Yaoi dating sim

Need help finding a manga

2020.11.28 21:18 CatcultistRequime Need help finding a manga

The mc was reincarnated as the princess in a yaoi dating sim and is trying to look for a boyfriend
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2020.11.22 20:58 Cheraygo What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)1
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2020.08.13 03:02 HeyLeafia What makes a good dating sim?

I want to make a dating sim and I want it to be great. I have played so many different kinds and I'm at a loss. Mobile dating sims are cute cheesy and predictable and often you wanna strangle the mc because she's so dense. Then you have yaoi dating sims which I would say are porn games and anything else is just weird. So I want opinions. What is your favorite thing about dating sims?
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2020.07.31 09:20 seafairriess VN with gay romance routes??

I desperately want to find dating Sims or smthn similar where I don't have to misgender myself or subject myself to being a fujoshis dream (You can like gay ships without fetishizing it but that's not the point here)
Are there any dating Sims that have a gender neutral or male protag with male interests?? That aren't yaoi??
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2020.07.21 09:11 liner21Jul Black Hard-core Mobile Por-n

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2020.05.30 21:23 tontonton8 Night and Day - Gameplay I Yaoi Visual Novel I BL dating sim

Night and Day - Gameplay I Yaoi Visual Novel I BL dating sim submitted by tontonton8 to wolftooth [link] [comments]

2020.05.30 21:14 tontonton8 Night and Day - Gameplay I Yaoi Visual Novel I BL dating sim

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2020.05.06 01:02 TheChatotMaestro Making """""""fan""""""" game, looking for artist!

Hi! I'm a casual "fan" of Yandere Simulator- I used to be way more into the game, before the news broke about what a terrible guy YanDev is, etc, and now I kind of just... hover? Like, I follow the blog and the drama, I'm excited for the game and hope it turns out good but I've never given money and I'm excited every time someone releases a new 'Yandev bad' video. Best of both worlds. (I hope this doesn't get me kicked from the sub lol ;w;)
Another thing I like are the April Fools' Rivals.
I've never liked the rival designs that much- they're all kind of bland anime stereotypes... which is the point, I guess, so good for them. However, when that one April Fools' video released, I fell in love with the male versions of the characters. Something about the way the video was presented just clicked with me. The characters were designed well, the art was soft and pretty (except for the occasional yaoi hand here and there), and the voice lines were SO GOOD those vas deserve all the props. Somehow, they feel a lot more real than the actual rivals do- it's probably the cute (mostly) images of them actually interacting with Ayano in the photo frames, instead of questionable 3d models just posing.
When it came out, I was more of a Fan fan than a Not fan, and I was also just starting to learn Ren'py, a visual novel program. (You may know it as the program they used to make Doki Doki Literature Club or Hiveswap Friendsim!) I decided I was going to be That Chick, and make a fangame featuring the rivals, because one I wanted clout, two it would be fun, and three I wanted Ren'py practice. It was going to be a silly little dating sim where you could romance all the characters. I actually got a lot done- if you go looking back far enough, you can see my dumb update posts on the Amino, and you can still download the most recent (bad) build right now if you want. I don't recommend it, but you can. (It still gets 2-3 downloads a day... I'm sorry for these poor people who have to play through that trainwreck.) However, I abandoned the project for a long while, due to a combination of unwillingness to support Yanderedev, technical difficulties with implementing difficult features, and rising interest in other projects. (I was, like, fifteen, can you blame me?)
However, quarantine has bored me, and I've decided to pick the project up again for three separate reasons. One: I finally figured out how to do that thing I was stuck on (!!!!!!!!!), which made me want to work on ren'py again, two: I'm procrastinating working on my other ren'py project, which is quite difficult to write for, and three: ...these characters deserve so much better, you guys. my boy osoro needs justice. they're all lovely
I'm rebranding it to emphasize the fact that I'm not a Real Fan, I'm rewriting the script to age down the two Problematic Characters to be students, since all my original plans- cut them from the game, give them non-romantic routes somehow, or make them villains- weren't really vibing with me (now that they're not Illegal they're finally starting to grow on me more lol), and I'm redoing a lot of the code to make it easier for me to keep going. I've also finally got an actual plan for beyond the opening cutscene, which wasn't something I had back then. I'm keeping the stock music I used, because half of it is actually pretty good and fits the characters well. (Mujo's theme in particular is absolutely perfect.)
However... if you do go looking for the build page, you'll see that the old art is... less than stellar. I was redoing it at the time that I abandoned the project, and so the art ingame is half of an old, bad set of sprites, and half of an older, worse set of sprites. T_T All the backgrounds are screenshots of the game that I took, so they'll be fine to keep, but I'd like to replace all the character sprites again, with decent art this time. Unfortunately, while my art has improved since then, I don't know if I'll be able to muster up the motivation to do all the art- original plans include an obscene set of expressions for every character, as well as single-expression sprites for all the background and side characters (midori, teachers, delinquents, student council, gaming club, etc). If I tried to do it all, I'd either have to do the art in installments, which I've learned isn't good for me, or I'd get burned out before I finished. With that being said, I've come to terms with the fact that I'm probably going to have to seek outside help.
Since I'm generally very transparent about the fact that I'm not a Real supporter of Yanderedev and openly critical of his behavior, going to yandere_simulator would probably be a bad move, as I'd either get banned, get a bunch of hate from 11-year-olds, or both. I don't want to ask my artist friends for help, since they'd probably judge me for still being into yansim, and also they all have their own stuff going on. So I thought I'd look for a non-censored Yandere Simulator community, and lo and behold, here it is!
With that being said, I'm looking for someone willing to help me with art for this project. Unfortunately, I do not have money to offer, as I am a lowly teenage coding hobbyist :( If someone actually does reach out, I will absolutely reduce the amounts of sprites needed to a very small amount per character, and reduce the amount of side character sprites needed to as few as possible, so you don't have to do as much work as I would put on myself. In addition, I won't be a Yanderedev- I will absolutely give you all the credit for your hard work! (I know that doesn't replace money, so please don't put your time into helping me out if it could be spent doing actual real commissions ;m;) If I don't get anyone, I'll just do it all myself, probably in June between Art Fight prepwork. I'd just love to have someone else helping me out, since it would make it feel like a less monumental task, and I'd make a friend :D
If anyone would like to help, please reach out to me! I can also show you the current game script, so you know whether or not it's content you'd be comfortable being involved with. I'm doing my best to make it wholesome and fun, and remove a lot of the grosser aspects of the original game, but I know everyone here has their own different degrees of attachment and resentment towards Yansim, and the least thing I want to do is make anyone uncomfortable. Just wanna have fun making smth cute with characters I like!
tldr: if anyone wants to draw some pretty boys hmu

(Also, just as a side note, if anyone knows where I can obtain a character birthday chart, please let me know! I'd like to use official birthdays on character profiles if they have any. Otherwise I'm going to make it up.)
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2020.04.13 13:52 Excellent_Dish Husbando Gacha Tier List

LAST UPDATE: October 19, 2020
Hello, I made this list last year of husbando gacha games and people seemed to like it so I'm updating it since a couple of the games on there shut down but I'm structuring this one more like a tier list for fun. I'll be basing it on the games' waifu:husbando ratio, quality and viability of the husbandos, and the game's overall quality and my own personal taste and enjoyment so this is not an objective tier list. I will also be adding a mini review and some notes. There are ones I have definitely played more than others so expect more text on the ones that I have played. It's all based on my opinion so don't take the rankings too seriously. Also I'm writing this as a "gaymer" in America so keep that in mind too.
I will not be putting in games like Brave Frontier or AFK Arena or Mario Kart Tour because their art style is too pixel-y or not "husbando-y" enough. The "Featured Husbandos" will be my personal favorites and/or the main ones they give you for free. If an anime has multiple gacha games, I'll probably only be putting the one I'm most familiar with on the list. Also there are some I haven't played(mainly the Marvel and anime ones because I'd rather watch the anime or I'm not interested in it), but I have at least tried most of them. Note that there's a ton of gacha games out there that I probably missed, but I think I got the most prominent and important ones.
EDIT: Forgot to mention, I ripped some of the descriptions from the sub's Gacha Game List so thank you to whoever compiled it. It's very helpful and how I discovered some of these games! (EDIT 2: Never mind. I think they stopped updating it, but the Gacha Gamer website is a good resource)

S+ Tier - mostly or all husbandos

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Tokyo Afterschool Summoners (aka Housamo) β–­ Mostly single player RPG. You can borrow your friend's units, but that's about as far as the social aspect goes. There's no actual guilds even though they have them in the story. The cast is mostly skimpy bara men with some bara furries thrown in there. The men are very big and a couple of them are plus size. It's nice to see body diversity. There are some women but it's like 90% men. It's not fully translated but it's still playable. You might need to go to the wiki later for skill translations though. The story is pretty good which is unexpected. Combat is fun and turn based. It says it's an LGBT game, but I don't know of any trans characters in it. Also no login feature so your save data is deleted if you uninstall the app and don't transfer it to another device. Horkeu Kamui, Ryota
Uta no Prince-sama (UtaPri for short) β–­ Rhythm otome game. Story isn't that great. There's only about 10-ish boys so most of the units are just them in different costumes. Basically Bandori but with all dudes instead. (EDIT: Actually, the real all-male version of Bandori is called Argonavis. More info in the Misc. section) Shinomiya Natsuki
Bungo Stray Dogs: TotL β–― Pinball style game that's based off the anime. It's mostly twinks. Kunikida Doppo
Obey Me! Shall we date? β–­ More of an otome than a gacha game. There's battles but they're dance battles lol. The twist is that all the boys are demons that represent the 7 deadly sins. Lucifer
A3! β–­ Another "more of an otome" game. Visual novel too. It's about running an acting company. Like UtaPri there's only about 20 boys so you pull for them in different costumes. The plays they put on are pretty interesting since there's only actors and no actresses. For example, instead of Romeo and Juliet they had Romeo and Julius lol Sakuya
Mr Love: Queen's Choice β–― Again, a "more of an otome" type of game. This one is also more of a visual novel as well. There's 4 guys to romance, but you can pull cards of women characters that help during "battles". I put battles in quotes because they're the same type of "battles" that Love Nikki has where they're basically just stat checks. I wasn't sure whether or not to put these three games because they're more otome/visual novel type games, but here they are. Victor
Ayakashi: Romance Reborn β–­ Supernatural otome game with gameplay similar to A3! (Thanks u/arcanine04) Ginnojo
Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team β–­ Real Time soccer game based off the manga. Not really a fan of soccer or sports anime/manga but it seems to be all guys. All the guys look too similar and the art is kinda ugly imo but that's just me. I'd rather play Venus Eleven even if they only have waifus. However, it is made by KLAB who also made Bleach Brave Souls, Love Live, and UtaPri which are all good games so this one is probably good too. Genzo
Saint Seiya Awakening β–­ Turn-based and based on the anime. There's another Saint Seiya gacha but it's ugly and I don't want to touch it lol Andromeda Shun
One Piece Treasure Cruise β–― Anime. Turn-based. Pretty old. The art style isn't very husbando-y but the cast is mostly male and it's worth putting on here just for Zoro. Zoro, Sanji, Shanks, Ace, Smoker, Usopp
Dragon Ball Legends β–― Real Time. I grew up watching Dragon Ball, but I've actually never really been that attracted to any of the characters. It is one of the OG bara animes though and it's got English voice acting. Trunks, Vegeta, Piccolo. Krillin
Bleach Brave Souls β–­ Old Hack n Slash. Very generous from what I remember. Most of these shounen anime gachas don't really have husbando-y art styles but there are some good looking male characters. Sado, Ichigo, Isshin
AFTER L!FE β–­ Otome. Another one where the combat is a joke and it's basically a glorified visual novel. Lots of husbandos to choose from with their own routes too. It has an interesting story. Every character, including the MC, is a soul reaper that guides souls to the afterlife so they can get their wish granted, but they all have sad backstories lol Ell, Youssef, Noah, Day
GYEE β–­ A gay-themed RPG. I'm gay and all for representation, but it seems weirdly specific to base a game around queerness. I'm starved for husbandos, so I'm not complaining lol. The game is a pretty standard gacha, but I'm putting it in S+ purely for the quantity of husbandos, just like a lot of the other ones in this tier. The MC, Priapus, Gaar

