put my phone away and just wandered around the house. This whole fucking time, a year of me...what trying to prove to this man i love him. Believing he loved me... Those late night texts, telling me he misses me but also dating he's single, coming over randomly, asking if i had a boy friend yet, accusing Me of dating other people, coming over to see if i had boyfriend yet...fucking projecting his shit on me.
I see it.
I'd tell him no, i wasn't seeing anyone i can't when my hearts with him. Begging him stay, to go out, telling him i missed him. I cried every night..i missed him.
So what.
I wanted to match with him and be like oooh we matched again i figured you were on here, or something stupid assine like that. But instead i justwalked around the house. I asked my sister if shed go with me too walk the dog
i showed her told her what i wanted to do. She just talked with me. Told her i just wanted to tell him i don't care anymore. He doesn't want to be with me, i don't care anymore.
And then i just figured well shit if i don't care anymore i doubt have to do a damn thing.
Two guys asked for my number on there. They seem kind...So... Silver linings.
Oh and to the cunt that's been reading my posts for a year. Fuck off
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2020.12.02 06:22 BuffHaloSoldier Todd is the Worst Character

I love Bojack Horseman and the writers but I have a small issue. Bojack, our flawed protagonist often is lectured (deservedly so) by Dianne, Mr. Peanutbutter, Princess Caroline, and many others. All of these characters serve a role; Mr. P as Bojacks opposite and a Dostoyevskyesqe Idiot, Dianne is the only person who can communicate with him and has a deep understanding after her work on season one, and Princess Caroline was hurt by Bojack in the past and tells him when he's wrong. TODD IS FUCKING USELESS.
In season 1 Todd was a zaney character, I get it he adds brevity, but thats what Mr. P is also for. Todd is a homeless who crashes on Bojack's couch, has no responsibilities and then has the insolence to lecture Bojack on questionable morals. Beyond being a bum who mooches off of Bojack for no reason, and then complains about Bojack being bitter, Todd makes all of Bojack's hardship and accomplishments look banal. In Season 3 when Bojack is pushing himself to win an Oscar for Secretariat, Todd is busy working on his Uber bullshit company. Todd's whimsical success at accomplishing everything despite putting no effort into life destroys the understanding of consequence that makes Bojack's story so compelling. Worst of all in Season 3, Todd gives his money away so he can revert to being a parasitic tumor (on Dianne and Mr. P's couch this time).
Sure, Bojack did some shitty things to Todd. He cucked him and got him addicted to video games to ruin his rock opera. But if we're going to be honest we all would've fucked Todds girlfriend (because shes Thiccc) and because Todd was too beta to make a move. Also if his rock opera was so important maybe he would've learned self control. Despite these setbacks from Bojack, he succeeds in his endeavors in asexual dating and the sex robot in season 5.
Todd serves no purpose. We don't need comedic relief because of Mr. P and we don't need his moral grandstanding considering he's incapable of standing up from Bojack's couch. This is all easily redeemable, in the next season make Bojack revert to his rage and take it out on Todd, excise this parasite from Bojack's couch, and hopefully Todd will learn to be his own character.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
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2020.12.02 06:22 KrispyAnan 300k Prize Pool Krunker Parkour Map Competition!

🏃 Parkour Map Competition - December 1st 2020 - February 1st MMOK is officially hosting a parkour map making competition, below will be the information about the comp
Contest Information:
This time around, MMOK is hosting a map making competition specifically tailored towards the parkour map making community. Seeing as parkour is one of the leading game-modes in Krunker with a big surge of maps recently, we decided to open up a competition to further expand this surge and hope to see some amazing maps come out of it. A special thanks to Javie and EndlessMike for helping sponsor this competition.
Total of 300000kr
1st place - 100000 kr
2nd place - 80000 kr
3rd place - 60000 kr
4th place - 40000 kr
5th place - 20000 kr
For this competition the goal is rather simple, make a parkour map. This means a map that consists of a series of jumps or movement based challenges that make you advance further into the map, as the levels or series of jumps gradually become more challenging. The parkour map is judged on overall creativity, aesthetics, and most importantly level design. The judges will consist of some of the best parkour map makers and players and each level will be meticulously inspected to see what the map has to offer. This doesn't mean that the more difficult the better, but instead the more creative and thoughtful, the more points received. Theme of the map is completely up to the map maker as long as the map resembles a parkour map. This consist of everything from a linear parkour map (Levels_6.4) to a run map (flood_escape, lava_run), or even something new you might come up with (Intersections). A recommendation is that the map has a minimum of 10 levels if linear or 10 checkpoints if vertical, and if unique whatever matches that amount. It must also be published by the creator.
• End date on February 1st 2021 at 11:59 PM CET (EST -6, PT -9)
• Submit your entries In the form linked below
• Collaborations are allowed, however prizes will be given to a single player only
• Multiple entries are allowed, everything must be created within the 2 month period
• Submissions Form - If you need further information about the challenge, feel free to reach out to any staff member in MMOK about the competition.
Phil Parkour Map List:
If you need some inspiration, there will be a list of parkour maps listed below for you to check out supplied by our friends over at the PHIL discord.
Happy building - Enjoy! 👍
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2020.12.02 06:19 GoodLuckMode I've never been in a relationship and I hate it

