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Monstrobiologist's Report: A Bad Moon Rising

2020.05.06 16:36 DoctorSpacebar Monstrobiologist's Report: A Bad Moon Rising

I had heard of the strange lunar activity around Terraria before arriving, of course. The Moon normally has a palpable effect on the tides, and as a result, on marine life. However, in Terraria, strange phenomena connected to the moon will sometimes occur- and all of these phenomena are rightfully dreaded by the residents of Terraria.
The Blood Moon
Normally, a "Blood Moon" is simply a lunar ecliipse. The Moon being in the Earth's shadow causes it to appear red. This phenomenon is quite striking, and not for nothing does it feature in many a prophecy.
Terraria's Blood Moon is a much more sinister occurrence. During this event, the moon appears to quite literally turn to blood; the space program has reported seeing no such event, so this appears to be some sort of intimidating illusion, as does the blood-red sky and the blood-red water.
One effect that is no illusion is the harmful effects it has on the mental state of living creatures. During a blood moon, negative emotions are multiplied to an immense degree. Humans and Goblins seem to get the worst of this. For instance, during several Blood Moons:
My apologies, I appear to have gone off on a tangent mid-writing. I will preserve this tangent as an effective demonstration of the Blood Moon's effects.
Some creatures seemed highly resistant to this effect. Much to my relief, Beldin was as jolly as ever and no more reckless with his explosives than he usually was, which could be chalked down to the innate magic resistance Dwarves are known for. Kogi-ghi didn't seem to be affected much either, though he was at his wit's end trying to calm some manner of spirit that was particularly upset. Niner-7 seemed able to resist the effect as well, and Barkeep, despite certainly having some apprehension about the Old One's Army, didn't seem to have any trouble at all because of what I'm assuming to be some connection to Etheria. Martian invaders will attack during a Blood Moon if they have the opportunity, likely attempting to take advantage of the disarray it throws their targets into.
People that aren't experiencing strong negative emotions in the first place seem to have fewer issues; for instance, when I was working with Emeline during this event, she mentioned she was only "feeling a bit peevish," and after she jokingly called me a ragamuffin, we both laughed it off and got back to work on the teleporter network.
More worrying is the effect the Blood Moon has on the smaller fauna- the rabbits, fish and penguins. As one colleague pointed out, this is largely due to the Corruption and Crimson reacting with it, though part of it seems to stem from the critters' own usual sense of powerlessness turning to frustration and then outrage.
The most obvious threat the Blood Moon presents, however, are the unique monsters that emerge only during this phenomenon.
Blood Zombie
Genus: Zombus
Species: Hemoformis
This is a form of Undead, just like the native Zombies. This means that it shares its notable traits, namely its birth from living remains animated by malefic Mana. The similarities end there; the Blood Zombie appears to be composed entirely of the blood of said living remains, forming a hideous caricature of human life around a crude heap of bones.
Blood Zombies take shape only during a Blood Moon. They sustain themselves by draining nutrients from the blood that composes their form, but these nutrients rarely, if ever, last the Zombie beyond a single night. A Blood Zombie attempts to extend its meager lifespan by attacking living creatures nearby and trying to shed their blood, which it then feeds on.
Genus: Lovecraftus
Species: Malformus
This giant ball of blood with eyes growing all over it could not possibly be natural in origin. It has similar longevity to the Blood Zombie, and I first thought that it too was created by foul necromancy. However, the Drippler appears to have a completely different source.
Cthulhu is not the only eldritch monster menacing Terraria. Dripplers appear to be lesser manifestations of Nyarlathotep, the infamous Crawling Chaos; they began to appear after an incident far from Terraria, which seems to have involved a cult of Hastur, lawn gnomes, and an exploding hockey rink. For some fell purpose, they assist the Blood Zombies, attempting to collide with nearby life-forms. Touching a Drippler eye causes the victim's bone structure to rapidly increase in temperature, causing an extremely painful burning sensation.
Dripplers quickly die in sunlight due to it drying out their bodies. They don't fare much better during the Eclipse; brief conversations with Vampires reveal that they find the Dripplers, and I quote, "very delicious, and as nourishing as vun, two, three! Three full dinners! Ah ah ah ah ah!"