S Tier - This is also where I put most of the popular gachas with good waifu:husbando ratios

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Fate Grand Order (FGO) β–­ Pretty even husbando/waifu split. STILL no autobattle or Facebook link/login function for global. That being said, the story is pretty good and you can pretty much use whoever you want and they give you husbandos for free from the story. There's a couple you'll get eventually from the friendship point summon. However the gacha husbandos are always hotter and have better art. (I retract this statement. u/Strawberuka has provided evidence to the contrary lol There's actually a couple more good 3 star husbandos than I thought) They do give out tickets like once a year that let you choose a servant. That's how I got Gilgamesh. Hijikata(my only 5 star sadly lol), Hans Christian Andersan(discount Merlin boy), Asterios, Ozymanidas, Gilgamesh, CΓΊ Chulainn(not the ugly caster version tho), Emiya, Tawara Touta, David, Iskandar, Astolfo, Arjuna
Granblue Fantasy (GBF) β–― Browser game. Another even waifu/husbando split. Pretty big in Japan. It even got its own anime and fighting console game which is interesting because usually the anime or the console games come before the mobile game. It's just that popular. Notoriously grindy. I played for a couple of months but got burnt out. You can whale for a good grid to avoid the grind but it's expensive. Lots of husbandos though. The diversity is second only to Housamo. They have a race of bara men called Draphs, and a race of short people called Harvins, and a race of furries called Erunes, so there's bound to be someone you like lol. They sell surprise tickets sometimes so you can buy whoever you want. Even the lowest rarity characters can be used for pendant farming. If you don't pull a meta husbando, the male main character is a meta husbando himself so you can always use him. Plus he's the best and most versatile character. A lot of your power comes from your grid, so the game lets you be a lot more flexible with your party members. SSR characters will pretty much always be better, but there are a couple of good SR's. I don't think team comp really matters till endgame and you will be leeching raids a lot in the beginning, so just use who you want until things start getting difficult. Also the angels and the dragon knights are gay and you can't change my mind. Gran(the MC), Rackam, Noa, Lancelot and Vane, Barawa, Cain, Jamil, Aglovale, Drang, Lobelia uh actually maybe not, Eustace, Tsubasa, Belial :(
Epic 7 β–­ Similar to Summoner's War but newer, shinier and more anime. Pretty even waifu/husbando split but I've heard they've been releasing more waifus lately. The MC Ras is a husbando. He's not very good and needs the gear to shine, but you can use him. However, it's probably better to invest in someone else unless you really like him. They give you like 30 free rerolls so you can try to get someone you like or a good healer. I kinda got overwhelmed by the RNG gear grind so I quit. Vildred, Tywin, Basar
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross β–― Turn-based. Based on the anime. Pretty grindy like GBF but not as much. You could grind all day if you wanted to since stamina potions are abundant. They give you Meliodas the baby MC for free as well as shirtless Ban with a beard. He even cooks for you! Netmarble made it so I'd be wary. It also seems to be FG3000's new favorite game lol Ban(short for husbando. jk lol), Hendrickson
Onmyoji β–­ (Also available on Steam) Turn-based Japanese art style game. I quit because I didn't pull any SSR husbandos or an SSR in general(even though you don't need any SSR's), but the MC Seimei, while not a unit, is a husbando himself and you also get Hiromasa from the story. Some of the units are monsters and are very ugly lol. Like, I thought Kamikui was a pretty femboy but he has a scary mouth in the back of his hair. Shuten Doji, Kamikui, Ootengu, Inugami,
Sdorica β–­ Story-driven puzzle RPG with a pretty storybook-like art style. Everyone is viable. There's guilds and stuff, but I only paid attention to events and the main story and got by just fine. Also if I remembered correctly, there's a love triangle between 3 of the husbandos lol Pang(free tiger daddy you get at the beginning), Ned, Nigel, Charle, Morris
King's Raid β–­ Old but gold. Real time. Gacha is only for weapons so you can just straight up buy whoever you want with gems which you can get for free. They even have summer skins ;) Nyx, Kaulah, Baudoin
Dissida Final Fantasy: Opera Omnia (DFFOO) β–­ Chibi and turn-based. Based off the console Final Fantasy game by Square Enix. Gacha is for weapons. Warrior of Light
Another Eden β–­ Turn-based. Very story-driven. Made by some of the same people who created Chrono Trigger. It's single player only, but still needs wifi. Aldo
Dragalia Lost β–― Hack n Slash. Everyone is viable for the most part but characters that have the same weapon type play identical to each other pretty much. Cygames developed it and Nintendo published it so the quality is high of course. It's mostly twinks and bishounen but there is surprisingly a lot of boys with the occasional bara in there. There's only like 3 darker skin characters but that's every gacha game unfortunately. Ranzal, Joe(he's canonically gay!), Victor, Rex, Curran, Heinwald, Hawk, Jakob, Gauld(thanks u/mastanmastan)
Fire Emblem Heroes(FEH) β–― Strategy. Another good game published by Nintendo. You can build whoever you want. Most of the units are from the popular and modern Fire Emblem games like Awakening and Fates and they added some of the new Three Houses characters, so if your favorite is from an older game, you're kinda out of luck. Ike, Alfonse, Xander, Claude
Pokemon Masters β–― Real Time. More Nintendo (I'd put in the Mario Kart gacha but it's Mario lol). It's Pokemon so I'm biased. It focuses a bit more on the human characters like the gym leaders and Elite 4 which is interesting. They even characterized the main series' playable characters like Red and Silver. No Ash Ketchum though. There's co-op but no PvP or guilds. Lt. Surge, Crasher Wake, Marshal, Guzma, Brycen, the swimmer NPCs, Red, Blue
Genshin Impact β–­ (Also available on console and Windows) Huge open world gacha similar to Zelda Breath of the Wild. However, the gacha isn't really a big part of it because everyone is viable for the most part. It feels more like an open world adventure console game than a gacha. The MC, Kaeya

A Tier - decent games with a healthy amount of husbando

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Food Fantasy β–­ Chibi RTS and restaurant management hybrid game featuring characters based off of food aka husbentos and waifoods! Both the restaurant management and the combat parts of the gameplay are pretty shallow unfortunately. The restaurant management part is more enjoyable though IMO. It has a shard system which usually entails pulling duplicates sadly, so even if you do pull an elusive UR, you'll need to pull multiples of them to max them out. It caters too much to whales for my liking. However there are good f2p units whose shards you can farm. You'll be using Milk, Black Tea, and Tom Yum which you get for free at the beginning for the first 90% of the game. Not everyone is viable for combat, but everyone is useful for helping around the restaurant because you need a lot of food souls to run the restaurant. Plus you can put your favorite food soul on the home screen so you can see them frequently and they say cute things. All of the husbandos are bishounen. Tom Yum, Bamboo Rice, Sandwich, Steak, Tempura
Grand Chase β–­ Hack N Slash based off an old MMORPG with the same name that got shut down. You pretty much need SR heroes so there's very little variety in team composition. Fortunately they give them out for free in login rewards. There's also a gacha for pets. Lass, Ronan, Grandiel
Langrisser β–­ (Also has a PC Client) Based off of the old console games with the same name. Similar strategy gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes but it's in landscape mode. Some of the husbandos are older. Hooray for age diversity and daddies! Grenier, Leon, Gizarof
Brave Nine (used to be called Brown Dust) β–­ Unique strategy game. It's kinda hard to describe the gameplay and you sorta have to see it for yourself, but basically there's a grid and you put your units on there, set the order, then watch them attack automatically. It seems to be pretty hit or miss for most people. Lots of waifus and husbandos. Even the upgrade units are waifu slime girls. Also the MC has the hentai protagonist hairdo lol Carlson, Martius, Acha
DanMachi - MEMORIA FREESE β–­ Very similar gameplay to Another Eden but it actually has multiplayer features. Based off the anime "Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?" Bell
Blustone II β–― Interesting game I don't see being talked about a lot. The combat is kinda like a clicker game but you have to time when to swap out your units. The MC, Hermes, Bear
Elchronicle β–­ Hack n Slash. Everyone is viable because the gacha is for gear. Not very popular though. Jaegal Woon and Dean
Crash Fever β–― Puzzle RPG. It's got some good lore but I never really got that into it. It is also not talked about a lot but the discord is pretty active. Tons of characters, but you can barely see them cause they're surrounded by too many flashy things in their art. New World Disorder Columbus (Every unit has a super long name like this lol)
Soccer Spirits β–­ Old and powercrept turn-based game based off of the sport. It's a Com2Us game and they don't exactly have the best reputation. I'm surprised it's not dead yet. Sam
Heir of Light β–­ Real Time and Dark Fantasy. Another game similar to Summoner's War and they even have a collab with them. Heide, John Wick
Final Fantasy Brave Exvius(FFBE) β–― Another FF game. It's turn-based. Might be a little too pixelated, but it's got some good husbandos. Sieghard, Ariana Grande
The Alchemist Code β–­ Turn-Based Strategy with similar gameplay to Fire Emblem Heroes. Made by Gumi which is another company that has a reputation for being greedy Logi
King of Fighters ALLSTAR β–­ Based off the fighting video game series. A Netmarble game. Terry Bogard
MARVEL gachas They're all β–­ I like MARVEL and superheroes as much as the next guy, but I just don't have any interest in playing a MARVEL mobile game. Plus, they're western gachas and western gachas usually aren't as good. There are three of them if you're interested Wolverine, Cyclops, Black Panther, Spiderman
Exos Heroes β–­ Turn-based. Nice art. Fully voiced with an English voices option. MC, Rudley
Romancing Saga Re;univerSe β–― Turn-based. Based on the old console RPG series. Very grindy, but f2p friendly. Noel
Idola Phantasy Star Saga β–­ Unique turn-based combat where you switch between your two teams of eight. Reiner, Killion
Tales of Crestoria β–­ Turn-based gacha from the "Tales of" series Veigue, Luke

B Tier - few husbandos and/or the game is inadequate(imo) in too many other aspects