So about me. I'm 31 and really tall. 6'9" to be exact. I always hear how I probably have so much luck with women or how people hate cause I probably have so many girls hanging off me. Which is the furthest thing from the truth. Being my age, I've never once had a girlfriend. I really didn't have friends until mid high school. When I was in high school, I asked out a couple different girls who all gave me a look and said no and then proceeded to just ignore me.
Later on, I always told "Don't try and force, love will come when least expect it!" so for pretty much my whole 20's I didn't try and date. I always thought I would meet some one, like every one had told me, by chance and we would be happy together. Well of course that never happened. And now here I am. 31, alone and a virgin. Only ever kissing one girl once.
I've been on a handful of dates where the girls would either ignore me after or just straight up say they didn't want to go on another date. There has only been one girl who I had multiple dates with. She is still is a great friend and we talk a decent amount, but it hurts to know what could of been between us.
Now I know I'm not attractive and i'm fat. I have bad self esteem. It just stems from years of bullying I faced as a child. I try to move past it, but it's hard to do. All those insecurities don't just go away sadly. I have friends and family that love me, so i know i'm not alone in the sense, but it just hurts knowing that I'll never know what it's like to just hold some one you deeply care for. To go to bed next to the one you love. I've gone to a few friends weddings and felt so angry and jealous. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy for them, but I just know I'll never know that happiness of that day and it just gets me upset. Here they are, getting homes, starting families and I'm just here by myself.
I know this is probably a dumb to post about, but I just honestly need to vent and I really don't have a friend to do that with. I'm just tired of being the single guy, the third of fifth wheel. Always hearing "You're such a sweet guy, how do you not have a girlfriend?" from women and when I ask them out they come up with some excuse to say no. It just hurts not know what love feels like at my age. I feel I have missed out on something that most of, if not all, my friends have know or are experiencing.
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2020.12.02 06:18 Cosmic-Koala Professors that give spontaneous assignments.

Hello all, I just want to ask you guys a question and see if this is a common issue.
So every semester, it seems that I have at least one or two professors that likes to assign multiple assignments on a spontaneous notice. Now I really prefer classes where the syllabus is detailed and it has all the information for the chapters to read, assignments and their due dates, and the dates of projects. I like this because it is easier to make plans and I prefer to do a lot of my work early so that I prevent my homework from piling up. However this semester, I have this particular problem with two of my professors. Their syllabuses only contain information about which chapters to read but there’s nothing about homework assignment due dates. Usually on Thursdays, the professor will assign work and the due date is Tuesday. Sometimes, there will even be something assigned Tuesday and it is due Thursday.
I really wish that it was required that every professor should have a detailed syllabus with all of the due dates available. Now I understand that unexpected occurrences happen and sometimes the dates have to be changed which I’m okay with, but I feel like there should be at least like a two week notice before an assignment is due. It has been difficult for me to make plans this semester because of these spontaneous assignments and I’ve had to cancel some weekend plans. Does anyone else have this issue and does it annoy you? Is there some kind of university policy that prevents this sort of thing from happening. I’m going to mention this problem in my evaluations.
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2020.12.02 06:17 peterparks210 Payday Loans San Ysidro

Unlike earlier years, applying for loans used to take days or weeks or months to get sanctioned. Now-a-days, short term loans like Payday Loans San Ysidro are available in just few hours (for about 3 to 4 hours). Due to this reason, these loans have become more popular and helpful to one and all. These loans have been so appreciable because, you don’t have to pledge any asset or properties. Also, you can still apply for these loans even if your credit ratings are poor or completely nil.
Likewise, there are several benefits provided by the lenders to the borrowers, who ask these borrowers to provide minor details like first and last names, residential address, as well as phone numbers and email id while applying for these short term loans. You must know that, very few information is needed to apply for these short term loans and even documents that are supposed to be attached with the application form are also less. The necessary documents include government issued election card, as well as your 3 months’ salary slip or income proof, then a recent passport size photo. If needed, you will have to provide your date of birth certificate as well. All these documents are for the formalities purpose and no one bothers to check it deeply.
So, without any worries regarding data theft, simply apply for these loans and grab all the benefits from the lenders who are available day and night to serve their customers. Hence, being a borrower you will be able to acquire fast loans soon as you apply for the Payday Loans San Ysidro. After submitting your application, wait for 2 hours, till you get notification from the lender, and once you receive your loan approval status, they will ask bank account details and provide it correctly to get the loans quickly in just 3 to 4 hours.
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2020.12.02 06:17 Odd_Pepper7530 Confronted and blocked my catfisher. While I'm relieved, I feel many negative and confusing emotions.

