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Wool Bed Scarves Market Report Complete Insightful Guide For Industry Players

2020.05.11 14:36 Reportscheckbiz Wool Bed Scarves Market Report Complete Insightful Guide For Industry Players

The market study on“Global Wool Bed Scarves Industry 2015-2027” is a key guide for the Wool Bed Scarves Industry players to gauge the past, present and forecast industry situation. The base year considered in this study is 2019, the past year is 2015-2019 and the forecast year is 2020-2026. The report is categorized based on Wool Bed Scarves product types, applications, key players, and geographical regions. The regions namely North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, South America and top countries falling in these regions are analyzed. The Wool Bed Scarves market value, production, sales, industry size, growth, and revenue is analyzed.
Click The Link To Receive Sample Report Copy Free Of Cost (Company emails will be given priority):
The major players analysed in Global Wool Bed Scarves Market Research Report are: Lancs Industries Perf Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Zoeppritz Witney Blankets Woolrich N.A.N Woollen Mills Pendleton Woolen Mills Urbanara Bahubali Woollen Mills
Main Product Types are: Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Top Applications or End-User Analysis is: Application 1 Application 2 Application 3 Application 4 Application 5
The competitive analysis of all top players presented in this study will help the industries and clients in gauging the market potential. It will also help in investment feasibility, understand the new entrants, new product launches and more. The sub-regions and country-level analysis of Wool Bed Scarves Industry is as follows.
North America: Canada, United States, Mexico
Europe: Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Russia and rest
Asia-Pacific: Japan, China, India, South Korea, Australia, and rest
Central and South America: Argentina, Brazil and Rest
Middle East & Africa: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey, Iran and Rest
Checkout More Info About The Report Or Send Any Query:
The report serves as a unique tool for strategic and tactical decision making. The up-to-date Wool Bed Scarves industry information, developments, trends, production volume, demand analysis is provided. The report begins with Wool Bed Scarves market overview, market competition by top players, industry chain study, sourcing strategy, and downstream buyers analysis. The marketing strategy, distributors, traders, buyers, SWOT analysis, Wool Bed Scarves market saturation, and constraint analysis is offered.
Competitive Study: The Wool Bed Scarves development status is fragmented based on the top 10 global players and other prominent industry leaders. Global players are trying to keep their product place on top whereas regional players are focusing on product offerings to establish themselves in this industry. The diverse range of products and their applications across different fields is intensifying the competition.
The study objectives of this Global Wool Bed Scarves Report are as follows:
• To study the industry sales, Wool Bed Scarves market value & volume, status from 2015-2026, and forecast situations.
• To analyze the top global players, their revenue and market share with product line study and strategies implemented by them.
• Focus on growth aspects, future expansion plans, sales, and supply-demand views.
• To define, classify, and provide comprehensive details on product types, Wool Bed Scarves applications, regions, and key players.
• To gauge the market potential, opportunity, risk factors, restraints, and advantages.
• Any type of custom query will be incorporated in the sample report. Please contact the sales team for more details and to know about our services.
Contact Us:
Olivia Martin (Marketing Manager)
Call: +1 831 679 3317
Email: [email protected]
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2020.04.29 19:10 peter_j_ [EVENT] Chinese Civilian Airliners, 2023


China has been jealously courting aerospace companies willing to work with producing medium sized aircraft in China. The MA-700 is the result of AVIC working with Pratt and Witney Canada, who have agreed to allow Xi'an to manufacture the PW-150C turboprop engines in China. Technology transfer has ensured that future iterations and developments will be AVIC's own, using the PW-150C as the platform for future Chinese engines. The airplane is larger than its competitors with 78 seats at 79 cm (31 in) pitch compared to 74 in the Q400 and 68 in the ATR 72, and stretch potential for 90.
Item Xi'an MA-700
Crew: l two pilots
Capacity 8-86 seats / 11.88 m³ Cargo
Length 30.5 m (100 ft 1 in)
Wingspan 27.9 m (91 ft 6 in)
Height 8.2 m (26 ft 11 in)
Empty weight 15,800 kg (34,833 lb)
Max takeoff weight 27,600 kg (60,848 lb)
Maximum payload 8,600 kg (18,960 lb)
Powerplant 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150C turboprop
Propellers 6-bladed Dowty Propellers R504
Maximum speed 637 km/h (396 mph, 344 kn) Maximum cruise (MTOW, ISA, 6000 m)
Cruise speed 550–580 km/h (340–360 mph, 300–310 kn) Economical cruise
Range 1,500 km (930 mi, 810 nmi) Standard payload
Ferry range 2,700 km (1,700 mi, 1,500 nmi)
Service ceiling 7,620 m (25,000 ft)
Fuel consumption 1.69 kg/km (6.0 lb/mi), 600 km (320 nmi) sector fuel consumption
Single engine ceiling 5,690 m (18,670 ft) (95% MTOW,ISA+10°C)
Takeoff 1,400 m (4,600 ft) (MTOW, SL, ISA)
Landing 1,200 m (3,900 ft) (MLW, SL, ISA)
Cost $25m
Future developments of a military nature may yet be ahead, but the rollout of the MA-700 is going to give regional airlines an affordable turboprop plane to complement the smaller MA-600 and the even smaller MA60 which are already in full production.
Customer MA-700 Orders
China Joy Air 30
China Okay Airways 30
China CDB Leasing 30
China CMB Leasing 30
China Chongqing General Aviation Financing and Leasing 10
China Poly Technologies 5
Nepal Air Avenues 10
Cambodia Cambodia Bayon Airlines 10
United Arab Emirates Emirates EGA Group 10
Pakistan Hybrid Aviation 10
South Africa Segers Aero 10
Total 185


Rather than a passenger plane, this is a large amphibious aircraft designed by AVIC and assembled by CAIGA. Powered by four WJ-6 turboprops, it is one of the largest flying boats with a 53.5 t (118,000 lb) MTOW. After five years of development, assembly started in August 2014, it was rolled out on 23 July 2016 and it made its first flight from Zhuhai Airport on 24 December 2017; it was certified for use in passenger air travel in 2021, with deliveries starting in 2023. Further variants may be developed for maritime surveillance, resource detection, passenger and cargo transport.
Item AG-600
Capacity 50 rescued or 12 t (26,000 lb) of water
Length 36.9 m (121 ft 1 in)
Wingspan 38.8 m (127 ft 4 in)
Height 12.1 m (39 ft 8 in)
Max takeoff weight 53,500 kg (117,947 lb) from land, 49,800 kg (109,800 lb) from choppy sea
Powerplant 4 × WJ-6 turboprops
Propellers 6-bladed
Maximum speed 560 km/h (350 mph, 300 kn)
Cruise speed 500 km/h (310 mph, 270 kn) max[6]
Range 4,500 km (2,800 mi, 2,400 nmi)
Endurance 12h
Service ceiling 6,000 m (20,000 ft)
Operations from 1,500 m (4,900 ft) of water
Cost $22m

Comac C919

The Comac C919 is a narrow-body twinjet airliner, and its development programme was launched in 2008. Production of the prototype began in December 2011, with the first prototype being ready on 2 November 2015 and having its maiden flight on 5 May 2017. Its first commercial deliveries came in 2021 withChina Eastern Airlines, but now the aircraft is in Full Rate of Production. The aircraft, primarily constructed with aluminium alloys, is powered by indigenous ACAE CJ-1000A turbofan engines, and be able to carry 156 to 168 passengers in a normal operating configuration up to 5,555 km (3000 nmi). It is intended to compete primarily with the Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo.
The large orderbook is ready to receive the active production line which is now in full swing:
Customer Firm orders Options LOI/MOU All Date Order Placed
China Air China (Beijing) 5 15 20 15 Nov 2010
China China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai 5 15 20 15 Nov 2010
China China Southern Airlines, Guangzhou 5 15 20 15 Nov 2010
United States GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) 10 10 20 15 Nov 2010
China Hainan Airlines, Haikou, under Grand China Air 15 5 20 15 Nov 2010
China ICBC Leasing, Beijing 45 19 Oct 2011
China Sichuan Airlines 20 21 Oct 2011
China BOCOMM Leasing, Shanghai 30 23 Nov 2011
Hong Kong China Aircraft Leasing Company (CALC), Hong Kong 20 9 Dec 2011
China Bank of China – BOC Aviation 20 14 Feb 2012
China China Development Bank Leasing Company, Beijing 10 0 10 29 Jun 2012
China Agricultural Bank of China Financial Leasing 45 2 Jul 2012
China China Construction Bank Financial Leasing 26 24 50 19 Sep 2012
China Joy Air, Xi'an 20 13 Nov 2012
China Hebei Airlines, Shijiazhuang 20 13 Nov 2012
China Industrial Bank Co. Financial Leasing, Fuzhou 20 29 Oct 2013
China China Merchants Bank Leasing 0 30 (MOU) 30 12 Nov 2014
China Hua Xia Bank Financial Leasing 0 20 (LOI) 20 30 Jan 2015
China Ping An Insurance Leasing, Shanghai 0 50 50 17 Jun 2015
CITIC Group Financial Leasing 18 18 36 1 Nov 2016
China Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Financial Leasing Co 5 15 20 1 Nov 2016
China China Everbright Group Financial Leasing Co 30 30 13 Jun 2017
China China Nuclear E&C Group 20 20 40 19 Sep 2017
China Huabao Leasing 15 15 30 19 Sep 2017
China AVIC International Leasing 15 15 30 19 Sep 2017
China Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) Financial Leasing 20 10 30 19 Sep 2017
China ICBC Leasing, Beijing 55 5 Dec 2017
China HNA Group 200 2 Jun 2018
Total 305 703 1008
Item Comac C919
Seats 168 (1-class) / 158 (2-class)
Length 38.9 m / 127.6 ft
Wingspan 35.8 m / 117.5 ft
Height 11.95 m / 39.2 ft
MTOW 72,500 kg / 159,835 lb
ER 77,300 kg / 170,417 lb
Maximum payload 20,400 kg / 45,000 lb
Maximum fuel 19,560 kg / 43,122 lb
Empty weight 42,100 kg / 92,815 lb
Turbofan (2x) CFM International LEAP-1C
Thrust per engine 31,000 lbf (137.9 kN)[100]
Cruise Mach 0.785 (450 kn; 834 km/h)
Range 4,075 km / 2,200 nm
ER 5,555 km / 3,000 nm
Approach speed 135 kn (250 km/h)
Takeoff 2,000 m (6,600 ft)
ER 2,200 m (7,200 ft)
Landing 1,600 m (5,200 ft)
Cost $50m


China has now begun to contribute to civilian aviation as a major player, and especially targeting emerging and rapidly growing markets. Whilst we will continue to have deep relationships with the likes of Embraer, Boeing, and Airbus, our domestic market is now fully in the swing of things.
Edit whoops sorry table was shagged
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2020.03.04 15:12 hildebrand_rarity 'The Way Back' - Review Thread

Rotten Tomatoes: 82% (33 reviews)
Metacritic: [63]

Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter
It's meant as a firm compliment to say that The Way Back looks and feels like a film that could have been made at any time between the early 1970s and right now.
Owen Gleberman, Variety
Beneath the authenticity of its staging, there's a moralistic simplicity to "The Way Back." The film is too programmatic an illustration of how bad things happen to good people.
Lindsey Bahr, Associated Press
Grade: 2.4/4 Affleck carries the film well on his larger-than-usual shoulders, capably showing all sides of a down-on-his-luck alcoholic - the funny, the sweet, the explosive and the self-destructive.
Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair
It's neither happily hokey tear-jerking sports movie nor low-to-the-ground, unforgiving indie about an alcoholic. It's stuck in some awkward space between those tropes: not roundly poignant and not unflinching enough.
Charles Bramesco, AV Club
Grade: B+ It's a reminder that the most trite material-in this case, getting a second chance at making good-can be powerful when handled honestly.
Jake Kring-Screifels, The Film Stage
Grade: B+ Ben Affleck is going for it in a way that suggests he already has before, just never on the screen. ​ ​
Bejamin Lee, Guardian
The Way Back is a film stuck on the runway, quietly circling around, always threatening to fly but never managing to get off the ground.
Todd Gilchrist, TheWrap
A rich character drama about loss, addiction and self-destruction that only incidentally focuses on the business of life lessons and whipping a ragtag team of misfits into a winning ball club.
Ben Kenigsberg, New York Times
O'Connor finds ways to keep viewers subtly off guard; just when you think "The Way Back" will turn into a Big Game movie, it reverts to being an addiction drama (and then goes back again).
Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction
Ben Affleck's in rare, riveting form and Gavin O'Connor and Brad Ingelsby know precisely how to move with him in creative symbiosis, delivering a top-tier sports film.
Joey Magidson,
Grade: 4/4 Ben Affleck has rarely been better than in "The Way Back." Tapping into his personal demons, he gives a haunting performance that deserves to be honored at the end of 2020.
Brian Lloyd,
Grade: 4/5 'Finding The Way Back' is an honest, open-hearted story about redemption and renewal, whether it be told through sports or broken down fathers, and with a powerful, awards-worthy performance from Affleck.
Peter Travers, Rolling Stone
Grade: 2.5/5 Ben Affleck brings his acting A game to this sports/redemption drama that plays way below his level, but still lets us root for the struggling star and the basketball coach he plays to find and honest way back from alcohol addiction.
Mara Reinstein, Us Weekly
Grade: 2.5/4 Ben Affleck is still portraying a version of the Tortured Good Guy with a Past, but he exposes his vulnerabilities in ways that audiences have rarely seen.
Witney Seibold, IGN Movies
The Way Back is a gratifying sports movie that is made better than the average by some sadness, some realism, and Ben Affleck's performance.
J. Don Birnam, Splash Report
Grade: D+ Ben Affleck does his best not to channel brother Casey in this unsubtle re-thread of Casey's Oscar winning performance, dressed up as a sports comeback movie.

Gavin O'Connor
Brad Ingelsby and Gavin O'Connor
Rob Simonsen
Eduard Grau
David Rosenbloom
Release date: March 6, 2020
Budget: $25 million

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2019.11.26 05:36 bbchlz Hannah & Alan

Congrats to the champs!! And to Kel & Witney!! A much deserved and underrated final 2!!!!! WOOO
“I love Chris Harrison but I also LOVE being on this show.” (Or something along those lines) looks at Alan
I reaaaaaallllyyyy did not want to assume these two were dating and add to the hysteria, like no they’re just really close and good friends, but come on!!! The chemistry!!
Anyone else catch it?! No? Just me??
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2019.11.18 05:38 JoyAngel98 Pros relationship Status

I have seen many posts from new members not knowing who is who with. So here is a post of all the pros relationship status: As of October 17, 2019
Keo Motsepe: Single. He had a girlfriend last year but they since have ended it.
Daniella Karagach Pahkov: Married to Pasha(a fellow pro). They have been together since 2010ish. They got married in July of 2014.
Brandon Armstrong: Single.
Cheryl Burke: Married to Matthew Lawrence(not a fellow pro. His brother did the show and that's how they met): They dated in 2007 but broke it off a year later. They reunited in 2017. They got engaged in 2018. They got married in May of 2019.
Peta Murgatroyd. Married to Maks(Val's brother and a former pro). They got together in 2012. That relationship was on and off. However, in 2015 they really got together. They got engaged that year. He proposed on stage at one of his shows. You can find it on YouTube. They got married in 2017. Also in 2017, they had their son Shai. She dated another pro named Damien Whitewood when she and Maks broke up. She might have cheated on him with Maks.
Val Chmerkovskiy: Married to Jenna(a fellow pro). Similar to his sister in law. He had an on and off relationship with Jenna in 2015. However, in 2017 they really got together. They got engaged in 2018 on vacation. It's on Val's Instagram of the engagement. They got married this year in April. He also dated Amber Rose who was his brother's celeb partner, before getting back with Jenna.
Jenna Johnson: Married to Val(a fellow pro). See above for more info.
Lindsay Arnold: Married to Sam Cusick(not a fellow pro. However, he is her high school sweetheart). They got married in June of 2015.
Gleb Savchenko: Married to Elena Samodanova(not a fellow pro. However, she is a dancer as well. She did other international versions and they have a studio in LA together). They have been together since 2006. They have a daughter named Olivia in 2011. They had a second daughter Zlata in 2017.
Alan Bersten: Single. He dated his partner Alexis Ren last year but ended it shortly after the show ended. He dated Hayley while on SYTYCD from 2013 to 2014. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
Witney Carson: Married to Carson McAllister(not a fellow pro). They have been together since 2011ish but they broke up when he went on his mission. They got back together afterward. She dated someone between that time. They got engaged in 2015. They got married on New Years in 2016.
Sasha Farber: Married to Emma(a fellow pro). They dated in 2011. They broke up in 2014. They got back together at the end of 2015. In 2016, they got engaged on the show. It's a Youtube video of it. They got married in 2018. He also dated Sharna when he was younger on the Burn the Floor tour. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
Emma Slater: Married to Sasha(a fellow pro). See above for more info.
Not pros this year but they pros and part of the troupe last season.
Hayley Erbert: Dating Derek Hough since 2015. Met on his tour in 2014? She and Alan dated while on SYTYCD but they broke up after. So from 2013 to 2014. She dated another dancer between Alan and Derek named Jake Kodish.
Morgan Larson: Engaged to Joshua Feldman. They got engaged in 2018.
Britt Stewart: Dating someone? Idk if they still are together.
Arthur Adamski: Single?
Vlad Kvartin: Single? He was dating a dancer named Emily but I believe they have broken up.
Artem Chigvintsev: Dating Nikki Bella. They were partners in 2017. However, they started dating in 2019. He also dated Carrie Ann from 2006 to 2008. This was also after his divorce.
Sharna Burgess: Single. (Might become the Bachelorette Australia 2020). She dated Sasha while on Burn the Floor tour so before DWTS. However, they broke up but they remain friends.
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2019.11.15 02:49 gingerin8406 Help a newbie out? Summarize cast relationships/reputations/drama?

So I’m new to this sub and new to watching DWTS with any regularity. I love Hannah B and tuned in for her, and now I’ve gotten somewhat sucked in. 😋
So... would anyone be willing to fill me in on things like: 1. Relationships among the pros— do they all get along? Who are closer with certain ppl? I know which ones are married—was there ever drama while they dated?
  1. How is it decided which pro gets paired with which star? I mean, surely when Lindsay got paired with Sean, she was like, Well Crap. No MBT for me. If they get a really talented dancer one season, are they more likely to get a not-so-great Star the next?
  2. Do the judges have favorite pros? Any friction between any of the judges and pros?
  3. What are the reputations of the pros? Like, is one known for being the best teacher, another the best choreographer? Are any of them known for not getting along with their stars? Is it a surprise each season which pros will be on? Or are there some “permanent” ones?
  4. Any messy drama I should read about or watch from past seasons? (Sorry, I love mess.)
  5. Anything else I should know about as a newbie? I used to be a hard core SYTYCD fan, and remember Witney and Lindsey. Love seeing the crossover.
BIG QUESTIONS, I know. Thanks for anyone who feels like tackling any of them.
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2019.02.03 01:22 PemsRoses DWTS News & Gossip n°8

Hi everyone ! Welcome back to the DWTS News and Gossip ! I'm honestly really tired so I will probably have to edit this post later on.
- Sharna is going to be a judge on DWTS Australia : Congrats to her, I'm happy she got that post not necessarily her being a judge but more her going in Australia for a while because I can't imagine how hard it is to be living alone this far from her family. Same for Keo (and Artem I think). Sharna should be a good judge based on how she comes off on DWTS I'm not so worried about that. She is joined by former DWTS pro Tristan McMannus, I only saw him on s17 but from what I've heard is was a lovely pro and I'm sure many fans are happy to see him back on TV.
- "Parce que je le vaut bien" : it's been weeks now but I totally forgot to mention it, Witney is a l'Oréal ambassador ! It's a great thing for her to be chosen by such a huge brand. SN : Translation is obviously Because I'm worth it.
- People are already campaigning for Colton to be on DWTS ?!? Why Mike Fleiss is so against Bachelorette being on DWTS I honestly don't get it but if Colton does the show, I'm 75% sure he will be paired with Lindsay which would be great for him. I'm not a big fan of him based on what I saw of him on the Bachelorette, BIP and overall in the media but people are saying he isn't a bad Bachelor. I would just prefer to see Rachel or Kaitlyn on DWTS tbh.
- Are Nartem being low key because of the Cenation ? Whether she is dating Artem or not, Nikki Bella has been receiving tons of hate and sl*tshaming for John Cena's fan which I find disgusting. I watched them on Total Divas and abviously they didn't have the same goal in life and forcing either one to sacrifice something is not the best option to start a like together. We will see how Nartem is evolving ...
- Can people leave Shai and his faboulous hair alone ?!? I can't even believe I have to write something like that but how grown a** women shame a 2 YEARS OLD BOY for having long hair ? Maybe Peta and Maks don't cut it yet because it's a tradition, because they don't feel like doing it or because Shai is obviously werking his hair. Either way let them be it's not a big deal !
- Normani is doing her thing : she is on Sam's Smith song Dancing with a Stranger and the single is out so is music video. I have yet to check that out but I'm happy she is thriving especially with the amount of unjustified hate she receives since the beggining of her career.
- RENT Live-ish happened ! It's so unfortunate that Brennin broke his ankle during dress rehearsal but I still enjoyed the show (I wasn't going to watch it Live anyway I live in France). I actually discovered Brennin and Kiersey on the show (I've heard of Kiersey but I had never seen a film or TV show she was in) and I liked their portrayal of Roger and Joanne. I was happy to see Mario in this kind of show, I think he did a good job, wasn't the most memorable part but I enjoyed it. Tinashe slayed "Out Tonight" and overall did a great job. Mimi has so much songs on the show and I think she did great most of the times. But we could see that Jordan, Vanessa and Brandon had previous experienced with this format, they were awesome ! I think it was Bruno that called Jordan "magnetic" and I totally agree with him ! He has a lot of charisma and he is really talented, his singing part and acting were on point. Maybe it was a different "Mark" but I prefer him putting his own flair to the role than trying to copy Anthony Rapp's version. Vanessa made a great Maureen - maybe she doesn't have Idina's voice but I don't think people were expecting that from Vanessa and she delivered. As for Brandon, I still have the "Santa Fe" song in my head and "I'll cover you" ... I have no words, it's was sooo good !
I saw a lot of people saying "How unprofessional to not have an understudy!" and I don't get it. This isn't theatre or Broadway it's a TV show of course there was no understudy. Even if Brennin wasn't the most famous person cast on the show I couldn't imagine them having an understudy. Some theatre loves need to calm down 1) All those Live event are made so people can discover some theatre musicals that they can't afford to see for several reasons. 2) You won't get the same feeling on a Musical Live show than when you watch it in a theatre because it's not the exact same thing and I don't think anyone pretend it would be the exact same thing.
My only major critique was audience's screams that sometimes was really too much.
SN 1 : Milo was at live tapping of the show.
SN 2 : s17 champ Amber Riley watched the show and praised Jordan for his voice. They are my two fave winners ever so I was happy for this little interaction on Twitter lol.
SN 3 : I hope they eventually show the "live concert" they improvised.
That's it for today. I big part of it was for Rent Live sorry if you didn't care for it lol.
Until next time everyone ;)
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2018.08.11 18:57 Heald Perfect First Rounds