Name Orientation Notes Featured Husbandos
Arknights(AK or Ark for short) β–­ Chibi Tower defense gacha. Made by the same people who made Girls Frontline so the quality is high and it's f2p friendly. It's mostly female characters but there are a couple of males. It's got a lot of furries/characters with animal attributes. Also this is important if you care about the story: the infection in the story does NOT cause people to become furries. The infection and the furries are two separate things! I just downloaded it but I saw that one of the villains is a cute boy so that's cool. There's 12 slots in a party so you're bound to fit at least one husbando in there haha Castle, Ansel(a lovely femboy), Matterhorn, SilverAsh, Spot, Ace :(
Lord of Dice β–― I don't remember much of it other than: art good, game bad. Roger
Fist of the North Star β–­ Based off an old manga with the same name. The cast is mostly muscular men, but they're uh not very conventionally attractive. It also has a questionably high number of servers. Kenshiro
Sword Art Online gachas N/A There's like 3 SAO gachas. I never tried them because I didn't like the anime. There's some husbandos from what I've seen Kirito I guess?
Soul Ark β–­ It's been rebooted like 4 different times. Still kinda sucks. It used to have an overworld like an MMORPG for some reason. Its old translation was horrendous but they fixed it up a bit and it's playable now. Too little, too late though. But I do like the art and it's very generous. 30 free rerolls at the beginning. Nezha
Astral Chronicles β–­ Chibi Hack n Slash. Mostly waifus. Someone called it a poor man's Another Eden, but their only similarities is their overworlds and the fact that they're both gachas imo. Another Eden is turn-based, not a hack n slash. The skills are so flashy that it becomes an inconvenience, but combat is fun. I like drawing symbols to attack. The male MC is a husbando and is in every battle if you can't pull a gacha one. Ryuni Meikami, Ryudo
Harbringers β–­ VIP system. P2W and shard system but it has 30 free tutorial rerolls. Has a cool comic book art style similar to Persona and idle gameplay similar to AFK Arena. Zhao Yun
Dragon Blaze β–­ Real Time. Old but still alive somehow. Christopher Avery
Chain Strike β–― Turn-based Com2Us game that's sorta like chess Lucian
Seven Knights β–­ Pretty old turn-based game. I'm surprised it's not dead. It's got some nice husbandos though. Made by Netmarble Karma
Knights Chronicle β–― Sorta chibi. Turn-Based. Everyone dropped it as soon as costumegate happened where they released p2w costumes, but I don't think it's that bad. It has a good number of husbandos. Also made by Netmarble. I don't really like them if you couldn't tell. Idk why they decided to put the word "Knights" in multiple games but none of them are that good lol. Theo, Amon, Ian, Hercus, Ashley
Crossing Void β–­ Anime crossover game featuring characters from tons of animes such as Durarara, Sword Art Online, and The Devil is a Part-Timer. Kinda died down after the devs did some shady things. Shizuo
Mobile Legends: Adventure β–­ Idle RPG based on characters from the mobile MOBA. Went under fire for its lack of polish and for adding P2W costumes like Knights Chronicle did Zilong, Clint, Alucard
Iron Saga β–― Mecha game with 20% male pilots you can get for free over time. Gacha is for the giant mecha they pilot. (paraphrased from u/gloveonthefloor) Save data is stored through Twitter, oddly enough. Becas
Last Cloudia β–― Real Time. Very grindy with bad rates. There's some controversy surrounding it because of things like the paid step up banner. Plus the name of the company behind it looks questionable(AIDIS). Not a lot of characters, but most of the ones they do have, including the husbandos, are viable. (Thanks u/z0kuuu) Kyle, Zekus, Robin, Prince Gorm, Shin
Hero Cantare β–­ Korean webtoon crossover gacha Muzaka
Aurora Legend β–― Idle RPG Lancelot
Grand Alliance β–­ Action RPG. Gacha is for heroes and skills. Another game with good character art, but uses chibi models for combat. Leon
FFBE: War of the Visions (WoTV) β–­ Very P2W Strategy game. Another gacha based off the Final Fantasy series. Rain
Goddess of Genesis S β–­ Turn-based. Has some husbandos, despite the name. Currently in closed beta testing, but will be officially released soon. Has the same team that worked on Langrissier. Apollo
Hero Ball Z β–­ Idle game. Another gacha with nice character art, but most of the gameplay is chibi combat :/ Kai, Dr. X
Lord of Heroes β–­ Turn-Based equipment gacha where characters have different elemntal versions and some are hidden behind a pay wall. It blocks emulation, so you have to play it on your phone. Story was interesting though. Fram, Aslan, Walher

F Tier - (This is a joke tier. Don't play these games for the husbandos lol)

Name Orientation Notes Featured "Husbandos"
Valkyrie Connect β–­ (Also available on Steam) Real Time. Majority waifus. Still alive somehow. Still very P2W from what I heard, but it just came out on Steam which is nice. I just downloaded it and there's unlimited tutorial rerolls, but you only pull 3 at a time, at least on the Steam version. Thor
Age of Ishtaria β–― Old turn-based gacha. You probably wouldn't be able to tell by looking, but there are some husbandos hidden in here lol. There's even a page on male units in the wiki. It's still overwhelmingly waifu-centered though. In the beginning, they had more banners with male units, but I guess they stopped. Money talks, I guess. :( Aristotle
Destiny Child β–― Hardly any boys. Unless you have really good luck(or bad luck depending on who you are lol), you might not even see any of the husbandos. I got pretty lucky and pulled a nat 5 dude, but it was Thanatos sadly. (Thanatos is pretty good and I love him, but like... look at him and read his dialogue) Only about 6 guys are meta. It also has 2 femboy characters. The game is still pretty fun and generous. Hard to play in public though. I know about silhouette mode, but I like a challenge!(EDIT: started playing this game again recently and there's more husbandos than I thought. I think it belongs more in between B and F tier so maybe C or D tier?) Also, I'm not sure why it almost has the same name as that 90s girl band. It makes Googling resources on the game harder lol Frej, Red Cross, Jupiter, Firo, Mayahuel
Girls Frontline (GFL) β–­ Literally no boys(which is to be expected), but some of the girls are androgynous and there was a skin event called "Princes Frontline" where they looked more masculine. Plus, there's also some male NPCs that show up occasionally lol. (I'm still waiting for Boys Frontline) MP-446
Azur Lane (AL) β–­ No boys here either, but there's like 2 characters that kinda look boyish and have some boyish skins. Cleveland, Hiryuu
Raid: Shadow Legends β–­ I mean there's some husbandos, but like, it's Raid: Shadow Legends. The game is just a meme at this point. At least they sponsor YouTubers I like. Galek
SINoALICE β–― Dark fairytale. Similar gameplay to Unison League where you only control one character and can just jump in and out of co-op. It seems to be like 99% waifus. I only saw 3 husbandos, and one of them was 9S from the Nier collab lol Pinnochio, 9S, Aladdin
Guardian Tales β–­ Ok so 80% of this game is pixelated and most of the units are waifus, but I'm putting it on here because I enjoyed it so much. It's a Hack n Slash, but story mode has some exploration gameplay that reminds me of those old 2D Zelda game. The story and dialogue is really funny and the combat is fun and simple. You can use who you want in story mode, but PvP has more of a meta of course. Not really a husbando game, but very enjoyable. The Knight, Fei, Marvin, Dolf

Misc. (Not in English/No American or western release/I'm not really sure if these can be called gachas)

JP/KCN Only (for now...?)

NOTE: Basically, there's a ton of untranslated and foreign otome/husbando gacha games with no western releases and better gameplay but it's too many to list. I only put a few of the ones I know because I wanted this list to focus on English gachas. See other people's comments for more

Miscellaneous ENG Husbando Gacha Games


Ending Notes

If you like gacha games with husbandos, you might also like MMORPGs w/good character customization, otome games, visual novels, and dating sims that let you romance hot dudes. Also check out MMORPG, otomegames, gaymers, and visualnovels
One more thing: I noticed that husbando gacha games like A3!, Obey Me, and Mr Love have super shallow gameplay, while waifu gacha games like AL and GFL have deeper gameplay and don't focus as much on the romance aspect. I want more husbando gacha games to have deeper gameplay!
Wow I have too much free time lol. Anyways that's all from me. Hope you guys found this list helpful and maybe even enjoyable. Let me know your thoughts and if I missed any games!
EDIT: I fixed some things, removed shut down games, and added new releases. Thanks for the gold and suggestions, everyone!
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2019.06.19 12:32 zoozbuh Slightly less "girly" otome games? (Please don't hate!)

Hi, I realise this might get a lot of hate/negative comments because I don't think it's what the majority of otome fans seem to want, however just going to put it out there and ask anyway...
Can anyone recommend any otome games or BL games which feature slightly more manly characters, in terms of art-style and character design? Something that isn't super frilly and romantic, maybe with some more lust/muscular, boyish-looking or rugged guys. Almost every otome seems to have pretty, feminine, bishounens with long, flowing hair and glistening eyes. I just...
I know there is that one adult/R18+ otome Mangagamer translated which features actual H-scenes (Fashioning Miss Lonesome). That already seems a bit more up my street, and I plan on getting/playing it. Just wish a portable version existed.
Code:Realize is also one of my favourite otomes of all time - yes I realise the art style is arguably still "girly", but there's something about it I really love. The guys just seem a bit manlier, both look and personality-wise. Hakuoki? I don't mind it, but I've already played through almost every route and I'm *more* than done with it by this point.
Again, as someone who isn't female but into guys, I realise that my tastes and wishes in VNs/dating sims/stories may be different from most people here. If there really isn't a market for this within otome, maybe you could re-direct me to a Boys Love/Yaoi page or recommend some of those? if that's okay... lol

SOME OTHERS I SAW, which I absolutely have my eye on/have played:
- Pub Encounter β€œDandy Shot” (Switch/Steam). These are the kind of hot guys I'm talking about, lol. If anyone has played this, could you let me know if it's half-decent?
- Sweet Fuse: At Your Side (PSP) Again, YES to the variety of guys featured in this game. A little oldemore rugged/manly. A very underrated old otome game. Are there more like this?
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2019.05.13 15:41 Frankie1478 Wikipedia of Hentai