Genus: Elementalis
Species: Iocus
While straight Air, Water and Fire elementals are unheard of, and Earth Elementals seem to converge only around a specific set of islands, Paraelementals such as the Granite, Ice and Sand Elementals are a common sight in Terraria. Elementalis Iocus is an exceedingly rare elemental that embodies- of all things- humor. While they are normally quite entertaining creatures, Humor Elementals often avoid human contact, for fear that their jokes will grow stale and they'll lose a source of sustenance.
However, during a Blood Moon, certain twisted Humor Elementals emerge. Testing confirms that they are the same species, driven insane by islands that fell into despair, where nobody ever laughed and their food supply was cut short. The Blood Moon amplifies the Elemental's madness. They take the form of clowns, hurling explosives shaped like smiley faces in a barely-coherent attempt to get SOMEONE to at least snicker at the irony, while balancing on balls in the hopes that they'll trip and fall and someone will think that's funny. The arrival of these sad clowns, however, causes only destruction and more despair- which pushes the Elemental further and further into madness and starvation.
Their bombs used to cause significant damage to structures, but recent advancements in architecture and blast-proofing have discouraged the use of these more destructive bombs in favor of cheaper anti-personnel grenades, still painted with the trademark smiley face.
The Groom and the Bride
Genus: Zombis
Species: Matrimonias
These are, in fact, just two specific Zombies that wander under the Blood Moon. Their story goes that the two were to be wed, but the Blood Moon emerged during their wedding. One man, who pined for the Bride, was driven mad; he stood up and murdered the Groom in hopes that the Bride would be his, while the Bride was killed by the arrow of a woman who sought the Groom's hand and was similarly driven insane- both of them in the same bloody moment.
The two are said to awaken during the Blood Moon, their only remaining coherent thought being to find each other. I can only pray that someone has found them and put them to rest; perhaps that will allow them to finally move on. I've taken to carrying a Shotbow around during Blood Moons, just in case.
The Pumpkin Moon
While the Blood Moon's threat is immediate and clear, the Pumpkin Moon is an oddity; it seems to target only those who challenged it, which is done by use of a strange medallion made of pumpkins. Make no mistake, though- the Pumpkin Moon is no pushover, bringing forth extremely dangerous creatures that often do not worry about collateral damage inflicted as they clash with their challengers.
During this event, the moon appears to look like a carved pumpkin with a wide grin. While this imagery may remind one of Halloween festivities, the Moon does not need to be summoned on or near October 31st, much to the glee of adventurers in search of the powerful weaponry that the Pumpking and its servants reward worthy challengers with.
I've heard rumors that the Pumpking is particularly fond of those that slay omnivorous worms of sufficient size, offering greater challenges and unique rewards for such warriors. This seems to make sense, as worms would be a natural bother to a creature who is essentially a living plant. Of course, "sufficient size" appears to be absurdly large; a worm species of such a size would likely need to be culled for reasons unrelated to the Pumpkin Moon.
The following creatures appear during the Pumpkin Moon.
Living Scarecrow
Genus: Automatus
Species: Formidocorvidus
The Pumpkin Moon, in theory, represents the autumn harvest- and what better represents the harvest than a scarecrow? The Living Scarecrows that emerge during the Pumpkin Moon are magical automatons crafted by the Pumpking and his servants; the Pumpking himself stated once that they were there to keep were-ravens from bothering him. No were-ravens have been spotted in Terraria, so it seems that this concern was possibly unfounded.
During the Pumpkin Moon, Scarecrows march toward the challengers, attempting to strike them with the sharpened Spooky Wood that forms their claws. They are easily distracted, however, and will turn to attack anything that attacks them. The Scarecrows are charged with a substance called "Nightmare Fuel," the pure essence of fright, which seems to weaken their targets if they land a hit.
When the Pumpkin Moon is not in the sky, Scarecrows wander the Pumpking's Patch, dissuading trespassers with verbal warnings followed by very sharp formal warnings. Local corvid nests usually still defy them, perching in the patch for what appears to be amusement and then flying off, much to their frustration.
Mourning Wood (and Splinterlings)
Genus: Quercus
Species: Spiritus
These strange trees are native to the Pumpking's Patch, and appear during the Pumpkin Moon. Their purpose in the Patch is clear, though they do present quite the ominous silhouette within. During the Pumpkin Moon, the Pumpking fields these trees to test the mettle of challengers that have survived the first few waves.