With Kalinowski's perfect first round against Adam Hlavac that got me to questioning who is the most prolific performer for perfection and how if you run the board in the first round does it guarantee victory? So I went through this season and last and tallied them up to find whose the Curt Hennig of the Schmoedown and who you should call out if you want to join the list.
There have been 32 perfect rounds in Innerkgeedom,Star Wars, singles and team (with 3 extra in celebrity however they were all done as a team) by 21 individuals. 7 players have gone two or more with Sam Witwer, Kalinowski, Lon Harris and JoHn Rocha getting two, the Beast William Bibbiani and Drew McWeeney with three a piece but on the top of the mountain is Rachel Cushing with 4. She was also the first player to get perfect in two different leagues with innergeekdom and singles with The Killer joining her yesterday with team and innergeekdom however if you were to include the celebrity matches Critically Acclaimed's Witney Seibold would be the first as he along with Dana DeLorenzo answered perfect together in the Ash Vs Evil Dead match as team Deadites.
Meanwhile on the other side of the table 40 players have had their opponents be perfect with Alex Damon, Ken Napzok, Stacy Howard, Kalinowski and Matt Atichity having it twice. Suffering three times though is Joseph Scrimshaw (Napzok and Damon in the live triple threat match and by Sam Witwer in the 5 way contender match), Top That/IGN (with both members of Top Ten doing it in the same match and Matt Achity as a part of Rotten Tomatoes now MODOK) and Samm Levine being the only one to have it done to on three separate occasions. (Adam Gertler as part of DC Movie News vs Above the Line, William Bibbiani and Dan Murrell).
In terms of how important it is, in Innergeekdom its game over. No one has ever lost a match they went perfect in. In teams it is 86% for the win, singles is at 60% and its 50% for Star Wars. Overall it is an average of 75%.
Other tidbits:
Drew McWeeney and Adam Gertler in DC Movie News Vs Above the Line and Ken Napzok and Alex Damon in the Damon v Napzok v Scrimshaw triple threat are the only two times opponents both got them all. Top Ten as mentioned did it together in the same match against Top That.
Bibbiani is the only player to ever lose two matches after going perfect.
Gertler, Damon, McWeeney, Jim Vejvoda, Rocha, Napzok, Lon Harris, Riley, Atchity, Knost, Kalinowski, Cushing and Robert Montano have done it and have had it done to them
Every Star Wars champion to date has done it
Apart from Top Ten the only other team to have both members do it in team competition is DC Movie News (Kalinowski and Gertler). In all competition Critically Acclaimed and The Nerds Watch have also both done it. (Shirewolves as well if you were to count celebrity as Team Classy answered together)
The bonus has been answered correct 22 times for a percentage of 71% (Teams 72%, Singles 60%, Innergeekdom 75% and Star Wars 100% however Witwer was not asked a bonus question in one game) Bibbiani again the only player to get the bonus incorrect two times and Rachel Cushing and Drew McWeeney have gotten them all correct.
Witney Seibold, Robert Montano, Tim Franco and Lon Harris are the only players to do it on their debut.
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2018.06.21 04:52 Sisiwakanamaru Review Megathread - Sicario: Day of the Soldado

Rotten Tomatoes: 67%, Average rating 6.5 out of 10 with 15 Reviews Counted
Metacritic: 65/100
In Sicario: Day of the Soldado, the series begins a new chapter. In the drug war, there are no rules--and as the cartels have begun trafficking terrorists across the US border, federal agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) calls on the mysterious Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro), whose family was murdered by a cartel kingpin, to escalate the war in nefarious ways. Alejandro kidnaps the kingpin's daughter to inflame the conflict--but when the girl is seen as collateral damage, her fate will come between the two men as they question everything they are fighting for.
Release Date:
June 29, 2018 (North America)
  • Benicio del Toro
  • Josh Brolin
  • Isabela Moner
  • Jeffrey Donovan
  • Manuel Garcia-Rulfo
  • Catherine Keener
Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water, Wind River)
Running Time:
123 Minutes
Stefano Sollima (ACAB – All Cops Are Bastards, Suburra)
Reviews for previous films in the series:
Rotten Tomatoes - 93%, Average Rating 8 out of 10 with 244 Reviews Counted
Metacritic - 82/100

Written Reviews

William Bibbiani - The Wrap
It's a tough-as-nails action thriller, and all those nails are hammered directly into the movie's own coffin.
David Ehrlich - Indiwire
Day of the Soldado feels like it was written on a bender of whiskey and Viagra.
Darren Franich - EW
So Day of the Soldado is our generation's Rambo: First Blood, Part 2, a half-mad sequel transforming a traumatized political parable into a fantasy of all-American murder gods.
Peter Deburge - Variety (Spoilers!!!!)
"Soldado" may not be as masterful as Villeneuve's original, but it sets up a world of possibilities for elaborating on a complex conflict far too rich to be resolved in two hours' time.
Todd McCarthy - The Hollywood Reporter
Sicario: Day of the Soldado emerges as a dynamic action drama in its own right.
Witney Siebold - IGN
Sicario: Day of the Soldado is a darkly thrilling film with excellent performances, and its gritty, intense action is balanced by heady themes of moral decay, but overall, because of recent political developments, it feels behind the times.
Jimi Famurewa - Empire
Thrillingly paced, ravishingly shot and eerily topical, Sicario 2 retains much of its predecessor’s dark charm despite its shuffled creative personnel. But a jarringly Hollywood ending dulls its overall impact.
Kit Bowen - We Live Entertainment
Sicario: Day of the Soldado is more than a worthy follow-up and will keep you mesmerized from beginning to end.
Mike Ryan - Uproxx
Sicario: Day of the Soldado is an intense, at times morally ambiguous, and gritty thriller that will leave you wanting more. And, now, Benicio del Toro finally has a franchise of his own.
Matt Goldberg - Collider
In some ways, Day of the Soldado is darker than Sicario, but it's darkness without purpose.

Video Reviews

Perri Nemiroff - Collider Videos
Kristian Harloff - Schmoesknow
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2018.03.06 15:15 TieDyeRehabHoodie Previous Bachelors vs. Arie

One thing that interested me about watching Twitter reactions last night was how many people said stuff like "he shouldn't have proposed to either woman!" or "he should have just walked away" or "he could have at least done it off camera!"
Ashley I even said - "I wonder why Arie didn't just say, 'I need to date you both longer in real life to make this decision'" (which is kind of ridiculous, but it's Ashley I so what do you expect)
Anyway this is interesting to me because there are Bachelors that HAVE followed those same suggestions in the past and still gotten dragged over coals for it in the past.
Here are a few that come to mind:
-Brad Womack broke up with both woman at the end of his first season and got massive hate for it. On his second season, one of the contestants (Chantel I think?) even slapped him and said "that's for America" or something ridiculous like that.
-JP obviously had a laundry list of faults, but people still like to dwell on how his season ended without a proposal or "I love you."
-Jason Mesnic was the original switcheroo, but he did break up with his F1 OFF camera before filming a staged breakup. Obviously this didn't spare him from any hate from Bachelor Nation.
-Chris Soules got criticism for being all over Becka, but ultimately choosing Witney.
-Ben H got criticism for saying "ILY" to both F1 and F2
On one hand it just goes to show that there's really no winning in this situation. I think Brad Womack was one of the better Bachelors for walking away from his first season, because he wasn't making any false promises or proposals... but he still got tons of hate for it.
On the other hand I think that Arie's finale was so bad that it put all of the other seasons into perspective. I think this actually WAS the "most shocking season ever" because Arie reached a new low. He was so heartless and cold about how he handled things last night. Even Juan Freakin Pablo showed more tact and emotion!
(ETA: sorry for the tl;dr, the coffee was strong today)
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2016.10.21 12:55 pi3dpip3r Newsdumps issue 3

News dumps issues 3#

Date: 21/10/2016
Front cover :
Welcome to newsdumps issue 3
All the links is dump into one Reddit post
Playlist : Spotify :
youtube :

Movies of the week:

1968 American dramatic thriller film directed by Peter Yates and produced by Philip D'Antoni. It stars Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, and Jacqueline Bisset. The screenplay by Alan R. Trustman and Harry Kleiner was based on the 1963 novel, Mute Witness,
To Live and die In La (1985) 1985 American action thriller film directed by William Friedkin and based on the novel by former U.S. Secret Service agent Gerald Petievich,
The film tells the story of the lengths to which two Secret Service agents go to arrest a counterfeiter.
The Guest(2014)
2014 American action horror-thriller film and it is like Captain America meets hotline miami meets Universal Solder
Obscure news section
technology section
Gaming Section
local London news

Obscure section

(sunday 16th 2016) WikiLeaks Emails Clearly Show Serious Media Impropriety
University of Cape Town Student Leader Wants to Scrap Science Because It’s Racist, Oppressive
 University of Nevada Cancels ‘Sausage Party’ Screening Because a Douche ‘Raped’ a Juice Box
 Stupid idiot Number 1
 Stupid idiot number 2
 In the uk ,Cheerleading Team Ordered to Cancel Party Over ‘Cultural Appropriation’; Holds it Anyway
 Feminists Attack United Nations for Picking Wonder Woman as UN Honorary Ambassador
Political Correctness Means Murder and Torture of Christians is Ignored
 WikiLeaks: Ecuador cut off Julian Assange's internet
 Students told term ‘be a man’ represents toxic masculinity
 Stupid Idiot number 3
 ‘Remember, it’s illegal to possess’ WikiLeaks Clinton emails, but ‘it’s different for the media,’ says CNN’s Chris Cuomo
 [Industry] Github threatens to remove contributor repositories for 'hate speech', but 'hate speech' has become saying anything that the left disagrees with.
Mindy Kaling’s family feud exposes America’s cultural divide
sjws are going after comic books
Professor: A University Placed a Trigger Warning on the Movie ‘Clueless’
‘Deadpool’ Comic Creator Battles Social Justice Warriors Over ‘Iron Fist’ Outrage
Far left organizations at Clemson scheme to disrupt Milo event
 GQ Austrilla Goes after Milo
 Male Australian Student Pretended to Identify as Woman to Win Paid Position at the College, Friends Say
 Oklahoma Campus Protestors Hate The Term ‘Sooner,’ Because Racism
Professor Refuses To Use ‘Genderless Pronouns’ And Now The Faculty Is In Full Revolt
YouTube Under Fire After Labeling Conservative Radio Host’s Videos ‘Potentially Offensive’

Technology Section

 (sunday 16th 2016) Don't learn to code the guy said
 Meet Google’s New Robotic Safe Space Enforcers: Conversation AI
 apple is going after Detroit Let us pray detroit right now
 Firefox Expermenrs
 Germany says Tesla should not use 'Autopilot' in advertising
 No ones wants to buy I guess buy it myself
 Quantum Computers Will Destroy Bitcoin, Scientists Warn
 People are salt over Peter Thiel support donld Trump and shows how regressive left in the technology industry is.
 Drones will be crashed into passenger jets in mid-air to test safety after string of near misses near airports
 apple wants to build Cars
 Netflix gets new people and stock market is rocking
 FTC says it may be unable to regulate Comcast, Google, and Verizon
 WIKILEAKS: Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg ‘Hungry to Learn’ About Politics
 The Salty Reddit Ex Ceo is pissed by a vc donted his money to trump
 Drivless Car
 5G internet is coming
 Microsoft sends out invitations for Office event on November 2
 The Internet of Things is being used to launch massive cyberattacks
 Google’s Cloud Platform gets new a cold storage service
 it is about Visual Studio 15
 it is about IBM 90000 employeess using macs
 It’s Goodbye QWERTY, Hello Emojis as Apple Rethinks the Keyboard
 Google going after VR
 Guardian try to write something bike protection
 Apple lawsuit reveals most chargers sold on Amazon are fake
 you can draw on windows 10
 Microsoft cloud annualized run rate hits $13bn in strong first quarter

Games Section

 Read Dead Making Come back ?
 Everything is code Red for Rockstar
 GTA 5 is Still ongoing Like a train
 Diablo 4 ?
 United Games is Closed
 Red Dead Redemption 2 is confirmed for 2017
 Trailer is coming thursday october 20th
 Battlefield 1 accuused of Sexism
 Hearts Smashed as United Front Games Closes Doors
 The Aim Controller is PS VR's literal secret weapon
 Skyrim Remastered:Bethesda Announces New Creation Kit
 SAG-AFTRA Threatens to Strike American Games
 Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer 1
 Ninetendo NX will get preview on friday
 ‘Pokemon GO’ Latest News & Update: Niantic CEO John Hanke Confirms Mew, MewTwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres Are Coming Soon! Player Battles Possible?
 Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer
 NVIDIA Technology Powers New Home Gaming System, Nintendo Switch
 Red Dead Redemption 2: PlayStation and Rockstar Games announce partnership