I met this person online over 2 years ago. Like most catfishers, they ended up having so much in common with me that they felt like my dream girl after a while of talking. We were both very self conscious and this was both of our excuses to not speak on the phone or video chat. We kept it to texting and playing/chatting (through text, not using mics) in video games together. We did exchange some selfies and nudes, mostly during the first months. I reverse searched the pics and they didn't come up with results. I even had them send me a selfie making a peace sign, and they did. I stupidly figured this was good enough proof and never really questioned the authenticity of what they told me much again, or as much as I should have.
A few months after texting every day I started asking them to get on mic when we played games together. They had an excuse at the time and I thought this was weird. I started pushing and they became "annoyed". They would always get angry if I ever asked too many questions and then would apologize for having issues when things were good again. So, I stupidly gave up on the mic thing and we carried on again like before with texting every day. Most days we honestly didn't say much, but when we did I always felt like I was talking to someone I could fall in love with. We even spoke of wanting to meet, and how we'd probably end up dating. I realize now how crazy that sounds, having never even heard their voice or seen them in live face-to-face contact. Like I said, I have been extremely lonely and desperate.
Finding Out:
3 days ago I had finally grown enough suspicions and decided to reverse search the most recent selfie they sent me. Mind you, this was probably the 3rd or 4rth face pic they had ever sent me. This time it brought up results from galleries posted online 10 years ago.
I then reverse searched the person's number (yeah, all this time I apparently never did) and it came up with a guy's name. A guy's name who I had seen on their Steam friend's list. Despite my brain racing to make every possible excuse for how she could still be real, the rational part of me that apparently still exists started putting 2 and 2 together. I've been being catfished by a guy posing as a girl who had made a fake Steam account and friended himself.
The day I found out, I didn't know what to do. I was so confused and angry. The person started texting me like they regularly do. I decided to make up a story and told them that I had just found out someone else was trying to catfish me and that I felt disgusted and ashamed in myself. They told me that they were so sorry something like that happened to me. I then said that because it happened I needed to hear their voice and that I hoped they would understand why. They had the gall to say "they trust people they meet online" but said that they ordered a mic on Amazon, and said they should have done so sooner. Stupid me at the time got hopeful again, but I didn't let my guard down. I told them I was excited and left it at that.
I did not hear from the person again until today. They texted me asking if I was mad... Hmmm, guilty conscious showing? This time I send them a link to reverse image and number search. I tell them to look up what they've given me. I show them screenshots of the results so they can't say "not working" or whatever.
After over 2 years of texting daily and sharing some of my deepest thoughts and feelings with this person, he admits to sending me fake pictures. "I won't deny I've been sending fake pics. I'm ugly" he says, but denied the name and address in the number search. He said he was "sorry for being a bitch", trying to pretend to still be female. I told him what I found out on Steam and also found his Twitter. I told him his name is what is on the number search and the same name as the guy on Steam. I told him I saw his dog on his Twitter, the one he's shown me pictures of claiming to be "a friend's dog".
He then admits to being a guy, but says the name I found is his friend and again denied the address to belonging to him or "his friend". He then apologized for lying and "hurting me" and said he deserves all the hardship, saying that he understands if I can never forgive him. He said he's been feeling crazy for lying to someone he's grown close with.
I told him to fuck off and blocked him on everything. I did not want to be close to this guy.
I think I've gone through all the stages of loss several times over just while writing this post. I never thought I'd be catfished, this emotionally, and for so long. Who does? I try to keep telling myself that it could have been worse. I could have ended up in a lot of financial trouble or let it go on longer than it already has. I know that most of what I saw in this person were my own fantasies mixed with their lies and manipulation. I still can't help but feel like I lost someone that I had a deep connection to, but when I think of who that person actually was this whole time, I just end up feeling disgusted...
My biggest worry is the nudes I sent. There have been a good handful sent over the time we've communicated. I made sure to check my privacy and block this person on everything, but I can't help but think they may have found my full name or something at some point and what they could do with anything sensitive I've given them.
EDIT: The original account this person catfished me from, where he claims to be a female, is 6 years old. It's crazy that these people are so deep into this. I am so glad I decided to just block and hope that I can move past this all ASAP.
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2020.12.02 06:16 keepingmyselfsecret UPDATE ON: I feel like the least liked daughter-in-law.

Well I’ve graduated guys, I’m officially the least liked daughter in law, and honestly its kind of freeing.
The advice I got on the last post was to drop the rope, and if FMIL was talking shit about FSIL to me - to be aware that it was probably going both ways and FMIL was probably talking shit about me to FSIL too. Someone also mentioned that the distance FSIL had with FMIL was probably warranted, and with FSIL having been around for longer than me - they probably had more history and issues that I wasn’t aware of.
I’d say that was all spot on.