While a Mourning Wood seems to be a blackened dead tree, it does, in fact, have leaves. However, these leaves are anchored in the spirit world, and are invisible to the naked eye. With these spirit leaves, the Mourning Wood absorbs solar Mana that crosses the planes, giving it less food, but ensuring its food supply stays constant and imbuing it with the power of fire. Most of the Mourning Wood's roots also are anchored in the spirit world, allowing it to move along the ground in the physical plane. Its face is simply a defense mechanism to frighten off anything that would otherwise try to eat its branches.
A Mourning Wood boasts two powerful attacks. Shoots that fall off of its body are collected in its hollow trunk; when in combat, a Mourning Wood can set these shoots on fire and scatter them into the air, severely injuring anything that's chasing it from above. It can also expel jets of flame at foes; the flame remains burning on the ground for a short while, forming a fiery shield that keeps its enemy at bay. Approaching it directly when it is in combat is unwise, as its sharpened boughs can cause several cuts and bruises with a single swipe.
Mourning Woods grow from seeds that appear to grow from the Mourning Wood's branches and are planted in the Pumpking's patch. When these seeds sprout into saplings, known as "Splinterlings", they become mobile. Their ability to produce flame does not yet manifest, as the Splinterling is using all of the Mana it absorbs to grow. It is uncertain what sort of creature carries pollen from the Mourning Wood, though their numbers seem to increase after adventurers take trips to the Jungle.
(Note: Timmy will not be allowed to name any more species. I know the name made the Pumpking laugh, but how am I supposed to go to a Monstrobiology conference and discuss "Mourning Wood" with a straight face?)
Genus: Canis
Species: Hades
These black-furred hounds with fiery glowing eyes are traditionally thought to be guardians of the world of the dead, who prevent souls from leaving before their judgment has passed. While evidence of this lupine species' existence was found in the Underworld, the Demons appeared to have specifically targeted them, and they were thought to be completely extinct. However, the Pumpking created a sanctuary for these creatures in the Pumpking's patch, where meat is plenty and predators are few. Here, Hellhounds thrive, and their numbers are increasing; the species may one day be reintroduced to the wild. Their numbers have increased enough that the Pumpking often brings some to face challengers during the Pumpkin Moon.
During the Pumpkin Moon, Hellhounds attack by rushing the challenger with their razor-sharp fangs. They attack in packs, and run at high speeds while backed up by Splinterlings and Scarecrows. These traits are perfect for catching Undead spirits as well as adventurers, lending more credibility to the theory that they're the watchdogs of the next world; they are also, of course, quite good for securing the Hellhound's meals. Hellhounds are invulnerable to many harmful effects, like Frostburn and Cursed Fire, that many predators normally rely on.
Hellhounds, like wolves and dogs, live in packs that are quite similar to family units. Outside of the Pumpkin Moon, Hellhounds are quite affectionate, particularly their pups; however, their tongues are very hot to the touch, so keeping one as a pet is ill-advised unless you are somehow fireproof.
Genus: Incorporealis
Species: Mischevious
The purpose and origin of these rare Undead creatures is unclear. Some hypotheses claim they are the Undead remains of Undead themselves, who still didn't comprehend that they were killed the first time. Others hypothesize that Poltergeists are ghosts that refuse to move on because they're having too much fun messing with people. Still others claim they are not even Undead at all, but mischevious Fae or Elementals that like to scare people and get in fights.
In any case, several of these spirits join the Pumpking's army during the Pumpkin Moon as a makeshift air force, moving toward targets before attacking by swinging furniture. It is unclear where they return to once the Pumpkin Moon ends; if the Pumpking knows, he's not telling anybody.
Their relation to rumors of a tormented phantom in the Dungeon is unclear, if such a relation exists in the first place.
Headless Horseman
Genus: Zombus
Species: Hessianus
The tale of the Headless Horseman is familiar to most; a mercenary killed in battle, searching for his lost head. What isn't told is that this tends to happen with unusually disturbing frequency, especially in Terraria where a lot of threats capable of popping heads off exist and are quite aggressive. The resulting angry undead spirits have quite a bit of aggression to work off themselves, which is multiplied drastically when they have trouble reaching their severed heads; to prevent them from overrunning Terraria, the Pumpking seeks out these mercenaries and hires them on as guards, letting them fight during the Pumpkin Moon to deal with their anger.
As it would only make them angrier to fight without their heads, they are provided with glowing enchanted Jack-o'-Lanterns that serve as makeshift heads. This way, they can't get upset at an unfair fight, and must accept that, whether they won or lost, the fight was at least fair.