Local London News

 In the air Tonight, he is making come back mr phil collins
 fires in london flats
 Heathrow issues
 Knifes in Ilford......
 police searching for a man
 Steakhouse open up woodford
 Train Strikes
(not local) Paedophile jailed after vigilantes tricked him into thinking he was meeting 13-year-old
Woman filmed chasing man along Tube platform after seeing ‘racist’ attack
Five car crash causes severe delays in A406 near Ilford
Bus use across England falls to lowest level in decade
 London Zoo gorilla helped himself to blackcurrant squash
 Tube train device controlled explosion at North Greenwich
 PC Gordon Semple: Officer 'killed and dismembered on Grindr sex date'
 ‘Hundreds’ of jobseekers victims of 'recruitment scam'
 Labour hold Jo Cox’s old seat, while Tory majority is slashed in Witney
Breaking Bad ‘fanatic killed police officer then dissolved his body in acid bath’
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2015.10.24 01:15 tabledresser [Table] I am Alfonso Ribeiro, the new host of AFV and creator of the Carlton! AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-10-23
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
You created the Carlton yourself? Sorry if I've been in a cave too long but I never knew that. The more you know... The Carlton Dance was created on the show simply as the dance that the character wanted to do. It was inspired by Courtney Cox in the Bruce Springsteen video "Dancing in the Dark" and Eddie Murphy's white man dance in his stand-up video, Raw. I took that inspiration and added my own twist to it.
I can Carlton like nobody's business. Thanks for the education. You're a legend in your own time. A little more over the top with the arms.
Hey Alfonso! What was it like to do this Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson? How many people auditioned for the part? Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. I loved doing the Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson. To work with the greatest entertainer in history was truly an honor. I don't believe people auditioned for the part. I worked with the director and choreographer before and they asked me to do the commercial.
What do you think Carlton Banks greatest moment was in Fresh Prince? Carlton Banks greatest moment was an improv scene where Carlton ran around all the sets and through the studio audience when he thought Will had killed Lisa.
Finally, are you a fan of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and if so who’s your favorite character? Lastly, I do not watch Game of Thrones, so no favorite characters.
Will you be dressing up for Halloween this year? If so, what will you be dressing up as? I'm really liking the Ritz-Carlton idea, but I think I'm going to be a bear.
My two boys are going to be a lion and a tiger, I'm the bear and my wife will have a shirt that says "Oh My!"
If you got a second chance on DWTS, would you do it again? And if you weren't paired with Witney, who would you want? I would do an All-Star season of DWTS, but if I didn't have Witney I would probably want Lindsey as they grew up together and dance very much the same. Plus, she was already part of team Witfonso.
Do you prefer to improvise or stick to the script? With the writer in the room with me right now, we like to stick to the scripts. All kidding aside, I really do like to stick to the script and then will add my own personality to it.
How often do people ask you to dance? Every day I leave my house! The only time I don't ever get asked to dance is at the house. Oh wait a minute... my son asks me to dance every day. Just not the Carlton.
Hi Alfonso! As the new host of AFV are you planning to keep Bergeron's style of one-liner humor when you narrate the videos? I've always found it alot more hilarious than Bob Saget's impersonations when he was host. Or do you plan on mixing it up and with your own style? We definitely plan on continuing the style that Tom has made incredibly successful. Tom is my favorite host on TV, so to continue the style that I enjoy is certainly my plan. But of course, we will try to change some of the bits to fit my personality.
Did you think that your character would be a hit long after Fresh Prince ended? What made you embrace that character after all these years? Fans love it! When a show ends, you think it will just go away but it has become somewhat of a cult classic. I embrace the love I get from fans because I can now connect with how much people love him.
Will this season of AFV feature more nut shots? Ohhh yeahhh! America keep sending! As a matter of fact, can you have your friend kick you in the nuts now and send it?
Edit: AFV
What kind of future do you think AFV has in this age of youtube and streaming video? No matter how many videos you find online, there's nothing better than sitting on the couch with your whole family laughing together. That' why AFV will be around a while.
Do you miss doing the Fresh prince, and is there any chance it may come back in the future, it wouldn't be the same without Uncle Phil (James Avery) though? :( I don't miss doing the show, but I do miss being with the cast members and clearly the show would never be the same without James Avery, so it would not come back in the future, at least not with me.
Who would win in a no-holds-barred fight to the death amongst AFV hosts? You, Tom, or Bob? (Let's all ignore that Daisy Fuentes and whathisface era). Standard Thunderdome rules apply. Clearly, I would win the fight to the Death with Tom and Bob because I'm the youngest. I probably have the most energy. Plus, I do Brazilian Jiu jitsu and I box, so it might give me an edge.
Was James Avery really as awesome as I think that he was? Better than you thought he was. Most people don't know this, but he played my Dad on 3 different TV shows. So he was truly a second dad to me.
Hey, Alfonso! Thanks for doing this AMA! What was the hardest part of doing Dancing with the Stars? The hardest part was in the 14 weeks on the show I only had 2 days off. It is incredibly brutal on your body especially if you didn't come in in great shape.
Hi Alfonso! Have you ever gone out for a role you REALLY wanted and did not get? If so, which and why were you so interested? thanks! I went out for plenty of roles I didn't get. As an actor, you spend most of your life dealing with rejection from producers. That's the real job.
How's AFV working out? It a fun show to be a host for? Such a blast to be working on an iconic show that we all loved watching for the last 25+ years!
Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Geoffrey's or 1 Geoffrey sized duck? I would fight the 1 Geoffrey sized duck. A hundred duck sized Geoffrey's might be hard to keep track of who is getting knocked out.
What is your favorite Formula One team? Mercedes. Wish I was in Austin to watch the race this weekend. I think Lewis will win the title this weekend.
Hey Alfonso! Thanks for doing this AMA. My question is, if you had the chance to play any character in a movie which movie character would you want to be? Or what's your dream role? I wouldn't want to play a character that's already been done. I'd want to create something new, but been thinking about playing a serial killer. Thoughts?
Who do you think would win in a dance off? Bob Saget, or Tom Bergeron? Tom would win in a dance off. With 21 season of DWTS he's had to pick up something!
Hey alfonso, what's the best trini thing you've learned or seen or eaten? My mother's bake. But Carnival time is always the best! Looottt of drunk people on the side of the road.
Alfonso, how can I get a copy of your breaking and popping book? I tried to order it and the address and phone number doesn't work. How can I learn the centipede and rap now so I can be hot with the ladies? Not sure if I can help you on this one, I don't even have my copy! Go try to find old breakdancing burial grounds, you might be able to dig one up.
Hi Alfonso! I love to tap dance, and remember you being The Tap Dance Kid. Who were your tap teachers? You clearly know your stuff, and I've always wondered. Danny Daniels and his son, DJ, were my teachers back then. Then I worked with my buddy Rolandas Hendricks for a few more years in the 80s.
Hello Alfonso, loved your portrayal of Carlton :) Just curious as to why Tom Bergeron was replaced anyways? He seemed very emotional and shook up about it. Not really sure he was emotional or shook up being that he decided to step down as the host, but we're going to laugh about this later.
What do you do to wind down at the end of the day or week? Video games? Booze? Cannabis? Massage parlor happy endings? Do you have a favorite way to chill out? Clearly the ones you've chosen work for you. I sit on the couch with my family and hug up on my kids.
Hi!!! Big fan! Anyway, it's only a matter of time before Disney calls you up and asks you to be a Marvel movie. My question is would you be a hero, sidekick, or villain? And who would play your nemesis? Disney listen to this question! I'll do ANY of them, but I'm feeling Jonah Hill might be a good nemesis.
Alfonso talked to me. He has shaken hands with Will Smith. I now can say Will Smith and I are best friends. Two degrees of separation. Wait... since we didn't actually meet, let's add another degree.
Hi Alfonso I'm big fan of yours, and thanks for doing this AMA. My questions are: What is your favorite TV show to watch other than your own shows? and Who do you think is one of the top actors currently (tv or movie)? My favorite TV shows (other than AFV) are Scandal, DWTS, and I'm loving the new show on Sunday night Quantico.
Have you kept in touch with Bill Nye since you appeared on an episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy? No, unfortunately, our paths haven't crossed again. But seriously, how cool is he?!
How much can you bench? 30-40 pounds.
Happy cakeday!
Last updated: 2015-10-23 23:15 UTC Next update: 2015-10-23 23:25 UTC
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2015.05.04 11:48 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am standing against UK Prime Minister David Cameron in next Thursday's General Election - part 3. AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2015-05-03
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
You left the conservative government with spiralling debt, rapidly increasing immigration, 2 unwinnable wars, one of which I had to fight in, an NHS semi privatised through the absolutely abhorrent use of PFI, no money, a note saying there was no money, and an extremely arrogant view that you had done nothing wrong. IMHO Tony Blair & Gordon Brown should be charged with treason for what they did. I won't be voting Conservative, but I promise you I'll never vote for a Labour government as long as I live. Edit: p.s. I spoke to your colleague Oliver Coppard last week and although an excellent speaker and communicator, he simply brushed aside the fact that wage compression in the north of the UK is only going to increase given that immigration is coming up to 300k a year. So for my second question, when are you going to live up to your promise and actually regain some control of our borders? Big list of things here, some of which I have answered elsewhere. The civil war across the Middle East is driving immigration and is a real and present danger for Britain. Thanks for your part in fighting for our interests. This is not a conflict that will end easily or soon, but what you did has made us safer, so thanks. I don't think the last Labour govermnet did nothing wrong. Of course it didn't - no government is infallible. Ed Miliband has taken the unusual step of apologising (politicians should do it more, and probably would if the media didn't leap on every instance and hammer them). He said sorry for Iraq, and apologised for getting things wrong on immigration. I also think we should have spotted earlier that the deregulation of banks, which happened under Thatcher and Reagan and spread worldwide, was getting totally out of hand. The banking crash wasn't Labour's fault (and started in USA of course), but Labour should have done more to push for international bank regulation. PFI was a way to mend lots of hospitals quickly to avoid NHS shutdown across the country. It also sank cost in a different way, and got buildings built to time and budget, but there have been problems with transparency, refinancing deals that have left taxpayers out of pocket, and unequal burdens across public bodies. I wouldn't support a lot of the ways these were used, and would rather use regular public investment in future. But there is nothing inherently abhorrent about PFI as such, just need care in its use as a financing tool (and to my mind use it sparingly in future). You're wrong about Brown and Blair as well. They are both men of integrity who did all they could for the country in the circumstances they found, and achieved huge amounts in 13 years, from minimum wage to right to roam, from equalities act to civil partnership, from human rights to workers rights. One thing we are going to do is invest in our border force to get proper control over who is coming in and out, with 1000 more staff. Labour will arrest foreign criminals on entry (and catch our own as they leave). Labour will also want to crack down on trafficking and exploitation.
Last time you did one of these, you said the NHS won't survive another 5 years if a Tory government was reelected. Any sources to back that claim up yet? Yes, here are some reports from the independent King's Fund which indicate the levels of concern about the future of the NHS: Link to and this: "Most of the NHS is working close to its limits, and staff morale is a growing concern – making prospects for NHS performance in the next parliament extremely challenging." Link to
If we carry on as now, we will see services in the NHS fragmented and privatised to the point where a coherent "NHS" will not exist in 5 years, but instead a disparate suite of variable services will take its place. Under pressure during the campaign, the Conservatives have pledged extra funding but refused, repeatedly, to say where it will come from. I fear they have no idea how to run the NHS.
Follow up question, why did Labour continue with PFI contracts if privatisation is such a disaster? Also, why did Labour cut funding in Wales, leaving the quality of healthcare so poor there that patients are seeking care in England? PFI was a way to get hospitals built quickly, and to avoid overspend by costing in the whole project including maintenance and handing construction risk to the contractor. Labour has invested in community care in Wales, and achieved remarkable things in terms of service integration. In West Oxfordshire we have problems with delayed transfer of care so need to learn lessons from other parts of the UK including Wales.
My MP is a Tory and an NHS doctor and he doesn't have any concerns. I am not saying that the NHS doesn't have within it the seeds of recovery - it clearly does. But it needs a Labour Government to invest, as in 1997, and to help integrate health and social care.
I am very surprised about your MP - most NHS doctors UK-wide are worried about the lack of resources, too short consultation times, slow ambulance response and so on. Who is it?
What is your stand on David Cameron's position on encryption? Do you agree with me that it is too tough, or do you support it? What about piracy? Big questions. I've written more about this in my first two AMAs so that might be worth a look. Cameron's statement on encryption is an attack on civil liberties and a step too far, but it is also technologically illiterate. He seems to think it is possible to do this without exposing all transactions to anyone. We all know that's wrong. Perhaps he is just playing to a tech-ignorant gallery of control freaks. Not sure what you mean about piracy. I'm against piracy if it means making money out of someone else'e efforts. If it involves rum I am only for it in fictional adaptations. If booze and cigs smuggling from the continent, don't do it unless for personal use.
As someone living in a reasonably marginal constituency, we hear countless things about listening to the people and wanting to make a difference and basically the same stuff from every PPC, so what makes you (not the Labour Party) different from all of them? Why should we vote for you? It is about values. Labour candidates come from a different place and want the country to go in a different direction. Britain is too unequal, and that leads to problems for all of us. Our public services are too weak, and that provides an unstable platform for economic growth. Labour will invest in the talents of everyone, and in infrastructure and services, so we can build a strong and more equal economy. Labour candidates will fight for that in their own constituencies. I'll do that in Witney.
In my case, I am arguing both on national issues but also to be a different type of MP - living locally and listening to people in the area. Here's a quick film I made to make that argument: Link to
Why should i vote for you and not David Cameron? For two reasons. First, his government have damaged our economy with austerity followed by a false house-price boom. It is already slowing, and will be dealt a big blow by slashing public services and proposing an EU referendum. For stable growth and a fairer share, vote for me. Second, because I will be a different sort of MP, living locally and acting on the major local issues, such as affordable homes, a move away from becoming a dormitory district, action to cut waiting times for A&E, GPs and ambulances, and shorter travel times on the A40 by 2020.
I love how you judge 'damaging the economy' by austerity measures. Too many people are working in insecure and low-level jobs, including on zero-hours contracts. I know a local graduate who has been made redundant and can only find occassional bar work - employed, yes, but secure and in a career, no. By now Osborne said he would have eliminated the current deficit, so the Tories' "long-term economic plan" is proving to be a short-term political fix and no more. We need real growth, tackling low productivity and the widest ever Balance of Trade deficit. That requires stability and investment, not playing politics with the EU and savaging services.
Are you aware that unemployment went down by 2 million, growth is up, and the deficit is halved? Growth has been driven by house price inflation and not much else. It is already petering out. In the first quarter of 2015 our economy has grown at half the rate it was growing when Labour left office, in the first quarter of 2010.
No matter how much the Labour party bangs on about zero hour contracts, it doesn't invalidate the fact that 2 million more people are now employed than under Labour. Zero hour contracts make up a tiny minority of those now in work. A whole lot of students also find them useful for part-time work. Tories' "long-term economic plan" is proving to be a short-term political fix and no more. Why have the Financial times and the Economist both backed the Tories plan? Why do you call it short-term when they've only had 5 years and growth is forecast to continue to rise and the deficit continue to come down? We're still suffering as a country from a number of major problems. I have a small publishing company and know first hand that the banks are tough to get support from. Lending to business has fallen £50bn since May 2010. Business rates have shot up, A French worker produces in 4 days what a British worker does in 5; Germans even more, because they have invested in skills and equipment. One in five workers is low paid. There are 1.8m zero hours contracts in the economy. For over half a million at least these aren't "flexible", they are exploitative. We need a new plan.
Okay, thanks for all your answers. You can probably tell I'm not a labour supporter though! Thank you too for asking questions. Always good to have your ideas challenged.
One last question though. I start Uni in September. If Labour get in and fulfill their pledge to cut tuition fees to £6000/year, when will that come into effect? Starting this September or will it be in the pipeline for some time? The cut will happen as of September 2016. Note this won't mean a cut to University budgets as the money will come from a reduction in pension tax relief from higher to basic rate for those earning over £150,000 - still generous but not a giveaway for the richest.
What about students, such as myself, who are already paying £9000 a year? Will we have our debt removed? It seems unfair that students unfortunate enough to enter higher education between 2010-2015 will have to pay more than everyone else. Yes it does seem unfair. If we had won the last election we wouldn't have done it. Unfortunately we have to deal with the situation we find when we come to government. I will however mention this to my education colleagues (why not email them too?)
Last updated: 2015-05-08 03:54 UTC
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2015.01.18 18:08 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am taking on UK Prime Minister David Cameron in this year's General Election - part 2. AMA!