I’m going to start this off with some more background on FFIL FMIL and FFIL dated for about six months when they got married, FFIL is ten years older than FMIL. FMIL says the night they got married he said that he was the man of the house and she had to what she was told and going forward it was his say only because that is the husbands role according to the bible. He is previously divorced and gave up custody of his first child. Neither my fiancé nor his older brother have contact with this other half sibling. According to FFIL it's because god spoke to him and told him to do it. According to FMIL its because he didn’t want to pay child support. FFIL talks openly about how he never wanted kids, he missed my fiancé’s older brothers birth, the older brother tells me FFIL was with another woman that night. FFIL talks about how never wanting kids made it hard for him to accept my fiancé’s older brother, and how he specifically didn’t want him, but by the time my fiancé came around FFIL was less bothered and actually spent time with my fiancé vs the older brother. Both of the boys say he was very physically abusive. We’re talking throat grabs, belts, sticks, leaving marks. FMIL said it was to the point where CPS stepped in (fiancé said his brother made the call to protect him) and the boys needed therapy and FFIL need angeparenting classes. FFIL continued the abuse with my fiancé until my fiancé was in his later teens and was able to put FFIL through a wall to get away from him - from what I know FFIL hasn’t touched my fiancé since. The older brother had more of the abuse between the two boys until he moved out. FMIL and the boys talk about how FFIL is very controlling, narcissistic, along with biblically and emotionally abusive. FFIL says he has university credentials, both boys have looked into this and can’t find any proof of this - according to the boys he has a GED equivalent from their birth country. He did have a high paying sales job before they moved to the country we're all in now, but he hasn’t worked in at least fifteen years. He had the job need for citizenship, got his papers, then quit and demanded FMIL become the breadwinner - while FMIL still had to do all household chores. FMIL is the one that is working now has for about 15 years, and according to her and the boys her salary goes into FFILs account and he gives her a small allowance monthly of $100, she isn’t allowed to purchase anything without bringing home receipts. Even though FFIL hasn’t worked in forever - FMIL has to do all the cooking and cleaning and FFIL does nothing, won’t even get himself his own drink, FMIL has to do everything.
FFIL says he’s a ‘radical christian’ and says he hears god speak to him. I’m no expert on the bible, but I spent my whole school life in catholic school and know enough. FFIL constantly twists the bible to his benefit without following through on the practices. He also uses the bible to browbeat his kids and his wife into doing what he thinks they should, taking versus out of context and not actually using the parable of the stories. The hypocrisy is offensive.
I have yet to ever hear anyone ever speak about FFIL in a good light, and with all of the above information - I’m inclined to believe the man is trash too.
The general consensus I get is that everyone tolerates FFIL to be allowed to have access to FMIL.

I followed through and did exactly that.
About five weeks before the visit is when the planning had started and I preceded to no longer initiate the weekly FaceTime dates my Fiancé and I had with his parents, I stopped texting to chat, I started doing bare minimum in group chats, instead of comments back I’d only give reactions. I have never ignored or not responded to a question and was polite but distant.
After about three weeks of this FMIL calls my fiancé and asks what’s up, according to him - he said that honestly we both weren’t happy with the outcome of the weekend plans and we definitely felt ignored and under appreciated.
FMIL then texts me to tell me that she would like to go dress shopping with me on her august trip, completely avoiding and ignoring the appointment for July. I respond saying the date won’t work due to dress making time restrictions and that I’ll have all the dress purchased before her next trip down. That due to covid and minimizing the wedding to siblings and parents only was already disappointing and I wasn’t willing to compromise on my dress too.
FMIL calls me on FaceTime to talk about what I sent her, FFIL is in the background listening to the conversation.
FMIL then texts my fiancé to tell him that I’ll have picked a dress with my bridal party and mom only, and I’m purposely excluding her. She then lied and said I didn’t invited her in July - how I don’t laugh or smile the same on FaceTime anymore and that she’s clearly offended me and that my Fiancé needs to explain that she’s not intended to do anything wrong and that my Fiancé needs to pass along the apology for her.
My Fiancé wasn’t liking how I decided to handle the situation and distance myself, he told me he didn’t want to be the go between when his mother brought him into the issues between her and I, and how I needed to address it and give her the opportunity to change her behaviour.
Looking back now, if I’d followed my gut and ignored it - we’d probably be better off.
I responded to her directly in text saying that in the future if her and I had issues, or if she had an apology - that they should be coming directly from her, not through my Fiancé. I corrected all the discrepancies and non truths she sent to my fiancé. I explained that this wasn’t the first time she’d bailed on me to hang out with my FSIL and that in the future I was hesitant to make plans with her because I didn’t think she’d be able to follow though and the entire situation was becoming exhausting and something I no longer was interested in participating in. How I encouraged her to take all the time she wanted to with my FSIL, FBIL and their baby - I hoped she had all the fun she wanted, this wasn’t about jealousy or me not wanting her to spend time with them. It was about her lack of consideration for my fiancé and I, and how it sucked. How her words in private weren’t matching up with her actions in public and how I was struggling to trust her going forward.
FMIL took this as a personal attack. Played the martyr and stated how she wasn’t a strong person and how she wasn’t able to tell people no. She then told me I was blaming all of covid on her, how I called her a bad mother, how FFIL had made all the decisions for her. How she was soooo sorry that she ever wanted to spend time with FSIL and FBIL along with her new grand baby. How she was trying to split time evenly and was obviously a failure at everything. How her August trip would be all about my fiancé and I, how she was so excited to help plan the shower with my mother and my maid of honour. Basically stated my feelings and experiences were misguided, that I was blowing things out of proportion and she wasn’t at fault for anything - while simultaneously apologizing for everything she had done. While also saying FFIL was the reason she wouldn’t be going dress shopping and he wasn’t letting her do what she wanted.
My fiancé read the entire conversation, agreed his mother was dismissing us, being dramatic and blowing what I said out of proportion and taking it to the extreme, while also blaming it all on FFIL. My fiancé thought I was polite, never rude or offensive, just honest. He also agreed with my points of contention.
Although FMIL said the convo was private and for us only, apparently she did tell FFIL about it - didn’t show him messages just paraphrased it, resulting in FFIL also blowing the whole thing out of proportion.