Outside of Japan, hentai (倉態 or γΈγ‚“γŸγ„; οΏΌlisten (helpΒ·info) English: /ˈhΙ›ntaΙͺ/; lit."pervert") is anime and manga pornography. In the Japanese language, however, "hentai" is not a genre of media but any type of perverse or bizarre sexual desire or act. For example, outside of Japan a work depicting lesbian sex might be described as "yuri hentai", but in Japan it would just be described as "yuri". The word is short for hentai seiyoku (倉態性欲), a perverse sexual desire. The original meaning of hentai in the Japanese language is a transformation or metamorphosis. The implication of perversion or paraphilia was derived from there. Both meanings can be distinguished in context easily. Hentai is a kanji compound of 倉 (hen; "change", "weird", or "strange") and ζ…‹ (tai; "appearance" or "condition"). It also means "perversion" or "abnormality", especially when used as an adjective.[1]:99 It is the shortened form of the phrase hentai seiyoku (倉態性欲)which means "sexual perversion".[2] The character hen is catch-all for queerness as a peculiarityβ€”it does not carry an explicit sexual reference.[1]:99 While the term has expanded in use to cover a range of publications including homosexual publications,[1]:107 it remains primarily a heterosexual term, as terms indicating homosexuality entered Japan as foreign words.[1]:100[2] Japanese pornographic works are often simply tagged as 18-kin (18禁, "18-prohibited"), meaning "prohibited to those not yet 18 years old", and seijin manga (ζˆδΊΊζΌ«η”», "adult manga").[2] Less official terms also in use include ero anime (エロをニパ), ero manga (エロ漫画), and the English initialism AV (for "adult video"). Usage of the term hentaidoes not define a genre in Japan. Hentai is defined differently in English. The Oxford Dictionary Online defines it as "a subgenre of the Japanese genres of manga and anime, characterized by overtly sexualized characters and sexually explicit images and plots."[3] The origin of the word in English is unknown, but AnimeNation's John Oppliger points to the early 1990s, when a Dirty Pair erotic doujinshi (self-published work) titled H-Bomb was released, and when many websites sold access to images culled from Japanese erotic visual novels and games.[4]The earliest English use of the term traces back to the rec.arts.anime boards; with a 1990 post concerning Happosai of Ranma Β½and the first discussion of the meaning in 1991.[5][6] A 1995 glossary on the rec.arts.anime boards contained reference to the Japanese usage and the evolving definition of hentai as "pervert" or "perverted sex".[7] The Anime Movie Guide, published in 1997, defines "ecchi" (エッチ etchi ) as the initial sound of hentai (i.e., the name of the letter H, as pronounced in Japanese); it included that ecchi was "milder than hentai".[8]A year later it was defined as a genre in Good Vibrations Guide to Sex.[9] At the beginning of 2000, "hentai" was listed as the 41st most-popular search term of the internet, while "anime" ranked 99th.[10] The attribution has been applied retroactively to works such as Urotsukidōji, La Blue Girl, and Cool Devices. Urotsukidōji had previously been described with terms such as "Japornimation",[11] and "erotic grotesque",[12] prior to being identified as hentai.[13][14] The history of the word hentai has its origins in science and psychology.[2] By the middle of the Meiji era, the term appeared in publications to describe unusual or abnormal traits, including paranormal abilities and psychological disorders.[2] A translation of German sexologist Richard von Krafft-Ebing's text Psychopathia Sexualis originated the concept of hentai seiyoku, as a "perverse or abnormal sexual desire".[2] Though it was popularized outside psychology, as in the case of Mori Ōgai's 1909 novel Vita Sexualis.[2]Continued interest in hentai seiyoku resulted in numerous journals and publications on sexual advice which circulated in the public, served to establish the sexual connotation of hentai as perverse.[2] Any perverse or abnormal act could be hentai, such as committing shinjΕ« (love suicide).[2] It was Nakamura Kokyo's journal Abnormal Psychology which started the popular sexology boom in Japan which would see the rise of other popular journals like Sexuality and Human Nature, Sex Research and Sex.[15]Originally, Tanaka Kogai wrote articles for Abnormal Psychology, but it would be Tanaka's own journal Modern Sexuality which would become one of the most popular sources of information about erotic and neurotic expression.[15] Modern Sexuality was created to promote fetishism, S&M, and necrophilia as a facet of modern life.[15] The ero-guromovement and depiction of perverse, abnormal and often erotic undertones were a response to interest in hentai seiyoku.[2] Following World War II, Japan took a new interest in sexualization and public sexuality.[2] Mark McLelland puts forth the observation that the term hentai found itself shortened to "H" and that the English pronunciation was "etchi", referring to lewdness and which did not carry the stronger connotation of abnormality or perversion.[2]By the 1950s, the "hentai seiyoku" publications became their own genre and included fetish and homosexual topics.[2] By the 1960s, the homosexual content was dropped in favor of subjects like sadomasochism and stories of lesbianism targeted to male readers.[2] The late 1960s brought a sexual revolution which expanded and solidified the normalizing the terms identity in Japan that continues to exist today through publications such as Bessatsu Takarajima's Hentai-san ga iku series.[2] With the usage of hentai as any erotic depiction, the history of these depictions is split into their media. Japanese artwork and comics serve as the first example of hentai material, coming to represent the iconic style after the publication of Azuma Hideo's Cybelein 1979. Japanese animation (anime) had its first hentai, in both definitions, with the 1984 release of Wonderkid's Lolita Anime, overlooking the erotic and sexual depictions in 1969's One Thousand and One Arabian Nights and the bare-breasted Cleopatra in 1970's Cleopatra film. Erotic games, another area of contention, has its first case of the art style depicting sexual acts in 1985's Tenshitachi no Gogo. In each of these mediums, the broad definition and usage of the term complicates its historic examination. Depictions of sex and abnormal sex can be traced back through the ages, predating the term "hentai". Shunga, a Japanese term for erotic art, is thought to have and existed in some form since the Heian period. From the 16th to the 19th centuries, shunga works were suppressed by shōguns.[16] A well-known example is The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife, which depicts a woman being stimulated by two octopuses. Shunga production fell with the introduction of pornographic photographs in the late 19th century. To define erotic manga, a definition for manga is needed. While the Hokusai Manga uses the term "manga" in its title, it does not depict the story-telling aspect common to modern manga, as the images are unrelated. Due to the influence of pornographic photographs in the 19th and 20th centuries, the manga artwork was depicted by realistic characters. Osamu Tezuka helped define the modern look and form of manga, and was later proclaimed as the "God of Manga".[17][18] His debut work New Treasure Island was released in 1947 as a comic book through Ikuei Publishing and sold over 400,000 copies,[17] though it was the popularity of Tezuka's Astro Boy, Metropolis, and Jungle Emperor manga that would come to define the media. This story-driven manga style is distinctly unique from comic strips like Sazae-san, and story-driven works are now dominating shōjo and shōnen magazines.[17] Adult themes in manga have existed since the 1940s, but some of these depictions were more realistic than the cartoon-cute characters popularized by Tezuka.[19] Early well-known "ero-gekiga" releases were Ero Mangatropa (1973), Erogenica (1975), and Alice (1977).[20]:135 The distinct shift in the style of Japanese pornographic comics from realistic to cartoon-cute characters is accredited to Azuma Hideo, "The Father of Lolicon".[19] In 1979, he penned Cybele, which offered the first commentary on unrealistic depictions of sexual acts between Tezuka-style characters. This would start a pornographic manga movement.[19] The lolicon boom of the 1980s saw the rise of magazines such as the anthologies Lemon People and Petit Apple Pie. The publication of erotic materials in the United States can be traced back to at least 1990, when IANVS Publications printed its first Anime Shower Special.[21] In March 1994, Antarctic Press released Bondage Fairies, an English translation of Insect Hunter.[21]
Origin of erotic anime
Because there are fewer animation productions, most erotic works are retroactively tagged as hentai since the coining of the term in English. Hentai is typically defined as consisting of excessive nudity, and graphic sexual intercourse whether or not it is perverse. The term "ecchi" is typically related to fanservice, with no sexual intercourse being depicted. Two early works escape being defined as hentai, but contain erotic themes. This is likely due to the obscurity and unfamiliarity of the works, arriving in the United States and fading from public focus a full twenty years before importation and surging interests coined the Americanized term hentai. The first is the 1969 film One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, which faithfully includes erotic elements of the original story.[22]:27 In 1970, Cleopatra: Queen of Sex, was the first animated film to carry an X rating, but it was mislabeled as erotica in the United States.[22]:104 The Lolita Anime series is typically identified as the first erotic anime and original video animation (OVA); it was released in 1984 by Wonder Kids. Containing eight episodes, the series focused on underage sex and rape, and included one episode containing BDSMbondage.[22]:376 Several sub-series were released in response, including a second Lolita Anime series released by Nikkatsu.[22]:376 It has not been officially licensed or distributed outside of its original release.
The Cream Lemon franchise of works ran from 1984 to 2005, with a number of them entering the American market in various forms.[23] The Brothers Grime series released by Excalibur Films contained Cream Lemon works as early as 1986.[24] However, they were not billed as anime and were introduced during the same time that the first underground distribution of erotic works began.[21] The American release of licensed erotic anime was first attempted in 1991 by Central Park Media, with I Give My All, but it never occurred.[21] In December 1992, Devil Hunter Yohko was the first risque (ecchi) title that was released by A.D. Vision.[21] While it contains no sexual intercourse, it pushes the limits of the ecchi category with sexual dialogue, nudity and one scene in which the heroine is about to be raped. It was Central Park Media's 1993 release of Urotsukidoji which brought the first hentai film to American viewers.[21] Often cited for creating the hentai and tentacle rape genres, it contains extreme depictions of violence and monster sex.[25] As such, it is acknowledged for being the first to depict tentacle sex on screen.[12] When the film premiered in the United States, it was described as being "drenched in graphic scenes of perverse sex and ultra-violence".[26] Following this release, a wealth of pornographic content began to arrive in the United States, with companies such as A.D. Vision, Central Park Media and Media Blastersreleasing licensed titles under various labels.[24] A.D. Vision's label SoftCel Pictures released 19 titles in 1995 alone.[24] Another label, Critical Mass, was created in 1996 to release an unedited edition of Violence Jack.[24] When A.D. Vision's hentai label SoftCel Pictures shut down in 2005, most of its titles were acquired by Critical Mass. Following the bankruptcy of Central Park Media in 2009, the licenses for all Anime 18-related products and movies were transferred to Critical Mass.[27] The term eroge (erotic game) literally defines any erotic game, but has become synonymous with video games depicting the artistic styles of anime and manga. The origins of eroge began in the early 1980s, while the computer industry in Japan was struggling to define a computer standard with makers like NEC, Sharp, and Fujitsucompeting against one another.[28] The PC98series, despite lacking in processing power, CD drives and limited graphics, came to dominate the market, with the popularity of eroge games contributing to their success.[28][29] Due to the vague definitions of any erotic game, depending on its classification, citing the first erotic game is a subjective one. If the definition applies to adult themes, the first game was Softporn Adventure. Released in America in 1981 for the Apple II, this was a text-based comedic game from On-Line Systems. If eroge is defined as the first graphical depictions or Japanese adult themes, it would be Koei's 1982 release of Night Life.[29][30] Sexual intercourse is depicted through simple graphic outlines. Notably, Night Life was not intended to be erotic so much as an instructional guide "to support married life". A series of "undressing" games appeared as early as 1983, such as "Strip Mahjong". The first anime-styled erotic game was Tenshitachi no Gogo, released in 1985 by JAST. In 1988, ASCII released the first erotic role-playing game, Chaos Angel.[28] In 1989, AliceSoft released the turn-based role-playing game Rance and ELF released Dragon Knight.[28] In the late 1980s, eroge began to stagnate under high prices and the majority of games containing uninteresting plots and mindless sex.[28] ELF's 1992 release of Dokyusei came as customer frustration with eroge was mounting and spawned a new genre of games called dating sims.[28] Dokyusei was unique because it had no defined plot and required the player to build a relationship with different girls in order to advance the story.[28] Each girl had her own story, but the prospect of consummating a relationship required the girl growing to love the player; there was no easy sex.[28] The term "visual novel" is vague, with Japanese and English definitions classifying the genre as a type of interactive fiction game driven by narration and limited player interaction. While the term is often retroactively applied to many games, it was Leaf that coined the term with their "Leaf Visual Novel Series" (LVNS) with the 1996 release of Shizuku and Kizuato.[28] The success of these two dark eroge games would be followed by the third and final installment of the LVNS, the 1997 romantic eroge To Heart.[28] Eroge visual novels took a new emotional turn with Tactics' 1998 release One: Kagayaku Kisetsu e.[28] Key's 1999 release of Kanon proved to be a major success and would go on to have numerous console ports, two manga series and two anime series.
Japanese laws have impacted depictions of works since the Meiji Restoration, but these predate the common definition of hentai material. Since becoming law in 1907, Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Japan forbids the publication of obscene materials. Specifically, depictions of male–female sexual intercourse and pubic hair are considered obscene, but bare genitalia is not. As censorship is required for published works, the most common representations are the blurring dots on pornographic videos and "bars" or "lights" on still images. In 1986, Toshio Maeda sought to get past censorship on depictions of sexual intercourse, by creating tentacle sex.[31] This led to the large number of works containing sexual intercourse with monsters, demons, robots, and aliens, whose genitals look different from men's. While western views attribute hentai to any explicit work, it was the products of this censorship which became not only the first titles legally imported to America and Europe, but the first successful ones. While uncut for American release, the United Kingdom's release of Urotsukidojiremoved many scenes of the violence and tentacle rape scenes.[32] It was also because of this law that the artists began to depict the characters with a minimum of anatomical details and without pubic hair, by law, prior to 1991. Part of the ban was lifted when Nagisa Oshima prevailed over the obscenity charges at his trial for his film In the Realm of the Senses.[33] Though not enforced, the lifting of this ban did not apply to anime and manga as they were not deemed artistic exceptions.[19] Alterations of material or censorship and banning of works are common. The US release of La Blue Girl altered the age of the heroine from 16 to 18, removed sex scenes with a dwarf ninja named Nin-nin, and removed the Japanese blurring dots.[22] La Blue Girl was outright rejected by UK censors who refused to classify it and prohibited its distribution.[22][34] In 2011, the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan sought a ban on the subgenre lolicon.[35][36] The most prolific consumers of hentai are men. Eroge games in particular combine three favored mediaβ€”cartoons, pornography and gamingβ€”into an experience. The hentai genre engages a wide audience that expands yearly, and desires better quality and storylines, or works which push the creative envelope.[37]Nobuhiro Komiya, a manga censorship worker, states that the unusual and extreme depictions in hentai are not about perversion so much as they are an example of the profit-oriented industry.[38] Anime depicting normal sexual situations enjoy less market success than those that break social norms, such as sex at schools or bondage.[38] According to clinical psychologist Megha Hazuria Gorem, "Because toons are a kind of final fantasy, you can make the person look the way you want him or her to look. Every fetish can be fulfilled."[39] Sexologist Narayan Reddy noted of eroge games, "Animators make new games because there is a demand for them, and because they depict things that the gamers do not have the courage to do in real life, or that might just be illegal, these games are an outlet for suppressed desire The hentai genre can be divided into numerous subgenres, the broadest of which encompasses heterosexual and homosexual acts. Hentai that features mainly heterosexual interactions occur in both male-targeted (ero) and female-targeted ("ladies' comics") form. Those that feature mainly homosexual interactions are known as yaoi (male–male) and yuri (female–female). Both yaoi and, to a lesser extent, yuri, are generally aimed at members of the opposite sex from the persons depicted. While yaoi and yuri are not always explicit, their pornographic history and association remain.[40] Yaoi's pornographic usage has remained strong in textual form through fanfiction.[41] The definition of yurihas begun to be replaced by the broader definitions of "lesbian-themed animation or comics".[42] Hentai is perceived as "dwelling" on sexual fetishes.[43] These include dozens of fetishand paraphilia related subgenres, which can be further classified with additional terms, such as heterosexual or homosexual types. Many works are focused on depicting the mundane and the impossible across every conceivable act and situation no matter how fantastical. The largest subgenre of hentai is futanari (hermaphroditism), which most often features a female with a penis or penis-like appendage in place of, or in addition to, normal female genitals.[44] Futanari characters are primarily depicted as having sex with other women and will almost always be submissive with a male; exceptions include Yonekura Kengo's work, which features female empowerment and domination over males.[44]
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2019.03.19 16:46 mjinxlei I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom (New BL VN/RPG featuring Idol schoolboys)