Genus: Cucurbita
Species: Rex
Despite all appearances, the Pumpking appears to be a singular creature that rules over his own spooky realm; reports of multiple Pumpkings at once are simply the Pumpking using illusionary magic to produce copies of himself that aid him in battle with all the strength of the original. He appears during the Pumpkin Moon only if a challenger has managed to impress him sufficiently, rewarding them with rare treasures if they succeed.
The Pumpking appears as a humanoid figure draped in a cloak, with a giant three-faced Jack-o'-Lantern for a head and ghostly scythes hanging by vines from his shoulders. During battle, this head corresponds to what he (or his illusionary copy) is about to do. A wide grin means he's about to begin reaping a grim harvest with his pair of scythes. An annoyed face is a sign to back up, as he's about to summon fiery scythes and fling them at his target. A surprised face is a harbinger of "Greek Fire," similar to the Mourning Wood's flames.
The Pumpking appears to have several plantlike traits himself. It is uncertain whether he reproduces via seeds, or even if he reproduces at all, rather than simply being some kind of spirit. Some theories claim he's some kind of "Great Pumpkin" that embodies the autumn harvest, but no concrete proof has been acquired.
The Pumpking himself thought it was mildly entertaining to have a study done on him, but many of his answers remained cryptic. The purpose of the Pumpking's home plane and the Pumpkin Moon remain shrouded in mystery- but I did get a bunch of candy corn for the trouble.
Despite the fact that he knows I don't like candy corn. That three-faced troll!
The Frost Moon
Have you been good this year? The forces behind the Frost Moon don't think you've been good this year, or any year for that matter. And they don't stop at a lump of coal.
During the Christmas season, our camp was honored with a visit from jolly old Saint Nick himself, and he was able to explain more behind this phenomenon. Long, long ago- after the days of Burgermeister Meisterburger, of course, but still a significant time before the modern day- one of Santa's elves went bad. Very bad. "Way beyond the Naughty List" bad, in Santa's own terms. Watching humanity's excesses had driven her to the conclusion that the only present the species deserved was destruction (which isn't even a present), and she turned to evil.
Transforming herself into the dreaded Ice Queen and cutting a deal with a dangerous creature on the moon, she raised an army of zombie elves, winter monsters, and a mechanical armored division to take over the North Pole. The elves were able to force her to retreat thanks to their own toy soldiers fighting on the front lines. While Santa himself tried to talk down the Ice Queen, she was having none of it, and sealed her remaining forces in stasis inside the moon.
She attempts to trick children into opening "Naughty Presents" which summon her Frost Moon into the world, but every time, this is thwarted by Santa himself. However, Santa expressed that he'd like to take the Ice Queen off of the naughty list one day; to that end, he showed adventurers how to craft these presents to purposely provoke the Queen's army, in the hopes that one day she'll run out of troops and start to listen to reason again.
During the Frost Moon, the moon is coated in ice, and has the shape of a snowman's head- perhaps some lingering effect of the snow-related magic the Ice Queen specializes in. The air grows chilly under the light of the Frost Moon even for creatures in the middle of the desert. However, the most obvious threat is the Ice Queen and her army.
Elf Zombie
Genus: Zombus
Species: Kringlus
(Original binomial name: Sylva Arctis)
The Ice Queen didn't get a lot of support from any other elves. Arctic elves hated the idea of bringing terror instead of holiday cheer, Cobbler elves find the idea of waging war to be a ridiculous waste of time when there were so many shoes to make, Wood elves had just struck an alliance with the Dwarves for once and didn't want to have MORE bickering, Sea elves weren't an option because the Ice Queen froze water around her, and Dark elves were deeply offended by the lack of spiders in the Ice Queen's plan and as such wanted nothing to do it. This did little to deter the Ice Queen, who raised an army of undead Elves to serve as her vanguard.
Arctic elves' bodies decay slowly, even after the end of their very long lives; as such, many Elf Zombies initially retain many of their motor functions. They can be trained to fire arrows or even pilot helicopters made from the materials the Ice Queen had available, though with lacking skills compared to living Elves. Time eventually erodes Elf Zombies like any other zombie, though, which causes them to become incapable of any means of attack other than clawing and biting.