FFIL stayed with us and was a horrible house guest.
FSIL and FBIL were wishy washy with plans and making it hard to settle on plans, actively ignoring direct questions from both us and FMIL.
FMIL was distant.
I showed up and participated, hosted two of the three joint meals - let them enjoy the visit while I cooked and cleaned, mostly to stay away from them without looking rude.
Had cake for all the missed birthdays, gifts for missed mothers day and fathers day along with FMILS bday.
FSIL was rude to both me and my fiancé, anything we did resulted in eye rolls, huffs, and annoyance.
Up until that visit I was allowed to hold and play with their baby, although for some reason this visit seemed to be a problem and I was reprimanded by FSIL for pick him up.
FMIL had spend almost all the time with them, and only one afternoon with us while the baby was napping other than joint meals.
FMIL was always quick to leave and seemed to be pulled away when FFIL wanted.
Twice FFIL told my fiancé I wasn’t allowed to either get FMIL from the lobby or to see her in passing as FMIL was dropping FFIL off at our place. My fiancé told him to shove it and that FFIL wasn’t allowed to dictate what I did.
FMIL spend my whole wedding dress appointment time with FSIL, FBIL and the baby.
As my fiancé and I said goodbye to FMIL and FFIL, my fiancé and his dad got into a fight about FFILs behaviour on the trip and how if he was going to be rude, controlling, and mean - he should just send FMIL down for visits, because the family has a better time that way.
I sent a message after to FFIL saying how shocking it was that in a global pandemic a controlling father in law was the biggest obstacle to dress shopping. How this story wasn’t going to go well to future generations when told, and how he was the villain in this story.
Through all of this FMIL consistently said she wanted to be included but FFIL was the reason she couldn’t be, but she was interested and wanted me to show her things later.
Later when she was home, I asked to FaceTime and talk to her to show her photos of the dress and talk about the experience and brushed me off for a couple days.
Finally after about a week of her brushing me off - she texts me asking to see photos, I sent her a one time view only on instagram messenger with a photo fo the model wearing the dress from the website. After all but begging for her attention I was over the lack of response and the avoidance, and I don't reward bad behaviour.

He expected to be waited on hand and foot.
FFIL said things like;
‘Black people are inferior and have ticker skulls and smaller brains.’
My response was how that was white supremisit level racist thinking, and if that had any truth in that fake fact that it would have been used for decades as propaganda and slander against black people - itshasn’t because that’s not true.
FFIL responded with ‘A doctor in South Africa told me this, so it's true.’
I responded with a white doctor during the apartheid was not a reliable source and he should be reeducated.
FFIL responded with ‘When I was a child a black woman wiped my ass so I can’t be racist. I let black people nanny my kids, and clean my house and I PIAD them, I’m not racist.’
I told him those things didn’t make him not racist and we could agree to disagree on this one.
He then proceeded to tell me that 'all Canadians (where we live now) have an inferior gene pool and we’re all inbreeds and that why we all have weak immune systems and get sick all the time.'
I responded with - my interracial family (which includes black people) would disagree with that, and having grown up in Ontario with nothing but immigration and multiculturalism and the county with the highest refugee population intake in the world last year - he was wrong and misinformed.
(To clarify my Fiancé and his parents are white. My Parents, siblings, and I are also white. Aunts and cousins have married in and birthed several different skin colours and cultures - something FFIL was well aware of when he said this to me)
That turned into ‘All Canadians are lazy and don’t work hard’
I responded with the fact that he retired in his forties and how the irony in that statement was hilarious. Especially considering the fact that my father was a hard worker and did nothing but work over time to provide for his family, and his father before that worked from the ground up to be Sr. Vp of one of the major five banks in Canada.
FFIL sends an email to my Fiancé a week after FMIL and FFIL left saying my Fiancé needed information.
FFIL said that I sent a lengthy letter to FMIL telling her what type of person she was and asking for an apology for everything that happened concerning arguments and who she is. That he wouldn’t be forwarding what was said between FMIL and I, but that FMIL shouldn’t have to apologize. That I was horrid and attacked FMIL.
That because of my text FFIL decided to punish me by not having FMIL go to the dress appointment because of what I said in my letters.
That my Fiancés brother and his wife were family, and I wasn’t which meant I wasn’t important to factor into timing and events.
That I sent FFIL messages after they left but that FFIL wouldn’t share the content but that FFIL blocked me on FB for it.
That my Fiancé and I should and I quote ‘'Do not try and split that which has stood the test of time and commitment between mom and myself by saying what you said on Monday.” In reference to my fiancé telling him not to come and visit if he couldn’t be nice.