I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom (New BL VN/RPG featuring Idol schoolboys)
Hello everyone! I'm mjinxlei and I'm new to this community. It's nice to meet you~
Me and my team had recently unveiled a project for a new BL VN/RPG, so I was hoping I could get some opinions and feedback, since the game is still in its early stages.
Without further ado, I present to you:
Key Visual - March 2019
Genres: Visual Novel, Role-Playing Game, Dating Sim, Boys' Love, Idol Management, Music, Friendship, Romance, Drama, Slice-of-Life
The game will be made using RPG Maker MV.
Do you what it takes to be an Idol?
I-DUEL: A Battle for Stardom! is a hybrid Yaoi Visual Novel and Role Playing Game, where players control the protagonist (default name: Yuuki Nekota) as he attends the prestigious Andromeda Academy, a school for male Idols. Upon arriving, he realizes that the Academy uses virtual simulation technology known as the I-DUEL System to manage and evaluate their students. The I-DUEL Battle is a core aspect in this System, where two or more Idols duke it out on a simulated stage with the intent of "knocking out" the competition. To climb the ladder to stardom, the protagonist must use his time wisely to attend classes, train each of the eight unique Idol Stats and win as many I-DUEL Battles as possible, using clothing and accessories known as I-DΓ©cors to get ahead! The end goal is to emerge victorious in the Academy's year-end musical festival of stars, the Dream Idol Coronation (DIC)!
However, there's more to school than studying to be the very best! The main character can form friendships, rivalries and even romances with their schoolmates! There are twelve major characters that can be dated, each with their own unique personalities, principles and plot progression to follow! These same people can also be partnered up on I-DUEL Battles, forming parties known as Idol Units! One such Idol Unit is MYTH4, with their current titles as Crown Princes, having won the previous year's DIC. A member of this Unit even has a connection to our protagonist - the Unit leader Sora Torao, who once helped him out from a bind and inspired him to take the arduous path of an Idol!
Even with his days busy with classes, clubs and cultivating closeness with his companions, the protagonist also struggles with a unique power only bestowed to him - the Copycat. Though an Idol possesses an I-Bility - a special yet exclusive skill that can trigger in I-DUEL Battles - the main character has the rare and mysterious gift of learning and using more than one. Why did the I-DUEL System grant this peculiar but incredible power to him? What kind of legacy will you lead him to? His fate splits into many roads, which one is the right path to take?
  • Claim the title of best Idol in the school! Attend lessons, take auditions and aim for the gigs that will propel you to stardom! Every moment counts, so manage your time to hone each of the eight Idol Stats that measure your true star potential~
  • Compete in hot-blooded I-DUEL battles! Idols just don’t sing and dance, they duel to the last man standing~ Fight in turn-based battles with the intent of depleting your opponents’ Live Points, unleashing charming Appeals, explosive Specials, shocking Counters and more! Who knew Idol shows could be this entertaining?!
  • Challenge your rivals and team up with friends! The road need not be taken alone~ Find people to form Idol Units with or compete against in the search for the event with the best rewards! Whichever path you take, you’re sure to get closer and closer!
  • Cultivate friendships, romance and more?! Twelve unique boys with their own strengths, shortcomings and stories await you! With their fates so closely intertwined with yours, to whom will you selflessly share your spotlight with?
  • Collect outfits, gossip, pictures and musical pieces and experience unique endings! Explore the campus and the town, experiment with I-DΓ©cors and examine every little thing that catches your attention! Every choice you make leads you to a different path, so be brave and grasp the ever-changing future with your own two hands…
Yuuki Nekota
The main character who can be named differently by the player. After being encouraged by Sora Torao two years prior and given a special I-DΓ©cor, he finally attends Andromeda Academy as a first year student. However, he knew next to nothing about the I**-DUEL System** and would have definitely failed his admission audition, if not for the timely awakening of his unique Copycat power. Energetic and positive to a fault, he is extremely nice and sociable to the point of being annoying, but people find his cheerful smile and earnest heart difficult to hate. Though usually good-natured and open-minded, he is also equipped with some biting sarcasm when dealing with unreasonable situations. He greatly idolizes Sora and gets easily excited when his beloved senpai gives him attention.

Sora Torao
Ranked as the number one Idol of the entire school, MYTH4's leader Sora Torao is a celebrity to most but an enigma to those closest to him. Moving to his own rhythm, he is a bit air-headed and slightly ditzy, but does a complete hundred-eighty degrees turn when performing. Unusually for a top Idol and a Crown Prince, Sora lazes around without a care in the world. Straightforward and perpetually smiling, though he seemed to no longer see the Idol industry as the shining beacon of the future he once preached to an underclassman in his times of trouble. Sora is a Cute-and-Cool-Type Idol and uses the I-Dominion "Tiger's Gaze" in I-DUEL Battles.
Several more characters will be introduced soon~
Visit our Official Website for more details!
We are also currently having a Pre-Game Survey to learn more about potential players' expectations on the game.
Social media and other accounts had also been set up: Twitter Facebook Tumblr Discord
And here's our team:
  • Game Director and Head Writer: mjinxlei
  • Art Director and Character Designer: Kiri (Toxicmilkk)
  • Music Director, Composer and Songwriter: Lydia Primate
  • Game Programmer: AstralWire
  • Logo Designer: Joy Pham
  • Background and CG Designer: Simon Adventure
  • Social Media Manager and Writer: Crystal
  • Editor and Proofreader: Silver
Do you have a working demo of the game?
Not yet! But we plan to release one as soon as possible.
Will the game go through Kickstarter?
That's the plan once a demo had been sorted out.
Will there be explicit sex scenes? How about rape, sex toys and bondage?
Yes, there will probably be 18+ scenes, but they can be skipped. It would always be with consent and sex toys and bondage will not be included in the "base" game, to make sure we don't alienate anyone. Still, it's up for debate.
Is the main character an exclusive top or exclusive bottom?
Neither. Even though his last name might give you ideas (*winks*), our MC's position depends on his partner. So yes, there will be times where he is the top and a few more where he bottoms.
Will there be more BL-related puns?
Yes, there will be more and there's nothing you can do about it.