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Date: 2015-01-18
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Question 1. Why do the labour party pander to political correctness? Question 4. What do you feel you can offer over David Cameron (or anyone else for tour constituency). Question 6. If you could affect one policy and have it put in place today, what would you do and why? One person's political incorrectness is another's racism or sexism. We all need to take responsibility for how we address others, and take care not to cause offence. What is OK for you may be deeply offensive to someone else. Political correctness is a term often used in abuse - what we all need to do is show respect. Simple as. Q2: Since the late 1980s there have been whole new reasons why people might want to move - the UK is not the only country that has struggled to get to grips with this. Of course there have always been checks to prevent those trying to escape justice, but these need to be reviewed constantly to stop criminals. Britain has always benefitted from new people coming to the country, and nearly all families have this in their history (mine does). There's a net contribution to the economy and social benefits too. But we really need to get on top of exploitation and Labour is committed to ending employers undercutting local wages, gangmasters profiteering on migrant labour, and jobs advertised only abroad.
Question 2. What was the thinking behind allowing mass immigration without proper checks? (and yes I'm aware that it was starting to get fixed under Gordon Brown). Q4: A Labour Government is what I can offer, but locally I am much more prepared to get my hands dirty tackling local problems. I'm campaigning to get investment in local roads, particularly A40 and A44, which are a blight. I will agitate for local jobs so we aren't a dormitory. We need affordable homes some of which will bring new life in villages so they aren't just weekender retreats for Londoners. I want to see better sports facilities as we have fewer pitches and leisure centres than most parts of the UK.
Question 5. What is your background before politics? Q3: There's a mix in politics - Farage isn't pro though EU pays his wages and expenses! But I think there is no settled view against in the country. Most people don't like what the EU does right now, and want to see reform; but don't want to wreck the economy either so are nervous about exit.
How do you feel about the recent privatisation of some of the UK's essential services? (Royal mail, NHS and Prisons). And would you want to see any sort of reversal? Not good is it? In Witney we lost our dedicated Post Office and now have a smaller one at the back of W H Smith. The staff do a great job though and the service is still pretty good, including Sundays.
It is absolutely crucial that the Royal Mail retains the universal service across UK (all letters delivered everywhere at the same affordable price) and I worry that as a private firm it will be more difficult to defend this. I think the competitors also ought to be forced to offer a universal service.
The NHS should be a single integrated service with social care, and privatisation has failed already in a few places. I think it has no place in our NHS.
I am not a fan of private prisons either.
But to argue against private provision, we need to look at the evidence in terms of quality of service, answerability and so on. All the evidence doesn't look good so far, so I favour well-managed and run public services.
What are your plans on education, particularly at GSCE level? Also, how do you plan to promote STEM with young people? I'm a governor at my local school, where both my children go and my daughter is taking GCSEs this year. My wife teaches there.
I favour a period of calm after the ideological storms that have hit in recent years. I also want to see professionally trained teachers leading the way. Schools need to be supported to work together, not compete, so every child has the best possible education and all young people get the best opportunities.
Fab question about STEM. I don't think we make best use of the internet in this regard, and also I'd like more help from the wider media - Jemma Simmons on Agents of SHIELD is a role model for some, but how about more programmes? Also better links with our science and medical base. Did you know that work experience in the NHS is not available until you are 18? I think that should be much younger.
The last time you did an AMA you were asked about internet censorship and you honestly admitted you did not know much about the issue but would research it more. Thanks for remembering. I was given links to a variety of sources last time, and have followed up and read them all. This is also timely given David Cameron's comments about limiting encryption. I'm with Obama on this: we need a healthy regard for civil liberties when we discuss the internet. It seems to me that decisions about accessing content should lie within a family and be taken by individuals rather than by governments. I am not happy with a situation where the UK is listed as an "Enemy of the Internet" by Reporters without Borders. We need to value freedom of the internet as we do freedom of the press.
I'm with Obama on this: we need a healthy regard for civil liberties when we discuss the internet. He has very clearly supported the notion that all encryption should be breakable by the government, even if he is not going as far as to support Cameron's complete opposition to encryption. Our government leaders are all shocked and reacting to the events in Syria, Iraq and France I think. Clearly there is a big push to combat extremism and take measures to shore up security. I am not convinced the measures being discussed will work. I hear the NSA guy who said "the last thing you need, when looking for a needle in a haystack, is more hay".
What are your thoughts on Scotland's recent election to gain independence and how would you address the current lack there of that they've been treated with so far? The government assumed they would win the referendum easily, and then panicked.
There is no doubt Scotland is a nation. I'd like to think that Scotland has shown the way for the rest of the country (as so often before). What the referendum decided was that a majority still wanted to be a nation within the UK, though the debate made it clear that many held Westminster in low regard (and most of the UK agrees).
I think this is an opportunity for devolution across the UK with Scotland continuing to show the way, but I hope we all remain within the UK umbrella.
One more thing - apart from a few outliers, both yes and no camps espoused a society which is far more equal, cohesive and tolerant, and forward-looking than the current government is offering. Hear hear to that, sign me up for the future.
devolution across the UK. In what form do you think this should/could/would happen? Horses for courses. In my own area I think we need to devolve to the Oxford metro area for some planning decisions including transport planning, and Thames Valley for others. It will need public support in each area.
I'm a recent graduate and prospects for my generation seem really really slim. Jobs are fewer and increasingly centralized in London - which means the rents are absolutely criminal. If I were to even try to seek my dream career I'd have to move to the city, where in all honesty I can't see myself getting on the property ladder for many, many years. It's essentially a really bad time to be somebody my age in this country, and the Tory government has done nothing but make it worse. But I'm wondering what Labour would do differently for people like me if they were in power? Could you explain? I hear what you say about London - magic city, but sucking all the economy out of the rest of the country, and very expensive. I commuted there for five years, and it cost a lot as well as tiring me out. But London is the best big city in the world. I also want to build houses. Labour will build 1 million more by 2020, and that will make a massive difference whether you rent or buy. I'd like to see them passive too to reduce energy bills and living costs.
Thank you for doing this AMA by the way. It's a real credit to see a politician that's talking directly with the public when there aren't any TV cameras to see them do it. Pleasure re the AMA, you are dead right that if you stand for election, you need to get out and answer questions (NB Cameron, do the leader debates!) I want to see regional development, by devolving Westminster powers to the rest of the UK. I want real freedom to grow the economy around Britain. That's what the old metropolitan councils used to have the power to lead - and I want to see that again.
When and why did you decide to become a politician? Hmmm to be honest, I still feel a bit uncomfortable being called a politician, as it isn't something that pays my wages! Nor do I think it defines me (like being a father or a friend). But I have always been interested in politics and the power to change things in my community. I joined Labour in 1979 as a teenager in Yorkshire. I was president of my college student union, and became a county councillor in Oxford in the 1990s. I was elected in 2011 to Witney Town Council and then the following year to the West Oxfordshire District for the area where I live. I guess you could choose any of those dates.
Do you think Edward Snowden did the right thing? Tricky one. I think I would have advised Snowden to go another route, but in retrospect I think he did the right thing. Whistleblowers are always in a difficult situation and need particular support. Last week I met some NHS whistleblowers who have been very brave and treated badly. We always need to listen to those who see wrong in our governments and services, as that way we can continue to be true to our democratic values and seek to improve.
Have you read 1984?if so do you think the UK is becoming too much like it? With the Internet censorship via the "porn" filter. The prosecution of people for "offensive" tweets. The mass surveillance. I have read 1984 but a long time ago (before 1984!) I was worried then that UK was too like it, and it still concerns me. I guess that's why Orwell wrote it. I am involved in politics to combat that.
Do you think you could beat David Cameron in a game of basketball? I do think I can beat David Cameron in basketball. I'm taller. A bit. Better at pool though.
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2014.10.05 18:43 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am taking on UK Prime Minister David Cameron in next year's General Election. AMA!