Many of the Elf Zombies are preserved using a combination of antimatter and Ice magic known as Endothermic Energy. Their sheer numbers are truly staggering, especially for the peace-loving Arctic elves, leading some to wonder if the Ice Queen sources her Zombies from other kinds of elves as well.
Genus: Elementalis
Species: Niveis
These living, floating snowflakes known as Flockoes are a subspecies of elemental revolving around snow, closely related to the Ice Elemental. The species is normally less than a square millimeter in volume, and almost indistinguishable from a snowflake; they rarely encounter humans due to avoiding sources of heat, and they only last very long in the tundra, where they thrive in the cold air far from dangerous creatures and heat sources.
The Ice Queen's Endothermic Energy causes these creatures to grow to an absurd degree, while simultaneously making them extremely agitated. As they are sealed in an extraplanar location on the moon, proximity to the Blood Moon makes them even angrier. When the Frost Moon arrives, these angry Flockoes attack anything in sight, and their size makes them far more dangerous than their Tundra-dwelling kin.
Gingerbread Man
Genus: Automatus
Species: Gingiberus
A Golem species made from enchanted gingerbread cookies. These creatures are generally created on a whim by Arctic elves, and they normally aren’t violent at all. Gingerbread Men sometimes act as assistants to the elves, but most of the time, they’re just wandering around doing whatever they want. Gingerbread Men often volunteer for Toy Testing, which leads most of the species to develop a minor fear of jack-in-the-boxes. They are normally as brittle as you’d expect a living cookie to be.
The Frost Moon’s Gingerbread Men were created from stolen cookies and bolstered with fell magic. These more powerful Gingerbread Men are more violent to match, and will use their newfound power to attack anything in sight. However, this process appears to decrease their intelligence, preventing them from doing much more than punching things with their stale gingerbread fists of fury.
Present Mimic
Genus: Gotchas
Species: Mimicus
Juvenile Mimics often take the appearance of desirable objects in order to secure meals. These Mimics appear to be presents, and they are the reason Santa Claus’s operation is so tight-knit; not all Elves are capable of fending off these dangerous creatures. As Mimics are not usually provided the dates of birthday parties, Present Mimics are rare, with the Mimic often taking a different disguise instead, such as the classic treasure chest.
During the Frost Moon, Mimics enter a frenzy, believing they missed Christmas and rushing to try and at least get one meal. They become Present Mimics and abandon all subtlety, rushing to the surface to attack in large numbers. The Ice Queen also recruited Present Mimics into her army, promising them five square meals a day if they conquered the North Pole- to a Mimic, an irresistible offer. Some of these Present Mimics join the native Present Mimics during the Frost Moon, potentially leading to an unprecedented population boom that could put other species at great risk.
Genus: Automatus
Species: Iuglandiruptor
Nutcrackers are another type of construct, and their design is much more suited to breaking things. They are fashioned after the traditional nutcrackers that often serve as seasonal decorations, but stand much taller. Most Arctic elves employ Nutcrackers to help them chip through ice or grind tough objects with their teeth. They are also capable of precise movements that allow them to dance and even act in a theatrical production. When not on the job, Nutcrackers enter a resting state, but their eyes don’t close; at their size, this makes them appear rather intimidating.
The Ice Queen, of course, made plenty of her own Nutcrackers, and put them to work as war machines, During the Frost Moon, Nutcrackers attack with powerful bites capable of cracking skulls with ease. When they have sustained damage, Nutcrackers attempt to utilize complicated spinning motions to throw off their foe. This technique, known in some places as “the Dance of Death,” lets them confound a foe’s defenses and strike at their weak points, which is devastating when combined with the natural power behind a Nutcracker’s bite.
Genus: Dinanthropoides
Species: Nivalis
(Fun fact: This binomial name was actually suggested for the Yeti if it was confirmed to exist!)
Also known as the Abominable Snowman, and not to be confused with Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster as reported by one “Yukon Cornelius”. I’m actually surprised I’m writing a report about Yetis, plural, considering no sightings had been confirmed for a long time- even in Terraria. The species generally avoids human contact, possibly due to the threat some humans may pose to it; in Terraria, this makes even more sense, as many humans are armed to the teeth.