Thanks for reading the entire post~
Any opinions or feedback would be very much appreciated!
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2019.03.06 22:34 suchapain Rape Day will not ship on Steam - Steam Blog

Over the past week you may have heard about a game called 'Rape Day' coming soon to Steam. Today we've decided not to distribute this game on Steam. Given our previous communication around Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?, we think this decision warrants further explanation.
Much of our policy around what we distribute is, and must be, reactionaryβ€”we simply have to wait and see what comes to us via Steam Direct. We then have to make a judgement call about any risk it puts to Valve, our developer partners, or our customers. After significant fact-finding and discussion, we think 'Rape Day' poses unknown costs and risks and therefore won't be on Steam.
We respect developers’ desire to express themselves, and the purpose of Steam is to help developers find an audience, but this developer has chosen content matter and a way of representing it that makes it very difficult for us to help them do that.
ResetEra Thread
As of this time, Naked Butlers is still up. The one where you can strangle an underaged-looking butler until his heart stops and then rape his body while another butler performs CPR to get his heart started again.
What the fuck? Why would this still be up?
I suspect it's a combination of:
The title is silly
The game presents itself with a wink and a giggle
The victims are all male
The actual content is pretty goddamned extreme. You can also let a dog rape one of your butlers. You get a CGI for letting a dog rape your butler.
Welcome to the world of "Fujoshis" (the Yaoi / BL female fandom ) this the very reason why finding dating sims / Visual Novel talking about Dude on Dude sex / love is a fucking nightmare on both itch and steam ...
Because well them cis straight ladies who identifies as Fujoshis sure love their dude on dude rape scenes ...
Oi you leave Naked Butlers out of this.
Seriously though this game was clearly troll bait and should've been banned for that.
So we've gotten
- a mid-tier publisher who wants to cater to pedophiles and neo-nazis and signal-boosts their hideout- a major dominant distribution platform who is more than fine with distributing rape simulators until they get picked up in the press and whose only response is tepid bullshit- the same dominant distribution platform who is still distributing that fascist Bolsanaro game- a publisher who doesn't want to brand their Tom Clancy games as political- a gaming industry that never speaks up against the reactionary and toxic consumers in gaming culture- a gaming industry that would rather throw terrorized women and minorities under the bus than stick up for them
What a lovely world we live in
Valve Removes Rape Day From Steam With Vague, Nonsensical Statement - Kotaku
It’s unclear what any of that means, or how hard-nosed fact-finding resulted in β€œunknown costs and risks.” Why won’t Valve talk specifically about what they found objectionable here? Was it the sexual violence, or merely the specific and cavalier way the sexual violence was presented? Did regional laws factor into this decision? Valve’s stance on sex games continues to be unclear, and while sexual violence seems a clear line to draw, a little transparency could go a long way. As is, it seems less like Valve’s vaunted β€œanything goes” policy is a bust. There’s still moderation, and it’s just as inconsistent as ever. If people get mad about something, it gets removed, albeit with the barest minimum of explanation. It’s good that Rape Day got the boot, but Valve’s release policy continues to be a mess.
UnburntWitch tweets:
the biggest distributor of games is afraid of taking too much of a stand on *rape* and y’all still wonder about our harassment and representation problems and why nothing is getting better
(This one was hard to figure out but in the end literally just writing out what Valve said they did here is both the most absurd and the most damning imo)
I really, really hope no one who had to attend those meetings was a survivor of sexual assault
r games thread - 501 comments
Thread is now locked because we are tired of removing comments that condone rape.
What the fuck.

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2018.12.19 16:47 Wvat71530 [itch.io] (Game) -100% sales

UPDATED Dec 22 01:40 UTC+1
NEW Games you can claim by new I mean that they are games that I can't find in the search engine of this sub :

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Winter Sale by Quiet Storm [Ends in 6 days] [Windows] [Link]
Big Spelletje Sale by Jipvds [Ends in 6 days] [Windows? Unity file] [Link]
OLD Games that have been already posted here, but they are still on sale:

Holiday Sale by Noble Valerian [Ends in 4 days] [Windows] [Link]
Christmas Sale by thebdrive [Ends in 5 days] [Windows] [Linux] [Link]
[FREE] The ScreaMaze by Dahltus - WP Studio [Ends in 6 days] [Windows] [Link]
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2018.10.07 18:42 madameselvia Seiyuu Danshi: 18+ BL/Yaoi Visual Novel / Dating Sim Game by Meyaoi Games

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2018.08.22 22:23 M_Knight_Jul I just finished Chaos;Child (all routes). Here are my impressions (crosspost from r/visualnovels's What are you reading thread)