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Date: 2014-10-05
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
I live in this constituency. What exactly would you do to improve the congested roads? What do you think of Blenheim's plans to build hundreds of houses on farmland in the area? Our roads are a disgrace. The A40 is the worst. I would demand action from all the authorities along the line, from Wales to London. I would also lobby hard for national funding. It seems crazy that our MP is PM and still hasn't been able to secure resources. Personally I would like to see a dedicated bus or coach shuttle every ten minutes from Carterton, Witney and Eynsham to Oxford, and back in the evening, along its own lane beside the A40. That should be cheapish and easy to install. I'm interested in other options including better cycle lanes along our main roads and perhaps reopening rail lines. I'm very much against massive housing developments like those proposed by Blenheim. It seems all the power is with developers these days, instead of communities. If asked most towns and villages would propose sensible developments of appropriate scale for sustainability (I rarely meet a NIMBY no). Give power back to the people, I say!
I'm very much against massive housing developments like those proposed by Blenheim. How does that sit with your opinion that there is, " a lack of affordable the area", given that many of the proposed houses are affordable? I don't see a clash between more affordable housing and inappropriate siting of such housing. There are better places is what I am saying.
, thanks for doing an AMA and for answersing some of the potential bogey questions! How do you view the party whip system? How would you come to a decision on an issue on which you (or your party) had made no electoral promises (and therefore arguably a flimsy mandate for decisions on such an issue)? I think the whip system needs to be there, because MPs are elected under a party banner and need to respect that - also we the people need to know what our MPs stand for before we vote for them and a party system allows that. It doesn't mean all MPs must stop thinking. The manifesto really does provide a framework and should cover most things. All parties have some basic values (Labour does anyway - fairness, solidarity, equality, justice, freedom!) on which further decisions can be made. But if there is no way of judging from these (and of course "events" such as Iraq or Afghanistan wouldn't hit a manifesto) then the best we can all do is listen to advice, including from whips, and look to our conscience, and take the decision accordingly.
Why are you using a kickstarter IndieGoGo (corrected)? The labour party, as I understand it, is already rather well funded, why does it need people to donate? Also, it seems that you're using it just to take simple donations - is this a misunderstanding about what the platform is for, or is it being used for publicity? I'd agree wholeheartedly with you that Tory policies have been incredibly damaging to our country, but I'm unfortunately not convinced that your party would do anything to undo any of the damage that's been done. Would your party do anything to reverse any of this? What about all the privatisation and cuts? The top rate of tax? The TTIP? Welfare reform? Can your party commit to undo any of this? Thanks for this. Labour raises funds nationally (but still hasn't got anywhere near the Conservatives I'm afraid despite generosity from individuals like J K Rowling and the historic and important link with the trade union movement, along with membership subs and donations from people like me!) But local campaigns are funded by local fundraising. Kickstarter (the website) doesn't allow political fundraising but Indiegogo does, so we are trying it out. We are also holding a dinner next Friday, had a jazz evening last month, and a comedy event in May. Join us! I recognise the issues you list as being on the to-do list of the next Labour Government. I have joined neighbours with 38 degrees to campaign against TTIP which has iniquitous implications for the NHS in particular and the economy in general. Welfare reform needs to start from the assumption that we all contribute fairly and benefit appropriately at times of need or through universally accepted right. I don't accept privatisation as a solution and would oppose it in the NHS for example.
Reading up on Grayling's proposal to pull out of the ECHR, I've recently learned, that he is backed by the Tories, who apparently had their sights set on the convention for a long time. According to the BBC, even David Cameron himself wants to confront the European Court of Human Rights. So I'd like to know your take on this, as well as the underlying issues, i.e. what are your positions on a prisoner's right to vote, the whole life tariff, and leaving the ECHR in favour of a British bill of rights? I disagree totally with Cameron on this. The proposal is extremely muddled and it sounds like a way of combatting the right-wingers in the Conservative party and UKIP. I am not in favour of votes for all prisoners but we need a clear argument as to why and who is denied the vote. The European Court asks for this and is right to do so. ECHR is our British Bill of Rights in my view.
The Conservatives oppose the ECHR because they are pandering to the far right. They dishonestly paint the issue as one of little Britain standing proud against foreign interference, despite the fact that the UK was a prime mover and the ECHR is recognised in all but Belarus (dictatorship) as a foundation for human rights. We need to set the record straight and stand by the ECHR - Labour will do so, and I will do so.
Do you feel politicians have contributed to the apathy of politics in the UK? If so, what do you believe politicians need to do to change the publics opinion? Yup. It sounds like politicians are speaking a different language sometimes! I think they need to remember their roots and constituencies. How about we get them to work from their constituencies more using digital technology so they can take part in Westminster debates then nip down the local shops or have a meeting at the school? I know this is meant to happen during recess, but it feels like too many live in Westminster all the time.
Do you believe it's fair to say that Labour and the Conservatives are very similar in terms of policy, and argue only over very fine points? I don't agree that Lab and Con are similar, though it sometimes sounds like it. Labour is a party rooted in the lives of working people, and the Conservatives represent the privileged.
The Prime Minister promised he will raise the level at which tax begins to be levied to £12,500, so someone working 30 hours a week at the minimum wage would pay "nothing, zero, zilch" in income tax. I don't call that screwing over the poor. I like the idea of taking people out of tax by raising the allowances. But this is something that would have happened with normal adjustments if his government had not held them back in the last three years - and cutting tax credits is also counterproductive. There's a proposal for an intro 10p rate too - all of these must make work worth doing but provide decent incomes for us all.
I like universal benefits like this too - shows we are all in it together and the admin is super cheap. Taxes are a means to an end not an end in themselves. One of those ends is redistribution.
Held them back? The personal allowance was raised by £1,300 for this tax year, or roughly 12% for more contect, with a further increase for those over the age of 65. This is a huge rise, so in what way were they held back? (Genuinely curious) Big rise this year, previous years??
2010–11: 6,475. 2011–12: 7,475. 2012–13: 8,105. 2013–14: 9,440. 2014–15: 10,000. 2015-16: 10,500. Doesn't look held back to me. Fair enough. I heard Nick Clegg claiming it was LibDems what did this against Conservative complaints - do you know? For what it is worth, the raising of the personal tax allowance is one of the best things this govt has done. Lots of bad things though like bedroom tax, public pay freezes for low paid staff, cuts in local government and so on.
As a German, I am interested in your take on UKIP, more specifically their idea of a Brexit and what you think about the current state of the European Union? Also, can you please make sure England stops spying on us? I don't feel safe watching porn anymore... I'm a Europhile, and right behind the idea of working together across Europe. It seems to me that our efforts which have resulted in creating a Union have brought a measure of peace, prosperity and democracy across our continent for the first time. But the EU is not perfect by any means. I believe a pro-Europe Government such as the next Labour Government (or previous ones) has far more clout in Europe than a bunch of whingeing sceptics! Not sure what to make of the comment about spying but I am not a fan of an over-intrusive state.
but I am not a fan of an over-intrusive state. So would you vote to scrap the GCHQ or other UK spy agency's programmes, that intrude on your fellow Brits' and your fellow europeans' privacy? I wouldn't scrap GCHQ, as it is an essential part of our defence infrastructure. But I would always subject it to scrutiny by elected reps so it remains a servant of democracy not a power in itself. I am appalled at the over-reach in recent times - hacking phones and so on.
But I would always subject it to scrutiny by elected reps so it remains a servant of democracy not a power in itself. Gonna have to define "scrutiny" or this is just empty words. While GCHQ is undoubtedly ahead of the curve in technology, and this is a strength for our national defence, i feel politicians are behind that curve, and this is a weakness for our national freedoms. What will Labour actually do to secure online civil liberties? Point well made. Not much I can add though from my position, sorry.
What is your individual opinion on legalising cannabis recreationally in the UK? As a UK citizen who has been watching legalisation across American states. I'm in favour of decriminalisation of cannabis personally. What about you? I favour licensing so that more damaging forms can be excluded (where there is evidence, for example, that they damage health). Skunk fits this category I believe. I would always look to medical evidence for these matters.
Easy tigers, just got lost in the mix. This is my first experience of IAMA! I n case you missed it I favour decriminalisation of cannabis and licensing to manage those forms which are unhealthy.
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2014.08.07 15:10 Diablo27 The Devil's Coin

My family live in a small village called Bablock Hythe, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of England. My father's family own a silver coin. It is kept in a locked box, and I would occasionally look at the coin when no one was around out of curiosity. It is a normal, silver shilling of George III, dating from 1805. It is by all accounts an ordinary coin, save for a black thumb print that is burnt into the head side of the shilling. It fascinated me. My father caught me one day with the coin, and silently and calmly walked up to me, took the coin from my hand and slammed the box shut. "NEVER touch that" he said to me, and I was so scared by how serious he was I didn't ever again.
When I turned 18, my father sat me down, downed his glass of whisky and muttered 'let's talk about the coin". I hadn't thought of it for years, and I was excited to finally get to know what the hell it was about. He told me he would only ever tell its story once. It is the story of the Devil's Coin.
The legend goes that John Ashby, a distant relation to my father, was walking to the market in Witney, a nearby town, to sell two prize pigs. Along the way he encountered on old man, sat on a stone wall. He offered John a bag of coins in exchange for his animals, well below the value they would fetch at market. So John politely refused, but the old man assured him he would be waiting on the wall when John came back from the market, still encumbered with his pigs.
Sure enough, John didn't sell his pigs, and to John's disappointment he saw the old man, as he had promised, still on the wall, waiting. Reluctantly, seeing as the price was so low, he handed over the pigs to the old man. As he he received the coins however, the bag split, sending the coins flying across the road. John frantically gathered up the many shillings that had spilt from the burst bag.The old man had watched this whole event without so much as saying a word, when suddenly he leapt from the wall with a leap that John always said was, for an old man, surprisingly energetic. The old man picked up a single coin, and placed it in John's hand; as he did this the old man whispered "until we meet again my friend" and with that vanished into thin air. John suddenly realised the coin felt unusually warm, and as he looked at it he saw the unmistakeable thumb print on the shilling.
Now John stuck to his story until the day he died, and maintained that he had met the devil that day, and was terrified that the Devil had promised they would meet again, and he vehemently held that he had been damned because of his greed. He passed the story and the coin to his son, and soon it was the family tradition that the story and the coin would pass on to the eldest son, as a reminder of the fate that John was convinced he would face. And over 175 years later, the Devil's Coin found its way into the hands of my father.
This is where in the story my father stood up and placed the coin on the table between us. He poured himself a whisky, and you could see him thinking of how to phrase what he would say next.
My father, Edward Ashby, was very much down on his luck. Newly married, a young child to feed and poor as a church mouse. Reluctantly he started to sell off various possessions at a garage sale. A young couple expressed an interest in the coin, they themselves were collectors and were Intrigued by the tale my father told them about it. Perhaps bolstered by this story, they offered him £75 pound, much more than my father had hoped for, and reluctantly he accepted. They pocketed the coin and a small piece of his history went with him.
Fast forward a week and my father was watching the news. There had been a double murder just a few miles away. The owners of the house had been tied up, tortured and had their throats slit. My father's stomach sank when he saw the victims picture; it was the young couple he had sold the coin to just days before.
About a month later he was in town and to his surprise he saw the old family coin in an antique shop window. He couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. He immediately went inside and bought back the coin for £100, practically bankrupting it. But my father told me that as soon as he saw it he felt an urge to have it back that swept over him, and was uncontrollable.
As he walked outside the shop keeper, an unassuming older man who had been quiet throughout the transaction, said to my father in a soft, almost melodic voice "until we meet again my friend". My father paused in the door, and turned to look at this old man who stared right back at him. Not a word was said, just an old man staring at my father. He rushed home, locked the coin away and hadn't breathed a word of it until that night.
I could tell in my father's eyes that those perhaps innocent words of an old shop keeper had frightened him, to the point where the coin is locked away in a box. He looked at me square in the eye and said "as I left that shop I knew, knew, that when I died, I was going to hell". And that is a very frightening thing to hear your father say.
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2013.12.28 23:20 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal - solo artist, producer, and I play lead guitar in Guns N' Roses :) AMA!!