Yetis in the wild are normally bipedal, but otherwise share many traits with great apes. These traits are adapted to a much colder climate; their trademark white fur is one example, allowing them to hide more easily. They are omnivorous, able to eat meat but often subsisting on plants like Shiverthorn. A recent discovery that caught my attention was a crude bed of Hellstone pebbles in the middle of the underground tundra. Yeti hair was spotted around the makeshift oven, as well as broken iron bars with traces of slow-cooked Ice Slime. The pebbles seemed to be the remains of former Hellstone bricks, and one nearby cave led to the Underworld, where a Hellstone tower was easily visible. This suggests that the Yeti is capable of using tools, and also presumably capable of fighting Demons and winning. As the Yeti would likely not want to live in the Underworld due to its heat and the locals, this behavior seems to suggest that it ventured down there to find Hellstone for use in that makeshift oven, which would indicate a surprising level of intelligence.
The direct Yeti sightings I’m here to report, though, are those that appear during the Frost Moon. These Yetis demonstrate none of the aforementioned intelligence, as they were sent by the Ice Queen only to fight and kill. It is unclear how the Yetis were persuaded to join the Ice Queen’s army (though my guess would be that the Ice Queen either coerced them into fighting for her, exploited their fear of humans, or both), but a not-insignificant number of them are deployed during the Frost Moon.
Their bare fists are capable of breaking through most, if not all, suits of armor a human can use, and they can leap a great distance to catch their foe. The Yetis fielded this way often flee after the Frost Moon passes, assuming they are not killed in the battle, and the effects of this on the ecosystem are unclear.
Genus: Diabolus
Species: Alpinae
In folklore, these creatures are infamous for their role as an “Anti-Santa”- punishing bad children rather than rewarding good ones. The Demons, judgmental and self-important as they tend to be, were all too happy to take the shape of fiends filling this role if it meant bringing terror to humans. The Ice Queen, who has a similar attitude toward humans, summons many of these fiends during the Frost Moon to try and flank the humans.
A Krampus is a bipedal goat-man similar to mythical Satyrs, but with an extended tongue and carrying a sack on its back. During the Frost Moon, they attack their foes using their razor-sharp horns; presumably, their goal is to grab any captives they can and drag them away, but they’re not going to try to subdue a guy with a loaded Vortex Beater aimed at their brain. These Krampus otherwise have the same strategies as the raging Yeti above. If there’s one thing the Ice Queen’s Krampus foot soldiers lack, it’s the fiendish cleverness of the original Krampus from folklore, and in a way, this was almost disappointing.
Genus: Onodrimus
Species: Arcticus
The extremely rare species that we call Ents (after the similar creatures from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien) are usually peaceful, and it takes a great affront to outrage them. Arctic Pine Ents are usually no exception, preferring simply to tend the sparse evergreen forests they call home. However, they are also incredibly powerful; one scientific consensus is that massed Ents could triumph in battle over elder Cthulhoid species, a consensus that was reached despite heavy political resistance originating from covert agents of said Old Ones’ cults.
Arctic Pine Ent saplings begin life as unassuming seeds, but grow to immense size while planted in the ground. Juvenile Arctic Pine Ents quickly reach the size of small trees, and it is at this point that they become mobile. This allows them to reach sources of water with ease, or move toward gaps in clouds to benefit from photosynthesis even during a cloudy day. The longer an Arctic Pine Ent lives, the taller it grows, but it slows down after a certain age. Ancient Arctic Pine Ents are known to reach a height comparable to redwood trees- though still smaller than Redwood Ents, they are still enormous.
It would appear the Ice Queen was aware of the Ents’ potential in combat as well, as she sent her soldiers to steal seeds from Arctic Pine Ents (at what I assume is great personal risk) and used fell magic to artificially warp them into half-grown mutant juveniles of the species. The Everscream is easily one of the Queen’s most dangerous soldiers, adorned with a pair of red ornaments that form the image of a screaming face as they charge into the Queen’s enemies.
An Everscream’s leg growth is stunted, slowing them down a little, but their arms are elongated, with sharpened claws that the Everscream uses to attack and to climb with. Their needles are frozen and sharpened, inhibiting the Everscream’s ability to feed itself with photosynthesis, but making contact with its body extremely hazardous. These needles can also be thrown by the Everscream as a weapon. They are also armed with ornaments that they throw like frag grenades; the ornaments create shrapnel on contact with the ground, which, as I can personally attest, hurts like hell when it gets stuck in your leg.