I recently finished Chaos;Child. To be honest, even if it has a few very good scenes and some of the best SciADV moments ever, I have a lot to complain about. Just like S;G0, this is a very mixed experience with lots of flaws, and it also makes me wonder why it is considered as the best SciADV entry by some.
Note : Having read Chaos;Head before and comparing the two at times, the following comments will feature C;H spoilers too
Chaos;Child - Takuru - Chaos;Child's MC is a rather interesting one, though I don't think he is as enjoyable and memorable as Chaos;Head's Takumi Nishijou. He is not bad at all, just not as unique. Takuru is not the full blown paranoid otaku that Takumi is, but instead pretends and wants to be a successful normie while actually behaving more like an outcast who despises the very people he wants to be like to feel superior, which is believable. I like his dynamic with Itou as it can get pretty funny, as well as his sometimes unhealthy drive to investigate the murders and nail a scoop. It is definitely a contrast to Takumi who didn't want to have anything to do with the New gen murders, whereas Takuru actively chases them. Both approaches to storytelling and plot progression are equally valid in my opinion and were both enjoyable to read in their own way.
Chaos;Child - Investigation - The investigation aspect on the map was pretty fun and it was an interesting way to help you remember everything that has happened up to that point without feeling like an artificial infodump. It thematically matches Takuru's club activites and lifestyle so it seems quite clever and well-integrated. This is how you provide exposition in a meaningful way, instead of locking you in a room out of the blue and lecturing you for ages. Having to put the pins or the post-its on the map is relatively engaging but I wish we didn't have to do it when replaying the game whenever it isn't a route/ending trigger.
Chaos;Child - Delusion triggers - I get the feeling that the delusion triggers are there mostly because they were there in Chaos;Head, rather than because they were really needed in the first place. The whole concept of having those erotic/murderous delusions seems like it was tailor-made for Takumi Nishijou. He is delusionnal and seemingly mentally ill so it makes sense to have him daydream crazy stuff on a regular basis. The events described in the delusion triggers are also perfectly in sync with Takumi Nishijou's character and I like what they told us about his hidden toughts and feelings by putting his fears and desires in exaggerated display like this. He pretends to hate 3D girls but he is lying to himself as he actually fantasizes about them every so and then. He is terrified of the murderer and is frequently imagining mundane events and encounters go downhill in insanely violent and over the top ways. That's who Takumi Nishijou is and that's why the delusion triggers were created.
[Chaos;Child - Delusion Triggers] When you copy-paste the system on Takuru whose psyche is actually in a better place than Takumi's, it does not seem to match as much. Thankfully, the negative delusions are always as entertaining and some of the positive delusions are very funny too. I think my favorite negative delusion in the entire game has to be the one where Itou starts getting pissed off at Serika's attitude towards him and ends up strangling her to death over a fucking ham sandwhich. It was just so damn crazy yet the escalating palpable tension and the built-up anger that Itou had been carrying all that time felt somehow very plausible and realistic. The perfect mix of normal and surreal. Some more down-to-earth negative delusions involve Takuru being put in embarassing situations or having his quirks found out and his normie facade broken, which isn't as over-the-top and exciting as the murder-related delusions but absolutely matches Takuru and his desire to be a normie even if he isn't really one. So they did a rather good job at adapting those delusions' content to this new MC, though the fact that he is daydreaming in the first place isn't as easily justifiable as with Takumi.
[Chaos;Child - Delusion Triggers] The positive delusions are unfortunately not always as good or as important for Takuru's characterization as with Takumi. On the upside, everything that was related to chuuni stuff was pretty funny and enjoyable unlike actual chuuni stuff because you know it is not supposed to be real or taken seriously and Takuru himself berates his own thoughts for being so ridiculous. That's something that adds information about himself and past events he is kinda ashamed of, and it's providing backstory elements a million times better than the endless and annoying flashbacks to the lab scene with the same CG that features the pink-haired girl in the experiment chair. God I hate that CG. You could play a drinking game based on it. How many times did they have to mention Takuru and Serika seeing that girl in the hospital lab? Anyway, back to the delusions : the problem with the erotic delusions is that because Takuru has a more well-adjusted mental health and does not have any major issues with girls the same way Takumi does, him fantasizing about the girls ends up reading like generic high school anime fanservice crap. We already know his relationship with girls in general due to his reading the Cool Cat Press magazine so those scenes don't bring anything new to the table. There are still some other exceptions such as the yaoi voice actor scene which is hilarous but overall the quality of those delusions is much lower than the negative ones.
[Chaos;Child - The cast of characters] While Takuru is a fairly good lead and a character whose tribulations are worth following, the same can't be said for most of the other characters. As I wrote above, Itou has a good dynamic with him and I like how he and Takuru can tease or be mean to each other at times. That's more like how real friends act. He isn't super deep or anything but is entertaining and a good addition to the cast. The girls, though...it's another story. The main problem that makes it difficult to take them seriously in the first place is how blantantly obvious it is that they are in the game because the JP nerds in the visual novel audience want cute girls in their games even if it is about gruesome murders otherwise they don't buy it, and how much they look like copy-pasted and rearranged versions of Chaos;Head's equally uninteresting girls. Tall purple haired girl with an adult voice and a never-ending temper that hates the MC for seemingly no reason? Check. Pink haired main girl who wants to be close to the MC and calls him Taku? Check. Mysterious blue haired girl obsessed with a piece of fictional media (books in C;H or games here) ? Check. Dark blonde overprotective sister who wants the protag to live a normal, regular life? Check. In some cases they just spread the characteristics around a bit but it is still pretty obvious. Chaos;Head's twin-tailed blonde's inability to talk was given to the bue haired girl this time for example.
[Chaos;Child - The cast of characters] It's true that Chaos;Head was also full of those shoehorned female characters, but I prefer the way they were integrated in Chaos;Head's plot and their relation with Takumi. While it makes no sense for a loner hikki to end up surrounded with so many girls his age, very few of them were actually interested in him or behaved like potential waifus. Yua deceived him and thinks he is the murderer, the purpled-haired one hates him and also thinks he is responsible for the murders, the Phantasm singer is already deep into the Glajioul chuuni stuff which turns off Takumi and makes her look just as mentally ill as him, the twin-tailed blonde with the annoying voice is a mess that often mentions slashing people like it's nothing, and the sister is treated like shit by Takumi (which was hilarous btw) up until bad stuff happens to her. Rimi, the only one who ends up being interested in him as a person and romantically does so out of pity, and even then you spend a majority of the novel unsure as to whether she is an enemy or not. Chaos;Child's girls look like your typical dating sim girls who like the protagonist and hang out with him on a regular basis for no real reason other than to sell copies of the game. While the later developements and events break this behavior a bit, they do not wash away this bad first impression of them and their inclusion in the story.
[Chaos;Child - Common Route Final Chapters] Early on I liked the love hotel scene, as it carried a good amount of tension in it that is rarely matched. The best scene in the entire game happens later though, as I think it has to be Yui's murder, and I wish the rest of the end-game matched the incredible tension, panic and sheer terror that was encapsulated in this moment. The reason why the scene is so effective is how it builds up on all the dangerous things that occured during the game, and how it progressively becomes more and more unsettling before finally crossing the line and making you understand that, yes, Takuru's investigation has gone too far and he is now in deep trouble. You have lots of built-up reasons to be worried for the characters' safety such as the cafΓ© delusion or the knocks on the door. Yui's disappearence and Takuru's panic suggested that something really bad is going to occur and that's why the call with Itou was such an emotionnal rollercoaster. You think she's safe with him and before you can enjoy the relief, Itou starts saying weird things all of a sudden. And from there, the tension just keeps on escalating as Takuru rushes to find her before it's too late. For the entire duration of the murder scene discovery , I kept wondering if it was real or if it was yet another delusion because it was so surreal yet so believable. To tell you how powerful the scene is, it was so damn good that I was I worried about what was going to happen even if I don't give a shit about Yui herself and even if the whole mind control thing was absurd. The execution was just that good. Great CGs, great music, great writing, great everything. And the writers weren't afraid to kill a child as the story called for it instead of granting her some magical plot armor, so props for that.
[Chaos;Child - Common Route Finale] Another reason that aforementioned Yui scene works better than what happens later on in the common route is the lack of heavy Gigalomaniac nonsense. It's still there with the mind control stuff but it's subtle because you don't really know about it at the time. Chaos;Head's last half is often rightfully criticized for ditching the good psychological and mystery elements and going full crappy chuuni shΓ΄nen fights with the Di-Swords and stuff. Guess what? Chaos;Child pulls exactly the same kind of crap, except worse. Chaos;Head's main strength in my opinion is Takumi Nishijou's character and personnality. The murders around him were not necessarily the most important thing, but they are helpful as they flesh out his character, showcase his paranoia and get him out of his comfort zone. In Chaos;Child, the MC is much less fucked up and is more than willing to look out for the murderer so the murder mystery aspect and the tension surrounding Takuru's dangerous investigation and its consequences on his own life become the main source of interest in the game's storyline.
[Chaos;Child - Common route Finale] However, all of this is wasted when you mix in magical powers, sword fights and villains that only exist to have the role of abolutely evil bad guys with no redeeming qualities nor reasonable motiations that will inevitably be defeated by the heroes in the end. Itou unexplicably murdering Yui was a welcome twist thanks to the scene's execution and because we've gotten to know and like him. As it seems completely wrong and illogical for him to do something like this and because it is obvious his Senri revenge motive makes no sense, it casts doubt over whether the scene is even real. But with Sakuma being a bad guy whose only motive is 'rofl I just wanna have fun lolz' and who wears an absolutely ugly and ridiculous contraption on his head for the entire final fight against him, it is impossible to take those scenes seriously and enjoy them. The reveal itself seems to have been made just for the sake of a twist, as he was pretty much a minor supporting character in the entire game who was mostly seen in boring and pointless SoL scenes. The reasons why he betrays Takuru's trust are super shallow and terribly unfitting for a murder mystery that wants to be serious.
[Chaos;Child - Common Route Finale (+ S;G, S;G0 and C;H spoilers)] However, to be fair, I don't think I've played a single SciADV game where the 'final boss' and their motivations are actually as fleshed out as say, even a secondary character. They always end up being paper-thin and only there to be slain. Steins;Gate's Nakabachi is an awful dad who is okay with killing his own daughter just to steal her fame, Chaos;Head's Norose is an evil bad guy dressed in black that wants to control the world or something, and S;G 0's Evil Leskinen and Reyes are pretty shallow too and have grandiose speeches that sound dramatic and all but can't hide how these characters are simply there to fill the role of a bad guy. In Steins;Gate, it didn't bother me because the game as a whole was thrilling and Okabe's final objective wasn't to defeat Nakabachi himself but reach the Steins;Gate timeline which makes Nakabachi's lack of depth less of a problem. However, in the other games and here in Chaos;Child too, it does not work because those people are supposedly the focus of the final confrontations and the ones who are actually responsible for the main crisis, whereas in S;G Okabe himself unknowingly messes things up and has to fix everything.
[Chaos;Child - Common route finale] Onoe being a bad guy also wasn't a satisfying twist. One of the reasons is that, duh, a frail looking waifu girl being a murderer with two voices is difficult to take at face value. Another reason is that the 'she is actually a delusionary existence!' twist is recycled straight out of Chaos;Head and could be predicted before the game tells you about it as soon as it mentions Takuru talking to imaginary friends as a kid. The last reason is that if you pile up the twists where characters who are supposed to be neutral or even your friends actually aren't, it ends up being pretty repetitive, stale and not very shocking anymore. The only remotely interesting thing about the whole reveal is how she shows, albeit in unsubtle ways, how Takuru really wanted to have something exciting to do to make him feel important and that's the entire reason he's so hell-bent on chasing the murderer. Another end-game reveal I don't like is the mind-control power as it is also something that undermines a lot of the mystery aspect of the game. Pieceing back the puzzle together to solve the murders and find the culprit, or seeing the characters do it can't be fun at all if all the answers boil down to 'Oh, I simply used my magical mind control'. It epitomizes the problem when mixing mystery solving and Gigalomaniac magical powers : It has no limitations, no rules to speak of, yet explains everything. It's pretty lame honestly.
[Chaos;Child - Arimura] You can sum her up in a sentence : she really really really hates lies and her family is full of evil liars. That's it. The one thing that had potential and that I enjoyed about her was how she was tired of the other girls' backstabbing and hypocrisy, and some of her shit-talking with Takuru. She indeed works well as a secondary character, offering some amusing banter here and there. Reading her comments to Takuru about those other girls after talking to them was pretty refreshing and funny for example given how blunt she was. Unfortunately, when it comes to expanding her character in her route, the game prefers wasting countless words on artificial family drama instead. Because you have to play the common route first before the character routes and given how there is a dialogue line in the common route that says she is pretty sensitive when it comes to sibilings, you know ages in advance that her brothesister had to have died. It makes the annoying and detracting flashbacks in her route even more pointless because the second you see the CG with the family, you instantly know the brother is dead and she's sad about it. No amount of padding can make it deeper than it is, especially since the family itself is super shallow.
[Chaos;Child - Arimura] The mother in particular is just...cartoonishly evil, just like almost every single goddamn character who is remotely threathening in this game. Her cheating with the husband and straining the family life as a result can be believable and plausible, but her trying to stab Arimura in the middle of the streets in broad daylight while having that insane look on her face is way too over the top to be credible. And when Takuru steps in to get stabbed for artifical drama instead of using his goddamn magical powers to put the knife or even the mom away as he instinctively does in the common route when pissed off at Serika, she keeps stabbing him over and over again, giggling like crazy. Is it even possible to think this is an actual human being, and not just some soap opera plot device? I gotta admit though, Takuru actually dying and Arimura holding on to his decayed corpse for whatever reason during days was fucking hilarous. It probably had to do with Hana's magical power that made Arimura see him as alive or something and felt weird and sorta nonsensical, but funny nonetheless, especially since the reveal is only in the route's good end.
[Chaos;Child - Hana] I don't get the point of her character. She spends almost the entire game communicating with grunts. While there are some interesting things they do with this quirk such as Arimura easily getting along with her for that reason, the whole concept itself is ridiculous and relegates her to a very secondary character who shouldn't even have a route for herself, and the reason given in her route as to why she doesn't talk is just so jarring. Even for Gigalomaniac magical powers standards, this is too much. If she talks and is heard by enough people, there's a chance whatever she says will be spawned, no matter how ridiculously unrealistic it is. So the route forces her to talk, and all of a sudden there are goddamn MMO dragons roaming Shibuya. What the hell? You switch from a semi-realistic murder mystery to...dragons? Did anybody in the writing and editorial staff notice how much of an incomprehensible genre change that is?
[Chaos;Child - Hana] In the original Chaos;Head, there is a section where the murderer summons a similar monster to shred the victims to pieces, and it was also very weird but at least it was only a short segment of the B ending. Here that's the entire focus of the route, and it keeps getting worse, when you have the Wakui fight with a dinosaur and that giant Sumo sticker man. So now it's a kaiju story? Seriously, how is it even possible to take this route seriously? At the same time, it seems like this is the logical extension of the ridiculous Gigalomaniac powers. It is stupid because Gigalomaniac powers are stupid in the first place. The concept of sending information to other people's brains to change their perception is far from uninteresting and could work well with the mystery and suspense aspects of the game, but the instant those perceptions become tangible, physical and real-booted is where everything starts becoming nonsensical and you end up with broken over-powered magical powers that can do anything.
[Chaos;Child - Hana] Wakui being a bad guy was also something I saw coming ages ago, as I suspected him ever since he talked about the newspaper club closure in an early chapter. He just seemed sorta happy about it despite saying he tried to defend it. That was fishy so I was convinced he would come back later on as a bad guy or even as the murderer himself, especially since the text messages we see from time to time imply that the murderer knows Takuru. And later on in the common route, his face appears as one of the people Takuru can consider suspects even though he is otherwise extremely minor. That sealed the deal and the game basically spoiled it itself. But even if there were an actual surprise factor, the character himself has no real motivation besides being evil for the sake of being evil so it's all pointless and anticlimatic. Also, he is riding a pterodactyl, for fuck's sake. Yeah sure, it looks cool as fuck, not gonna lie. No, it makes no sense to have something like this in a murder mystery. The whole route isn't bad in itself because it's entertaining, crazy in its own way and stuff happens but it doesn't fit the game at all.
[Chaos;Child - Hana] There is one saving grace in Hana's character, and that's her communication with Takumi Nishijou. I really liked him in Chaos;Head so it was super cool seeing his rude, tactless and arrogant online self again. Takuru having his idealistic and heroic impressions of him shattered was such an entertaining sight, just like when Itou's idealized image of Kunosato was destroyed in front of him. Furthermore, most of Takumi's chat messages were really funny and the talk about the ESO community being angry with the sequel's changes is extremely believable and reminds me of some of the enjoyable ESO moments in the original. Oh, and another neat thing in Hana's route : 'Call of CounterField'. As well as Takuru sucking so bad at it. Completely had me in stiches.
[Chaos;Child - Uki] Not much to say about her, as once she is rescued she is not really important anymore and mostly seems to be there to replace Yui in the family once she gets murdered. It's very odd how her magical power was never used in the common route aside from fooling Momose in the Freesia agency once and explaining how the sticker factory works. In contrast, Arimura's power is constantly used, to the point where it's almost all she is reduced to. It's only during Uki's own route that her ability becomes a big focus. Speaking of her route, I am so damn glad it isn't about romancing her because that would be very immersion-breaking as it would be obvious that would only have been done to sell this video game to loli fans. Not to mention it would be boring, awkward and unrealistic. Anyway, I thought the idea behind the route and the dream world was pretty good but extremely predictable and heavy-handed. Because you already know her power and are aware that you are on a route that focuses on her, as soon as you wake up and realize the murder didn't occur, it's immediatly obvious that none of this is real and that Uki is somehow using her abilities. Starting the route with Takuru once again jumping on a sword blade instead of using his psychokinesis for artificial drama also gets very very old.
[Chaos;Child - Uki] The way this dream world seemed off and too perfect was fun to see and reminded me a bit of Takumi's blantantly delusional alternate reality near the end of C;H that looks like a clichΓ© harem anime where all the girls love him. At the same time, there was tons of boring slice of life that you already know is fake, and whenever something out of the ordinary happens, it is often made extremely obvious and noticeable, such as Uki and her gigantic sword appearing multiple times, the 'perfect girl' coincidentally having the same hair color codification as Uki herself, or all the moments where the real Nono and Serika are loudly urging you to wake up. I was much more fond of the slightly more subtle cues such as the text reading in class or the second phone call to the fake 'perfect girl' not reaching its destination.
[Chaos;Child - Uki] The final revelations about Uki being the one who died weren't very shocking or anything, though I didn't predict it at all. I simply didn't care much at this point, as once again she's just a very minor character by this point. The impact might also have been diluted due to having to see the Yui murder scene two or three times in a row which is quite annoying, especially since that scene itself was great and didn't need to be recycled over and over until it lost its freshness. Overall, I think her route had potential but it would have been better if it was shorter, focused more on the subtle signs that the world is unrealistic, and directly integrated as a part of the actual scenario instead of being a side-route, as to throw you off more and make it less predictable.
[Chaos;Child - Nono] Worst girl, easily. She's a terrible person and she does everything in her power to suck the fun out of the investigation. The character itself is pretty annoying. Not only she is the stupid ero-VN trope of the 'sister you can fuck because she happens to not technically be your sister', she is also a very hypocritical spoiled kid who always gets what she wants because she is apparently able to scare everybody (adults included) with a mean look even though her visual design looks like a generic featureless moeblob with zero threathening aspect to it. What the fuck?
[Chaos;Child - Nono] Not happy with just being an annoying human being in general, her interactions with Takuru and the reader also boil down to 'NO FUN ALLOWED'. She is always telling him to stop investigating, to stop trying to grab scoops for the newspaper club, and to go back to Aoba dorm with that boring as fuck family. The scenes with her doing incredibly mundane shit with Yui and Yuto were such a boring drag, and her intentions were to have Takuru stop doing things that were enjoyable to read and instead be a normal character and have his entire life be the boring slice-of-life scenes that she was having at the dorm. Well, when I think about it, it makes sense. She is worried about him and doesn't want him to be injured or worse, and she has experienced first-hand what can happen to you if you try to delve too much into those gruesome murders and the stickers around them. It can work as a plot device, as to show that Takuru is going too far in his investigation despite being forewarned and that he may have to pay the consequences. The problem is...why should I even care about that girl's feelings? Am I supposed to feel empathy for her sorrow and worry when all she has done in the entire story is be an entitled ass whose daily life is extremely boring? Bitch, I am here to read the dark murder mystery I was promised, so get the fuck out of here with your slice-of-life and stop being such a bother.
[Chaos;Child - Nono] Her interventions were so frustrating that I was thinking while reading the common route that I would have preferred she was murdered early on so that it can give Takuru a clichΓ© motivation to really know who is behind the murders while removing her from the game. It seems like I got my wish later but it was wayyy too late in the game. There already was the fantastic Yui murder before so it would feel redundant as a motivator or as a way to show that Takuru's investigation backfired, and on top of that, the death itself was very stupid. She spends all her time babbling about safety and whatever and she ends up running straight into danger fully knowing she'll die, and as a result is quickly eliminated by Serika. And given Takuru's reaction, it's supposed to be tragic. Hahaha, you've gotta be kidding me.
[Chaos;Child - Nono] It is no surprise that her route is chock full of boring slice of life scenes with the family that serve no purpose to the plot and aren't entertaining at all. Even if the background image is a different one from the Aoba dorm, it's not going to hide how samey the scenes of them eating stuff or doing homework or whatever other boring shit are. The main plot twist in the route finally adresses the thing that she was supposed to tell us for the entire story but somehow didn't feel like doing so even though she is annoying as fuck with the family rule of never lying to one another. And, huh...it can't really deliver for me, because at this point, not only did I stop caring about Nono, but Senri herself is also not really important to the plot anymore, is she? Maybe I missed something, but the pyromaniac Takuru thought was Senri turned out to be someone else completely unrelated, and that closed Senri's role in the story, right? Or is it that the shock factor is supposed to be about the broken trust and lies about the family ties that only matter if you haven't already written off Nono as a character worth caring about? Another thing to consider is how many times the game tried to tease you about the reveal, with Nono always saying that she coincidentally can't say anything now but will later, or have Onoe be interrupted when trying to tell the truth. That meant the payoff had to be really amazing and mind-blowing to be worth it, which of course it had no chance at ever being. And, seriously, how many times have we gone through the 'I am not who I really am!' twist already?
[Chaos;Child - Nono] The only actual highlight of this route for me was Kamahara's love confession. It was obvious from one of the very early chapters that he had a thing for Nono and thinks of Takuru as a love rival, but the way he confessed his feelings was goddamn hilarous. It goes like this : 'Hey! I don't give a fuck about your fake family! It's all shit and you are just fooling yourselves, you bunch of orphans ! And that guy you think is like a brother to you? I hate that bastard and he is an annoying asshole so remove him from your life already! Stop giving a damn about everybody you cared about up until that point! Oh, by the way, I love you. Do you love me back? Pretty pleaaaaaaase!' I have no idea if it was supposed to read like this, but it was really funny given how absurd it was. In any case, Takuru's later line where he says that guy is a total idiot makes me think it was all on purpose.
[Chaos;Child - True End] I didn't expect it to save the entire game on its own, but I didn't expect it to be so underwhelming either. It started with boring slice-of-life, which is already a bad sign, and even ended with boring slice-of-life. That said, the idea of seeing what became of Onoe a few months after the events of the common route is alright, and it was ironic and funny seeing her treat Takuru as the murderer she thinks he is. However, the whole Chaos Child Syndrome plot twist is just jarring. Woah, the whole school was an illusion, the characters actually look super ugly and wrinkled, yet for some reason nobody in the rest of the entire game reacts even slightly oddly to the bunch of Shogun-lookalikes, probably because we had always been in Takuru's delusional perspective and the Chaos Child Syndrom conveniently shields him from that plot hole. It's a last minute twist in a VN that already has a lot of lame surprise twists that seemed to have been made just to have a twist, so once again it is more off-putting than exciting. Also, wasn't Nono supposed to be dead? Why did she survive like in her route here?
[Chaos;Child - True End] I don't really know what to think of Takuru being imprisoned and made to be guilty of the murders. For starters, it is never explained exactly how, aside from his confession video, the police and the investigation will pin and justify all the murders on him, including the ones at the very beginning where he was nowhere close to them and couldn't have possibly commited them. It just seems handwaved. The other weird quirk is that the narration regularly implies that everything is indeed entirely Takuru's fault, just because he wished to have fun and be useful when he was a kid who just got struck by a terrifying earthquake and suffered from long-term parental abandonment. That he feels guilty is understandable but come on, at no point did he willingly conduct and oversee any of the murders. He already suffered a lot by having close ones die or be involved in the murders, but now the murders themeselves are his fault too, while the Committee of 300 gets free passes? Pffttt.
[Chaos;Child - True End] Another reason why this ending is not satisfying is that it feels like a sequel bait for other SciADV games that will include yet other people whose lives will be messed up by the Committee of 300. That nebulous entity that is so secretive and mysterious that nobody can actually defeat them is kinda killing any sense of closure to the story here. For example, Wakui shows up, but then leaves anticlimatically, as if Kunosato's revenge and the game with Takuru are planned to be told in other games, or light novels and other side material that will probably never get translated and are in any case not part of the VN proper. If you need side materials in completely different mediums to conclude your story, you definitely have a problem.
Chaos;Child Music - I liked Countdown and Peak Level a lot. They worked really well in setting up the tension when needed and are fun to listen to standalone. The two tracks where you examine the map or check the internet are good too, but I wouldn't listen to them outside of the game. Everything else felt completely forgettable, which is a shame since Takeshi Abo did some great atmospheric tracks in Ever17 or Steins;Gate for example. I imagine it can also be related to the fact that Chaos;Child doesn't have the respective "water" or "science" theme of the two other games, and also has a lot of scenes that place in your usual boring high school so the regular tracks have to be a bit boring and lacking in personality on purpose.
Yeah, so overall, I have been rather disappointed by Chaos;Child. It has some great moments, sure, but they are few and far between while there is plenty of annoying or boring things and scenes in the novel. Maybe I had wrong impressions of what it was supposed to be, but the "dark murder mystery" aspect wasn't as strongly consistent and satisfying to me as I hoped it would be, and the directions it goes to compensate for this didn't do the trick.
I know for sure that as a whole, I enjoyed it less than Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and even slightly less than Steins;Gate 0 which was already pretty uneven, but there's at least one individual moment that I probably liked more than anything else in either of these three games. So, I imagine my personal ranking would be like this :
C;H > S;G >>> S;G0 > C;C
(Even though C;H is admittedly super flawed, I really clicked with the MC) But if we rank them only by which one features the best individual moment, it would be something like this :
C;C >> S;G0 > S;G > C;H
I'll probably still watch the anime adaptation, if only to take a look at the characters in motion and see how much they rushed the plot to fit into 12-13 episodes. I remember liking the super special C;H anime for what it was, as I also watched it after reading the novel, simply wanting to see Takumi in animated form.
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2017.11.09 23:30 yaoipress Draft Kickstarter for our Gay Yaoi Bara BL Dating Sim Visual Novel in the works right now Looking for Feedback