After the email was sent my fiancé says we’re FaceTiming his parents because his father crossed another line.
My fiancé points to them were;
Don’t interrupt me at work with petty shit, this could all have been dealt with not during work hours.
That FFIL was over the line with his email, trying to control the narrative by ’tattling’ on me and not providing any proof. That the slander and lies about me would no longer be tolerated.
That my fiancé has read all messages gong back and forth between both of them, because I willing provided them and wanted him to have all the information, that my fiancé didn’t think there was anything wrong with my behaviour and he agreed with me.
Things FFIL said to us;
That me saying I would tell the truth about his bad behaviour was vile and vicious, and I shouldn't speak of his behaviour.
That he had blocked me on social media going forward but that me blocking him in return was rude and I shouldn’t do that.
I wasn’t family until paper work was signed. (Although when convenient and in his benifit in the past, he would call me family)
My fiancé and I are less important to them because we hadn’t birthed them a grandchild.
Things FMIL said to us;
She was overwhelmed with how great my family was at arts and crafts and being included in conversations about the wedding was stressful and overwhelming.
How Covid had taken a lot away from us for the wedding and it was stressful for her to talk about anything in regards to the wedding because she felt bad and for us.
That she was near 60 and she’s been apologizing to people for her whole life and shouldn’t have to apologies for her bad behaviour anymore.
That because when she made plans with us and we expected her to follow through, she never wanted to make plans with us again because she didn't want to be held accountable.
That even though she never directly asked for time alone with my fiancé she shouldn't have to ask and we should just know to let her have time alone with him.
I dropped the rope completely at this point.
What a waste of my time and energy.
After years of playing the perfect daughter in law, hosting, showing up to everything, reminding my Fiancé to call on the holidays, send gifts, call them back. I”M DONE.
I literally just asked for a little more attention for both of us as a couple, and they took it as a personal attack and decided that because we expected to be treated not even equally - just nicely, we weren’t worth their time.
The irony in FFILs comment about us not being important because we hadn’t given them grandchildren shook me. The fact that FMIL didn’t disagree but just nodded her head after he said that pissed me off.
Jokes on them though, we will not be exposing our future children (wedding is February and we’re ready to try right after) to any type of FFILs abusive behaviour nor FMIL blatant favouritism.
There is more to the story and the aftermath of all of this, but that will be another post for another time.
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2020.12.02 06:15 urmomsacactus Do I Tell My Brother His Best Friend Sexually Assaulted Me?

This happened a few years ago. I had a huge crush on my older brother's best friend, he was actually one of my best friends too. One night he started hitting on me and I was super into it, after a few days of flirting we hooked up. I was VERY inexperienced and didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up being a pretty good night and I felt comfortable around him. I wanted to date him but he said he wasn't ready for a commitment and we should just keep hooking up and I was disappointed but agreed to it.
Slowly but surely, he started doing things to me that I wasn't okay with, or hurting me. He always seemed so apologetic that I let it go, but it eventually got worse. When I got angry or upset with him (rightfully so) he would gaslight me to the point that I just started doubting myself and thinking I was crazy for being mad. I didn't realize I had essentially gotten into a kind of abusive relationship with him. It took him essentially raping me to the point where I should have gone to the hospital for medical attention one night, to realize that he was a monster and I wasn't crazy for being upset with him.
Afterwards, I panicked and didn't know what to do. I was ashamed and felt so stupid, I didn't want anybody to find out, so I never told anybody and I didn't go to the hospital. I did my best to cut him out of my life, but my brother and I were still in college and living with our parents in the summer so I was essentially forced to see him. It doesn't help that my family absolutely adores him. I hated myself for a long time, I was so angry all the time, it's been years and the memories of that night still pop into my head multiple times a day. I'm doing better now that I'm on my own and it's been so long, but I'm still not as okay as I thought I'd be.
I feel guilty about not telling my brother. There were a few reasons I didn't tell him besides just being ashamed. The guy who hurt me was not just my brother's best friend but also his only friend. Back then, my brother was going through a very difficult time and I knew he was depressed and occasionally he was suicidal. I was afraid that if I told him he would feel guilty about what happened and maybe he'd hurt himself, or it would take his best friend away and then he wouldn't have any friends, or he wouldn't believe me, or worst of all I was afraid he would believe me and not care. I don't think that last one is likely but it was a real fear of mine. They are still best friends.
At this point is it too late to tell my brother? Should I even bother telling him? I know he will be so upset about this, and I don't want him to blame himself but is it wrong of me to let my brother continue his friendship with the man who hurt me so badly? I don't know what to do. I feel that I have to do something, whether or not it has anything to do with telling my brother because I thought I would be okay after so many years but I'm not.
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2020.12.02 06:14 Snoomacaroon824 Getting started with this is full of so many weird feelings

I’m the one who asked for a divorce. It was and is the absolute correct decision for so many reasons.
He finally filed and I feel like I can breathe a sigh of relief that it has at least begun, but now there are so many scary unknowns and conflicting feelings.
I want him to have 50% custody because our son deserves two parents, yet he never follows schedule, will go ghost for weeks at a time and says really concerning things sometimes. I feel like I’m harming our son if I voice my concerns, but I also feel like I’m doing him a disservice by allowing someone who is unreliable and mood swingy at best to have free access to him. (He’s only 3 months old)
Dating... UGH. It’s such a weird feeling. I want to date, I want to feel attractive, but I also never want another human being to ever touch me in a romantic capacity again. I don’t want to commit again. I don’t ever want to go through THIS again.
I’m afraid of going through all of this and making the wrong choice regarding custody. I deeply miss being in love and having a romantic partner and a best friend, but somehow the thought of ever doing that again disgusts me at the same time.
Idk. I’m just conflicted. The next 60 days cannot go fast enough so that things will be at least a little set in stone
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2020.12.02 06:13 BlogByPratz How and why is Customer Satisfaction important?