Genus: Bellumachinis
Species: Kringlus
The original SANTA-NK0, as Santa Claus stated, was developed from Leonardo Da Vinci’s illustrations. Blueprints retrieved from Zombie Elves reveal that it also had extra additions from the work of some other figure known as “Draedon,” whoever that is- and, of course, topped with a golem shaped like Santa Claus, whose naughty list has everyone on it and is really more like a hit list.
The new model with which most adventurers are familiar, the SANTA-NK1, was a relatively recent update to the design completed sometime in the 1920s; the Ice Queen replaced the wheels that the original SANTA-NK0 used with tank treads, allowing for better traction, while installing a chain gun on the machine’s front to add to its firepower. AI routines from Skeletron Prime were installed on the SANTA-NK1 unit shortly after Skeletron Prime was completed; Lilly has confirmed that the Prime project was hastily done, and information security was not a concern. In any case, the new AI routines do preserve the “Naughty List” subroutine that makes the SANTA-NK1 so dangerous.
SANTA-NK1 is a powerful war machine. It will not hesitate to simply roll over smaller creatures in its path, while using its chain gun to attack targets at a distance. It also leaves behind large spiked balls adapted from the traditional Goblin design. It purposely slows its rate of fire to prevent it from running out during long battles, but the payload increases in frequency as the SANTA-NK1 sustains damage to ensure less ammo is wasted.
Damaging the SANTA-NK1 causes it to employ the “Present” subroutine, which causes it to fire present-shaped explosives in the air that then parachute down on foes, which serves as a powerful form of area denial that forces enemies to engage the ground forces. Further damage will cause it to switch again to a mounted bazooka that fires rockets, which appears to be the SANTA-NK1’s last resort.
The Ice Queen
Genus: Sylva
Species: Arctis
As mentioned above, the Ice Queen was one of Santa’s elves gone very, very bad. Her transformation into the Ice Queen appears to be something she did of her own volition, inspired by similar figures known for leading armies of elemental Ice Warriors. Little is known about her capabilities or biological characteristics in this state, other than what can be directly observed from watching adventurers attempt to fight her.
Like the Pumpking, the Ice Queen is able to produce illusory copies of herself that attack her enemies, and even when defeated in battle, she doesn’t stay down for long. In combat, she strikes with waves of pure Endothermic Energy that can freeze her foes solid, and summons Ice Shards that dig into foes’ skin, literally chilling their bones. She prefers to attack from a distance, flying at dizzying speeds with wings of ice and using evasive maneuvers to avoid return fire.
Reindeer bells have been recovered from the Ice Queen when she was forced to retreat, indicating that she might be attempting to raise an army of reindeer cavalry. Fortunately, none of her troops have arrived on reindeer-back yet, which is at least one small comfort.
The strange lunar activity seen in Terraria is another part of what makes it so dangerous. Further study of these events may be dangerous, but it also may be necessary to help humans survive such a dangerous place.
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The classified ads are divided into different groups known as categories. There are various types of categories for which you can book classified ads online in Namaste Telangana. The categories include Matrimonia, Recruitment, Name Change, Personal Announcement, Services, Public Notice, Tender Notice, Travels, Business, Education, Computers Sales & Services, Remembrance and other categories. You can select any of the category are multiple categories as per your requirement and book Namaste Telangana Classified Ads online through book4ad at low ad rates. You can also check the Namaste Telangana Advertisement Tariff to know the ad rates for booking classified ads online.
Here are the 3 simple and easy steps you need to follow to book Namaste Telangana Classified Ads Online through book4a with lowest ad rates and best offers
  1. Select your ad category (as per your requirement) and compose ad in preferred language (Telugu For Namaste Telangana)
  2. Choose by City / by Publication
a. Select sub category and offers and schedule dates for your advertisement
b. Select color or Image option to give more impact to your advertisement (for classified display ads)
  1. Verify your order in Summary page with rate details for each ad, Multi Ad Previews and Pay with Secure payment options through online.
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You can book Namaste Telangana Classified Ads Online for many cities in Telangana State like Hyderabad, Warangal, Khammam, Nalgonda, Karimnagar, Mahabubnagar and Nizamabad with no additional cost. Moreover you can save your money by utilizing the existing offers and discounts along with different packages.
Book4ad provides you most reliable platform to create your own ad or you can also take the help of sample ads provided which displayed as a top down menu while composing the ad. Once your ad is booked, you will get booking confirmation instantly along with an invoice. Book4ad also provides an option to check your the status of your ad once booked. It also provides free coupons in return which can be used in near future.
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