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2017.07.30 21:55 EelKat My Fave YouTubers Play: Dream Daddy - The Yaoi Dating Sim Otome Game

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2016.06.18 05:07 SpearOfReigns I've heard about this game 4 years ago but only decided to play it last week. Now it makes me regret things...

Yes, this is another "OMG I just played this game and it's super awesome so I have to share my experience here!" post. If this kind of post isn't allowed then please delet.
So 4 years ago, this game had its boom in my school. Almost everyone played and of course talked about it. I somehow managed to not play it since I thought this game is just for people with weird fetish. The fact that the idea of this game is from 4chan didn't help either. It's weird tho, because I discovered porn thru some 90's ero VN game called "True Love".
Last week was the start of my summer break. I had nothing planned until mid-July so I basically just locked myself in my room. That's when I rediscovered the VN that led me into finding porn.
Then for the sake of nostalgia I played that super simple game once again and after done it makes me want to play more VN. I suddenly remember this game that everybody was talking about (for about 2 months lol) back in high school. So I googled "handicap girls dating sim" and here we go.
My first try led me to Rin. At first I don't know if the story ends with Rin because the choices I made before or if I will experience other girls too all in one try and choose which girl will I end up with in the end.
To be honest in the beginning Rin is my least favorite girl because I thought she exist only to please fans who's into yaoi but that's totally change in the Act 2. The first ending I got is neutral ending. Fuck, that ending made me speechless and heartbroken. So I tried once again from the beginning of Act 4 and it led me to Good Ending. At first, the ending seems like another feel-good Japanese drama for me so I stopped playing and move on to other games.
BUT whenever I tried to do other thing, I can't! My mind is still trying to process the beautifully done character development Rin had. Like, my whole mind is consumed by the idea of how awesome Rin is. So I decided to try all character because I just can't do anything else because of this feeling. I aimed to get Hanako story this time because I remember seeing her in a meme last year. The meme is "The burnt one is always the best" with pictures of some marshmallow and Hanako. The top comment was "still the best girl tho" and it has like 200 likes.
Hanako's story hit me hard. Harder than Rin tbh. Everything about this route is perfectly done especially the music. And it hit me the hardest because my first attempt ended with neutral ending. Like how is that an ending! He ended up playing chess with her as a friend? Come on now! Because I'm an impatient punk, I decided to use walkthrough because I can't wait any longer to see how the story ends. The ending doesn't help my feeling either... I mean, they end with a kiss sure it's only lead me to curiousity about what's next for them.
My third attempt led me to Lilly. While the story is also beautiful, I simply can't concentrate because I was just hit hard by Hanako's story. (But it seems like in Lilly's route Hanako can finally managed to interact with other people and hell, even joining a club!). And in the end, that music box ending left me speechless. Like, a good way speechless, you just want to shut up and enjoy the moment.
I haven't tried Emi & Shizune yet because my mind is still taken by Hanako's ending. I read Sisterhood and it made me feel a lil bit better. So I think I will play their routes later tonight.
Now I kinda regret not playing it 4 goddamn years ago. Because if I played it back then, I would join the talk that all my friends had. I think it's a little bit too late now to talk about it to them. Especially I lost contact with most of my high school friends...
I have one question tho: Is there any series of choices we make that will lead to Kenji x Yuuko? Because I believe that somehow they both will be together in one route. I mean Kenji is the only side man character with lots of dialogue while Yuuko is the only side woman character with lots of dialogue.
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