How and why is Customer Satisfaction important?
When it comes to Customer Satisfaction, the real question isn't the manner by which satisfied your clients are, however how genuinely joined they are to your image. Outstanding analysts have contended that solitary 30% of human choices and practices are determined by sound contemplation — which implies that more than 66% of shopper dependability and spending choices depend on enthusiastic variables. On the off chance that that is the situation, estimating consumer loyalty as a measurement for deciding client reliability just goes almost of getting to reality.
Actually, a consumer loyalty score is just a preview of how clients feel about your items, your administration or your image, at a given point in time. Tomorrow is one more day and they may adjust their perspective in the event that one of your rivals offers a superior arrangement. In the event that the pay off or motivation is sufficiently large, even fulfilled clients will desert your image in huge numbers.
As per a survey, the consumer loyalty score reliably drifted over the 90% imprint, yet, "just" 41% of respondents (all clients) in that review asserted that they would not change to another supplier if that supplier offered a superior financing cost or potentially lower expenses. A devoted client is unquestionably a fulfilled client, yet a fulfilled client isn't really an unwavering client.
A lot of work in the field of customer engagement has been done which derives four levels of customer engagement:
· Fully connected with clients, who are genuinely joined and soundly steadfast; they are your most important clients
· Engaged clients, who are starting to feel the stirrings of passionate commitment
· Disengaged clients, who are sincerely and normally non-partisan
· Actively separated clients, who are genuinely segregated and effectively opposing
At a glance, customer satisfaction is a crucial component of a business strategy as well as customer retention and product repurchase. To maximize the customer satisfaction companies should sell ideas and methods after the completion with all the necessary documents.
As for example, customers will buy a car after taking a closer look at it such as how is the engine, what is its model, how many kilometers it has been traveling, and is there any cracks or not. Therefore, they do not feel disappointed after purchasing it. Otherwise, if the company uses only their sell and build method customers might expect that the car is exactly the same as what they see in the pictures or during the exhibition and later on the company might receive complaint if anything is wrong. Customer satisfaction is a important barometer for Marketing Agency in Pune that predicts the future customer behavior.
There are six stages that must be remembered for the consumer satisfaction measurement process to yield acceptable outcomes:
  1. Create a plan to measure the customer satisfaction
  2. Choose a metric by which you will measure the customer satisfaction (survey forms, ratings, likes & comments on social media posts)
  3. Build the survey
  4. Decide a date & time to deploy the satisfaction survey
  5. Gather survey feedback and analyze the gathered data
  6. Look for the possible solutions to improve Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is dynamic and relative. Only the idea “customer-centric” can help companies improve satisfaction and keep customer truly, conversely, if competitors improve customer satisfaction, then it may loss corporate customers. While improving customer satisfaction, Local Marketing Agency in Pune does keeps track of customer expectations. Service quality, product quality and value for money have a direct positive impact on customer satisfaction.
Various hypothetical and exact investigations show a positive connection between consumer loyalty and a lot of components that impact that. Besides, not all associations, their staff and directors realize how to accomplish the key driver for example consumer loyalty. So in order to make sure to keep the Customer Satisfaction levels in check, it is important to keep your eyes on how your customer is responding and make sure that he is heard. Various Marketing Agency does make sure that they conduct survey from time to time and make changes to their campaigns accordingly.
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2020.12.02 06:12 uselesssdata It's going on 2 years now of me, my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, and now my best friend receiving strange, threatening text messages about me

I'm really confused and the more I try to analyze what's happening, the more confused I become. This has been going on for two years now.
I don't think it's my ex because my ex has no way of knowing who I'm in a relationship with now (I don't have social media), and this stalker has been mostly reaching out to my current boyfriend as if they are very familiar with him - however, I can't rule anything out because I have no clue who it is. I've spoken to my ex here and there since the end of the relationship and tbh while I'm the one who ended it, it seems like he had an easier time moving on than I did, there wasn't too much drama around the breakup.
It all started around 2 years ago when I first started dating my current boyfriend. He had started receiving strange anonymous texts and emails from various numbers and accounts. Many of them seemed to be written as if they were "accidentally" sent to him and meant for someone else, but there were always clues in there that seemed to refer to me. Over time, these messages stopped being indirect and more directly referred to me. They were phrased as being from anonymous family and friends who were "concerned" for him because of "rumors" they had heard about me. No clue what these rumors were, but the messages would mention my mental health, or insinuate I had evil intentions towards him somehow.
Over time, I started assuming that maybe it was his overbearing mother trying to drive a wedge in between us.
The messages died down for a while and then suddenly a few months ago, my ex-boyfriend started receiving instagram messages and emails that were written to look like they were from my current boyfriend. Even trying to copy the same writing style. The messages were baseless accusations trying to accuse my ex of trying to break up the relationship. I saw the messages and they make no sense, my ex and I barely talk and have no bad blood that I know of.
Then, shortly after, I started getting whatsapp messages from an unknown number with an area code that's my boyfriend's hometown. The messages were attacking my character, and then suddenly this person switched up and claimed to be someone I used to date.... extremely bizarre messages and nothing about this person or message style feels familiar to me.
Finally, my best friend started receiving messages as of yesterday. It's the same anonymous person that was just texting me last week, with the area code from my boyfriend's hometown. But these messages only briefly mention me, and seem to go into detail about my friend's life, as if this person has been closely watching her for a long time. Tons of personal information being revealed in these texts to her, more than any I've seen so far.
I'm at a complete loss and can't find a common logical thread here. To sum up, my boyfriend and ex boyfriend have both been contacted over the past year by various numbers and email accounts. And then now me and my best friend are being contacted by the same current number, with an area code based in my ex's hometown, with this person having a lot of very personal information on my best friend.
Does anything about this stick out as a red flag to anyone? I'm scared it's someone I know.
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2020.12.02 06:12 Last_Poet How likely is it that I smell/taste bad for a guy to go down on?