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Date: 2013-12-27
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
That said, I was looking at the setlist for the solo shows you did in Chile and Argentina and I wanted to ask you: why did your show in Chile consisted more of your solo stuff, and the one in Argentina was basically shared with a covers band? I would've love to see you man, but in totally different circumstances (actually seeing you play your stuff, which is great IMO). Lastly, is there anything that you would change from your time so far with Guns? The Chile show was an actual 'Bumblefoot' show. The Argentina show was an invite to jam covers with another band. I hope to come back to S. America and do a bunch of solo shows :) Gracias!! I can't change anything about the past, can only think about what I want to be better for the future w/ Guns, for fans, for the band, for myself. Might be a lost battle, lol, but still worth fighting. :)
Have you guys written and/or recorded any new songs since 2009? Together, that we finished? No. Playing on each other's song ideas? Yes.
Thank you for doing this AMA, I am a huge (read: HUGE) Guns n Roses fan. I think Estranged is probably my favorite song ever, I think Axl is a lyrical genius. Now onto the questions: What is Axl like in real life, is he as difficult to get along with as the rumors leave us to believe? What is your favorite Guns song to play and why? What was your personal feelings about Axl not performing with Guns during the HOF performance, and would it hurt your feelings if he were ever to decide to do a reunion? Axl is a person. Only difference is that if you get frustrated for a moment, it doesn't end up on YouTube as entertainment and your legacy forever... lol. He likes to have fun, and I've seen plenty of that :)
I just wanna know WHY? Why isn't the band writing music, releasing music, promoting it, etc... WHY? Thanks. I feel your frustration, you're not asking anything unreasonable. I do these things with everything else I do, but GNR works a different way. All I can say is, when GNR does something, enjoy it :) Don't be upset about the things GNR doesn't do, enjoy what it does. :)
I just wanted to mention that when I worked at a GNR show a couple years ago, and you came in and actually politely introduced yourself to the crew, I really appreciated it. So many performers just ignore us or treat us like busboys. Hahaha! Happy Holidays brutha! Good to hear from you, and THANK YOU for making those shows happen - you guys are the planet, the band just crawls around the surface, lol.
Do you remember during soundcheck trying out the acoustic they rented for you and complaining that it sounded like a "fake cock"? What was that thing anyway, a parkwood? I use a Parkwood PW370M live & in the studio and am super happy with it, I don't remember if that was a different model or different brand I tried but haha, funny thing to say, lol!!
Hi Ron, Izzy Stradlin has joined you guys on stage a few times over the years, and he keeps a very low profile, what's he like in person ? He's a sweetheart. Had a lot of nice times with him, soft-spoken, nice good-hearted guy :)
What is your favorite song you've written? I've had Dash stuck in my head for the last month. When will your next solo record be out? Thank you :) Hard to say, definitely a lot of things off Normal & Abnormal... then there's Heart Attack, and Green, each took 8 years before I felt like the music & lyrics were right & ready to be recorded - some songs are just like that...
Hi Bumble! After joining Guns, how did you enter the recording process of Chinese Democracy? Since you are credited in many songs, did you wrote new soli/parts or did you edit the existing ones by Finck, Buckethead, Fortus? Your own records are full of different music styles, how did you manage that with the "classic" GNR style? Thank you, had a great time in Austria! :D.
Many thanks for playing in Austria this week. Hope to see you soon again! In-between touring legs in 2006 & 2007, I'd hit studios in NY or LA for 14 hours a day, playing to songs I had never gotten to hear before, with two people yelling opposite thoughts in my ear at the same time. Youch. I'd take different approached to each song - groovy, technical, melodic, loose & riffy, wah, fretless, heavy, clean, and then see what worked & what didn't... I had complete freedom and wrote my own parts, my own solos, played what I wanted, and Axl/Caram (producer) kept what they liked...
Back in the day when you was starting your carrer... how did you make to afford the costs of buying new gear like guitars, amps, mics, etc? I mean, it's pretty expensive for a musician to start a carreer, specially a solist one. When I was 12 I painted Iron Maiden albums on the backs of dungaree jackets for $20 each. The best thing you can do for your music is GET A JOB, lol. Support yourself, take care of your life, be responsible & independent, and fund your interests. It's the most honorable thing you can do, EARN. :)
I should add, it doesn't have to be expensive. And don't worry about what you don't have, be creative with what you have. You have the internet - that means you have access to recording gear & plugins, and YouTube. Making music & releasing it has never been easier - you have more than anyone did 15 years ago, use what you have :)
Dear Bumblefoot, I play guitar and I dream of going to a music school to get a degree. Unfortunately, it's too expensive to go abroad and in the country I live there aren't any course on "modern music". I really want to make music part of my living/income. Any tips? You don't need an education or a degree. You need passion, perseverance, dedication, and you goal should always be to make the best art you can. The rest of the world decides if they like it or not, it's not in your hands. So being a 'success' should never be a goal. Giving the world something of artistic value, because you have no choice, you MUST - that's what matters. Education will come through experience. And at that point you may have more opportunities to explore academic paths. :) Get the experience, don't wait for it to be given to you. :)
Hey Ron! First, thanks for doing this. I saw you at your first GNR gig at Hammerstein 06. I love what you bring to Guns. So thank you. What's your favorite moment with Guns? They should release the albums as all stems, to 'make your own mix' - I did that in 2011 with my own songs, loved hearing what people did :)
If you could go back in time and see any performeconcert/event - what would it be? Hmmm, I don't have clean mixes of it, any digi copies would have vinyl clicks & pops in 'em, lol...
Hey Bumble, I've been sending you my drawings and contacting you for months now and I'm your biggest fan, I just want to say: Hi Bumble, thanks for being my inspiration, you're a hero :D. Is there any chance of you playing in Bosnia or Serbia? What's your favorite story (that you can tell us) from being on the road with Guns? Thanks for doing this AMA, cheers! Thank you!!! Would love to come back to Serbia, and would be great if we could play Bosnia as well :) A lot of great memories... some of the best ones are when we'd bring a kid on stage, I'd have him strum my guitar during a song, things like that :) Things that inspire :)
If you could play lead guitarist for any band other than GNR, what would it be? Muse. Foo Fighters. System Of A Down. Can make a list 1000 bands long...! :) Thanks!
New or old, what is your favorite GnR song and why is it November Rain? Don't Cry :) Simple & beautiful & dynamic :)
Was there any pressure succedding "Buckethead"? No. We're all musicians, not a competition, you do what you love and share that love. :) (Last time I saw Bucket was in 99, he told me he really dug my Hands album & asked if I'd sing on his music, gave me his #... called a few times, never answered - then heard he had joined GNR, aaah.)
Were you ever close of leaving GNR? If so, why? Dozens of times, yes. Would rather keep things positive & not elaborate tooo much, but it's been from late show starts, to health issues, to bizz issues... once you hit the stage you seem to forget all the bad stuff though :)
Do you still play your hand guitar? Or your Swiss cheese guitar? The Cheese guitar, yes!
Link to
Haven't played the hand guitar in a while though...!
When you write a song, what inspires you to make the lyrics? Your lyrics on your solo records are GREAT. Usually it's when something intense happens in life, it opens the gates and I can just pour out lyrics. Have a very hard time outside of that, especially when on tour. I do best when I step away and let the batteries re-charge...
What is one GNR song that you with Guns N Roses have never played that you would like to add to the setlist ? Perfect Crime, Yesterdays... would like to do Scraped more often...
Hey Bumblefoot! Just wondering what's your craziest backstage/aftershow story? One time that always comes to mind... in Prague, after a show, I'll give the quick version. A bar opened for us at 4 in the morning to all hang out in, there was one guy that went in and wouldn't leave and was telling people he was the band's manager (he didn't know but he was telling this TO the band's manager.) So you have guys from the band Nazareth with us at bar talking music (someone asks them a random question about show tunes and they're like "What???"), I'm next to them with two European models who are teaching me how to speak Slovakian, and next to me is a brutal bar fight with the guy that won't leave who starts swinging at the manager, literally blood splatter on the walls, while all being served varieties of local versions of Jagermeister. We go upstairs to keep partying in the hotel suite, and the guy who was fighting us is waiting for us upstairs, bruised up, with his family, and a camera, all with big smiles. He wanted autographs and photos. We took pics, we then went upstairs and hung out for about 20 hours until I had to leave and get on a plane for the next show. That's a typical night out.
I always wondered this, but how do rock stars manage to party so hard and still travel and play and write and all. I get drunk fairly regularly but I'm always a corpse the next day! Something about the performing keeps you energized. But yeah, sometimes people are HURTING on stage, lol. I've spent almost all my shows completely clean - I have a responsibility to the audience, they deserve 100% from me. (Only time I had to be drugged up was in 2011/2012 when I toured after a car accident with a spine injury that left me in 24/7 constant pain, was the only way to get through the shows.)
Hey Ron! I've been a huge fan of yours since I first heard "Normal" back in 2006 (and Delilah is one of my favorite songs ever)... Do you have any plans to release another solo album? Will it continue the Normal/Abnormal series? I'm going to release more music, yes... starting to write more songs. No album concept yet, will let that build itself :)
Hi Ron, will you ever release the words of the secret poem at the end of your first solo album? ;) Serious question: do you think it would be possible for a really good hacker to decrypt the words by tabbing all the notes and mapping them to an alphabet? I think it's been done... lol.
Hey Ron, thanks for doing an AMA. 'Jenny B' & 'Some other guy' are two of my favourites. Not sure if you use the thimble on those tracks, but either way - it sounds insane! I do, on both songs :) Thank you! Started doing the thimble thang 25 years ago, I wanted a way to access the notes on the string that were higher than the fretboard... :)
What do you think about drugs and alcohol? I don't do 'em...
Who inspires you for to be a musician? When I heard the KISS Alive! album at age 5, that did it. The Beatles made me love music, but KISS made me want to do what I'm doing :)
How did you meet Jennifer, what was her parents' first impression of you, and how have you both been able to keep the marriage strong? The musician's life can ruin relationships for a variety of reasons. People tried to set us up on a blind date for 6 months. We finally agreed, set on hating each other. She tried to get rid of me by talking about astro-physics, and it made me suddenly interested in her, and I responded, which made her interested in me (no one told us the other had a brain...) That was nearly 24 years ago :)
The key to keeping relationships strong is to not let the other feel left out. Include your better half, experience everything together :)
I really like "Normal" and "Abnormal". I wanted to ask you if you know the book "Veronica decides to die" by Paulo Coelho? There´s a lot of stuff about "what´s normal?" in the book that I absolutely love. Ever heard of it or read it? No, but sounds very good...! Thanks for the recommendation! :D.
What is your favorite Tarantino film? That's a real tough choice...! Pulp, Dogs, Kill Bill's, Jackie, Dusk Til Dawn, Grindhouse...
What would be your #1 tip for beginners learning guitar? Have fun :) Play what you want, how you want...
Hi Ron :D happy to find you here !!! What's your favorite Horror movie and would you like to act in that kind of movie ?? I LOVE horror movies!!! Yes, I started acting in some indie horror movies & doing music as well...
Link to Link to
Fave horror movie(s)? Old classics like Funhouse, I Spit On Your Grave... I tweet about a bunch of movies I'm watching, look for #BumbleMovieNight , been some good horror ones in there :)