I’m very self-conscious about my genital area smell. I do shower every day and make sure to wash down there (water and mild unscented soap but not near the opening). I wear cotton underwear and try to wear loose clothing but I just seem to sweat a lot in that area and I’d be worried to try a deodorant there in case it makes it worse. I’ve never had a yeast infection, STD, or BV so I’ve never had that obvious overwhelming smell. I just know that by the end of a long work day my underwear smells sweaty/sour. It’s not the discharge itself that smells but more sweat/maybe urine too even though I try to clean as thoroughly as public bathroom toilet paper allows!
When I was seeing a guy after work, I would clean with a wet wipe and put on new underwear. If we had sex a few hours later do you think I would still smell?? No ones ever complained or done the subtle let’s have sex in the shower kinda deal but I’d be mortified if a guy thought I smelled/tasted like sweat or pee. I’ve never gotten reassurance from guys - one boyfriend quickly stopped wanting to have sex and broke up with me soon after and then another guy ghosted me after we had sex on the third date.
Maybe I’m reading too much into it but I can’t help feeling like my smell is offputting. Any advice/reassurance? Have you ever felt the same or gotten feedback from a guy on your smell? Any tips please help :(
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2020.12.02 06:11 lansters [HOUSING] Large bedroom with private balcony near Marina del Rey

I'm looking to sublet my bedroom (the largest in our 3bd/2.5ba townhouse). I'd love to stay, but unfortunately I'm moving for work and still have 4 months left on my lease. Hoping to find someone who can sublet this spot through March 2021 -- after that, you can choose to renew the lease if you'd like.
Lease term: asap - March 31st, 2021. After that, you can choose to renew the lease if you'd like, by working it out with our landlord. I've already paid rent for December, so can prorate that based on move-in date.
Rent: $1400/mo, but negotiable for someone who can take over ASAP and for the full term
Bonus!!!: I'll cover utilities (power, gas, water, trash, Internet) for the entirety of the 4mo sublet!
Your two roommates will be male, and you'd share a bathroom with one of them, but any gender is welcome! Both are in their 20s and are usually not at home.
I'd love to stay, as the location has been truly amazing during quarantine (quiet neighborhood, lots of places to walk/bike), but unfortunately I'm moving for work and still have 4 months left on my lease.
Message me with a little about yourself if interested, and I'd be happy to send over some photos / do a tour over FaceTime if you'd like. Thanks!
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2020.12.02 06:08 bigdickenergyqueen39 Do you agree that the ideal match for an ISFJ would be the ESFP or ESTP?

I personally like ENFP's best lol, I don't vibe well with ESTP's (I'm surprised that they're considered our golden pair, maybe I've never met a healthy one lmao?,) and I vibe well with ESFP's but can't envision myself legit dating one... I'm shocked that they are considered our golden pair, the ones I've met irl seem like they'd prefer another Se-user honestly.
View Poll
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2020.12.02 06:06 offdrea WIBTA for refusing to give my friend/roommate her money back?

(Posting on behalf of a friend)
So I (25F) have been friends with Sonya (30F) for about 3 years.
Back in June, she moved in with me and was added to the lease. She had to move because they were increasing the rent at her old apartment and she couldn't afford it in the current state of the world, since both of us lost our jobs (tourist town).
In March she began dating this guy, right before everything was shut down. I am happy for her because her last serious partner died from liver failure and this guy is really great for her.
Now she wants to move in with him, so they've been looking for apartments. My other friend's boyfriend has basically been homeless since the beginning of the pandemic and will be able to move in once Sonya moves out to help me pay the rent. But she was not giving me an exact date that she was going to leave, so that I could tell him, and that I can plan around him moving in since I cannot afford the rent by myself right now.
She's been out of town a lot helping her parents with their business, so has been putting off giving me an exact date.
But she also had to say whether she would resign the lease or give her notice by the end of November. 2 weeks ago she told me that she gave her notice that she would not be resigning at the end of December.
She paid me her portion of the rent 4 days ago for the month of December.
Today she calls me and says she'll be moving by the middle of December. Sonya says that she needs half of the rent back so that she can pay for her new apartment, since she'll only be living here for half the time.
I am wondering if I would be the asshole for refusing to pay her back. This is my first time sharing a lease with someone and as far as I know, you can't pay half a month's rent, you have to pay the full month. She is doing this while I have to work 3 part time jobs to be able to afford my portion of the rent, in the middle of a pandemic, while our city is shutting things down again, with 2 weeks notice.
I don't want to be the one to burn bridges with her because she is otherwise a great friend. My other two friends say that she already burned bridges by demanding her money back.
She claims that she gave her 30 days notice last month on the 16th, and not just about not resigning. All of this was said over the phone, so there's no written proof.
Tldr: my friend wants me to pay her half of her rent back.
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