Do you prepare a collaboration with another artist? If so which one ? And what exactly ? In between glad to see you soon again ;) Ahhh, there's the acoustic album with Tony Harnell... :)
Link to
Link to
Do you know what brand of guitar Richard Fortus uses for the James Bond Theme mostly during live shows, it's a Les Paul kind of shape, except it looks liks it's made of steel, kind of looks like a steampunk guitar lol ? Ahhh, not sure! Ask him on his FB page, I'm sure he'll answer :)
Ron! Just wanted to say hi bro! Here's a question for you: Is "bagged a big one" based on a real experience that happened to you? I always forget to ask you about that when we meet… Have a nice weekend! :) Haha, YES! My 2nd arrest at age 26... lol.
Is there an age to start in music? i'm 23 and i always loved music but my mother never lets me get into it cause is not a "real job" and i won't make money with that... but now i finished a career to amke her happy... and I wanna do what i really love but i'm not sure if I have hope what do you think? Any age :) Make music because you love it, and get income doing whatever else interests you - make your life what you want it to be... :)
Your earlier sounds were less rock and more experimental metal, with songs like "Meat" and "Fly in the Batter". Normal and on I've seen more punk and rock influence. Do you think you'll ever write another Hands? Or do you feel your musical interests pulling you somewhere new? Thanks so much!!! :D I kinda feel like the 2011 singles had a bit of the raw Hands vibe to them - Invisible, Father, Catfight... :)
What's Axl really like to work with? On stage, he gives all he's got, and is always cracking jokes in the monitors trying to make me laugh & screw up my solos, often succeeding, LOL!
Are you guys planning to release a new album any time soon? You're one of my favoirite guitar players out there btw Thank you :) Honestly, I don't predict a new album soon, unless they release unreleased Chinese Democracy era songs... :P.
Hi Ron!we met this summer in albania and it was really inspiring.Just wanted to ask is there gonna be a bumbletour again next year? And if yes will you be playing any shows in the balkans. Hey hey!!! Had a wonderful time in Albania, can't wait to come back! And would LOOOVE to play solo shows there & throughout the Balkans... hopefully can make it happen! :D.
Hello Ron, I want to thank you for inspiration that you give to me as a guitarist and vocalist, last song I wrote was partly inspired by your music, mostly guitar solo :-) Any chance to see you in Czech republic? I'd like to see Bumbletour show.. Thank you!!! Would love to head to Czech Rep., hopefully can in 2014 :)
What do you think the best guitar solo is in the GnR setlist? End of November Rain :)
How did you know Joe Satriani for him to refer you to GNR? We had just jammed a month earlier, he had me join him on a song - fun stuff :) He knew a bit of my solo stuff - there are a few degrees of separation between all guitarists, lol...
Which artists/bands are you currently listening to? Latest Dillinger Escape Plan album, and the aforementioned THANK YOU SCIENTIST, my fave new band :)
Hey bumble, thanks for doing this, you're one of my favorite guitarists. What do you think the next GnR album will sound like? Will it be industrial like OMG, a mix like CD, or something "earthy" like Going Down? I'd love it to sound musically organic and have more space, where you can easily pick out the identity of each member... thanks :)
When was the first time you decided to throw more than 1 finger into the mix when tapping? Where did you find the inspiration to do it? I looked down and noticed all those unused fingers, it only made sense to use them :) Was a teenager when I started getting fancy-shmancy with the tapping...
Any plans on touring the Nordics and include Iceland this time? Would looove to, with GNR or BBF, hopefully that can happen. :) All up to promoters wanting us to play, reaching out to the booking agent, working it out with management... middlemen, aaahh!!! :P.
Hey BBF, you have been one of my favorites since you joined GNR, I have purchased your normal and abnormal albums and say you when you played with GNR in Seattle at KeyArena. Question: which of the new era songs are hardest for you to play and which from the classic era are the most difficult as well? Thank you :) None of the stuff is difficult after a gazzzillion shows playing them, lol, but the most complex overall (arrangement, technique, accuracy, etc...) would probably be Shackler's (new) and Estranged (old)
Any chance of getting your albums out on vinyl? especially Abnormal.. Maybe a limited run at some point...? :)
What is your favorite band and why? Also, greetings from Amsterdam! Greetings! The Beatles :) Because of George Martin, their producer. Together they turned every song into a masterpiece with the classical instrumentation & studio experimentation.
Dank je!!
Hey Ron! You met my gf and I in Detroit a few years ago before the show and really helped a friend out in Australia last year, so thanks a ton, I really appreciate all that! Did you have a good holiday? and any chance of an American Bumble tour one day? Have a great New Years! Hoping to do more Bumble touring everywhere in the world. I let it fall to the side and that was a mistake. Finally getting back to it :) Solo shows coming up in LA & Vegas in January :) (info at
Hi Ron, ty for doing this, I'm Guns N' Roses fan and, too i like your works alone. When you were a kid, you were a fan of Gn'R? I wished to go to The Roxy in Argentina. Greeting, ty for follow back! We see that you are a simple person. I love your solos in Guns N' Roses!! Sure, I was a fan :) I liked GNR & played some GNR covers with friends as a teenager :) Hope to see you in 2014 :)
If you were asked to share another recipe for a cooking book, what would you share??? ;-) Probably some weird hot sauce recipe, lol... :)
Hi Ron I'm currently in Japan so Unfortunately I will not be able to see your show in Paris in January 12th with The Morglbl, But say Hello to Christophe, Ivan,and Aurel for me..and Please Come here in Western Japan to play...your Crazy nice music I have juste one question what about the funny colored things you put on the head of your double neck Vigier? They're wristbands that light up, a gift from a friend :) Thank you, Happy Holidays!!!
Hi again. What kind of amp did you use for the ChiDem sessions? You used your ENGL or some Mesa or a classic marshall? Direct to the amp¿ Some pedals around? (wah, dist, chorus, bla bla). I'm a gearslut ( ;) ) and always wanted to know that. Used an old Marshall with a Blues Driver pedal & Dunlop wah... :)
If a new GNR album happens, in your opinion, will it be mostly made of new tracks, "old" tracks or a mix of both? No idea... I've said for the last 5 years that every time we're going to do a leg of touring, we should hit the studio a week before and bust out a new song that we'd release and play during that leg. If we did that there's already be a new album written by this band at this time... not that simple though, everyone has to be in agreement and it may conflict with label agreements. GAAAHH!! Would have been great though.
Yo bumblefoot! I was wondering what your opinions of bands like Porcupine tree and Opeth are. They are leaning more into the proggy side of metal, which you dabble in a little with some of your albums, but have a type of music that I think suits your guitar style. Also, are you coming down to Florida any time soon? Cheers! Great stuff, yes!!! Intelli-metal, lol! Will be doing a cruise w/ Tony Harnell out of Miami in Feb... :)
Hey Ron, any experience with onboard preamps a la Frank Zappa? Not a lot, been sticking with all-in-one tube heads... Engl Invader 100W mostly, although the Vox ToneLabEX has been getting me through some amp-challenged situations in a great way :)
Is there anything on the gig 'rider' which is personal to you? (red m&ms :-) ) Blueberries and water. That's it. In the past year I did ask for plain Greek yogurt, but that seemed to have been too outrageuos a request. I'm such a diva. lol...
Hi Ron, In about 2 weeks (Jan.11th) you will play in amsterdam/Hoofddorp. Any chance you gonna play covers like Saturday Night - Herman Brood or Radar Love - Golden Earring ? AHHH!! So many BBF songs to play, don't know if we'll have time for covers! :P Nice choices!!
Did you ever meet Kurt Cobain and what was he like? Ahhh, never met him, no... :P Love Nirvana, loved where things were heading... :P.
Hey! Thanks for doing this, big fan. What is the most frustrating part for you, working in the music industry? The bullshitters. 90% of people lead you through a long maze to a dead end...
Besides music, what other ventures have you pursued? Hot sauce...!! Link to
(I'm a fiery food junkie, go to a lot of hot sauce festivals, love it!)
And guitar cases... :) Link to
What is one thing you've never done but really want to do, and one place you've never been but really want to go? I've already done too much, lol... love to go wherever the sun is hot and the food is spicy :)
Hey Ron, do you listen to any hip hop? There's a lot of pretty incredible young hip hop artists paving a new path for music, such as Mac Miller. Have you ever listened to him? I believe he's gonna be the next huge artist for this generation. I've listened to & worked with a lot of hip hop artists, yes :) Always a fan of Busta Rhymes...
W/ Scarface... :) Link to
Do you still talk with Robin Finck? Yes, was going to see him with NIN but I was on the road, missed him. Happy to see him kickin' ass :)
Hey Ron!! Been a fan since the beginning!! Any chance of solo dates in Toronto? I book shows here and would love to have you here sir. Would love to, thank you! Hopefully in 2014 :)
Hermit is a brilliant album. How do you look back on its themes of solitude and lonliness now that you're so well known? Thank you :) I'm very happy with the Hermit album, it was honest :) Just wish the mastering was clearer...!
Hello Ron. Have You some ideas for Your new solo album? When we can expect more new great music from You? :) Greetings from Poland. Greetings! I'm slowly starting to write solo songs again, usually takes some devastation to bring out the lyrics...
Hey Ron, I write music digitally and make songs where its played back through emulated instruments. I've been struggling to learn some of the more complicated bits I've written over the years, and I was wondering if you had some words of encouragement you could share. Hey Steve! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! :) Take it slow & take your time, it'll get there :) USE A METRONOME :)
What's your favorite modern rock artist, and/or your favorite non-rock artist. Queen, Zep, Yes... non-rock - does Motown count? Stevie Wonder, Four Tops... ah, and LOUNGE MUSIC! YEAH!!! Lol... Engelbert & Tom Jones...! Classical - Chopin, Tchaikovsky... jazzy-ish stuff like Tom Jobim... :)
When did you begin to play along with Guns N' Roses and why did you chose to be a solo artist as well. I've been a solo artist all my life :) Started releasing music 'for real' over 20 years ago, then GNR entered my life in 2004. I said no the first time and continued with releasing Bumblefoot albums & touring, producing, teaching, writing for TV shows/videogames... in 2006 they reached out again and we gave it a shot - we jammed in NY 7 nights and hit the road for 3 months... :)
Hi Ron, I can't wait seing you in bartenheim 6th january. Do you plan to have it like a masterclass or "just" a show. I like hearing you talking about guitar, technic, theory, and rocking!! I think it's just a show... looking forward to seeing you there, merci!!!
Hey Ron ,I'd be interessted in what it means to you to make music :-) To make music is to be alive, and through music we all connect together, something greater than self. :)
Guns are rumoured to be adding 2-3 new songs to the set. Are they new Guns originals, or what. Only thing I can assume is that it would be 2 - 3 songs that we haven't played live... :P.
I've seen you on That Metal Show a couple times and just wonder how important you think shows like that are to give fans a different view of their favorite musicians and provide a platform to keep real music alive. You said it best :) It gives fans a different view of their favorite musicians and provides a platform to keep real music alive. Well said! The show succeeded because it's what you want :)
Hey Ron, Again like the rest of us I'm a huge fan, so I am going to ask a few questions! Favourite Iron Maiden song and best place you have been in England! Everything from Piece Of Mind & before, love it all!! Prowler to Icarus... :)
Best place in England, hmmm... Witchwood School Of Rock in Witney :)
Thanks for doing the AMA. Is Gun's N Roses a full fledged band or is it Axl and hired musicians to fill a role (similar to Gene/Paul from Kiss). Somewhere in-between. We're hired, we're not business partners - but hired to be ourselves, to be who we are, to write and play and be who we are, with no "you must play this & wear this & say this...", none of that. :)
No question Ron, I just wanted to thank you for making my first GnR concert awesome. I was the kid in Worcestor, MA with the Thanksgiving sign and you brought it on stage. Rock on! Thank YOU!!! Happy Holidays to you & family!! :D.
Hey RON will you bee at NAMM this year. Yes, in n' out of NAMM, mostly at the TC Electronic & Vigier Guitars booths, and playing solo shows at night - dates/info at :) Hope to see you!
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